10/16 AEW Dynamite on TNT: Keller’s report on Jericho vs. Darby Allin for AEW Men’s Title, Riho vs. Britt Baker for AEW Women’s Title, Omega & Page vs. Moxley & Pac, Luchasaurus & Jungle Boy vs. Pentagon Jr. & Fenix, Best Friends vs. Daniels & Kazans

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


OCTOBER 16, 2019

Commentators: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excallibur.

Ring announcer: Justin Roberts

Tonight after AEW Dynamite, join me live with guest cohost PWTorch columnist and podcast host Sean Radican to break down the show with live callers, mailbag, and an on-site correspondent from Philadelphia, Pa.

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-They aired the opening theme first, then cut to the arena where pyro blasted from the stage. They panned the crowd as Jim Ross introduced the show. He touted that the arena sold out in 22 minutes as they panned the cheering fans.

-As Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian made their ring entrance, the Lucha Brothers attacked them from behind. Schiavone said they weren’t scheduled for this match, but rather a match later. Pentagon Jr. piledriver Daniels on the ramp. Fenix then set up Kaz for a move on the floor and seemed to pause for some reason. Then Scorpio Sky ran out for the save. Scorpio called for help from the back. Medics came out and helped Daniels onto a backboard. Nick and Matt Jackson ran out to check on him. Sky said he’d replace Daniels in the match once it was clear Dnaiels couldn’t wrestle. “Why not? He’s here, he’s ready, and he’s a member of SCU,” said Ross. Sky, in a nice touch, pulled out some athletic tape and wrapped his wrists.

(1) SCU (Scorpio Sky & Kaz) vs. BEST FRIENDS (Chuck Taylor & Trent Beretta) – AEW Tag Team Title Tournament match

Taylor and Beretta scored early near falls on Kaz, broken up by Sky who was in jeans and sneakers. Taylor and Beretta took it to Kaz and Sky at ringside two minutes in, hitting them with double-team moves. Ross said things started off so crazy, they hadn’t mentioned their main event – Chris Jericho vs. Darby Allin. Excalibur noted it’s the first AEW Men’s Title match and it’s a street fight. Schiavone plugged that there’d be a women’s title match, too. Best Friends gave Kaz a double-suplex off the top rope for another near fall. Sky got a hot-tag, and was short one shoe as he attacked the Best Friends with a flurry of moves. Fans chanted about Sky having one shoe. Taylor flip-dove over the top rope and mistakenly hit Beretta. Fans chanted “SCU!” Sky then flip dove onto both Taylor and Beretta. The crowd was super into the match. Sky tossed his remaining shoe to the fans. The fan threw it back. The crowd cheered more.

Next Kaz gave Beretta a DDT for a near fall. Fans switched to chanting, “He’s got no shoes!” The screen noted that #AEWPhiladelphia was trending worldwide on Twitter. (It was no. 5.) One fan in the third row had a prominent “Adam Cole Baby” t-shirt. Another fan in the front row had an MJF scarf. The Best Friends teased hugging. Sky broke it up and got booed. A minute later the Best Friends got a big pop when they hugged mid-ring. Then they gave Kaz a Doomsday Knee off the top rope for a near fall. Fans chanted “Best Friends! Best Friends!” Beretta set up a piledriver on the ring apron on Kaz. Sky disrupted it. Kaz backdropped out of it. SCU finished Beretta with a double-team powerbomb/dropkick that didn’t seem to go quite as planned, but Sky got the 1-2-3. Sky and Kaz had a chant afterward about the finisher not going great. Kaz seemed rattled a bit as he clutched his neck and head, but then they celebrated and hugged.

WINNERS: SCU in 10:00 to advance.

(Keller’s Analysis: The crowd ate this up, and it was filled with big spots nonstop. The Lucha Bros. attack before the match seems to telegraph a match between them in the tournament is coming up.) [c]


They aired Santana & Ortiz’s ring entrance. Reynolds & Silver were already in the ring, but they showed their entrance during the break. This was a dominant quick win for Ortiz & Santana. They finished Silver with their Street Sweeper finisher, a top rope double-team blockbuster.

WINNERS: Santana & Ortiz in 2:00.

