11/12 MIZ & MRS. REVIEW (Season 2, Episode 9): Zack Ryder talks with Miz about buying toys, Miz takes Maryse to a golf course, Miz puts cottage cheese in pancakes


“MIZ & MRS.” – SEASON 2, EP. 9
NOVEMBER 16, 2020

This was filmed long ago because the show opens with Zack Ryder and Miz discussing Zack buying toys. Miz needs to buy some kind of toy. Listen, I’m trying to eat a Tootsie Pop – the last Tootsie Pop from Halloween. For whatever reason, Maryse hasn’t given birth to Madison yet… who I’m pretty sure has already turned 1 in real time. Monroe is able to run now. She’s wandering off at will. It’s obviously an issue. Mike makes a weird football analogy about how they’re going to handle the situation. Yeah, no.

Moving on, the family goes ice skating. Marjo has really old skates. Miz almost falls on his ass. I don’t think Barb likes to skate. Moving on again, Mike needs to get a pool fence; naturally the kid almost makes it into the pool. It appears that Mike might have to make a fence? Miz and Maryse take Barb to a store. Barb likes to shop for bargains, so, they appear to be there forever. Mike wants to leave, so demonstrating that he was a terrible child he sticks merchandise in Barb’s purse and tries to get her busted for shoplifting. Shame, the Miz, shame!

Mike takes Maryse to a golf course… because they’re searching for a family tradition. Maryse is not interested in the family tradition being golf. “I think you just want to play golf,” says Maryse. “Who doesn’t want to play golf?” Miz asks. “Me,” says Maryse. Yeah, me too. Take me bowling or something. Anyway, back at home Miz is going to babysit one of Maryse’s friend’s toddler. It starts out okay and quickly goes off the rails. This is why playpens exist. This is also why open floor plans are terrible. It’s hard to lose a child in a room with a closed door.

Miz goes to find Maryse because he can’t handle babysitting two toddlers. She’s at a store. Monroe ends up alone in an elevator. Miz is on the other end of the elevator, so everything is fine. Miz has decided that pancake Thursdays will be a tradition. These pancakes look a little lumpy. For whatever reason Miz put cottage cheese in the pancakes… which is weird and wrong. Maryse has decided that a family photo will be their annual tradition.

Miz has made ice tea for everyone… hopefully there’s no cottage cheese in it. They’re outside examining their new pool fence. Miz makes another football analogy… it’s just as weird as the first one. I don’t watch football, so, eh. “You and I together, we’re a good team,” Miz says to close the show.

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