11/14 IMPACT WRESTLING TURNING POINT REPORT: Rich Swann defends against Sami Callihan, Su Yung defends against Purrazzo, Gallows & Anderson vs. The North, Edwards vs. Daivari, Brian Meyers vs. Swoggle

By Darrin Lilly, PWTorch contributor


NOVEMBER 14, 2020 (LIVE)

Commentators: Josh Matthews, Madison Rayne


After some back and forth action, Eddie landed a double underhook suplex. Daivari evaded a charge and Eddie flew outside the ring. They brawled outside for a little bit. Daivari was in charge when they got back in the ring. Eddie reversed a suplex attempt but was cut off. Daivari took control with a hammer lock.

Eddie made a comeback with clotheslines and chops. He scored a two count after a backpack stunner. Daivari crotched Eddie on the top rope, then hit a hurricanrana off the top for a two count. Daivari slapped Eddie and Eddie fired back with forearms. Daivari kicked out of a Blue Thunder Bomb. Daivari rolled up Eddie for a pin, but the referee saw his feet on the ropes. Eddie hit a Boston Knee Party for the win.

WINNER: Eddie Edwards in 13:00

(D.L.’s Analysis: Good opener. There wasn’t really a backstory, but the match was fine.)

-Josh and Madison were on camera and introduced the matches for the rest of the show.


Kaleb with a K did his ring introduction for Tenille. Rosemary choked Tenille over the ropes. Taya and Jordynne tagged in and faced off. They traded the advantage. Jordynne tried to tag out but Tenille was stretching. Taya used the distraction to take over. Rosemary tagged in and maintained the advantage. Jordynne reached the ropes to break up a submission. Taya and Rosemary double teamed Jordynne.

Jordynne made a comeback with suplexes, an elbow, and a spinebuster. Tenille tagged in to steal the pin but Taya kicked out. Tenille splashed Taya in the corner and got a two count. Taya rallied back but Tenille prevented her from making a tag. Jordynne tagged back in. Taya speared Jordynne, then tagged Rosemary. Jordynne tried to make the tag but Tenille was busy taking pictures. Rosemary took over on Jordynne. Rosemary hit her double underhook slam for the pin and the victory.

WINNERS: Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie in 8:00.

(D.L.’s Analysis: The story of the match was that Tenille was never there for tags and wanted the spotlight for herself. I have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of Tenille and Jordynne teaming though.)

-Backstage Cousin Jake told Cody Deaner he had good news. Cody was despondent. Cody got angry about his loss to Johnny Swinger and blamed Cousin Jake. They apologized to each other. Jake suggested they could turn things around by finding Johnny Swinger and redeeming the Deaner name.


Myers demanded that Swoggle lay down for the pin. Swoggle punched him and landed a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Swoggle dove through the ropes onto Myers then dragged him around the outside. Myers tripped Swoggle and rammed his head into the ring apron. Swoggle got back in the ring and Myers stomped him repeatedly. Myers taunted Swoggle as he had him in a chinlock. Myers dropped three elbows then choked Swoggle with the bottom ring rope.

Swoggle fired back with chops and a rollup for a two count. Myers came right back and scored a two count. Myers kicked Swoggle in the stomach, then stomped him. Swoggle made a comeback with a big punch and a German suplex. Swoggle landed punches and a cutter. Swoggle climbed to the top rope, but Myers landed a kick to the head. Myers climbed up top too but Swoggle bit him and knocked him off the top. Swoggle landed a tadpole splash and a cover, but Myers kicked out at two. Myers hit a clothesline for a pin.

WINNER: Brian Myers in 8:00.

After the match, Myers continued to punch Swoggle, but Crazzy Steve made the save.

(D.L.’s Analysis: Much less comedy then I thought there would be. Good match, but Myers was never in danger of losing. This looks to set up something between Myers and Steve.)

Gia Miller interviewed XXXL. Acey Romero said they would show everyone why they should be the number one contenders. Larry D said they would be the team to talk about and that size matters.

(4) XXXL (Acey Romero & Larry D) vs. CHRIS SABIN & “COWBOY” JAMES STORM

Sabin and Larry started it off. Larry had the advantage with shoulder tackles but Sabin took over with his quickness. Storm tagged in and they double teamed Larry. Storm tripped Larry and dragged him out of the ring. Storm and Sabin worked together to keep the advantage on Larry. Acey finally tagged in and took over on Storm. Storm fired back with punches, then he and Sabin continued to double team. Acey dropkicked Sabin.

Larry and Acey tagged in and out to keep the advantage on Sabin. Larry attacked Sabin on the outside. Sabin finally made the hot tag to Storm. Acey broke up a pin attempt. All four wrestlers were in the ring. Sabin and Storm used double team moves to take down XXXL including dives over the top rope onto both. Larry was down and Storm yelled “BEER” and Sabin yelled “GUNS” (like the old “BEER MONEY” chant that Storm and Bobby Roode used to do).

