11/26 MIZ & MRS. REVIEW (Season 2, Ep. 11): Miz tries to be Super Dad and it doesn’t go well as he loses Marjo at a store, toddler might have eaten dog food, Miz laments not having a urinal at new house

By Sarah K., PWTorch contributor


“MIZ & MRS.” – SEASON 2, EP. 11
NOVEMBER 26, 2020

I believe Miz and Maryse have moved again. They are now at Manor Mar-Miz – with George. They’re throwing a “sip & see,” which I guess is a housewarming party. Maryse wants a bunch of renovations. Evidently Miz wanted a urinal, and he didn’t get a urinal. Maryse wants a castle bed for the girls. It’s definitely a better investment than a urinal. Miz comes home with cupcakes; it disrupts the kid’s routine; there is a miner kerfuffle. Miz claims that he can take care of the kids. You know it isn’t going to work.

Anyway, George is going to try to get rid of all the leftover items from the renovation; he gets to keep five percent of the profits. Meanwhile, Miz is making a fort. His entire being in charge thing involves Marjo making food, doing the dishes, and doing laundry. Maryse comes home, Miz takes credit for doing it all. Marjo is having none of this.

George wants Maryse to sign the toilets – in order to get more money for the toilet. He’s made a prototype toilet with Miz’s face in the toilet bowl. In the mean time, Miz is playing Mr. Mom. It’s not going well. Maryse then gives Mike a list of chores. He’s supposed to take Marjo. Marjo goes with him – she’s still on strike.

Miz allows the toddler to wander off in the store… she may have sampled some dog food.  Miz has also lost Marjo. He has to get on the loudspeaker and page her to the front of Costco. Miz backs up the car and the trunk opens and stuff falls out. And finally Miz apologizes to Marjo and asks for her help.

Meanwhile George and Maryse are off to sell some stuff to Mr. Stuff. Miz tries to get in touch with Maryse and George. Neither one of them answers the phone, so, Miz uses some phone app to track them down. Maryse and George are selling the Miz toilets. Marjo has to be bleeped. It’s adorable. Miz is delighted that the Mizain frugality is rubbing off on Maryse. Commercial.

So, Maryse has ordered the castle beds. Apparently they are ginormous… so, she’s going to have to put the bed in another room. Oh, and to get this idea she bought Miz a urinal. Yeah, I dunno. It’s not my boyfriend’s life dream to own one. Nonetheless, Miz is delighted to the tune of shouting “I love my new house!”

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