-Afterward, as Santana & Ortiz celebrated, Chris Jericho appeared on the big screen. He said they’re in the Inner Circle because they’re street thugs and pit bulls who will pick your pocket and kick your ass. He said they want to beat the crap out of The Young Bucks at Full Gear. He said the Bucks have never been in a fight like the one Santana & Ortiz will bring them. He asked if they accept the challenge.

-Ross threw to a video package on Cody preparing for the match against Jericho. It showed Brandi walking in and listing his schedule for him. Cody seemed to stare off into space. Brandi said her husband is the single-most passionate person she’s ever met. They showed him driving and lying in a small pool. She said once the title match was announced, “I knew we were just going to lose him for this period of time.” DDP said when he first met Cody when he was 12, he was as driven now as he was there. Cody’s mom said he is always driven by whatever he is involved in at the time. MJF said he wants to show the world that “him leaving the other place was not a mistake.” Ross said when Jericho gets to Baltimore, he has to wrestle one man, whereas Cody has to deal with meetings that day. His mom said it’s hardest when you’re somebody’s son, but he’s been able to get out from under that by being himself. DDP said Cody keeps doing things that are unprecedented. He then imitated Dusty Rhodes talking about how important that first World Title is. (Didn’t fans at All In witness that moment already?) They showed Cody training in Buckhead, Ga. at FusionATL. Schiavone said he’s not just a guy with a great family legacy and an EVP of a major company, but he’s a great pro wrestler who deserves this title shot. Ross said he has to shed his EVP title and become Cody the Wrestler again. MJF said a legend will be born at Full Gear. Brandi said he needs this because it means everything to him, and he won’t rest until he beats Jericho.

(Keller’s Analysis: I know – and rightfully so – that a lot of wrestling fans are going to be waiting to see this kind of time and energy poured into getting someone else over on this roster soon. That was great in certain ways, but bordering on over-the-top and playing into fears that Cody’s ego is going to be out of control and he’ll push himself the way Jeff Jarrett did and even his dad did at times at the expense of others who deserved similar or better hype. Considering Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega have barely been featured at all yet in and of itself is a concern, but in this context an early yellow caution flag. But it’s early. On the bright side, if they tell stories of other wrestlers they’re trying to get over in the future the way this video was done, their top stars will be over.)

(3) RIHO vs. DR. BRIT BAKER – AEW Women’s Title match

(Keller’s Analysis: Again, we have an instance of a big match thrown onto Dynamite cold. Where is a video package or promos or something to set the stage? AEW acts like every Dynamite viewer knows who everyone is already, and that’s going to potentially drive away hundreds of thousands of potential fans who don’t know much of anything about these new wrestlers and might end up less invested in the matches as a result and then drift away. Having a good announce team is helpful to provide some of that background once the match begins, but it’s not ideal.)

Riho rallied eight minutes in with a near submission and a near fall after a top rope double stomp. Baker came back and landed a neckbreaker and then Lockjaw mid-ring. Riho tried to keep her mouth closed, but Baker pried it open. Riho then leveraged Baker’s shoulders back for the three count. Ross said Baker was so focused on trying to get the Lockjaw applied, she was vulnerable. Excalibur said Riho has three times the ring experience as Baker, and that made the difference. Riho offered a handshake to Baker afterward. Baker shook her hand, but didn’t seem thrilled at all.

WINNER: Riho in 10:00 to retain the AEW Women’s Title.

(Keller’s Analysis: An unremarkable match hurt by a complete lack of setting the context. It picked up late and earned the crowd involvement in the near falls at the end.) [c]

-The announcers replayed the package piledriver on Daniels earlier. Excalibur said he suffered a stinger, but he up and mobile and okay. They went to the announcers on camera for the first time as they hyped the Jericho-Allin match and the next tag team tourney match.

(Keller’s Analysis: Again, zero context or build-up for to provide a backstory for Allin’s challenge. It just seems risky to keep putting matches out there and not hitting any bullet points and expecting all viewers to be invested. The only wrestler getting any kind of special attention at this point is Cody.)


