11/19 NXT UK TV REPORT: Kay Lee Ray vs. Piper Niven, Joe Coffey vs. Sam Gradwell, Pretty Deadly vs. Oliver Carter & Ashton Smith

By Chad Koenig, PWTorch contributor


NOVEMBER 19, 2020

Commentary: Andy Shepherd, Nigel McGuinness


Coffey came to the ring alone. I thought at least his brother would be with him at ringside but that didn’t happen. They locked up several times early in the match before hitting the ropes. Coffey was tripped and Gradwell held in a double wrist lock so he could lay in some forearms to Coffey. Coffey then escaped and cornered Gradwell, laying in a bunch of liver shots. Gradwell attempted a sunset flip but Coffey brought him down for a ground and pound.

As Gradwell was being held down to the mat, he kicked his way out and put Coffey in leg scissors before escaping and attempted a piledriver. Gradwell slid out and the two continued to battle on the mat as Coffey had Gradwell’s legs wrapped up.

Both men made it back to their feet and Gradwell slammed Coffey to the mat, but obviously showing wear on his legs. Coffey took advantage and kept going back to work on the leg. Coffey went for a move but Gradwell countered into a roll up for two. Coffey got some color at this point and continued to work on the leg. Coffey then with an All The Best For The Bells for the victory.

WINNER: Coffey at 6:59

(Koenig’s Analysis: This was a grudge match but there wasn’t a whole lot of action or brutality. Several long holds took up the bulk of the match I was hoping Gradwell would have some more time to shine on this. Both men are terrific wrestlers- especially Coffey, so I was a bit disappointed in the match on that front.)

-Sid Scala and Jordan Devlin in a backstage promo from earlier in the day. Devlin said that Scala should be thanking him for bringing the cruiserweight title to NXT UK and asked for some credible opponents. Enter Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan both challenging for the bely. Devlin welcomed the challenge and told the two to figure out who is going to face him.

-WWE Survivor Series commercial

-Ilja Dragunov featured in an intense video package highlighting his battle with Walter a few weeks back.

-Alexander Wolfe in a backstage interview in which he was trying to be interviewed but Gallus’ celebration down the hall as loud and interrupting him. Coffey brought up their rivalry and told him he wanted to fight at a later date. Wolfe walked away and Gallus continued the celebration.

(2) PRETTY DEADLY (Lewis Howley & Same Stoker) vs. OLIVER CARTER & ASHTON SMITH

Stoker and Smith start the match and Smith went immediately into an armbar. Stoker escaped and made a tag after a failed attempt at making a pin. Howley came in but Smith manhandled and grounded him. Howley powered his way back in and tagged in Stoker, who came in and started to work Smith’s arm. Smith hoisted Stoker up to break free. Stoker went to the top and jumped, but Smith easily caught him and executed a standing suplex that got him a one count.

Tag made to Carter who sprung off of the top rope for a pinfall attempt. He continued to toss Stoker around the ring and work the arm. Carter didn’t see the tag made to Howley, but that didn’t stop Carter from continuing the dominance and bringing Howley to the mat and working his arm. They ran the ropes and Carter landed a flying cross body for two. Howley tossed Carter in his own corner and double teaming ensued before the tag was made to Stoker. Pretty Deadly exchanged tags and continued the double team in the corner until Howley was again the legal man and making another pinfall attempt.

As Howley continued the aggression, he tossed Carter into the corner and ran at him. Carter flipped him onto the apron and out of the ring. Carter went for the tag but Howley intercepted upon running back into the ring. He carried Carter to Pretty Deadly’s corner and tagged in Stoker who got a quick two count in. Carter continued the fight, but Pretty Deadly cut the ring in half and kept him away from his partner. A quick screw up on Howley’s part made it possible for the hot tag. Smith came in like a bull, taking out both members of Pretty Deadly.

Smith was distracted and Howley took advantage However, Smith executed a tilt a wear and pinfall but Stoker ran in to break the pin.

Carter came in to take out Stoker and sent him outside. Smith stayed in his corner and Carter tagged himself back in. Double teaming ensued from Smith & Carter after a tag again to Smith. He went for the pin but Stoker put Howley’s foot on the rope to break the count. Carter came around the outside of the ring to attack Stoker, but Stoker tossed him into the post. In the ring, Smith scored a roll-through pinfall attempt. When Howley kicked out, he sent Smith to the ropes where Stoker uppercut him. Howley with a roll up for the win.

