3/8 WWE RAW TALK REPORT: Peyton Royce demands title match against Asuka, Riddle preps for Ali, more



MARCH 8, 2021

Hosts: Kevin Patrick and R-Truth

This week’s guests: Riddle, Peyton Royce, and New Day

– Well, no Charly Caruso again this week as Kevin Patrick steps in to take up the hosting gig this week. Charly does have a new gig with ESPN, but she has assured people on social media that she is not leaving the WWE. Evidently, whether on vacation or just investing some extra time on her new job, Charly was again absent this week.

– Unfortunately, we weren’t five seconds into the show before R-Truth started in with the whole “we have to come up with a name thing.

Morgan’s Analysis: Needless to say, as long are Truth is co-hosting this show we will continue to be subjected to his inane comedy and meaningless, bad jokes. I will say this that it was ridiculous to watch Kevin Patrick trying to act cool in learning a cool handshake from Truth.

– After these early moments, Patrick and Truth discussed the ending of Raw with Alexa and Randy while the scene played out on the split screen. They also discussed Bobby Lashley’s destruction of The Miz and pushed strongly how determined and strong Lashley is looking, making it clear to me that WWE is all in on Lashley right now.

– Patrick and Truth had very little chemistry as they ran down the show, while the highlights of Raw were spelled out in chyrons at the bottom of the screen. This foolishness finally ended as they introduced New Day, who made a big deal about “meeting” Patrick and just created general mayhem.

– Patrick lost most of his control and the conversation centered on Riddle’s scooter and Kofi doing the “bunny hop” on the scooter before it moved on to Truth talking about Bugs Bunny and Bad Bunny. Patrick finally got around to asking about their upcoming tag team championship and Xavier and Kofi cut a pretty standard New Day style promo on winning back the championship from the Hurt Business.

Morgan’s Analysis: Without any control this segment devolved into everyone talking over each other and was just a mess.

– Next up was a quick promo for the tickets going on sale next week for this year’s WrestleMania and moved onto Peyton Royce, who now has a new dark hair color with purple highlights. Peyton came right out with a promo saying that she should get a shot at the Raw Women’s Championship now that Asuka is injured. She made the case that she should get a shot instead of all the same old talent getting the opportunities.

Morgan’s Analysis: Peyton did an okay job, but it almost seemed like she was channeling Mustafa Ali and auditioning for Retribution.

She ended her segment by simply declaring that she deserves a shot and “give me Asuka.”

– Next up was Riddle, to which Truth went nuts. Patrick started off the segment by asking Riddle about his scooter saying that New Day had turned it into a pogo stick. Riddle actually did a good job at turning the conversation in the right direction, despite both Patrick and Truth in immediately talking about his victory over Slapjack this week and his upcoming match next week against Mustafa Ali for the United States Championship.

Morgan’s Analysis: This was well done and Riddle deserves credit for trying to keep things on track with hosts who just seemed in over their heads.

– Riddle made the point that nobody thought he could get the title from Lashley and he did and that he has no worries about Ali even if he brings all of Retribution to help him. Riddle noted that while he may always have a smile on his face, he is always ready to go.

– With that the show ended with some more banter between Patrick and Truth and we were out.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Even at just 22 minutes this show was too long. Kevin Patrick has a long way to go to be able to control this show and his co-host, R-Truth. I think they should have had more serious guests for his first shot at hosting. Ultimately, I don’t know where this show is heading, but as long as they give R-Truth this much room to be, well, R-Truth, this show will suffer and lack any sense of seriousness or gravitas. Charly, please come back soon, at least you seem to be able to control Truth and keep the guests focused and in line. There is absolutely no reason to watch Raw Talk right now unless you want to see a very new face (who looks like he is all of fourteen) loses all semblance of control and look really bad, otherwise, skip this week and wait for Charly’s return.

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