7/6 BEING THE ELITE REVIEW (Ep. 211): Bucks take dig at NXT main event outcome being “spoiled,” Bucks talk COVID testing and precautions to protect their families, plus Cassidy, Kaz, Omega, Colt, Librarians

By Zach Graham, PWTorch contributor


BEING THE ELITE EP. 211 – “Have A Good Summer”
JULY 6, 2020

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– Evil Uno was on the phone with Brodie Lee. He said yes and put the phone down. He held up some paper to his head and looked at it for a second before smacking himself with the papers and falling down.

– Being the Elite open aired.

– Nick and Matt Jackson were in an airport. Matt stepped into the frame and said he’s been craving this all week and told Nick to follow him. Matt walked towards a Chili’s, but it was closed. Matt looked devastated and said he wants his baby back ribs. Brandon Cutler walked over and pulled Matt away. Nick signed and said damnit.

– Matt and Nick Jackson were in the parking lot of Daily’s Place. Nick said that it’s now mandatory that people wear masks whenever they’re indoors. Matt pointed out behind them to show the massive line for COVID testing taking place just outside the facility and said he’s never seen it that busy. Nick reiterated that it’s absolutely crazy how long the line is. They showed their wrist bands to show that they’ve been tested and were negative. Matt said the test takes about ten minutes and it’s terrifying because if they test positive they’re stuck in Jacksonville for two weeks. Nick said every time he kisses his wife and kids goodbye he tells them to say a prayer that he doesn’t test positive. Nick said they’ll keep their masks on just to be safe. Matt pulled his mask up over his mouth and nose then tried to take a drink, which he couldn’t, so he pulled his mask back down to take a sip and laughed as they walked off.

– Matt Jackson climbed into the ring and started stretching. Private Party slid in behind him and said hi. Marq Quen patted him on the back and Matt winced in pain. They asked him if it was his ribs and Matt took offense to the question and asked why everyone is so concerned about his ribs. He said he’s fine and Private Party said he’s a liar. Marq Quen said he went from being a Christian boy to a lying boy. Isaiah Kassidy said they’re going to talk to the doctors. Matt grabbed Quen by the arm. His voice got very deep and the camera changed colors and, in an evil voice, Matt asked them where they think they’re going. Nick was sitting on the top rope and screamed “he’s dead ass” and Private Party jumped out of the ring and over the barricade.

– Bendigo, the Fortune Teller, was looking into his crystal ball. He talked about the excellent 401k match program, the dental options are very good, and they offer generous vacation time. The camera panned over to show Alex Reynold and John Silver of Dark Order, who told Bendigo to join them as they slid a piece of paper across the table. Silver offered him a cup and told him to drink the Kool-Aid. Bendigo said they do not know how to win. Silver and Reynolds laughed him off and argued that they have potential. They demanded he ask his crystal ball. Bendigo looked at his crystal ball and said “no refunds!” Silver and Reynolds were upset and said Brodie Lee is going to be pissed. Bendigo tried to shoo them away, after realizing what he was doing, they got up and walked off angry.

– Peter Avalon, Leva Bates, and Brandon Cutler were standing around in an area of the stadium together. Matt and Nick Jackson walked up and said “there’s the new tag team” very excitedly. Nick said they managed to hit them with three tag team moves and that’s a big deal. Cutler and Avalon seemed to think it was one or two, not three moves. Matt said they need more tag teams in the division. Matt and Nick said they’re going to prep them some more to become a tag team with a pop quiz. Cutler propsed the kick out challenge and they said no, that’s dead. Matt then started the quiz. First question was to Cutler:

(1) You’re taking heat for ten minutes. Your opponent has you in a weird chin lock, what do you do?

Cutler said he’d start working up and getting the crowd into it by getting a clap going. Nick interrupted and said there is no crowd, only Austin Gunn. Cutler said he’ll get the extras they hired to clap with him then. After that he’ll elbow the guy three times, hit the ropes, avoid a clothesline, then do a Ricky Morton roll and tag Peter. Matt said that was correct. Next question was for Avalon:

(2) What do you do next? Cutler was just hit a double down and he’s reaching for the tag, how do you do it and why?

Avalon stutters and said he’d grab the tag rope. Matt said there’s no tag rope! Avalon said he starts getting fired up and running back and forth along the apron. He’d cheer for Brandon and start slapping the top turnbuckle and reach his beautiful hand out for the tag. Matt said that’s correct and Bates and Cutler cheered. Next question is for Leva Bates:

(3) What do you do in this scenario? Your opponent is hitting the ropes repeatedly right in front of you. What do you do?

Bates said she grabs the leg and hold it. Avalon cheered, but Cutler yelled no. Cutler said no, that’s cheating, but Avalon and Bates looked confused by his response. Avalon said that’s a good thing. Matt said Bates is right and Cutler is wrong. Another question for Peter:

(4) You have your opponent dead to rights in a two on one scenario. Do you A) tag in Brandon Cutler, B) steal all the glory and try to do it by yourself, or C…

Avalon interrupted and yelled it’s B over and over. Cutler didn’t like that answer and Matt said no, that’s absolutely wrong.

