2/22 BEING THE ELITE REPORT: Dark Order and Adam Page friendship develops, Guevara announces BTE championship against his Mom, and more


Being The Elite reportedly on hiatus


FEBRUARY 22, 2021

Watch it HERE.

Top Points:

  • Matt Hardy continues to try and recruit people to his stable, this time going after TH2.
  • The Good Brothers reveal they had to stop and use the bathroom on their way to save the Young Bucks on Dynamite last week.
  • Hangman Page and Dark Order agree to be friends without Page formally joining Dark Order.

– The Good Brothers helped The Young Bucks backstage as they struggled to walk. Anderson made the comment that the Good Brothers saved the day and they stopped walking. Matt said sure, they can count on them, but Omega wasn’t even out there. Matt then asked what took them so long. Anderson awkwardly said they got out there as fast as they could while Gallows just breathed heavily and avoided making eye contact. Not satisfied by their answer, Nick then asked what took so long. Gallows and Anderson both looked away to avoid making eye contact. Matt then asked again. Anderson said it’s a long story, but Gallows immediately said “it’s not a long story.”

The camera cut to footage of the Inner Circle beat down on Dynamite followed by Omega, Callis, and the Good Brothers watching backstage. Callis sent the Good Brother out to help the Young Bucks.

The camera cut again to behind the scenes footage. They were comically and slowly running backstage and Gallows stopped at the bathroom and said he’s nervous and has to go to the bathroom. Gallows went into the bathroom while Anderson stood outside telling him to hurry.

More footage of the beat down from Dynamite was shown.

Anderson was standing backstage, still waiting outside of the bathroom. He said Gallows was right and he ran into the women’s bathroom to use it as well. Gallows and Anderson were finally shown coming out to the ring.

– The Being the Elite open aired.

– Matt Jackson filmed himself walking down the tunnel at the airport. He showed his mom and dad with him and said they’re tagging along this week. They were shown sitting on the airplane. Their parents then posed with the images of Matt and Nick on one of the AEW semi-trailers sitting outside of Daily’s Place and they told them how proud they are of them. They all laughed because their dad got teary eyed. They were shown touring the Jacksonville Jaguars practice facility. Kenny Omega was shown playing an arcade fighting game against the owners of the arcade they were at as Cutler filmed him.

– Cutler was sitting a table and complained that he was almost out of coffee and was going to need some more, but his coffee remaining is kind of strong. Cutler then set the cup down and turned around to look at his phone. Allie popped up from the other side of the bar and started spraying something into Cutler’s coffee cup (maybe hairspray). She put the lid back on and hid again as Cutler turned around. Cutler tried to tell himself he just needs to finish off this coffee no matter how bad it is. As Cutler went to take a drink, the Butcher walked in and said Cutler was needed to film something. Cutler put the cup down, thanked him, and walked away. After Cutler left, Allie popped up from behind the bar and yelled at Butcher.

– Matt Hardy and Isaiah Kassidy were talking. Hardy said Kassidy did great. He said together, they played Hangman and the internet. He mockingly said people were saying they had heat with each other after the Impact ordeal, but little do they know, they’ve never been closer. Kassidy talked about Hangman still owing him $12 and Hardy called him a carny. Hardy complained about the stipulation in their match contract. Kassidy asked Hardy who would willingly take money from someone and Hardy said “only a real piece of trash.” Hardy said he was proud of Kassidy and said he and Quen have come a long way. Kassidy started to walk away, but Hardy called him back and said he had a gift for him. Hardy pulled out a thick gold chain with a “VIP” emblem on it and put it on Kassidy.

As Kassidy put his sunglasses on to go with his new chain, Hardy called an official over to ask where TH2 was. The official told him where they were, then tried to recruit him to the Matt Hardy group. Hardy and Kassidy then approached TH2 outside where Angelico was doing tricks on his skateboard while Jack Evans was spinning around in a handstand. Hardy and Kassidy walked up and said he’s a man of his word and handed him $3,700 for their beat down on Hangman. Hardy then tried to strike a deal for them to work together in the future and Evans said okay, but next time they’re going to charge double. Hardy argued back that they didn’t even finish the job, so he’s not sure they should be demanding double, but he did say he’s open to discussion. Hardy then tried to get them to sign with him as their agent as well. Angelico and Evans looked at each other and seemed to contemplate Matt’s offer before Angelico started skating again.

– Matt and Nick Jackson were talking with Brandon Cutler. Matt thanked Cutler for coming out and having their backs with Inner Circle. They complained again that Kenny couldn’t even bother to come out and help them, but Cutler did. Matt said they want to get a little revenge and they decided to give Cutler a match on Dynamite “with Jack Swagger.” Nick quickly commented that they can’t call him Swagger anymore, it’s Jake Hager now. Cutler excitedly thanked them and walked off. Matt turned to Nick and said there’s nothing like some old fashioned nepotism. Matt said Cutler should do good against Jack Swagger though, and Nick corrected him again and said he can’t say that name, WWE owns that.

– Dark Order were all standing around. Alex Reynolds said he thought they played their save of Hangman pretty well because they weren’t too quick to go out there. They all agreed. Uno said they all looked so good standing next to him “looking like a bunch of hunks.” They all talked about what a gorgeous man Hangman is and took turns complimenting Hangman Page, even though he wasn’t there. They talked about how much Hangman probably has sex before breaking out in a “Hangman F***s” chant.

As they all chant, Hangman enters and starts chanting with them with a drink in hand. They all laughed. Uno said they’ve put a lot of pressure on him to join them in the past, but they’re completely okay now if he doesn’t want to join them, but they would love to be friends. Hangman smiled and said he would love to be friends with them. Hangman said he wants to get all of their numbers and they all gave him their Dark Order numbers, but Hangman wanted their phone numbers. They all left, but Uno held Five back. He said he wants him to know that they’re all really proud of him and they left.

– Sammy Guevara posed and appeared to be nude, with only the BTE Championship covering him, though he’s added “Sammy Guevara Vlog” stickers covering the BTE logos. He said hello and that he didn’t want to come to Dynamite because he didn’t feel like it, but he’s been told he has to defend the BTE belt, so on his vlog, he’s going to defend the title against his mom. A graphic popped up on screen showing Sammy Guevara vs. Momma Guevara for the Sammy Guevara Vlogs Championship.

– Nick Jackson, Christopher Daniels, and Brandon Cutler were sitting together in the airport. Cutler appeared to be sleeping sitting up and Nick looked over at him while Matt filmed. Matt zoomed in on Cutler’s face and they all laughed at him as he slept.

FINAL THOUGHTS: When Hangman turned down Dark Order, I didn’t think that would be the end of the story. With Dark Order coming to his rescue last week on Dynamite and the happenings on this episode, I’m more convinced than ever that we may see Hangman eventually become the new leader of Dark Order. They may just leave it as a mutual respect/friendship thing, but I think they may take this story down a path of Hangman slowly being won over by Dark Order and ultimately becoming their leader –  seemingly without even realizing it. When it comes to the BTE presentation, I think that would be a fun story to watch and I really enjoy Dark Order. However, when it comes to Dynamite, I think this might really hurt Hangman Page and his perception. Dark Order is a lovable bunch of dorks on BTE, but what are they on Dynamite? They’re irrelevant right now. I don’t think putting Hangman Page in charge of them and having them appear on Dynamite will elevate Dark Order, but it could bring Hangman Page down. If this is the ultimate goal, I hope they take a long time to slowly build to it, because Dark Order is not a group I’d be attaching to Hangman Page, especially once crowds can return and they can cheer Hangman like they were before the pandemic.

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