3/15 WWE RAW TALK REPORT: Drew McIntyre discusses upcoming PPV matches, Miz rants, more



MARCH 15, 2021

Hosts: Kevin Patrick and R-Truth

This week’s guests: The Miz & John Morrison, Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke, and Drew McIntyre

– Still no Charly Caruso tonight as Kevin Patrick is back in the main host chair.

(Morgan’s Analysis: I do find it strange that they have not really said what is happening with her, but I guess we have to ride with what they are giving us.)

– Unfortunately, due to the events on Raw we must deal with R-ruth’s unnatural affection for a strip of leather with some metal on it as he got his baby (the 24/7 title) back when Bad Bunny just gave it to him.

(Morgan’s Analysis: Not sure how the 24/7 stupidity works, but since R-Truth did not actually roll up Bad Bunny is Truth really the champion? The mysteries never cease in the WWE.)

– Anyway, after a quick recap of Raw by Patrick, we were subjected to a few minutes of R-Truth insanity regarding the 24/7 belt and the upcoming Austin 3:16 celebration. The hyping of Fastlane and WrestleMania banter continued for several more minutes from there. Thankfully, they finally moved on to their first guests. Unfortunately, it was The Miz and John Morrison.

– Miz kept up his yammering about how he should be in the championship mix and then they went totally off kilter talking about Patrick’s accent and Bad Bunny. This definitely seems to be leading to a Miz & Morrison match against Damian Priest and Bad Bunny. The angle seems to be that Bad Bunny may be a huge star in the world, but he should not be stepping into the WWE without delivering the respect to the wrestlers. Patrick was mostly quiet during this exchange while Truth argued back and forth with Miz and Morrison. After insulting Patrick, Miz and Morrison abruptly left.

– Next up was a promo/advertisement for the WWE Shop and Austin 3:16 merchandise.

– Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke were up next. I don’t know where Mandy and Dana are going in terms of WrestleMania (Tag Team Championship?), but this segment was basically all about how hard they work in the gym and that because they work hard, they deserve the shot.

(Morgan’s Analysis: In the end, it was a pretty mundane segment with the normal wrestling platitudes about hard work and deserving a shot and ultimately filling up some time on Raw Talk. Other than that, not much here.)

– On to the final guest of the night: Drew McIntyre. Drew continued his night of wearing just his kilt as he came out bare chested as Patrick sold that Drew has two big fights coming up, against Sheamus at Fastlane and then Bobby Lashley at WrestleMania. Drew recapped his road to WrestleMania starting with the Elimination Chamber. He said he was upset by the way Lashley got the title but that he has accepted it. He said he is looking forward to stomping on both Sheamus and Lashley and getting to the top of the mountain again.

– Truth threw Patrick under the bus for his comments that he thinks Lashley will win, but Drew laughed it off and started into a recounting of his relationship with Sheamus and how they will have another epic battle at Fastlane. He said that when he is done with that, he will go up against Lashley and win back his title.

(Morgan’s Analysis: As he has done throughout this run, Drew did a great job building up how important his match against Sheamus is to him and that he is not looking ahead to Lashley.)

– Drew also addressed how important the title match at WrestleMania against Lashley is and said he is so excited for it to be in front of live fans and that he is totally looking forward to that moment when he once again holds the championship – this time inside Raymond James Stadium.

(Morgan’s Analysis: Well done Drew. A great wrestling promo filled with fire, desire, and mission.)

– Patrick gave another quick sell on Fastlane and the fact that it will be on Peacock on Sunday and we are out.

FINAL THOUGHTS: A rather innocuous 24 minutes. There was nothing really bad, though they could have cut out some of the opening banter between Patrick and Truth. The Miz and Morrison were somewhat redundant and I’m very much over the Miz’s act, but it was quick so not so bad. Mandy and Dana were very vanilla, but also okay. Drew was very good as usual and I would have actually liked a whole show with him with actual question and answers. Drew is good enough and has enough stories that it would be a really enjoyable 20 minutes. If you want to know what I mean, go watch his interview with Austin. R-Truth is running over Kevin Patrick, so either Patrick needs to grab the reins more or they need to bring Charly back, otherwise, half of the show just becomes the R-Truth Schtick Show which becomes boring very quickly.

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