11/12 NXT UK TV REPORT: Dave Mastiff vs. Trent Seven in Heritage Cup Semi-Final, The Hunt (Primate & Wild Boar) vs. Jordan & Williams, Rampage Brown vs. Jack Starz, Nina Samuels vs. Xia Brookside

By Chad Koenig, PWTorch contributor


NOVEMBER 12, 2020

Commentary: Andy Shepherd, Nigel McGuinness

(1) THE HUNT (Primate & Wild Boar w/Eddie Dennis) vs. AMIR JORDAN & KENNY WILLIAMS

Williams and Boar started the match, but a tag was made in the first few seconds to Primate as they worked a little double teaming on him. Williams made the tag and the two jumped out Primate’s arm prior to Jordan making the first near pinfall of the match. Jordan brought Primate to his feet while working his arm. Tag was made to Jordan who springboarded onto the same arm. Jordan then took him down with a ‘rana and made the tag to Boar, who Jordan quickly rolled up for a pair of pinfall attempts.

After a back forearm, Primate rolled out of the ring and Boar jumped in to attack. Jordan sent him out of the ring flying to the outside of the ring and taking them out. Jordan tossed Boar back into the ring, jumped off the top and pinned him for two. before both men went to their corners to make tags.

Williams got sent out of the ring right after the tag. The two beat Williams up a bit under the direction of Dennis, who stayed surprisingly quiet throughout the match. Primate rolled him back in for a two count before tagging in Boar. Double teaming ensued.

As Williams was rolling in pain on the mat, Boar tossed him all around the ring. He made the tag to Primate, who lifted Boar up for an assisted back senton. Boar applied a chinlock and an elbow to the nose before tagging Primate back in. He kept the beatdown going before again tagging in Boar.

After a long chinlock, Williams got enough energy to escape and tag in Jordan, who came in on fire and took out both members of The Hunt. He went to the top and connected with a senton for two. Primate jumped in to make the save. Primate went behind the ropes and tagged himself in right before another tag was made to a Williams. He slammed Primate down for two.

The Hunt both came in here and put the hurt on Williams. Williams escaped in time to make the tag to Jordan, who got beaten up pretty hard upon entry. The Hunt both went up to the top turnbuckles for a double headbutt. Primate with the pin and win.

WINNER: The Hunt at 9:28

(Koenig’s Analysis: A good, fast-paced battle between a couple of good teams with different styles. This was one of the first times we have seen Eddie Dennis with The Hunt, especially ringside. I thought his presence would have been felt more but they kept it surprisingly subtle by WWE standard. I was happy with that. Bonus points to commentary for referencing the Pet Shop Boys song “Opportunities.” I’m a big fan.)

-Video package on the history between Dave Mastiff and Trent Seven.

-Survivor Series commercial


-This is the debut match for British wrestling legend Rampage Brown, his first time back in WWE since his early days in FCW, and losing to Mark Henry in WWE ECW on November 11, 2011.

Starz circled Brown and he went in throwing fists. Brown took him down immediately. The rest of the match was Starz was trying to get in offense, but Brown just put him in the corner and beat him down. A backdrop and Doctor Bomb gave Brown his first win.

WINNER: Rampage Brown at 2:20

(Koenig’s Analysis: Exactly as expected with any match involving Jack Starz. Brown completely dominated. I mentioned earlier that his sole television match was with Mark Henry nine years ago. Commentary called Brown a “silverback” during the match, which I believe was the first time I’ve heard that term used since the controversy decades ago with Mark Henry.)

-Sid Scala was backstage pepping to go on air when Smith and Carter took the cameraman from him and brought him to Pretty Deadly who were on the other side of the practice ring. They asked what their connection was with Eddie Dennis. They said that it wasn’t their place to know and both teams started to scuffle. Scala jumped in between them and told them they will resolve their issues, but not here.

-30 Years of the Undertaker commercial

-Vignette on the history between Kay Lee Ray and Piper Niven

-Rampage Brown in a backstage interview being asked how he felt after his debut match. He said that he was just getting started and the rest of the boys better keep up.