Matt said he thought they were ready, but clearly they’re not. Cutler said he’s ready, but Avalon isn’t. Matt and Nick walked away. Cutler said Avalon is the worst wrestler in AEW. Avalon said he has some more studying to do.

– Footage of the MJF & Wardlow vs. Luchasaurus & Jungle Boy match was shown from Brandon Cutler’s perspective at ringside including Jungle Boy’s triple dives onto MJF and the double kip up spot.

– Kenny Omega was backstage holding a broom in his hands and looking at it. Colt Cabana walked around a corner and saw Omega, but was quickly intercepted by Matt and Nick Jackson. They shoved Cabana back through the door he just came out of. Cabana was confused and said he was about to get some ratings for them. Nick said Omega is ready for a fight and he’s not right at that moment. Cabana said it’s just a bit, but they both assured him it’s not. Matt said he may even be bringing back that old personality of his, but struggled to find the name. Nick said yeah, the one that the Reddit users loved. Matt said yeah, the washer. Cabana seemed confused. Nick said he’s like a janitor. Matt then remembered it’s the Cleaner. Cabana asked if he’s in cleaning mode. Matt said yes. Nick said he’s going to beat Cabana’s ass and Matt said he thinks Kenny will do worse, he may kill him. Cabana looked shocked. Matt said if this isn’t sinking in he has a story. He saw Omega earlier that morning and he was wearing aviators. Cabana was in shock. Matt said he saw Omega’s Amazon Wish List and he had hair extensions on there too. They asked Cabana to just stay away from him. As they walked away Matt told Cabana that Kenny may shoot murder him, so just stay away.

– More footage from Cutler at ringside was shown including Sonny Kiss dancing with Britt Baker’s assistant Reba. Baker yelled at her to stop, so she did.

– Nick and Matt Jackson were standing in a hallway and Nick said he loves caffeine and he’s so happy it’s within their religion to have caffeine. Matt said of course, it’s great! Hangman Page walked up and said hi. He was playing with his belt buckle and asked if they’re okay. Hangman asked if they have any more of the shirt Matt was wearing, which was the “Christian AF” shirt. Nick and Matt smiled. Hangman said he’s seen the bit and the shirt and he digs it. Page said it’s bold, daring, and controversial. Matt and Nick were confused by the terms Page used to describe it. Hangman asked if they knew what it means and Nick said of course they do because they made it up. Matt said of all people, Page is going to sit there and tell them they don’t know what Christian AF means. Matt told Nick to explain it and Nick said it means “Christian, Always Forever.” Matt said no that’s not what it means at all! Matt said it means “Christian, Amen Father.” Matt then got confused and rattled through a couple other possibilities including “Christian Always Friends” and “Christian Awesome Feelings.” Matt finally settled that Nick was right the first time. Page looked disappointed in them and said “you guys are dumb… as… f—.”

– More footage from Cutler at ringside during the AEW Women’s Championship match was shown including Kip Sabian’s interference.

– The Best Friends and Orange Cassidy were sitting around a table when Alex Reynolds and John Silver walked up. Silver mocked them and called them losers. Trent said they’re not joining the cult. Reynolds said they should because they lost. Silver asked if they even know what the Dark Order does. Trent said no, he does not know what they do. Silver pointed at Chuck Taylor and Trent and said they take losers and make them into winners while pointing at themselves. Taylor said Silver and Reynolds have never won a match. Trent said they beat them really quick once before too while wearing Halloween costumes. Reynolds said he’s going to show Trent their newest recruit to prove they don’t just do nothing. Trent’s mom walked up and said hi while wearing a Dark Order mask. Trent said you can’t just join cults. She said yes she can. Trent realized she was holding a cup of Kool-Aid and took it from her, which really upset her. Trent called them monsters and screamed at them for messing with his mom. Trent and his mom walked off. Taylor got up too and told the “spooky perverts” to leave Trent’s mom out of this. Silver and Reynolds turned their attention to Cassidy who was still sitting there. They asked if he’d had any second opinions about joining Dark Order. They started naming Fast and Furious movies and Cassidy slowly pushed the cup of Kool-Aid off the table. They told him to stop, but he kept pushing until it fell off the table. Cassidy got up and walked off as they complained about having sticky shoes now.

