11/5 NXT UK TV REPORT: Gallus vs. Pretty Deadline & Gradwell, Aleah James vs. Jinny, Noam Dar vs. A-Kid in Heritage Cup Semi-Final match

By Chad Koenig, PWTorch contributor


NOVEMBER 5, 2020

Commentary: Andy Shepherd, Nigel McGuinness

(1) GALLUS (Joe Coffey & Mark Coffey & Wolfgang) vs. PRETTY DEADLY (Sam Stoker & Lewis Howley) & SAM GRADWELL

Stoker and Mark Coffey started, but Wolfgang and Howley were tagged in early after a failed dropkick from Stoker. The two ground the action early and Wolfgang worked the arm. Howley kipped back up to his feet and Joe Coffey was tagged in.

Coffey went right to work on the arm, tossing Howley around the ring. They continued to tie up on the ground before Howley made the tag to Gradwell. The two hit the ropes and Gradwell took down Coffey. Coffey then pushed him across the ring and all four other men in the match jumped in, with Gallus shoulder-blocking their three opponents to the outside. Gallus then taunted them in the ring.

The makeshift team discussed a plan as they made it back to the ring. Gradwell and (Joe) Coffey locked up and, after slapping Wolfgang in the face, Gradwell tagged in Howley and was grounded immediately. Coffey made the tag to Wolfgang who charged, but was sent through the ropes and outside. While he was climbing back in, Stoker kicked Wolfgang on the apron. Howley wrapped him up to steal a pinfall, but Wolfgang kicked out and a tag was made to Stoker. Pretty Deadly went for some double teaming, but Wolfgang took them down with a double clothesline. Wolfgang tagged in Mark Coffey. The two ran the ropes before the tag was made to Howley. Coffey went right for him and didn’t see Stoker tag himself in. He ran with Howley in the ring but was met with a DDT from Stoker for two.

Howley was tagged in again and grinded Coffeys face into the mat. Gradwell then tagged himself in and laid in heavy strikes to Coffey’s back before lifting him up, landing some forearms, and slamming him to the mat. Joe Coffey ran in and disrupted Gradwell long enough to take him down and took him into his corner where Howley tagged himself in. Coffey then tagged in his brother who rag-dolled Howley and then Stoker, after he ran in. he gave a butterfly swing to Howley and pinned him. Gradwell ran in and made the save but Wolfgang took him down. Howley fell in front of his corner and Gradwell tagged himself in again, and ran in with a clothesline for two. Coffey made the pin as Gallus successfully ran in to stop the others from interfering to get the win.

WINNER: Gallus at 9:48

(Koenig’s Analysis: A fun match and styles clash. Gallus seem to have injected some new moves in their impressive arsenal and continue to make a great faction. This seemed to build for a storyline involving Gradwell taking on one or more members of Gallus one on one.)

-Promo video for the paths of Noam Dar and A-Kid in the Heritage Cup tournament.

-“30 Days of Undertaker” commercial for 30 Days of Undertaker.

-Backstage segment from earlier in the week where newcomer Rampage Brown meets staff with Sid Scala. He watches Jack Starz in the ring working out. Dave Mastiff then came and said hello to Brown as if he knew him personally. I foresee a match with gatekeeper/ jobber Jack Starz as his debut.


Jinny stated that she wasn’t ready yet when the bell rang and slowly strutted to James. They locked up and Jinny flipped her around the ring. James got a hold of her arm for a moment, but Jinny reversed out and just stomped her into the mat. She lifted her up and James attempted some offense, but Jinny kept taking her down and slapped her around the ring. Jinny applied a straitjacket while bridging James’ back in an arch. James escaped that, but again, Jinny just stomped her around some more while yelling “stupid girl!”. Some incredibly sloppy wrestling ensued, highlighted by an atrocious cross-body. Jinny kicked James and got the pin.