They showed Private Party in the front row. Excalibur suffered a non-contact thigh injury and is thus getting attention at a local hospital. Schiavone said the Lucha Bros. are one of the most dynamic tag teams in the world. Schiavone said the completion changes with 5-2 Stunt in there instead of Luchasuraus. They cut to a break after ring entrances. [c]

After Pentagon shoved Stunt, Stunt shoved back and then did the floss dance. Fans actually booed. Ross said, “Marko is having maybe too much fun.” Marko bit Pentagon’s fingers. Jungle Boy jumped into the mix. Marko countered a move and DDT’d Fenix. Jungle Boy DDT’d Fenix and then Marko dove through the ropes and tackled Fenix. Jungle Boy then landed a Asai moonsault onto Pentagon which the director largely missed.


Back in the ring, Jungle Boy and Marko landed a double-team move for a two count. Marko tagged in Jungle Boy next. Marko hit a 215 (619) and then Jungle Boy suplexed Pentagon for a near fall. The crowd stood and applauded a nice sequent by Fenix against Jungle Boy. Pentagon then hit a pump handle driver on Marko for a near fall. Pentagon complained to the referee. They cut to a break mid-match, but stayed with the action on split screen on TNT. The Lucha Bros. dominated during the break. [c]

Marko surprised Pentagon with a comeback and hot-tagged Jungle Boy after Ross touted how Marko was surviving against the Lucha Bros. like this on national TV. Jungle Boy went after both Lucha Bros. and scored a near fall. Ross said this match was more competitive than he anticipated once there was a substitution for Luchasaurus. After swinging Marko around by his hair, Pentagon snapped his arm and then Fenix hit a top rope foot stomp into a package piledriver by Pentagon for the win.

WINNERS: Lucha Bros. in 11:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: They were thrown a curve ball here, but that went too long given the size difference with Stunt. They did a good job given the circumstances making it seem plausible Marko could hang that long.)

-A commercial aired for Full Gear. (Hey, there’s a Jon Moxley sighting! And he spoke a few words! Hallelujah!)

-Ross hyped the main event tag match – Moxley & Pac vs. Page & Omega. He said it’s four unlikely people forming two teams.

(Keller’s Analysis: I like that they acknowledged these two pairs aren’t usually a team, but I’d like some context on how and why the match was booked in the first place, then. Is AEW management in the business of forcing people to team like Pac and Moxley who don’t get along or like each other or even share common interests? Is that what we’re just to assume? Ross also made it seem like Omega and Page don’t like each other, which was strange.)

-Pac made his ring entrance. Ross said he got him to smile for the first time in his career today. He said it happened when he told him people think he’s antisocial and doesn’t like people. Pac agreed with him and smiled. Then Mox made his ring entrance. They cut to a split screen of him leaning back in a chair in the empty arena. He said he is going to reestablish the pecking order and no one should count him out after one injury. He said at Full Gear he’s hunting Omega and wants his head on the wall. “I am the top of the food chain and I am not to be poked, prodded, or messed with,” he said. Ross threw to the break and said that match was up next. [c]


Page made his ring entrance. Then Omega. Excalibur said the sold out crowd was losing their mind over Omega. Mox and Kenny got into a heated face-off before the bell. Fans chanted, “Happy birthday!” Page and Pac brawled at ringside as Mox and Omega went at it in the ring to start. AEW put one of the longest suggested hashtags ever on the screen – #Mox&PacvsPage&Omega. In the U.S., #AEWonTNT was trending, as was #Luchasaurus, #BritBaker, and #Riho. A different #Marko was, too, as was #KeithLee. Page kicked Mox to the floor a few minutes in, but Mox knocked him off the top rope after a Pac distraction. [c]

They stayed with the action on split-screen. Mox and Pac worked over Page for a while. Omega got a hot-tag and took it to Pac, scoring a near fall after a moonsault off the second rope. He fended off Mox’s interference with a snap dragon suplex. Omega then gave the same to Pac. He went back to Mox and delivered another, then played to the crowd with intensity. The crowd cheered back. Ross said it appears Omega is back. Excalibur said he’s been off his game the last few months, but Moxley is bringing out the best in him. Omega landed a running flip onto Pac. Mox then dove through the ropes onto both Pac and Omega. Page then moonsaulted onto them at ringside before giving his partner a helpful push back into the ring. Fans chanted “AEW!”

