11/19 MIZ & MRS. REVIEW (Season 2, Episode 10): Madison is born and looks a lot like Miz, Maryse models adult diapers, baby shower with masquerade masks, bad baby name ideas

By Sarah K., PWTorch contributor


“MIZ & MRS.” – SEASON 2, EP. 10
NOVEMBER 16, 2020

Egads. I watched the series finale of “Supernatural,” so I was catching up on “Total Bellas” and missed the first four minutes of this show. Miz is talking about getting Maryse a “push present,” which is a thing I’ve never heard of. Barb and Marjo have allegedly discussed names for the baby. Barb’s suggestion is “Barjo Skylett” – which is both weird and terrible. Apparently Miz is filming something for this push present – when he could just like buy a bracelet. Whatever it is that Miz is trying to film is weird. It’s a scene of Monroe mopping up a spill. Yeah, but a bracelet, dude.

Miz and Maryse are in the bedroom, Maryse is packing her hospital bag. Mike is watching himself having a match on Raw. Neither one of the moms cares about Mike being on TV. Marjo tells him that he’s no John Cena. Marjo has purchased some adult diapers for Maryse and is modeling them. It’s both weird and funny. Miz sneaks off with Monroe to have her filmed in front of a green screen. Miz is wearing a full body green suit. It’s as comically weird as you would think it would be. Monroe does not follow directions. No toddler follows directions, so, that’s to be expected.

Mike is outside blowing up balloons. Marjo asks him if he’s driving his damned Jeep. No, he’s not. He has to tell his mom she can’t be in the room when the baby is born. He takes a hit of helium first. Barb is very understanding. I guess they’re having a baby shower… which you usually don’t do for the second kid, but whatever. It’s a strange masquerade party where people are wearing eye masks. Miz then shows off the moving he had made. Maryse is delighted. The video was funny. Mike then gives a speech about what a great mother Maryse is.

Back from commercial, they’re in the hospital and Maryse is going to give birth. Miz says some saccharine stuff about being a dad. They show some selectively edited shots of Madison Jade being born. Barb, Marjo, and Monroe are introduced to Madison, who does, in fact, very much look like Mike. They’re one big happy family.

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