5/13 IMPACT WRESTLING TV REPORT: Final hype for Under Siege, six-man main event, Brian Myers vs. Crazzy Steve, more



MAY 13, 2021 (RECORDED)

Commentators: Matt Striker, D-Lo Brown

-A recap video of last week’s events aired.

-Weekly show open played.

(1) ROSEMARY (w/Crazzy Steve & Black Taurus) vs. HAVOK

This match decided who will face Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo at Under Siege. The wrestlers cautiously shook hands to start then slugged it out. Havok missed a legdrop and a charge into the corner. Havok put Rosemary in a backbreaker then splashed her in the corner. Havok had Rosemary in a camel clutch. Striker plugged the upcoming Invicta MMA show on AXS TV. Havoc sat on top of Rosemary and punched her several times.

Rosemary made a comeback and tied Havok into the ropes. Rosemary dropkicked Havok off the top rope then charged her in the corner. Rosemary suplexed Havok and got a two count. Rosemary hit the spear on a Havok for another two count. Havok hit a tombstone piledriver for the win.

WINNER: Havok in 6:00.

Deonna Purrazzo ran to the ring and attacked Havok after the match. Havok made a comeback and ran Deonna out of the ring. Deonna ran into Decay on the stage and ran back into the ring. Decay scared off Kimber Lee and Susan. Havok hit the tombstone piledriver on Deonna and stood over her.

(D.L.’s Take: Solid match, but I would have liked it to go longer. Havok vs. Deonna at Under Siege should be a really good matchup.)

-D’Lo and Striker appeared on camera. They ran down the matches for Under Siege and for tonight’s show.

-Gia Miller interviewed The Good Brothers, Kenny Omega (who was ridiculously wearing three belts around his waist), and Don Callis. Gallows said their confidence was back. Anderson predicted a win tonight. Omega said he was the reason Gallows won last week. He said there was no way Anderson would lose tonight with Omega in his corner. Anderson said they were the best trio in the world. They exchanged the too sweet hand gesture. Omega asked if Gia wanted to take part, but then said she wasn’t Elite. In a serious voice, he said it took courage, guts, and speed to be in the Elite and that she lacked intensity. He told her to think about it. Callis told Gia she was doing okay as the wrestlers walked off.

-Petey Williams made his ring entrance for his match. [c]

(2) PETEY WILLIAMS vs. ROHIT RAJU vs. ACE ROMERO (w/Larry D) vs. ACE AUSTIN (w/Madman Fulton) vs. TJP vs. EL PHANTASMO

Back from commercial, Austin made his ring entrance, followed by El Phantasmo, who came in last. This match was to determine a number one contender for the X Division Title at Under Siege. Rohit squared off with Ace and TJP. Acey Romero threw Austin into the rails on the outside. Acey caught Petey and threw him into Rohit. ELP and TJP squared off in the ring and had a fun exchange. ELP walked around the ring on the top rope. In a wild move, ELP put Ace on his back and hit a Death Valley Driver off the top rope to the floor. [c]

Back from the break, Rohit, TJP, and Petey squared off inside the ring. Rohit and Acey went at it. Rohit took out Acey’s legs. ELP broke up a pin attempt. Petey hit a Canadian Destroyer on ELP, but TJP broke up the pin attempt. Rohit and Petey squared off. Austin got in the ring and took on Petey. TJP suplexed Austin. Austin landed a dive on Acey on the outside. Larry D and Fulton got into it on the outside. Rohit bounced off of Acey. Acey got knocked out of the ring. TJP went for a splash on Petey but missed. ELP hit a splash on TJP, but Petey broke up the pin. ELP hit a piledriver on Petey for the win.

WINNER: El Phantasmo in 10:00.

(D.L.’s Take: A really fast paced match with lots of moves and little selling. ELP really shined and I’ve been super impressed with his two appearances thus far in Impact.)

-Susan and Kimber Lee had a meeting in Scott D’Amore’s office. Susan showed Scott a video on her phone of Tenille Dashwood cheating. Susan demanded a tag match with her and Lee against Tenille and Taylor Wilde. Scott said it could be for next week, but Susan wanted it for Under Siege. Susan and Lee left, to Scott’s relief.

-Impact Plus Flashback Moment of the Week: Havok beating Gail Kim for the Knockouts Title from the 10/1/14 episode of Impact.

