11/9 BEING THE ELITE REPORT: BTE Champion Crowned, Matt Jackson reveals he’s had a minor knee injury, Hangman Page appears to reach his breaking point following Full Gear loss, more

By Zach Graham, PWTorch contributor

Being The Elite reportedly on hiatus


BEING THE ELITE EP. 229  – “Full Gear Fall Out”
NOVEMBER 9, 2020

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  1. Trent wins BTE Championship Golf Finals to become first ever BTE Champion.\
  2. Matt Jackson reveals he partially tore his MCL in a match earlier this year against Butcher & Blade, but notes he won’t miss any time for it. Video was recorded before Full Gear as well where he wrestled.
  3. Hangman Page returns and watches as the Young Bucks celebrate their Championship without him.


–   Matt and Nick Jackson were standing on the stage. Nick pointed out and dramatically told Matt to look around at Daily’s Place the night before Full Gear. Nick continued calling it the biggest match of their lives and a dream match. Matt smirked like he knew what Nick was up to. Nick continued and started to mention the added stipulation, but instead he turned to Matt and called him a “stupid, dumbass” and asked why he’d even throw that stipulation out there. Matt looked shocked as Nick scolded him. Nick said they created this company to be the tag champions and now they may never be able to become tag team champions.

Matt started by scolding Nick for getting droplets on him, then said he’s taught Nick everything he knows. Matt sarcastically asked if Nick thinks he’s an idiot, but Nick went ahead and answered yes. Matt said he has a plan B. Matt then showed Nick a picture of a pair of TNT Tag Team Champions belts to Nick. Nick rolled his eyes and Matt laughed as he walked the other direction.

– Being the Elite open aired.

– Matt and Nick Jackson were standing outside of a Walmart. The camera showed the Walmart logo then moved down to show Matt and Nick who just stared blankly at the camera and nodded. The video then cut to them inside looking for their action figures again. They were standing in the toy aisle shaking their head in disappointment.

– Alex Reynolds and John Silver were together and Reynolds pointed to Michael Nakazawa leaning on a storage bin nearby. Silver didn’t like the idea of adding Nakazawa to Dark Order, but Reynolds said they can use him to their advantage. They approached Nakazawa and complimented him. Reynolds went into his pitch and Nakazawa said he’d have to think about it. Silver and Nakazawa started flexing together and they thought they had him hooked. Silver  and Reynolds turned to each other to celebrate a successful recruitment, but Nakazawa put his underwear over his hand and attacked them both. Silver acted as if he was going to throw up and Reynolds laid on the floor.

– Matt Jackson was sitting at a table signing some clear labels. He said he isn’t sure if he’s even allowed to tell the audience what it’s for, but did say it’s for a trading card. Matt wouldn’t say who the card is of, but did say it’s for a trading card. They flashed sheets of these labels with Nick Jackson and Brandon Cutler’s signature on them as well. Frankie Kazarian, Matt Hardy, and Christopher Daniels were also shown in the room signing sheets of labels for these trading cards Daniels apologized if you end up with his signature because it looks terrible.

– A promo aired for an AEW Games announcement happening on Youtube on 11/10/20.

– Matt and Nick Jackson were in their ring gear being filmed for something.

Brandon Cutler was shown in his gear as well. Matt said Christopher Daniels needs to talk to him. Cutler walked over to Daniels who said they need to take a picture of Cutler with a championship belt for reference. Cutler said okay and wandered over to the AEW Championship and admired it. Daniels told him no, not that belt so Cutler asked if he meant the tag team championship and Daniels again said no. Cutler then saw the FTW belt and picked it up, but Daniels told him to put it down before Brian Cage sees him. Daniels held up a regular belt and told Cutler his underwear is showing so he should put a belt on and Cutler stood there embarrassed.

Cutler was shown posing with his belt on.

