Special look at the AEW Unrivaled Action Figures, Series One – Cody, Kenny Omega, Young Bucks, Brandi Rhodes

By Darrin Lilly, PWTorch contributor

Young Bucks actions figures


Few things would ever get me out of bed at 6:30 a.m. to go to the local Wal-Mart. But that is exactly what happened last Wednesday. Why was I up at that ridiculous hour, you might ask? Because the store had finally received one of the most anticipated wrestling items of the year: the first series of AEW Unrivaled action figures.

I have been a wrestling fan since the 80’s and I’ve collected figures for just about as long. So in addition to being old, I’m also very interested when a new line of wrestling figures is launched.

The first ever AEW action figures trickled into stores across the country last week. You may have seen the All Elite Wrestling Unrivaled Collection advertised during episodes of AEW Dynamite on TNT.

Avid figure collectors are already familiar with the collection, but if you are just finding out about this set or simply want to know more, here’s additional information:

Who’s in the lineup? Series One has Cody, Brandi Rhodes, Nick Jackson, Matt Jackson, Kenny Omega, and Chris Jericho. They are all wearing their attire from the 2019 Double or Nothing pay-per-view show. Cody has a weight belt and sledgehammer, the Young Bucks are in their Elvis-inspired entrance outfits, Omega has a ring jacket and interchangeable hands, and Jericho has a hat, scarf, ring jacket, and extra set of hands. Limited edition “chase” versions of Chris Jericho (with an AEW title belt and Inner Circle shirt) and Cody (in a Star Trek inspired shirt) are available as well.

Where Can I Find Them? You can find the figures at Ringside Collectibles, Wal-Mart stores (the exclusive retail carrier), or you can try your luck on Ebay or similar sites. Currently the figures are back-ordered at Ringside Collectibles. They are pretty difficult to find at Wal-Mart stores right now but more should be available soon.

How much do they cost? The figures are $19.87 each at Wal-Mart, which will also be the exact price of WWE stock soon if they don’t stop those Retribution segments. The cost is slightly higher at Ringside Collectibles.

Are they compatible with WWE figures? Yes, they are the same scale. Approximately 7” tall. You can finally have that Kenny Omega vs. Baron Corbin showdown you always dreamed about.

Are they worth it? Wicked Cool Toys did a great job, especially for a first series. The likenesses are on point, there are more than 20 points of articulation for great poseability, and the accessories are cool. The figures look good in the packaging, if you choose to display them that way. The boxes are reminiscent of the old Jakks WWE Classic Superstars figures. If there is one quibble, the skin tone is a little off, but hopefully that will be corrected in future series.

For the record, I have one set to display and one set to keep in the boxes. These will make a fine addition to my desk at the office (yes, I’m That Guy). My co-workers aren’t wrestling fans at all, but through osmosis they can now easily identify characters like the Young Bucks, Charlotte Flair, and Ramblin’ Rabbit of the Firefly Funhouse. I’ll have to explain to them why I have figures with Elvis outfits on my desk, but they’ve seen crazier things.

Will you be picking up the AEW Unrivaled figures? Which is your favorite? Would you ever wake up at 6:30 a.m. to go to Wal-Mart for any reason? Leave a comment.

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  1. Not only have I stood outside a Target at 630am for Rock Band when that was impossible to find, I used to have a TRU and a GameStop employee text me when McFarlane Sports Figurines came in so I could get first crack at the ones I wanted/variants. I also used to go to WalMart during overnight shifts when the fresh stock would come in for Masters Of The Universe figs. Oh and a ridiculous Unicron that was rare atm.

    And no, I’m not dirty, I have not sold even one of those figures. Given a few away but never ebay!

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