IMPACT WRESTLING “TURNING POINT” HITS & MISSES 11/14: Swann defending Impact Title against Sami Callihan, Su Yung vs. Deonna Purrazo, The North vs. Gallows & Anderson

By Javier Machado, PWTorch contributor

Rich Swann (photo


Final impact – PUSH: This was an okay, but easily skippable Impact Plus special, unless you are a completest and want to see two titles change hands. They pushed Turning Point hard, treating it like a PPV which makes sense. Previously, these specials were monthly collaborations with other indies that usually amounted to little more than exhibition shows that barely played into Impact’s overall narrative (with the rare exception). Making these specials feel more important by having title changes and blowoffs to feuds should drive more subscriptions to Impact Plus.

Eddie Edwards vs. Daivari – PUSH: This was a fine match between two veterans to start the show that was unfortunately marred by a distraction finish when Daivari went to complain to the ref after the ref stopped counting Daivari’s pin of Edwards (Daivari had his feet on the ropes). As Daivari turned back to the match, he turned right into a Boston Knee Party. Not sure why they felt the need to protect Daivari since there was nothing at stake and it was just an exhibition match. Nice to see Daivari again after his appearance at Bound for Glory.

Tenille Dashwood & Jordynne Grace vs. Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie – HIT: We continue the story of Grace and Tenille seeking new partners for the Knockout’s tag team tournament, Tenille eventually, begrudgingly asking Grace to team with her. Grace wanted a tune up match first to see if she could trust Tenille, and so we got this match. Unfortunately, Tenille spent all her time avoiding Grace’s tag as (Kaleb with a “K”) took, as Josh Mathews called it, “selfies” of Tenille. Rosemary got the pin on Grace. Later, Grace went to confront Tenille and walked off in frustration. Alisha Edwards showed up and now it looks like Alisha and Tenille will be teaming.

The Deaners – PUSH: Cousin Jake has something to tell Cody Deaner but Cody is still down over his loss to Johnny Swinger. Cousin Jake convinces Cody that they need to find Swinger and “giv’er”. Later they track him down when they see a disgusted Gia Miller running away. Swinger was in the bathroom but the Deaners spot the fanny pack that Swinger had used to knock out Cody to win the match and when they open it they found… A GUN… dunn, dunn, duuunn…

Brian Myers vs. Swoggle – HIT: This was not a good wrestling match, but it succeeded in truly getting Brian Myers character defined as being a miserable S.O.B. They did not play things for laughs, but instead told the story of Swoggle trying to be taken as a serious wrestler (again, not played for laughs) only to be dominated by a spiteful Myers. The match was damned near uncomfortable to watch but without crossing over into being exploitive. After the match Myers returned to the ring, not having worked out all of his frustrations yet, and mounted and punched Swoggle until Crazzy Steve came out to make the save, setting up that future program. I think Myers is starting to find his character.

XXXL vs. Chris Sabin & James Storm – HIT: Losing Alex Shelly to injury, Sabin needed to find a partner after Larry D and Acey Romero started to pick a fight with the now solo wrestler. So, Sabin turned to an old rival of the Motor City Machine Guns, James Storm. It proved to be a wise decision as together they defeated XXXL in an entertaining match.

Defeat Rohit Challenge: Rohit Raju vs. Cousin Jake – HIT: The magnanimous mocha manimal Rohit Raju continues to be a man of the people as he continues his Defeat Rohit open challenge. Open to anyone he hasn’t beaten, singling out TJP which tells me that that program isn’t finished. (TJP is SO donning the Suicide outfit, isn’t he?). Cousin Jake answered and the two had a good match which Rohit won clean. Unsurprisingly, I mean, after all, Rohit would never cheat. After the match, Eric Young came out with a debuting Joe Doering and they killed the Deaners.

Moose vs. Willie Mack – MISS: I didn’t like this match at all. We are to believe, through commentary and the narrative of the story, that this is a different, more dangerous Moose. Except he is still doing the exact same things the old Moose did in the ring, only Willie Mack sold it like he was dying. Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne on commentary sold it like they would a televised execution. That is, until it was time for Mack to go on the offensive. At which point Mack was fresh as a daisy, doing his kip up and everything because, you know ya gotta get your spots in. After Moose speared Mack, instead of pinning him, he pummeled Mack until the ref called the match. Moose went back to pummeling Mack, calling out Rich Swann so the ref reversed his decision and disqualified Moose. Not a fan of the current direction for Moose, I don’t think he has the chops to do what is being asked of him. Josh compared him to Brock Lesnar for heaven’s sake.

The North(c) vs. The Good Brothers – Impact Tag Team Championship match – MISS: This was not a bad match but this wasn’t the triumphant championship win I was expecting when the Good Brothers, Karl Anderson and “Doc” Gallows were recruited to Impact, especially considering the fanfare they received. With Motor City Machine Guns down a man and the Rascalz leaving Impact, I have a hard time getting excited for what comes next for the Good Brothers.

Su Yung (c) vs. Deonna Purrazo -No DQ Knockouts Championship match – HIT: I’ve been mostly down on Impact’s weapons laden matches as of late, but it worked here. There were no overly complicated weapon spots, just grab something hard and hit your opponent with it. Su Yung having taken out Kimber Lee in the preceding episode of Impact meant that they would be no outside interference. Deonna Purrazzo applied the Venus de Milo on Su Yung and being undead and all, Su Yung never gave up, she just… stopped. When the ref (after taking forever) went to check on Su Yung, Su sprang into action but Deonna hit a new finisher, La Cosa Nostra, for the win. Madison Rayne on commentary explain the in some circles it means “our thing”. Those circles he refers to in the Italian language. Unless she specifically was referencing the group whose members refer to themselves as such. If that is the case, making Deonna a member of the Mafia is an interesting direction for her character. Also, Josh Mathews shows his lack of knowledge of wrestling moves since he did not know the “Paradise Lock” believing it was named that by Deonna. I don’t expect everyone to be in the know but your lead commentator should. Madison Rayne sounded frustrated with his gaff. Maybe it’s partially a work on his part since I don’t know how someone can be so bad at this.

Rich Swann (c) vs Sami Callihan – Impact World Championship match – HIT: I really wasn’t feeling this match going in. Just like Sami vs. Eddie, this felt like a tired old retread between these two. However, the two wrestlers made up for the lack of story going into the match with great character work during it. Then each wrestler really showed disdain for the other. Eventually, when Ken Shamrock showed up to interfere, Eddie Edwards showed up to intercept him, after promising to have Rich Swann’s back earlier. Shamrock took a nice bump over the guard rail. Rich Swann put an emphatic win over Sami Callihan, showing how much he has grown since their feud.

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