– Nick, Matt, and Brandon were at a local Jacksonville restaurant grabbing some food. Matt was tending to a cut on his knuckle, but couldn’t figure out where it came from. Matt said it’s been a rough couple of days. Cutler said Matt’s injury got leaked online so Matt decided to address it. He said the things the dirt sheets have been reporting about his injury are 100 percent true. He said when he wrestled Butcher and Blade and dove onto one of them through the table, he hurt the back of his knee and for the longest time he thought he may have broken his fibula. He went and got an MRI and he partially tore his MCL and his ACL had some thinning which made them think he had an old ACL tear as well, maybe 10 years old now. Matt said the ACL doesn’t bother him and the MCL isn’t bothering him so he is cleared for Full Gear and beyond.

– Brandon Cutler was looking around and bumped into Frankie Kazarian. He asked Kazarian where he could find the pay window now that he’s won a match. Kazarian sighed and called him a mark. Kazarian told him to go down the hallway and go f*** himself. Kazarian said it’s right next to the winner’s purse and the brass ring! Kazarian called him a dumbass and said it’s not a real thing. Cutler sighed and said he wishes it was real and walked off. Peter Avalon approached Kazarian and asked if he’s signed up for those anger management classes yet and Kazarian lost it screaming at Avalon saying he doesn’t need anger management.

– A quick flash of the BTE Championship golf tournament bracket was shown followed by the extremely intricate “course” that went through one hotel room, across the hall, and into another hotel room to the hole. Matt pointed out that this is a shoot and they’re legitimately playing this trying to win. Trent laughed and said he isn’t sure if he wants to win this. Matt said it’s going to be bad if he wins and Silver doesn’t because everyone is pulling for Silver and they’ll accuse Matt of booking himself to win it.

Matt won the right to go first. They were all shown taking their shots through the two rooms and the various obstacles they set up. Silver fell behind as Trent and Matt made it into the second room. Silver tried to smack it, but if failed and went backwards after bouncing off a wall. Matt appeared to be in the best position, but missed two close shots.. Trent won with a score of 13 and, as he held the belt he said he didn’t want to win it and he had to leave to go home.

– Best Friend’s music played in honor of Trent’s victory as Matt was shown getting his hair done ahead of Full Gear and Darby Allin was shown getting painted for his match.

– Brandon Cutler jumped into frame in front of a wall of gears on the Full Gear set wearing clothes that looked like he was cosplaying Willy Wonka. Cutler said he’s ready to get booked. Frankie Kazarian walked up and looked Cutler up and down and called him a mark again. Kazarian yelled at him again asking if he was going to dress up like a poker chip at Double or Nothing, or maybe a red coat at Revolution next and asked him what’s wrong with him. Cutler looked on speechless and said he likes dressing up. Justin Roberts walked up and asked Kazarian if he’d signed up for anger management classes and Kazarian chased after him yelling he doesn’t need anger management again.

– Miro and Kip Sabian were playing video games together as Penelope Ford looked on. Miro complimented him and said he’s getting better at it. Leva Bates walked up and said that looks really cool. They looked at her confused. Bates asked if she can play and they laughed at her, but said okay. Miro got up after Sabian smirked and said they should let her have a go at it. They laughed as they turned the game back on. Sabian sat up in confusion and started trying harder, but Bates was clearly beating him. Bates said thank you and walked away giggling as Sabian sat there humiliated.

– Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy, and Marko Stunt all climbed into a small ice bath together and yelled about how cold it was. Marko told Luchasaurus he has to take his shorts off like they did, so he complied and said he felt more free that way. They all got out and Anna Jay walked up. She laughed as Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus tried explaining they were in an ice bath. Marko Stunt walked up and asked what was going on. Jungle Boy looked down and passed out, Anna Jay walked away, and Luchasaurus just said oh dear god and walked off as Marko looked around confused.

– Matt Jackson was in the EVP room getting ready for their Full Gear match. He talked briefly about his shoes then complimented Brandon Cutler’s wife on his gear.

The Young Bucks were shown making their Full Gear entrance from Brandon Cutler at ringside. Clips from the match were then shown including the Young Bucks celebrating after winning.

Matt and Nick were shown walking down a hallway after the win and fist bumping the people backstage including Shaquille O’Neal.

