6/30 BEING THE ELITE REVIEW (Ep. 210): A Ric Flair bandage, hand sanitizer, terrible catering, new pre-workout powder, singing the Chili’s tune

By Zach Graham, PWTorch contributor


BEING THE ELITE EP. 210 – “Baby Back Ribs”
JUNE 29, 2020

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– Kenny Omega walked into an office where Brandon Cutler, Hangman Page, and the Young Bucks were all hanging out. Page was on his phone not paying attention, while Brandon talked to Matt and Nick trying to decide on which spray tan can to use. Omega grabbed his stomach and complained about being hungry. Omega asked if they’d been to catering. Matt said it’s terrible. Omega complained that, after a terrible day of Dynamite they have to put up with terrible catering too. Omega said for once he wants something, but didn’t say what it was. He asked them all to guess and provided a clue. He started snapping his fingers, Cutler caught on and started tapping his two cans of spray tan together to the rhythm, Nick and Matt both joined in as well. Page sat there on his phone not paying attention. Omega and company started singing the old baby back ribs tune from Chili’s commercials. Hangman puth his phone down and watched as they continued before finally deciding to join in and sing along. They all stopped and Omega asked what they wanted to eat. Matt said he knows what he wants and they all started singing the song again. This time Hangman didn’t join in, but just laughed at them as they started singing again.

– Being the Elite open aired.

– Matt was setting up a camera when Nick walked over and asked if it was set up. Brandon Cutler walked through the screen behind them. Nick asked Matt if Brandon would cry again and Matt said of course he would because he’s a little baby. They stepped back from the camera and said hi to Cutler. They were standing in the ring that Nick built in his back yard. Cutler asked if they wanted to train a little. Matt said he sent Cutler a text and asked him to read it out loud real quick. Cutler pulled out his phone and read the message “Hi. My name is Brandon Cutler. I have been wrestling in AEW for over a year now. I have never won a match. I am 0-16. I have never asked for anything and I deserve a break. So tomorrow on AEW Dark, the grandest stage of them all, I’ll be teaming with my tag team partner Peter Avalon against the Young Bucks.” Cutler didn’t seem thrilled to be teaming with Avalon again. Matt and Nick were shocked that he wasn’t crying and asked him why. Cutler said this is terrible news and he and Peter aren’t a team any more. Nick asked them to team up one more time. Cutler said there’s already like 11 matches on AEW Dark and Matt said there’s going to be 12 this week then. Matt was disappointed that Cutler didn’t cry.

– Matt was standing in front of a claw game machine at a Denny’s with Luchasaurus, who had a mask on, but not his Luchasaurus mask. Matt said Luchasaurus has alleged that he’s the king of the claw machine and they’re about to find out. Luchasaurus was struggling to put a dollar in the machine. Luchasaurus tried to grab a stuffed animal out of it, but failed.

– Matt and Nick were in their ring gear holding their action figures. They said they were on set for a commercial for their action figures. Nick said they’re getting excited about the release coming up. They said they’ve basically had three matches while recording for the commercial and they think people will love it. Slow motion video was shown of them recording parts of the commercial including posing. Matt then cried out in pain and held his back.

Adam Page was in full ring attire with his action figure being recorded for the commercial and he faked being punched. The Young Bucks, Page, and Kenny Omega were flashed back and forth selling moves and cheering as if the figures in front of them were fighting, but they were receiving the attacks in person. They all yelled out their signature catch lines including Hangman Page yelling “it’s time for some cowboy shit!” Page and Omega were shown together yelling and cheering. Kenny Omega yelled out in pain while shouting out various body parts.

– Matt and Nick were backstage at Dynamite. Nick walked in and apologized for being late. Matt asked Nick about the bandage on his forehead and called it the Ric Flair bandage. Nick said that the airport wouldn’t let him in the priority line, so he bladed at the airport to get onto the plane faster. Nick said he was inspired by Matt doing it. Matt laughed and said people think he’s crazy, but he’s a damn trendsetter.

– Cutler and Omega were hiding in a locker room. Cutler had some lines of white powder in front of him as he shook a cup. He said it’s fresh cut and Omega tried to shush him so people didn’t hear. Cutler shook a cup and the powder was clearly pre-workout powder. Matt Jackson and Michael Nakazawa walked in. Matt apologized and said he didn’t see anything and turned to leave as Cutler yelled at him. Omega told Cutler no and Matt walked over to investigate what was going on. Omega stuck his pinky in the powder and marveled at it. Omega then gave an elevator pitch for the pre-workout powder. Matt said he didn’t want any of that because he’s heard bad things about it. Omega said this is the new formula. Omega and Cutler tried convincing him to try it. Matt picked it up and nearly ate some of the powder, but slammed it down. He then scolded Omega and Cutler saying that two of his best friends were trying to get him to take performance enhancers. Matt said he and Nick are Christian AF and threw the container of powder across the room. Cutler stormed off upset while Omega grabbed a shirt that had some powder on it and started licking it and crying.

– Nick Jackson was standing in catering wearing a mask and applying hand sanitizer. Private Party walked up excited to get some food and Nick asked them to look at the menu. The menu included blackened salmon and some vegetables. Private Party was upset and asked where the food was, like pizza or steak. Nick laughed them off and said this is what’s to eat. Nick said he’s serious and Private Party laughed him off. Private Party continued to laugh until Nick cut them off and said this is all they’re going to get. Nick pulled down his mask and shouted “I’m dead ass!” Isaiah Kassidy fell to the floor in shock and Private Party walked off upset. They sat down next to Matt Jackson who pulled down his mask and opened his mouth and chomped down twice. Private Party jumped up and left.