The two counter each others arm bars at first before Brookside took Samuels to the mat. Samuels quickly wrapped her up in a leglock and the two reversed each others submission for a while before Brookside escaped a hold and the two made it to their feet. Samuels drove her knee into Brookside’s back kicked her down to the ring and applying a long chinlock.

Brookside escaped the chinlock and Samuels talked some smack to her. Brookside went to the top and connected with a crossbody for two.

Brookside got up and tried to pull her into the center of the ring. Samuels held onto the apron and the ref broke them up. Samuels dropped Brookside with a kick and two count. Brookside countered a move and rolled Samuels up for two. After a kickout, Brookside countered a Tilt-a-Whirl with a codebreaker for another pinfall attempt. Samuels went to the top rope and injured herself while cartwheeling on the top rope. As the ref walked away from her, Brookside rolled her up for the win.

-After the match Brookside attacked and slammed Brookside’s back onto the ramp.

WINNER: Xia Brookside at 5:48

(Koenig’s Analysis: With these two, I knew it was going to be horrible. And it was-. However, it was better than expected because they are picking up their pace a little more in the ring. They both have a ways to go, thats for sure. But I was much more invested in the outcome of this as their feud progresses. I was not a fan of Brookside taking advantage of an injury and rolling her up immediately, though. That’s an incredibly heelish move for Brookside, who is the whitest of white-meat babyfaces. I felt no sympathy for her when Samuels attacked her afterwards.)

-30 Days of the Deadman on WWE Network commercial.

(4) DAVE MASTIFF vs. TRENT SEVEN (Heritage Cup Semi-Final Match)

Round 1: They locked up early and often at the start of the match, with Mastiff obviously winning the power battle. Seven kept Mastiff in a headlock for the bulk of the match. In the final minute, Mastiff grounded Seven in a cravat, which Seven reversed, broke from and then the two hit the ropes and collided at the final second.

Mastiff: 0   Seven: 0

Round 2: Mastiff tossed Seven around he ring in the first thirty seconds and got a two count in. Mastiff then threw Seven in the corner before flipping over him and attempting a roll up.  Mastiff went to sit on Seven but he moved. Seven took advantage and pinned him with 1:39 left.

Mastiff: 0   Seven: 1

Round 3: Seven kicked the big man in the gut at the bell. Mastiff tossed him into the ropes and buried his knee into Seven’s gut as he came back. Cover for two. The two exchanged strikes before Seven took the Bomber down with a DDT.

As Seven worked his way slowly up to the top rope, Mastiff followed and executed a superplex, with Mastiff getting a two count. The two ended the round with a near-knockout punch at the final second to Seven. The ref cautiously OK’ed the next round when the dazed Seven said he was good to go.

Mastiff: 0   Seven: 1

Round 4: Seven could barely stand. Mastiff landed another powerbomb, followed by a cannonball, giving him the win with 2:19 left on the clock.

Mastiff: 1   Seven: 1

-The break between these two rounds saw Seven laying in his corner with his eyes twitching as Mastiff looked strong and ready to fight.

Round 5: Mastiff went for a cannonball at the start of the round and Seven narrowly avoided it, Mastiff went up to the second rope as Seven climbed him like a tree from the apron. He attempted a sunset flip to take him down. Somehow, he garnered enough strength to hoist Mastiff on his shoulders and execute a Burning Hammer to win the match and advance to the finals at the 1:30 mark.

Mastiff: 1   Seven: 2

WINNER: Seven in Round 5.

-NEXT WEEK- Kay Lee Ray (c.) vs. Piper Niven in the first Falls Count Anywhere match in NXT UK’s history.

Chad Koenig, PW Torch contributor

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(Koenig’s Analysis: A good story told throughout the show of their history. Seven made you believe that he was out, and his comeback was great. These are two veterans of the brans and it showed in their sharp, strong work.)

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  1. Mastiff has nowhere to go from here but to turn heel. I’m not as critical of Xia/Nina as you are – I thought they both did well; and I thought it was an interesting story being told of Xia thinking she was being played and grabbing the win. I also TOTALLY marked for the PSB reference, I gained new respect for Nigel!

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