Omega and Mox went face to face in the ring. The crowd roared as they exchanged rapid-fire strikes. Omega hit a V-trigger. Mox came back with a clothesline. Both were down and slow to get up. “If that wasn’t a slobberknocker, there is no such thing,” Ross said. They both looked under the ring and came out with barbed wire weapons – Omega with a broom and Moxley with a bat. (I’ll take the bat, please.) Pac and Moxley double-teamed Omega. Pac threw the broom and then the bat out of the ring. Ross said Pac didn’t want Mox to be disqualified. Mox gave Pac two middle fingers and then DDT’d him. The crowd popped. Mox then walked to the back. Pac looked up and saw Omega staring at him. Page gave Pac a Buckshot Lariat. Omega landed a V-trigger. Page then gave Pac a Dead Eye for the win.

WINNERS: Page & Omega in 20:00. [c]

-They went to the announcers. Schiavone plugged the semi-finals of SCU vs. Dark Order and Lucha Bros. vs. Private Party, plus Pac vs. Jon Moxley, Britt Baker returns home to Pittsburgh in a match, and The Young Bucks in action.

(6) CHRIS JERICHO vs. DARBY ALLIN – Philadelphia Street Fight for the AEW Men’s World Title

Jericho wore his t-shirt during the match and looks to be morphing into latter-career Raven with the overall look. Fans chanted “Darby!” early right before a Darby rally a few minutes into the match. Ross said Jericho just celebrated 29 years in wrestling while Darby is just 22 years old. Ross said the key for Jericho is to not give Darby hope. Jericho threw Darby to the floor and they cut to a break. [c]

Back from the break, Jericho took it to Darby with a cane. He choked him with it. Excalibur said heart can only take Darby so far. Schiavone said Darby takes punishment no one else can take. Darby caught Jericho leaping off the ropes with a punch to the gut. He then threw a barrage of punches at Jericho. He took Jericho down with a crucifix for a near fall. Darby then hit Jericho with the kendo stick across his back and head. They fought back and forth with more near falls. Ross touted Jericho reinventing himself. Jericho applied a Walls.

Jericho taped Darby’s hands behind his back. Ross said the referee has to make a decision over whether Allin can defend himself. Darby ducked Jericho and hit a springboard splash with his hands tied behind his back to score a two count. Then he hit a dropkick and a flip dive through the ropes onto Jericho at ringside. That was crazy. Fans chanted “Holy shit!” Schiavone said it was amazing. Ross said the fans were in awe. Darby climbed to the top rope and flipped onto Jericho for a near fall. Fans at ringside were standing. Jericho clotheslined Darby and then brought his skateboard into the ring. He dragon suplexed Darby onto it and then scored a near fall. Jericho swung a chair, but Darby ducked and then dropkicked the chair into Jericho. He climbed to the top rope again, but Jake Hager shoved him off. Jericho then put him in the Walls of Jericho for the win. Ross said Hager saved Jericho’s bacon tonight.

WINNER: Jericho in 14:00 to retain the AEW Men’s Title.

-Afterward, the rest of the Inner Circle came out and celebrated with him.

Tonight after AEW Dynamite, join me live with guest cohost PWTorch columnist and podcast host Sean Radican to break down the show with live callers, mailbag, and an on-site correspondent from Philadelphia, Pa.

•CALL: (347) 215-8558

•EMAIL COMMENTS/QUESTIONS: wadekellerpodcast@pwtorch.com

9 Comments on 10/16 AEW Dynamite on TNT: Keller’s report on Jericho vs. Darby Allin for AEW Men’s Title, Riho vs. Britt Baker for AEW Women’s Title, Omega & Page vs. Moxley & Pac, Luchasaurus & Jungle Boy vs. Pentagon Jr. & Fenix, Best Friends vs. Daniels & Kazans

  1. I see you didn’t go too hard on your criticism of Cody potentially pushing himself too much, and just brought it up as a possibility- but I think his push is spot on and justified right now. He’s consistently gotten the biggest ovations so far, and he’s about to fight for the belt. I think he put himself in that spot in order to take the “L” at Full Gear.

