5/13 WWE MAIN EVENT TV REPORT: Jinder Mahal is back in the ring, but has he changed? Bianca Belair vs. Ruby Riot shines, MVP on commentary

By Mike Meyers, PWTorch contributor


MAY 13, 2020

Announcers: Tom Phillips, MVP


  • Mahal is back, but is he changed?
  • Belair vs Riott shines


Mahal’s entrance included being declared “former WWE Champion” by the ring announcer. Dejournette shined early with some amateur holds and takedowns. Mahal soon backed him into a corner, then only relinquished the position after hitting a reverse elbow. Dejournette ran the ropes and leapfrogged Mahal, but came up short with a drop kick that Mahal saw coming. Mahal leveled Dejournette with a superkick, then covered for a one-count.

Mahal issued some heel punishment to Dejournette against the ropes and while prone on the mat, then fired him across the ring back-first into the turnbuckles. Mahal snap mared Dejournette to the mat, then dropped to the mat to apply a side headlock. Dejournette nearly broke free, but Mahal whipped him against the ropes and leveled him on the rebound with an elbow. Mahal slapped his chest and screamed at the camera, “Maharaja!”

Mahal kicked Dejournette twice in the head as he struggled to stand, then applied a chinlock. He whipped Dejournette into the corner again, then dropped a knee to his sternum on the mat. Mahal hit a DDT and covered for two. Mahal landed more blows, then applied another chinlock. Once more, Dejournette got to his feet, but this time landed a belly-to-back suplex. Mahal was first to his feet, but Dejournette was the one landing forearm shots, then a flying shoulder tackle off the ropes. He splashed Mahal in the corner and began to set up for a DDT, but Mahal reversed out of the hold and landed a running knee strike, knocking Dejournette to the canvas. Mahal lifted Dejournette to his feet, then landed the Khallas (a cobra clutch slam), good for the three-count.

WINNER: Jinder Mahal by pinfall.

(Meyers’s Analysis: Mahal returns to the ring after a ten-month hiatus for knee surgery. His recent promo from the May 11 episode of Raw suggested a face run for Mahal: He was smiling, expressed happiness for McIntyre, and said he had made mistakes in the past but has learned from them. Here on Main Event, he behaved as a generic heel during his match. It appears that the single dimension of character that WWE will allow him this time will be “former champion.”)

Main Event recap session:

  • Highlight reel of Money in the Bank main event: Men’s / Women’s MITB Match
  • Replay of Lynch’s in-ring championship / pregnancy announcement from Raw
  • Replay of Andrade vs. McIntyre from Raw
  • Replay of in-ring confrontation between Edge and Orton from Raw


Belair controlled early with a waistlock take down and side headlocks on the mat. Riott got to her feet and stomped Belair’s foot before pushing her against the ropes. The ref began to count for a break, and Riott broke free with an elbow to Belair’s head. Belair knocked Riott down with a shoulder block, then dusted her hands off before hitting a drop kick. Belair drove her shoulder into Riott’s midsection in the corner. Belair kicked Riott in the back, knocking her to the mat, then covered for a two-count.

While still on the mat, Riott peskily grappled at Belair’s leg and arm. Riott grabbed Belair’s hand and lightly kicked that forearm, and Belair sold it like a white-hot arrow had just coursed through her arm. She writhed on the mat and rolled out to ringside, then we cut to break.

Riott was in control after the break and continued to work on Belair’s left arm. Belair attempted a roll-up takedown, but Riott wouldn’t relinquish control of the injured appendage. Riott kicked the arm, knocking Belair to the mat, and covered for two. Riott climbed to the top rope and took flight, but Belair rolled to safety. Riott saw this and rolled through on the mat, but this gave Belair time to get to her feet and spear Riott in the middle of the ring. Both women were stunned on the mat.

Belair drop kicked Riott, knocking her to the floor. Belair rolled out and landed some clubbing blows before re-entering the ring. Belair slammed Riott to the mat face-first, then landed a handspring moonsault to Riott. Riott grabbed Belair’s boot, but Belair kicked her off before landing a second moonsault, this one from a standing position. Belair covered for two.

The women got to their feet and Riott again kicked Belair’s left arm, then hit a flatliner. Riott covered for a two-count. Riott cinched in an arm bar, but Belair utilized her strength to get to her feet with Riott on her back. Riott twisted free and threw Belair to the mat with a standing uranage. Riott covered for two. Riott climbed to the middle rope but Belair ran over to intercept – she hoisted Riott onto her shoulders and landed the KOD – Belair covered for three.

WINNER: Bianca Belair by pinfall.

(Meyers’s Analysis: Quite a match, complete with an injury story. The only problem was how hokey the injury itself was – it looked totally transitionary. With that said, it played a role in the rest of the match, and gave Riott a believable shot at overtaking her more powerful opponent. You could definitely sense the moments that would’ve been big with a crowd. Good athleticism by both wrestlers – worth checking out.)

SHOW SCORE (0-10): 8.4

FINAL THOUGHTS: Good episode, noteworthy for Mahal’s return to the ring and an excellent women’s match.

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