12/3 NXT UK TV REPORT: The Hunt (Wild Boar & Primate) vs. Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews, Rampage Brown vs. Saxon Huxley, Aoife Valkyrie vs. Aleah James

By Chad Koenig, PWTorch contributor


DECEMBER 3, 2020

Commentary: Andy Shepherd, Nigel McGuinness

-NXT War Games commercial

-Pat Patterson graphic

-Recap of the rivalry between The Hunt and Webster & Andrews


Huxley quickly applied a headlock before Brown escaped. The two hit the ropes before Huxley was stifled with a dropkick followed by a chop to the throat which took Huxley down. That gave Brown his first pinfall attempt of the match. Huxley attempted to hammer Brown in the stomach as he was being lifted up, but Brown took him down again for another near pinfall. Brown lifted Huxley up again and sent him out of the ring. Huxley pulled Brown out by the legs and the two battled out of the ring. This was the first real offense Huxley got in before rolling Brown back into the ring, going to the top and clotheslining Brown. A two count followed. He lifted Brown up and tossed him from corner to corner before slamming him to the mat and getting a pair of near falls in.

Huxley went to the top again and this time, Brown followed. He shoved Brown off and went for a cross body. Brown slammed him to the mat before executing a Doctor Bomb for the victory.

WINNER: Brown at 5:04

(Koenig’s Analysis: Huxley got more offense in than I expected, but I’m happy with that because it still makes him look strong. They are pushing Brown to the moon and this was a solid victory for him.)

-Joe Connors in a pre-recorded clip from earlier in the week. He was asked about his performance int he Heritage Cup tournament. He said that he was bored and tired before being interrupted in the back by Jinny and Piper Niven scuffling in the background. They were broken up and Jinny was pissed.

-Smackdown commercial

-More on the rivalry between the Hunt and Webster & Andrews, spoken by Eddie Dennis.

-Saxon Huxley backstage in pain. He is told “better luck next time”, gets up and walks off.


This was the debut match for newcomer Aleah James.

Valkyrie went right for a headlock before hitting the ropes and doing nothing. James hit a horrible rana before Valkyrie rolled her for a near pinfall. James kicked out of a bridge pinfall right after before getting her own headlock in and grounding Valkyrie. She kept her on the mat for a while before Valkyrie pushed her off. Valkyrie with a dropkick and a two count. Valkyrie then wrapped her legs around the back of James in a unique submission. After a moment, she transferred that into a pinfall for two. Both women got up and James executed a dropkick for two. She hooked a fisherman’s suplex for another near pinfall. Valkyrie started to get mad, laid in a series of slaps, went to the top and connected for the win.

WINNER: Valkyrie at 4:09

(Koenig’s Analysis: Ugh. Not only do you have James in her first match, I don’t even remember off the top of my head if Valkyrie has a half dozen TV matches under her belt. Both of these women are incredibly green, slow and sloppy. I will say that Valkyrie has a few submissions in her young arsenal that are very unique. I appreciate that. Both of these talents have a long way to go.)

-Pretty Deadly interviewing each other and bringing up they that beat both teams in the main event tonight, but Gallus never beat them. They then started to talk about themselves in unison and said they are ready to take on the champs.

-Liv Morgan network documentary “Liv Forever” commercial

-Part four of the recap of the rivalry in the main event.


As discussed last week, members of Gallus and Imperium are both banned from ringside.

Wolfe attacked the legs and grounded the action at the bell. The two wrestled a bit on the match before Coffey started laying in punches when they were back to their feet. Coffey drove his knee into Wolfe’s back and the two fought on the ropes. After the ref broke them up, Wolfe struck Coffey with a hard right to the face. Wolfe took advantage and laid in some uppercuts in the corner. Wolfe focused on Coffey’s left arm and brought the action back to the mat and kept working it.