    • The point is not Cody pushing himself too much, but pushing others too little or not at all.
      The criticism is justified. I have yet to see an AEW TV show and as long as i read from reports that they don’t bother properly introducing all these guys i have never heard of, i’m not going to invest time.
      I don’t need Cody promo’s. I already know him (and frankly, still think the idea of him being one of the biggest stars today is ridiculous)

      • Your post is total nonsense. Cody is maybe the biggest star out there right now. You sound like a WWE mark. You say you haven’t even watched one show yet. You know zero of what you are talking about and look like a fool commenting on “guys you don’t know.” Stick with WWe watch your actors and your Sports Entertainment. If you had watched the show you would have known that Omega, the Bucks and many others in the Elite are already pushing other top talent but doing the job. You probably don’t even know what means, go back to your ice cream pops and WWE cartoons. Fool.

      • How is the idea of Cody being one of the biggest stars today ridiculous? I’d like you to maybe explain your thinking there, because I don’t get it. Cody can wrestle, he can work with any opponent (from Dustin to Darby, which is a huge contrast in styles) , and he can talk. What more is there? He also has the added power of having Brandi Rhodes in his corner. I know I’m probably going to catch flack for this from some WWE loyalists- but he’s this generation’s Randy Savage in many ways.

        I’d also argue AEW isn’t full of nameless faces. Jericho is a legend. Moxley is a star, as is Omega. The Bucks are known. The Lucha Bros are known.

        They do have some talent that needs developing, but I think they’re doing the smart thing right now by gauging crowd reactions before a push; as opposed to just picking a guy/girl and strapping a rocket to him/her. I think we’re seeing the start of that process sorting itself out though with Darby Allin, Private Party and Rhio all garnering solid crowd response. This week was a bit of a test run for Scorpio Sky, I think. Those pushes and builds are going to resonate more with the crowds though when they come because the fans connected to those acts organically, as opposed to just being told this is who you’re going to like. The latter doesn’t work, which is why RAW and Smackdown can develop great heels, but struggle to develop faces. NXT doesn’t have that problem because, again, they let things develop organically and pivot when something changes with the crowds.

        AEW needs more than 3 weeks of tv time to work through the process, though.

  2. JR is such a great announcer it makes it much easier to get into these matches. But yes I agree they need more buildup for these matches. I have no idea who many of these wrestlers are as of yet. The announcing here is light years ahead of WWE announcing. I still cannot believe Vince let JR get away but I am glad he did.

    • Vince “let JR get away” by humiliating him for years when JR really had nowhere else to go. That’s what happens when narcissists have too much power. Whether it is justified or not, JR clearly sees AEW as something that will stay the long haul and now has other places to be. But even if AEW isn’t staying the long haul, by the time it closes shop JR will be old enough to retire permanently anyway.

      • Another foolish comment by a WWE mark. ROss was happily employed by New Japan, he has a highly successful podcast and even has his own non wrestling merch he sells. You really have no clue do you? Post something else for the foolish trifecta.

  3. KEller acting like the two guys who do not like each other teaming is exclusive to AEW is silly. WWE does it all the time. The only difference is, over there its predictable and boring. 🙂

  4. Wow fellas! Can’t we all just get along. I was never a huge fan of Cody in his past incarnations, but when he flipped on Omega in New Japan he truly came into his own. As I said last week, a long as this doesn’t turn into “lets push the Elite and nobody else” I’m ok with the Cody bit.

    SCU Best Friends was good.

    Women was flat. Not sure how long adorable Asian girl is going to get over.

    Really wish Santana and Ortiz would tone down crazy a bit. These guys are best as tough ass Latino thugs. Ortiz is so far over the top it just comes off as silly. They need to come off as mean as hell. They need to take a class…Minoru Suzuki 101.

    Tag match was good. Didn’t give away too much, and set up the PPV nicely. The barb wire tease was pretty meaningless because I’m pretty sure TNT isn’t going let them go Abdullah the Butcher on their network.

    Said it last week. Darby Alilin’s life expectancy has to be pretty short. His body just isn’t going to be able to take this for years upon years.

    All in all this is really entertaining stuff. Haven’t seen Vince’s traveling kiddie show in months, although I was in a restaurant Friday night and saw the Fiend/Rollins bit and just shook my head. Haven’t we seen dragged down through the mat before? Did we really need it again? Oh well. Enjoying NXT. IMPACT is back from the dead thanks to Tessa and Sami. AEW is off to a great start, and NJPW is on top of their game, and I just can’t get enough of Jay White and Kenta’s promos. And Suzuki/Liger was brilliant. All in all its a great time to be a wrestling fan.

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