The camera cut to Kenny Omega congratulating them and telling them to follow him to the EVP room. Omega showed off his custom AEW Championship hat he had made for them. They walked into the EVP room to see it was all tarped off. Brandon Cutler and SCU were in there wearing hats with bottles of champagne for them to celebrate.

Adam Page was shown limping down the hallway towards the EVP room as they were all celebrating together. Page walked up to the door and snuck a look while they weren’t paying attention. They were all singing “We are the Champions” by Queen and just so happened to get to the line “No time for losers, cause we are the champions” as Page stood outside the door. Page turned around and walked away dejected with a drink in his hand. Matt was shown laying on the floor with his belt calling his wife and kids.

Matt and Nick were then shown doing their post-match interview where Matt again noted he had a slight MCL tear. They showed the doctors raping up his ankles and knee as Matt said he is proud of everyone.

– Eddie Kingston was sitting in the locker room and was visibly upset. He said he legitimately broke his phone so he can’t get on Twitter or whatever to see his messages. Eddie said he knows the winners do press conferences, but he wanted to put this out on social media too. Kingston said Moxley told him in the ring after the match that it’s over and Kingston told him it’s never over. Kingston said he sold his soul to the devil and he did everything he said he’d never do to get this match with Moxley. Kingston said he doesn’t regret it, it’s just another sin he has to pay for. He promised he’d be back because he has nothing else in his life. Kingston said people this he’s playing a character right now, but he’s not. He has nothing but pro wrestling and he wanted to be world champion and he will be, but he thought tonight was the night. Kingston promised to be back on Wednesday.

– John Silver was crying by himself when Evil Uno walked up to him and asked what was wrong. Silver said he just lost his match and Uno tried to reassure him in a very child-like voice and reassured him that all his friends think he did great. 5 tried to reassure him too and complimented his coat, but Silver didn’t want to talk to him. Reynolds said he loved his coat too and Silver really appreciated that coming from him, which only upset 5 more. Uno then offered him an orange to take his anger out. Silver punched away at the orange as they all cheered him on. They asked if he feels better, but he said no. Anna Jay asked what they could do to cheer him up and he said he’d like a hug. Jay got down and went for a hug, but Silver side stepped her and hugged 10 who promptly grabbed Silver’s butt. Silver and 10 held the hug for a long time while Jay looked confused.

Grayson then had an idea. Silver loved when they used to chant “F*** Hangman” so they should try that. They all started chanting together, which seemed to raise Silver’s spirits as he started dancing.

– They teased the outro of the show, but rewound it to show Hangman Page walking past the Dark Order lounge as they chanted. Hangman walked into their hideout as they chanted and they all stopped. Hangman poured himself a large drink then encouraged them to start chanting again so they joined him. Page aggressively chanted with them as he grabbed the bottle and left.

Evil Uno told them to stop and not mess this up because he has an idea and ran off.


The Young Bucks are extremely self-aware, which can be good or bad. The opening segment was funny and addressed the obvious criticism leading in to Full Gear about why they’d ever add that stipulation to their match. They didn’t really answer the question as much as take the opportunity to poke fun at the similarity to Cody’s stipulation at last year’s Full Gear PPV where he lost. For the record, the TNT Tag Team Championships Matt had a picture of looked really good!

We finally had the return of Hangman Page to BTE! Having him walk in on everyone singing Queen was a great touch. Page going to the Dark Order and encouraging them to chant “F*** Hangman” at him seems to be him reaching an absolute low point, which is interesting. Evil Uno scurrying off at the end is interesting too. Are they going to try and recruit him? Maybe his next chapter will include fending off the Dark Order who’s trying to recruit him while he’s at his lowest point and alone. Not sure how they’ll play that on television since they never bring up BTE stories, but I think that was a good indication that Page may be dealing with Dark Order for a while now.

This was a very good episode. There was a lot of development this week and it’s nice to see after the last couple of episodes have been pretty dull. I can’t wait to see where the Hangman story goes. We still don’t know who stole his phone to try and keep him and the Young Bucks apart. Maybe it’s Brodie Lee? At this point, I don’t think we’ve seen any hints as to how that will play out. The BTE Champion has also been crowned so it will be fun to see what dumb and entertaining ideas they have for that as well.

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