– Frankie Kazarian walked up to Matt and Nick Jackson and, in his new southern accent, asked if they’d seen Blassy because they’re supposed to be playing cribbage right about now. Matt and Nick said no. Kazarian asked if they’d seen someone else name Cria who owed him $20, they said no again. Kazarian laughed and said ol’ foodgie put them up to this didn’t he? Matt and Nick looked confused and concerned as they said no again. Kazarian then said they don’t even know how to rib these days. Back in the old days, he said they’d take the greenhorns and take him in the middle of town, beat the shit out of them, and leave them for dead. Kazarian laughed while Matt and Nick looked even more confused. Kazarian then asked if they’d seen Matt Hardy. Matt Jackson interrupted and asked why he’s talking like that. Nick said he isn’t acting like himself lately. Kazarian agreed and said he doesn’t know what’s going on. He said he tried to wrestle with a kid the other day and he wanted to do a headlock takeover and he told him to F off because he doesn’t do high flying “flippity floppity” hotspots like that. Nick said he takes offense to that and Matt agreed. Kazarian then said a kid, about nine years old, asked him for an autograph today and he told the kid to go f— himself. Kazarian then asked again about Matt Hardy and stormed off.

Christopher Daniels walked up. Matt and Nick asked what was going on with him. Daniels seemed confused. Matt and Nick said he’s talking in a weird accent. Daniels acted like this was new information to him. Daniels then realized what was going on and asked if he’d run into Matt Hardy. Daniels then said this has to do with the deities that Hardy is talking about and Kazarian may have run into him and somehow one of these deities attached to Kazarian. Nick then rolled his eyes into the back of his head and yelled out “Merch Freak” as the merch freak music started playing.

Suddenly Nick was in a room dressed in Young Bucks gear standing next to Broken Matt Hardy. Nick turned to Hardy and asked if he wanted to see a magic trick. Matt said of course! Nick asked the camera man to give a thumbs up if this is one continuous shot without editing. The camera man held up a thumb in agreeance. Nick then snapped his finger. Matt Hardy was now a different version of himself and Nick was in his ring gear. Hardy said “you don’t know how hard it is to be Matt Hardy.” Nick snapped his fingers again. Matt was now Matt Hardy V1 and Nick was in different Young Bucks gear. Nick did it again and they both changed again. Nick told people off camera to raise the curtain and a curtain was pulled up in front of them and they both changed again. They raised the curtain again and they were gone, now they’re invisible. Finally, Nick snapped his finger again and they were back to their original clothing. They both yelled as the Merch Freak song played again.

– Matt and Nick Jackson were in their dressing room with Kenny Omega and Hangman Page. Nick said they may have lost this week, but at least they didn’t put up a spoiler on Instagram! They all laughed uproariously. Omega asked what kind of idiot would do that, let alone someone on your own roster? Omega asked if they were born yesterday. Page asked them to cut the camera. Omega asked if they sold it enough and if the fans would like that one. Matt said it’s a little on the nose and they’ll get some heat in the comments. Omega said they need to stop taking cheap shots, but they make it so easy, it’s almost like they’re playing with children. Omega asked Page what he thought and Page just said yeah, it’s fine. Matt and Nick awkwardly stood there as Page and Omega got their stuff together to leave. Omega asked if Page wanted to get a drink and Page asked if he’s just going to pour it over the edge of the bar like the beer in the ring. Page asked what that was about. Omega said they’ve been talking shit since they got to AEW and it’s always been us vs. them. Omega said they’re trying to embarrass them. Page said they were just bringing them a drink. Omega dismissively said okay and maybe he should’ve just given it to Page. Omega said clearly the Bucks are cool with them, so if Page is cool with them too, he’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. Omega said he was an idiot and told Page to call them to join them for a drink then so he can clear it up. Page looked hesitant as Omega left the room. Matt and Nick were still awkwardly sitting there until Matt said Page and Omega are really gelling well together and have good chemistry. Matt said they’re doing awesome and Page said yeah they’re getting along. Page went to leave and Matt stopped him and asked if he, Page, and Nick were okay. Page said awkwardly said he loves them both and he owes his career to them so he’ll keep doing the bits with them, but as much as he loves them he doesn’t like them and he doesn’t think they like him either. Page said that’s fine, they were great friends and it is what it is. Page said it feels like when you look at the back of a yearbook and see an old signature that says “have a good summer,” that’s what he thinks this is between them now. Page opened the door and left.

FINAL THOUGHTS: If Matt and Nick are this concerned with COVID, why aren’t they taking all possible steps to ensure safety protocols? They don’t have the audience members wearing masks, or the officials. There are plenty of things they can do to make AEW tapings safer if they’re truly as concerned as they said they were. They are Executive Vice Presidents of the company; if they want more to be done for safety, they can make it happen.

I’m sure some people won’t like the shot they took at the main event of NXT being spoiled, but I enjoyed it. They didn’t say what the spoiler was, just acknowledged that it happened and that’s all fair game. NXT booked last week and this week as special NXT shows at the last minute, weeks after AEW did. That was a fair shot by them, so AEW can return fire. Is it petty? Yes. Is branding an episode of NXT as the Great American Bash on 7 days’ notice petty? Also yes. If you dish it out, expect to get it in return. That goes for both sides of this “war.”

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