Coffey broke up the torture he was getting by punching Wolfe in the back. Coffey tossed Wolfe across the ring and connected with a cross body off the top. Coffey went for a pin but it was just a two count. As Wolfe lay on the ground, Coffey continued to fight until both men were lying on the mat. They then made it to their feet at the same time and Wolfe connected with a boot to the head, followed by a twisting suplex for two. They get to their feet again and Coffey went to the corner and jumped from the top, only to be met with an uppercut by Wolfe. Death Valley Bomb from Wolfe for two.

Wolfe pulled Coffey up and Wolfe went for a waist lock. Coffey countered and the two had a test of strength. Wolfe got him up for an incredible bridged suplex for two. Wolfe then prepped Coffey for what looked like a powerbomb attempt but Coffey escaped and Wolfe slid out of the ring. Coffey followed and tossed him back in for two. Coffey went for the pin but Wolfe had his foot on the bottom rope and stayed there to rest. Coffey went to the apron and the two slugged it out. Coffey was sent back in the ring and then kicked Coffey in the head on the apron. More battling ensued and Coffey caught his second win. He got a few heavy punches in on Wolfe that took him down and allowed Coffey to get the win.

WINNER: Coffey at 12:55

(Koenig’s Analysis: A really good battle between two of the greats on the brand. A good slug fest at times and the match was physical. It’s also not often when you see one on one matches with members of Gallus or Imperium in which theres no interference by a member.)

-Jordan Devlin in an interview welcoming challengers to try and take his cruiserweight title from him.

(4) THE HUNT (Wild Boar & Primate w/Eddie Dennis) vs. FLASH MORGAN WEBSTER & MARK ANDREWS

Andrews and Webster slid right into the ring and started attacking The Hunt for a while before the bell even rung. They fought out and around the ring before Andrews and Boar officially started the match. Andrews sent Boar right into their corner and Webster was tagged in. The two hit stereo kicks to his head before he fell out of the ring and Andrews was tagged back in. He got a two count right after a standing moonsault. As Andrews was near the rope, Primate pulled his foot from outside and tripped him, allowing Boar to suplex Andrews. The Hunt then exchanged tags in and gave Andrews a beating around the ring. Primate scored a near fall before tagging his partner in and getting a two count of his own after some double teaming.

Primate continued to torture Andrews and The Hunt exchanged more tags to keep Andrews away from his partner. Andrews was able to counter Primate with a double stomp to his stomach in time to make a tag to Webster, who came in with a springboard and series of chest strikes. The action made it to the apron and both men ended up outside. Webster rolled him back in and made the tag to Andrews who came in with a standing moonsault and two count. Tag was made back in to Webster. They were prepping for some double teaming but Boar grabbed Websters’ leg. Primate then grabbed both men and tossed them around the ring with a couple of Germans. Tag was then made to Boar, who came in and got a quick near fall. Webster was able to connect with a headbutt to daze Boar as both men then made it to their corners to make tags. Andrews took out both members of the Hunt as he came in and quickly made a tag back in to Webster. The two did stereo over the top dives on The Hunt who escaped from the ring. They threw The Hunt back in and Andrews was tagged back in as the two went after Primate. Outside of the ring, Eddie Dennis refreshed Primate enough to get him back in the ring to make a save. As all four men lie in the ring, Webster and Boar made it to their feet and Webster was sent outside. Primate made the tag back in to boar and the two worked Andrews together. Boar with one pinfall attempt before tagging Primate back in. They were going to do a double team maneuver but Webster went to the top rope and took out Boar. Primate countered a Stundog Millionaire and left Primate on the mat. Andrews went to the top rope but while Boar distracted the ref, Dennis tripped Andrews who fell to the mat. Primate with a spear and double teaming for the win.

WINNER: The Hunt at 10:00

(Koenig’s Analysis: First let me say that I cant remember the last time that I heard a ref call for a wrestler to hold the tag rope to make the tag. That was refreshing. Apart from that, it was a lightning fast tag team match that displayed power and a lot of speed. Id really like to be seeing Andrews and Webster win more, especially this feud so I hope there is more to come.)

NEXT WEEK: First NXT UK talk show segment “Supernova Sessions” hosted by Noam Dar, Jordan Devlin’s first open challenge for the WWE Cruiserweight Title.

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