WINNER: Jinny at 3:45

(Koenig’s Analysis: Wow. This was bad. Jinny is usually fairly decent in the ring, so I assume she was helping give reps to James. It was a squash, but slow and sloppy. Fast forward.)

-After the match, Jinny grabbed the mic and said that she has something that the other women in the match don’t have- “killer instinct”. She then called out Piper Niven who of course came down to the ring. The two screamed at each other like third graders until Kay Lee Ray came down and flaunted that she was the champion. She fueled the fire between Niven and Jinny and Niven laid her out. She then picked up poor Aleah James and slammed her to the mat before grabbing Jinny again driving her into a steel chair in the ring. Niven chased Ray outside of the ramp.

-Eddie Dennis cutting a promo with Wild Boar and Primate and confirmed himself as their new mouthpiece.

-Survivor Series Commercial featuring 30 Years of Undertaker.

-Backstage segment of Niven attacking Ray. A championship match between the two announced for two weeks from now.

(3) NOAM DAR vs. A-KID – Heritage Cup Semi-Final Match

Round 1: Technical grappling from the get-go, followed by a series a wristlocks and reversals. A-Kid hit the ropes and took down Dar and forced him into a headlock. At the thirty-second mark, they started to get back to their feet. Dar escaped and tied A-Kid in the ropes before giving him a running knee as the round ended.

Dar: 0     A-Kid: 0

Round 2: They start with a test of strength that Dar reversed into a headlock. A-Kid escaped and dropkicked Dar for two. They get up and Dar pushed A-kid into the corney and laid in a heavy knee. He hooked the leg for a near fall. Dar picked him up and uppercut him back down. Dar started to kick A-Kid’s wrist before applying a North Sea Backslide into a near pinfall. Dar reversed into a chinlock that he held in hard until the bell rang.

Dar: 0     A-Kid: 0

Round 3: Dar stalled throughout the first thirty seconds of the match. A-Kid got ahold and suplexed him into a monkey wrench. He went to the top rope and jumped over A-Kid to make it to the other side of the ring. The two then exchanged kicks before Dar face-planted A-Kid for a two count with 1:20 remaining. On the mat still, Dar applied an armbar to make A-Kid tap.

Dar: 1     A-Kid: 0

Round 4: Dar ran in and swept A-Kid’s injured leg at the bell. As the ref checked on him, Dar smiled and said “Hi Honey!” to the Heritage Cup, which was ringside. Dar continued to work on the hand and leg until A-Kid finally got in some offense. A-Kid executed a sequence that led him into a bridge that got Dar’s shoulders down for three with 1:20 remaining.

Dar: 1     A-Kid: 1

Round 5: Both men circled and started to chase each other around the ring. Dar with a basement dropkick to A-Kid, sending him out of the ring. Dar followed and kicked him hard onto the ramp. As he tossed A-Kid back into the ring, he swung around the bottom rope and kicked Dar to the floor. He ran into the ring but A-Kid kicked him upon entry, hooked the leg and got two. As Dar laid in the ring, A-Kid went to the top rope and landed a cross-body. Dar kicked out at the last moment. The two exchanged fists until the time ran out.

Dar: 1     A-Kid: 1

Round 6: The two exchanged kicks before Dar grounded the action, which led to some reversals and pinfall attempts. After a failed roll-up from A-Kid, the two continued a series of fast reversals until both men were laid out on the mat. They made it to their feet and met with a couple of lariats. Dar charged at him but A-Kid struck him with a great kick, before wrapping Dar’s body up in an octopus to make him submit with :50 on the clock.

WINNER: A-Kid in Round 6

(Koenig’s Analysis: A fast and fun match between arguably the biggest heel on the brand, and the whitest of white meat babyfaces. It was a great underdog story throughout the match and throughout his young career, actually. I love these Rounds matches and these two had an action-packed one, for sure.)

-NEXT WEEK: Debut of Rampage Brown, Dave Mastiff vs. Trent Seven in a Heritage Cup Semi-Final.

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