WINNER: Pretty Deadly at 8:32

(Koenig’s Analysis: This was a good match. The action was fast and Smith demonstrated his strength. Pretty Deadly cheated in a clever way to win and a fun story was told. This was an easy watch.)

-30 Years of Undertaker on WWE Network commercial.

-Rampage Brown video package with several members of the roster talking about his legend in the UK.


Huxley tossed Muir around and held him in a tight headlock. Muir attempted some offense but Huxley just kneed him in the gut and dumped him to the mat. Huxley continued dropping elbows on him and ragdolled the young Muir. Huxley went out of the ring to kick Muir in the head. He got back in, cranked Muir’s neck and lifted him on his shoulders. Muir slid down and executed a pair of dropkicks. Jack Starz ran down to the ring around this time for some encouragement, but his offense was cut again here as Huxley continued tossing Muir around the ring and getting the win after a great lariat.

WINNER: Huxley at 3:30

(Koenig’s Analysis: An obvious squash match to demonstrate Huxley’s uncanny resemblance to Bruiser Brody.)

-Video package highlighting next week’s main event of A-Kid vs. Trent Seven in the final match of the Heritage Cup tournament.

-After The Bell with Corey Graves on WWE Network commercial

(4) KAY LEE RAY (c) vs. PIPER NIVEN- Falls Count Anywhere Championship Match

-Note: This is the first Falls Count Anywhere match in NXT UK history.

-Niven ran at Ray as soon as she stepped foot onto the ramp. Niven slammed Ray’s head along the apron and the champion was dazed when the ref officially called for the bell. Niven went through the ropes for the first pinfall attempt on the floor. Niven lifted the apron and thew kendo sticks, chains and (I think) handcuffs in the ring (why there are handcuffs under the ring is beyond me…). She pulled out a chair and used it on Ray outside of the ring before Ray countered being picked up with a sunset flip for two. The two then exchanged blows out of the ring.

Niven took a hit and fell next to the steps. Ray walked over and grabbed the bell and tossed it at her. It NARROWLY missed Niven. Niven then got up and clothlined the champion before going back under the ring, and grabbing a turnbuckle cable. She wailed it across Ray’s injured knee.

Back in the ring, the injured Ray avoided a garbage can shot from Niven with a superkick. She attempted a Gory Bomb but Niven countered with a headbutt, knocking both women face down on the mat. Ray was the first to get up and grabbed a chain. She whipped Niven with it prior to getting on Niven’s back and pulling her head back with it. Niven powered herself up and dumped Ray onto the trash can in the ring. A two count followed.

Niven grabbed a chair as both women were on the mat. She pulled up Ray and attempted to slam her on it. Ray slid down her back and took down Niven from behind and pulled Niven to the floor. Ray with a pinfall attempt out of the ring. Ray started to take the lead here, but it was short lived as Niven suplexed her to floor. As both women were on their backs, Jinny came and attacked Niven. Jinny slapped her but Niven tossed her over the barricade at the top of the ramp. Ray then attempted with a Gory Bomb that Niven countered with a pinfall attempt. The fight then went backstage where Niven was met by a road sign to the head by the champion. When Niven made it back to her feet, she grabbed a poster from the wall and smashed Ray over the head with it. Commentary had the Dad Joke (Or as I say, “Chad Joke”, as this is my type of humor) of the night with “Kay Lee Ray just got framed!”.

Niven came at Ray again but she found a guitar (?) backstage and smashed her with it. Ray then grabbed a steel chair and set it up. Ray went for a Gory Bomb, but Niven countered with a Piper Driver into the chair for two. As Ray was laying down, Niven struck her leg with a steel pipe. Almost immediately, Ray was up and superkicked Niven into rolling cases. Niven dumped her on her back on those cases and pinned Ray on top of them. Somehow Ray kicked out. Niven went on top of a high case and was going to end Ray right there, but Jinny came up from behind and whacked Niven with a chair, sending both women off and through a table. Ray retained simply by putting her arm on Niven.

WINNER: RAY at 14:56 (from bell)

(Koenig’s Analysis: This was actually a pretty hard hitting match with some interesting weapons. The issue for me was that neither woman sold the shots well. At the end of the match, Ray was hit by a steel pipe on the leg and within ten seconds was superkicking Niven. That pipe shot should have taken her out of commission. That was my big complaint, and it happened a few time. I liked the storyline woven in with Jinny and curious to see where that goes.


  • Heritage Cup Finals featuring A-Kid vs. Trent Seven
  • Jordan Devlin vs. Amir Jordan for the Cruiserweight Championship

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