Acey landed a senton on Sabin for a two count. XXXL ran into each other by accident and Storm hit a code breaker on Acey and a superkick. Sabin got the pin.

WINNERS: Chris Sabin & James Storm in 12:00.

(D.L.’s Analysis: Sabin and Storm worked well together with their double team moves, perhaps indicating that they might be teaming together until Alex Shelley gets back. Storm looked good in his return.)

-Backstage, The Deaners were looking for Swinger. They saw Gia Miller come out of a room and yelled “creep!” They figured that was the room Swinger was in. They went into the room and saw a suitcase. They went through the suitcase and saw Swinger’s gear… and a gun. So now Swinger is a prime suspect in the shooting of John E. Bravo.

(5) ROHIT RAJU (c) vs. COUSIN JAKE – X Division Title match

This was a “Defeat Rohit Challenge”. Rohit did some mic work then Cousin Jake’s music hit and he answered the challenge. Rohit went to the outside but Jake followed him. Back in the ring, Jake got the advantage. Jake knocked Rohit down with a punch for a two count. Rohit snapped Jake’s neck over the rope, then attacked his legs.

Rohit had control but Jake battled back with punches. Rohit landed a big dropkick and got a two count. Jake powered out of a submission. Jake charged Rohit in the corner. Jake took over with clotheslines and punches. Rohit came back with a forearm and kicks. Jake caught Rohit and turned it into a powerbomb for a two count. Rohit landed two jumping knees for the pin and the win.

WINNER: Rohit Raju in 8:00.

After the match, Eric Young walked to the ring with the debuting Joe Doering. Joe laid out both Deaners.

(D.L.’s Analysis: Good match. I’ve seen Jake on the indies as Jake Something so it was good to see him get featured in an extended singles match to show what he can do. Rohit was more aggressive in this match then I’ve seen him previously in Impact. This clean win will help his credibility. Intriguing twist with Joe Doering showing up and joining forces with Eric Young.)

-Gia Miller interviewed The Good Brothers. They ran down all of the tag belts they have won, but they have never won the Impact tag belts.


Moose and Mack traded punches at the start. Mack dropkicked Moose on the apron. They fought on the apron. Moose dropped down and took out Mack’s legs. Moose stomped Mack on the outside. Moose whipped Mack into the guard rails. Moose stayed on the attack back in the ring. Mack made a comeback but Moose cut it off with a big dropkick.

Moose continued to stomp and taunt Mack. Mack finally made a comeback with an offensive flurry including a forearm and kicks. Moose chokeslammed Mack. Moose landed a big punch that woke Mack up. They traded punches, then Mack took over with clotheslines and a spin kick. Mack slammed and legdropped Moose for a two count. Moose superplexed Mack off the top rope (impressive!). Mack leapfrogged a spear attempt and landed a standing moonsault for a two count. Moose hit a spear then mounted Mack and punched him. The referee stopped the match and called for the bell. Moose continued with elbows. The referee reversed the decision. The announcers noted that Moose was sending a message to Mack’s friend Rich Swann.

WINNER: Willie Mack by disqualification in 14:00.

(D.L.’s Analysis: It was one-sided for awhile but turned into a good back and forth match. Mack was pretty much serving as a “gatekeeper” on Moose’s road to Rich Swann.)

-Backstage, Rich Swann and Eddie Edwards were chatting. Eddie said he had Swann’s back tonight and they shook hands.

(7) THE GOOD BROTHERS (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson) vs. THE NORTH (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander) (c) – Impact Wrestling Tag Team Title match

Anderson and Alexander started it off. Doc tagged in and took over on Alexander with punches in the corner, a suplex, and elbow drops. Page tagged in and got double teamed by the Brothers. Doc stayed on the attack on Page. Anderson had Page in an armlock. Page and Anderson fought on the outside. Page got the best of it and continued the attack in the ring.

Alexander tagged in and worked on Anderson’s leg. The North double-teamed Anderson. Anderson battled back but fell victim to double teaming. Alexander stayed on the attack and kept Anderson from making a tag. Page came in and headlocked Anderson. Anderson finally made the tag and Doc had an offensive flurry on Page and Alexander. Page pulled Anderson off the apron.

The North double-teamed Doc. Anderson pulled down the rope to send Page to the outside. Page broke up the Magic Killer and all four fought in the ring. Anderson and Alexander were both down in the ring. Page tagged in. Anderson hit the spinebuster on Page and the Gun Stun on Alexander. The Good Brothers hit the Magic Killer on Page for the victory. Doc and Anderson celebrated with the belts in the ring.

