Chris Jericho comments on finish to last week’s Blood and Guts match


Chris Jericho (art credit Grant Gould (c) PWTorch)


Chris Jericho has broken his silence on the finish to last week’s Blood and Guts match between Inner Circle and The Pinnacle.

On his podcast, Talk Is Jericho, Jericho revealed many inner workings of the match and details on the planning. Jericho also commented on the stunt finish that saw MJF throw him off the top of the cage and onto a gimmicked entrance ramp below. The spot received criticism across different social media channels and among analysts for being too staged.

“And for me, I watched it back,” Jericho said. “I thought it looked amazing, and the thing that was really scary is that if you watch it back, I barely missed hitting my head on the lights at the back of the stage. I went so far back that I almost over shot everything. So once again, everybody in the business knows how dangerous this can be, how terrifying it is and just the margin for error is so slim. There’s some hardcore wrestling fans that were bagging on it. That’s fine. I mean, you have the right to bag on it and out of the 1.3 million people that watched it, if 3,000 people didn’t like it, that’s a very small percentage. Most people just thought it was crazy, as did I.”

This week on Dynamite, MJF and The Pinnacle are scheduled to address the match and their victory. The spot laid a foundation for a future MJF vs. Chris Jericho match, but nothing official has been announced yet.

(H/T to Wrestling Inc for the audio transcription.)

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