11/7 STARDOM GODDESSES OF STARDOM results: Show #8 featuring Crazy Bloom vs. Black Widows, Devil Duo vs. Grab The Top, and more eliminations

By Harley R. Pageot, PWTorch contributor


NOVEMBER 7, 2020

Hanan said her younger sister was being rebellious but she’d beat her. Rina (as with all of the Oedo Tai members) did not record a promo.

(1) HANAN vs. RINA

Hanan with a jumping armbar for the tap out.

WINNER: Hanan in 4:20.

(Pageot’s Perspective: For the first time since Kagetsu’s retirement in February Hanan pulled out the jumping armbar that Kagetsu bestowed on her. As a result, she won her first match in six months. That last win, for the record, was also over Rina. As for Rina, her burgeoning win streak has come to an end. She had pinned her twin sister Hina and former stable mate Ruaka in her previous two appearances but that momentum is now gone.)

-Ruaka said it was an all-Stars three-way but she wanted to win. Iida said they might be in the same unit but an enemy is an enemy. Kid wanted to use her opponents to her advantage.


Kid pinned Iida with a code red.

WINNER: Starlight Kid in 6:04.

(Pageot’s Perspective: Harmless. Kid is now 6-12-1 in singles action this year, just below Saki Kashima in the books. Iida holds the worst singles record in Stardom in 2020 at 2-13-1.)

-Hina said this was her first time in a trio with AZM and Watanabe. Iwatani said it was her first time teaming with Nakano and Shirakawa as a trio as well. Shirakawa pointed out that, no, they teamed together once previously. The objectification continued as both Nakano and Iwatani prodded Shirakawa’s breasts while she tried to finish her promo.

(3) STARS (World Of Champion Mayu Iwatani, Tam Nakano, & Mina Shirakawa) vs. QUEEN’S QUEST (High Speed Champion AZM, Momo Watanabe, & Hina)

Shirakawa pinned Hina with an implant DDT.

WINNERS: Stars in 11:26.

(Pageot’s Perspective: A rare win for Stars in tag action. Their record as a stable in multi-person matches this year is now 10-42-1. By comparison QQ, Oedo, and DDM are all well above .500)

-Riho promised they’d put the tag champs in a good mood. Hayashishita said she adores Riho but she wanted the two points.

(4) GODDESS OF STARDOM CHAMPIONS APHRODITE (Utami Hayashishita & Saya Kamitani) vs. COLOR ME POP (Riho & Gokigen Death) – TAG LEAGUE

Riho went for a Hell Thrust, Hayashishita ducked, and Riho took out Death again. Hayashishita pinned Death with a German suplex.

WINNERS: AphroditE in 8:43.

(Pageot’s Perspective: Sigh. Color Me Pop went from surprise contenders at the start of the tag league to jokes again, four of Death’s last matches ending because the wrong person got hit with a Hell Thrust. Riho’s streak of never being pinned in Stardom continues.)

-Syuri said Oedo Tai are always using weapons but they’d stop them and win.

(5) GRAB THE TOP (Artist Of Stardom Champion Syuri & Himeka) vs. DEVIL DUO (Natsuko Tora & Saki Kashima) – TAG LEAGUE

Himeka pinned Kashima with an Argentine backbreaker.

WINNERS: Grab The Top in 10:45.

(Pageot’s Perspective:  The red block has owned the blue block so heavily that Devil Duo are still in contention to go to the finals despite only winning one match so far.) 

-Giulia pointed out that Konami is her next white belt challenger so this was a sort of preview match.

(6) ARTIST OF STARDOM CHAMPIONS CRAZY BLOOM (Wonder Of Stardom Champion Giulia & Future Of Stardom Champion Maika) vs. BLACK WIDOWS (SWA World Champion Bea Priestley & Konami) – TAG LEAGUE

Queen’s Landing from Priestley to Maika for the pin.

WINNERS: Black Widows in 15:45.

-Priestley (in Japanese) said she thought maybe Giulia sucks. Maika, maybe sucks even more. But… Momo Watanabe sucks the most! Oedo Tai laughed; Giulia rolled her eyes. Konami addressed Giulia and said it was all about the white belt for her. It’s the end.

(Pageot’s Perspective: Black Widows remain one of the favorites to win the whole league. Color Me Pop and Dream H have both been eliminated due to this win. Tomorrow is the final tag league show. Each team has one match left and then the finals take place the same night. Not much of an opportunity to build tension between the finalists but that’s how Stardom always does things. There are still numerous outcomes that could result in a tie in each block and it’s unclear how that would be settled due to this year’s tournament format.)

Red Goddesses standings after day 8:
Crazy Bloom (Giulia & Maika) – 4
MK☆Sisters (Mayu Iwatani & Starlight Kid) – 4
AphroditE (Utami Hayashishita & Saya Kamitani) – 3
Devil Duo (Natsuko Tora & Saki Kashima) – 2
wing★gori (Saya Iida & Hanan) – 0

Blue Goddesses standings after day 8:
Black Widows (Konami & Bea Priestley) – 7
Grab The Top (Syuri & Himeka) – 6
MomoAz (Momo Watanabe & AZM) – 6
Color Me Pop (Gokigen Death & Riho) – 4
Dream H (Tam Nakano & Mina Shirakawa) – 4

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