10/10 NEW JAPAN G1 CLIMAX RESULTS – DAY 13: Fann’s report on Okada vs. Takagi, Ibushi vs. Suzuki, Ospreay vs. Taichi, White vs. Takahashi, Ishii vs. Cobb

By Rich Fann, PWTorch contributor


OCTOBER 10, 2020


The show kicked off with a Young Lion battle between Tsuji and Uemura, and Uemura focused entirely on Tsuji’s arm. Tsuji began the match throwing Uemura around and the match overall was solid, with Uemura’s double overhook suplex for the win.

WINNER: Yuya Uemura by pinfall (Double Overhook Suplex) in 9:03 (***)

(Fann’s Analysis: Tsuji had been in the driver’s seat of the “C block” so Uemura pulled this out and got himself a little respect. The sequence mid match of Yuya flipping into an arm-drag to avoid the spear of Tsuji was superb..)

(2) TOMOHIRO ISHII vs. JEFF COBB – Block A Match

This next match was a hoss fight between Cobb and Ishii. The pair exchanged headbutts, suplexes, chops and threw their entire offense at the other person. Cobb in particular stood out with the way he tossed Ishii around – but Ishii gave as good as he got. After surviving a Tour of the Islands from Cobb, Ishii fired up and tried to go for his brainbuster, but couldn’t get Cobb up. Instead, Cobb reversed an Irish whip attempt into the Tour of the Islands for the pinfall.

WINNER: Jeff Cobb by pinfall (Tour of the Islands) in 14:57 (****)

(Fann’s Analysis: Cobb was awesome in this match. While he’s had a decent G-1, this was his best showing – and that makes total sense as the pair have done well every other time they’ve met. Post match, in particular I enjoyed the way both men had residual reactions to the carnage they brought upon each other.)


Jay White entered the match with track pants and a t-shirt, so this was already set up for silliness and the Bullet Club provided the silly. Yujiro laid down for White several times, but would kick out to White’s consternation. Yujiro then tried the “pin him quick” trick, but Jay avoided all of the roll ups – and Gedo distracted the referee to give Jay a chance to recover.

However, Yujiro instead hit the low blow for a pinfall attempt and nearly won the match. After this attempt Gedo again distracted the ref, and a Blade Runner later White had a harder-than-thought victory in the bag.

WINNER: Jay White by pinfall (Blade Runner) in 3:40 (***)

(Fann’s Analysis: Post match, White tried to brain Yujiro with a chair, but Gedo stopped him which now feeds into the continued Bullet Club divide. The match was short, but the continuation of the Bullet Club issues du jour were the spotlight.)

(4) WILL OSPREAY vs. TAICHI – Block A Match

Heavyweight Ospreay today decided that banter would be his weapon of choice in addition to his traditional offense, and Taichi tried to avoid the high flying moves only to get disturbed by the banter.

After Taichi survived the first stanza of Ospreay’s offense, Taichi responded with a dangerous backdrop. Taichi then tried an avalanche Black Mephisto but that failed, and Ospreay instead went for a 450 splash – only to land onto the knees of Taichi. Taichi then hit a hellacious Axe Bomber to the back of Ospreay’s head – as a nod to the Hidden Blade – and nearly won the match. However, Ospreay fought back and hit his Oscutter and Hidden Blade to set up the Storm Breaker for the win.

WINNER: Will Ospreay by pinfall (Storm Breaker) in 16:26 (****)

(Fann’s Analysis: Taichi continued his push to get respect in this G-1, and Ospreay played the role of cocky guy that didn’t take Taichi seriously until it was almost too late. Ospreay’s offense has found a flow with the more power/striking guys like a Taichi and this was a hum dinger.)


Ibushi and Suzuki decided to take this to the mat and brought a MMA flavor to this match. Kicks and slaps to the face were the main weapons of both men, with Suzuki bringing the match outside with his traditional shenanigans.

Suzuki decided upon entering the ring and continuing their exchanges, that he would instead test the fighting spirit of Ibushi – and absorbed every kick given without fighting back at all until one elbow dropped the Golden Star. Both men returned back on their feet, elbows, forearms and kicks a-flying. Sweat flew as both men slapped each other without remorse or quarter, until Suzuki hit a particularly strong palm strike and reversed a Kamigoye into a boston crab. Ibushi finally made it back to a vertical base and nailed Suzuki with Bomaye, and finally the Kamigoye for the pin.

WINNER: Kota Ibushi by pinfall (Kamigoye) in 16:58 (****1/2)

(Fann’s Analysis: This was totally different from the rest of the card and in the best way possible. This was a UWF-I/Shoot Style and I really loved how hard these guys went. Suzuki in particular seemed lively going against “Dead Eyed” Ibushi and as Suzuki staggered away post-match I swear I saw what passed for a Suzuki smile in a non-violent situation.)


Takagi and Okada began this match with Shingo that took advantage, as the Dragon followed up on his disgust at Okada’s form via promos throughout this portion of the G-1. After an exchange ended with the textbook Okada dropkick, Takagi fell out of the ring under the ropes. Before Takagi could recover, Okada picked him up and hit a draped ddt onto the mats outside.

Back in the ring, Okada tried to put the Money Clip on, but Shingo fought out of the hold and hit the Noshigami and a German suplex. Shingo tried to go for a Pumping Bomber and ate a standing Okada dropkick. Okada tried to hit an elbow off the top rope, but instead took a superplex from Shingo. Shingo avoided a tombstone and transitioned to a Last of the Dragon, but Okada fought out, and tried to roll up Takagi for the win to no avail. Okada hit his spinning tombstone and tried the Money Clip again, but Shingo fought out and hit a rainmaker-style pumping bomber and a Made in Japan for a 2.9 count. Shingo tried for Last of the Dragon but Okada countered with a spinning rainmaker lariat. Okada then slapped on the Money Clip, and as Shingo fought both the ref and Okada to get out, followed with the back-cracker while locked in and eventually the ref stoppage ended the match. Post match a frothing Shingo yelled to Okada (and the ref) he didn’t tap and Okada addressed the crowd.

WINNER: Kazuchika Okada by ref stoppage (Money Clip) in 27:45 (*****)

(Fann’s Analysis: This match was amazing. Okada and Takagi provided in under 28 minutes the finest post-COVID match with fans I think I’ve seen. While Ibushi-Shingo was a strong first showing, this was a masterclass that illustrated why Shingo Takagi needs to be known as one of the best wrestlers on the planet – and as my colleague Alan4L says, the best wrestler in the world. Okada has rounded into form, and now that he is back pad/tape free the Rainmaker is poised to make a run towards the A block final.)

FINAL THOUGHTS (9.0): This was, top to bottom an excellent show sandwiched around great shows. This first matchup between Okada and Shingo, given their histories with Ultimo Dragon/Dragon Gate and the ability for no matter the opportunity for Shingo to take the main stage and do so with aplomb an excellence needs to be seen. The shooto style of the Suzuki-Ibushi tilt, the Taichi-Ospreay and even the Young Lions match are just spectacular.

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