WINNERS: Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson in 14:00 to win the Impact Wrestling Tag Team Titles.

(D.L.’s Analysis: Good match, as you would expect with The North involved. The Good Brothers were good and brought the star power. This was a good time to pull the trigger on a title win for The Good Brothers.)

-Backstage, Jordynne Grace angrily pounded on a door. Tenille and Kaleb approached from behind. Jordynne turned around and yelled at them then walked off. Alisha Edwards approached Tenille and Kaleb and said Jordynne’s name should be “Jordynne Dis-grace”. Alisha asked if this meant her and Tenille were now friends. Alisha sang “Tenille wants to be like me” and walked off.

(8) SU YUNG (c) vs. DEONNA PURRAZZO – Impact Wrestling Knockouts Title match

This was a no-DQ match. They brawled outside the ring to start the match. Su had the advantage back in the ring. Su pulled out her glove and reached for Deonna, but Deonna fought her off. Deonna hit a DDT. She tied Su up in the ropes then dropkicked her to the outside. Deonna grabbed a chair and threw it in the ring. She walked around the ring and threw in a kendo stick, a trash can lid, a board, and another chair.

Back in the ring, Deonna German suplexed Su. Deonna worked on Su’s arm. Deonna choked Su and continued to work on the arm. Deonna rubbed Su’s face into the board. Su hit Deonna with a kendo stick. Deonna hit a Russian Leg Sweep on Su. Su rolled out of the ring. Deonna threw Su into the ring post then tied her arm up in the guard rail. Su choked Deonna with a rope.

Su threw a baking sheet in the ring and rolled back in. Deonna regained the advantage and hit Su with the kendo stick. Su fired back with a boot. Deonna ran into a chair that was in the corner. Su attacked Deonna with the baking sheet. They fought to the stage and Su hit a pedigree on Deonna. Back in the ring, Deonna blocked the mist with a board, then Deonna hit Su with the board. Deonna put Su’s head in a chair then put the Venus De Milo on her. Su stopped moving and her hand dropped. The referee lifted her hand, but on the third one, Su lifted her hand. Su put the mandible claw on Deonna. Su took the rope and wrapped it around Deonna’s neck. Deonna got out of it and hit a piledriver on Su for the pin.

WINNER: Deonna Purrazzo in 15:00 to regain the Impact Wrestling Knockouts Title.

(D.L.’s Analysis: Good match that was all action. It was unfortunate that Su had such a short title reign because there were a lot of possibilities with her, but Deonna is on a roll and will continue to impress as a great Knockouts champion.)

-Josh and Madison showed the bracket for the Knockouts Tag Team Title tournament then previewed matches for the Impact show on Tuesday, including the Rascalz’s farewell match.

-Video package about the history between Rich Swann and Sami Callihan.

(9) RICH SWANN (c) vs. SAMI CALLIHAN – Impact Wrestling World Title match

Dave Penzer made the in-ring introductions. Swann and Sami traded slaps and punches to start, with Swann getting the better of it. Swann stomped Sami in the corner. Sami rolled to the outside to regroup. They fought on the outside and Sami rammed Swann into the steps and the ring post. Swann battled back with a superkick and a bodyblock.

Back in the ring, Swann kicked Sami in the back hard. Sami and Swann exchanged chops. Sami worked on Swann’s leg. Swann fought back with kicks, but Sami overpowered him in the corner. Sami kept inviting Rich to hit him. Sami got a two count after an elbow, then choked Swann. Sami attacked Swann’s ribs and eyes. Sami had Swann in a chinlock.

Swann and Sami traded punches and knocked each other down with kicks at the same time. Swann landed hard punches and kicks, then a rolling thunder for a two count. Sami hit a buckle bomb for a two count. Swann got a neckbreaker to turn things around. Swann went to the top but Sami crotched him. Sami got a piledriver but Swann kicked out at two. Sami piledrived Swann on the apron. Swann landed a cutter on the outside.

They both beat the count and rolled back in the ring. Sami fired up with a big clothesline. Swann rallied back with a rollup, followed by a superkick. Swann climbed to the top but Ken Shamrock walked down the ramp. Eddie Edwards walked down and fought Shamrock. Swann landed a superkick , a spin kick, another superkick, and one more superkick for the three count.

WINNER: Rich Swann in 20:00.

(D.L.’s Analysis: Good match and a solid clean win over a top contender to start Rich Swann’s reign off on a good note).

FINAL THOUGHTS: Turning Point was an enjoyable show that was fun to watch. Nothing was must-see but it was noteworthy for two title changes, the debut of Joe Doering, and a twist in the ongoing John E. Bravo saga. The Impact Plus specials usually deliver a good show and this was no exception.

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