– Orange Cassidy was sitting at a table alone. Alex Reynolds and John Silver walked up and John Silver was trying to butter up Orange Cassidy by talking about their time wrestling on the independents together. Alex Reynolds was making a small glass of Kool-Aid, while Silver was trying to recruit Cassidy to join Dark Order. Cassidy was just looking around completely uninterested. Reynolds was mixing the drink and Silver said that, on Fridays, they watch Fast and the Furious. Cassidy looked interested in that as he pulled his glasses down to look him eye to eye. Silver said they watch every single movie on Fridays, Reynolds agreed. They said they love Fast and Furious and asked if he wanted to join them. Reynolds handed Cassidy the Kool-Aid and Silver told him to drink the juice. Reynolds corrected him saying it’s just Kool-Aid. Cassidy put his glasses back on and slowly pushed the cup off the table as Dark Order told him to stop it. Silver, trying to hide a smile, called Cassidy a douche bag as they stormed off.

– Footage from Brandon Cutler at ringside was shown during the Lumber Jack match last Wednesday between Luchasaurus and Wardlow.

– Brodie Lee was walking down a hallway after his match. Hangman Page entered behind him and called for him. He introduced himself and said the new gear really brings out the brown in his eyes. Lee tried walking away, but Hangman wanted to talk so they started walking together. Hangman said back in December or January, he was on their website and put in his name and all his information. Lee repetitively asked him to confirm that he filled out their form, Hangman kept saying yes. Lee got more and more irritated, realizing what Hangman was getting at. Hangman said he just never heard back from anyone about Dark Order so he thought he’d ask Lee about it. Lee said he could still join, but Hangman said no thanks, he’s in a better place now. Hangman said good luck with his cult. Lee turned around, not happy with the word cult. Hangman corrected himself calling it a group of friends. Lee turned around and walked off, very upset that Hangman didn’t join them. He entered his office and threw his papers at Alex Reynolds and John Silver while yelling in anger. He asked them both if they like horses, whisky, and cowboy shit. They said yes. Lee said they could’ve had Hangman Page. Lee called Evil Uno and asked him to get some papers and hit himself with them. Lee left the room and yelled “Cowboy shit” in anger as he stormed off.

– Brandon Cutler was on his phone walking down a hallway and ran into Frankie Kazarian. Kazarian asked if Lanza has been taking care of him. Cutler asked why he’s talking in a weird accent and Kazarian said he doesn’t know. Kazarian said a couple weeks ago he was having drinks with Matt Hardy a couple weeks ago… Kazarian had an epiphany. He said Matt Hardy and ran off.

– Nick Jackson was stretching and Broken Matt Hardy walked up and said hello. Hardy wished him luck and Nick said he’s not going to need it because they’re “going 8-10 and taking it home quick.” Matt went to talk, but Nick cut him off and laughed saying he couldn’t explain that term because they’ve already done it. Matt laughed and said Nick is such a prankster, he loves to rib. They both laughed and Hardy said he can’t use that one again either. Matt said good luck and touched Nick’s shoulder. Hardy screeched as he touched him then said hello to Cucamongo. Hardy said they’ve been friends for hundreds of years then hugged Nick as he said hello to his friend Harry Houdini. Matt talked about Harry Houdini and said everyone called him the Merch Freak and called him the ultimate carny. Hardy then yelled wait as Nick was frozen behind him to explain what Carny is. He said carny, in the wrestling industry, is someone willing to use any tactic to sell their product to the consumer. They may do it in a sly fashion. They may even pull the wool over their consumers’ eyes. Carny is also a language that some professional wrestlers utilize. Matt then unfroze time and said hello to Cucamongo again. Nick started breathing heavily and yelled “Merch Freak” as an arm was shown slowly moving towards the light switch to flicker the lights as the Merch Freak music played. Hardy and Nick were shown dancing in the flashing lights. Matt yelled and gasped for air while smiling.

– Alex Abrahantes was shown again introducing the Spanglish word of the week. Santana and Ortiz then appeared for this week’s word. Santana spoke in Spanish using the word ordere. Ortiz began to translate into an English sentence when Reynold and Silver of Dark Order appeared and asked if they use the word order, like Dark Order. Santana and Ortiz said no, they’re talking about ordere. The four started talking when Abrahantes walked up to do his typical outro. He said “why just speak Spanish when you can…” Reynold and Silver jumped in and yelled “join the Dark Order.” They then took Abrahantes away with them. A hashtag was shown “#JoinTheDarkOrdere”

– Colt Cabana had a camera guy with him and said he was going to see what Kenny was up to. A sign was on the door that said “No Colts Club.” He opened the door to Omega, Page, Cutler, Frankie Kazarian, and the Young Bucks singing the Chili’s song again. Kazarian was singing it with random curse words tossed in. Cabana slowly closed the door and said he doesn’t want to ruin their fun.

FINAL THOUGHTS: If you don’t like Kenny Omega at his most ridiculous, avoid this episode. He was really extravagant, for lack of a better word, on this episode. Singing the Chili’s tune was strange, but so it BTE so it actually fit in quite well. I like the Dark Order skits, but having Hangman say he nearly joined them is out of left field. Obviously that shouldn’t be read into much, since it’s just a way to get Brodie Lee mad at Evil Uno again, but why did it need to be Hangman in that spot?

This episode featured a ton of the Young Bucks and less of the side stories in AEW like the Best Friends. Not sure why that is, but it was very noticeable that Matt and/or Nick were in nearly every segment on this show. Overall, it’s a funny episode and worth a watch if you have some free time.

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