-Violent by Design promo. Eric Young said we may think their mission is a failure, but he has been thinking about who has created the problem. Eric said the sickness was at the root and it was infected everywhere. He said he was starting a new plan with more violence. He said nothing is guaranteed and that change is the only thing you can count on. He said we would be seeing a lot of Violent by Design. [c]

-Swinger’s Palace. Alisha Edwards was now a Swingette. TJP approached the table and gave Jon E. Bravo money for losing a bet over the X Division contenders match. Ace and Fulton walked in and Ace said he and Fulton were the number one contenders for the tag team titles. XXXL approached and said they should get the shot. Rohit and Shera walked in and said they wanted the title shot. Everyone argued.

Swinger told Bravo to go talk to Jack Tunney and get the match done. TJP said none of them would be the number one contender then said Petey would be his tag team partner. TJP asked Petey what the odds would be of them winning. Petey said he didn’t know the odds but did know someone who did and he left. He returned wearing his chainmail headdress. Everyone walked off. TJP said that Petey hollered and they heard him.


Mack got the early advantage. Beale came back with an elbow and punches and chops in the corner. Mack fired back with chops. Mack hit a forearm to the corner, followed by another chop. Beale made a comeback. Mack hit a hard clothesline. Mack hit another hard forearm, then went to the top for a splash and the victory.

WINNER: Willie Mack in 3:00.

Predictably, W. Morrissey jumped Mack after the match. Morrissey connected with the big boot and left Mack laying.

(D.L.’s Take: Beale got some offense, but it was a basic squash.)

-Gia Miller interviewed Finjuice and Eddie Edwards. David Finlay said that Team Omega were cowards. He said he would prove for the third time he was the better wrestler tonight. Juice said they had Eddie in their corner. Eddie talked and said that Kenny was the difference last week, so they would have a “Kenny” of their own this time. He revealed his kendo stick. [c]

-All About Me segment. Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb with a K introduced Taylor Wilde, who was the “host” this week. Tenille announced they would be teaming at Under Siege. Taylor said that’s not why she was there. She said she saw the footage of last week where Tenille cheated for her and she was not about that. Taylor agreed to team with Tenille, but was only doing it to reach her goal. Taylor made it clear they weren’t friends or partners, then she walked off. Tenille and Kaleb were clueless and said Taylor wasn’t a good host.

(4) KARL ANDERSON (w/Doc Gallows & Kenny Omega & Don Callis) vs. DAVID FINLAY (w/Juice Robinson & Eddie Edwards)

Anderson took the early advantage. Omega tripped Finlay from the outside. Juice tripped Anderson. Finlay made a comeback and kicked Anderson. Doc tried to trip Finlay. Anderson used the distraction to attack Finlay. Omega and Doc attacked Finlay on the floor, then threw him back in. Anderson repeatedly punched Finlay. Anderson attacked Finlay in the corner. Doc got a shot in on Finlay. Anderson put Finlay in a chin lock.

Finlay back suplexed Anderson. Finlay hit clotheslines on Anderson. Doc tried to trip Finlay again, but Finlay hit a dive on Omega and Doc to the outside. Finlay scored a two count on Anderson. Finlay put Anderson in an Indian death lock. Omega ran in to break it up, causing a DQ. A brawl ensued. Eddie used the kendo stick to chase the heel team off.

WINNER: David Finlay by DQ in 5:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Basic back and forth match, that was mostly there for star power. Too short to really get going.)

-Chris Sabin said he felt guilty for not being there for James Storm last week, even though Storm asked him not to be there. He said there was no reason for Moose to attack Storm last week. Sabin warned Moose they would see what would happen tonight. [c]

-Clips were shown of Tasha Steelz’s win over Jordynne Grace on the Before the Impact pre-show. Grace and Ellering talked backstage. Grace said she was disappointed in the loss. Ellering said she understood, but liked that Grace cared so much. Ellering told Grace to bottle all of that frustration up, then bust that bottle on Fire N Flava at Under Siege.

(5) BRIAN MYERS vs. CRAZZY STEVE (w/Rosemary & Black Taurus)

Steve bit Myers’s fingers to start. Myers landed a kick to the mid-section and punches. Steve made a comeback. Rosemary taunted Myers with tarot cards. Myers confronted Black Taurus on the floor and fell down, to make the referee think that Taurus knocked him down. The referee sent Taurus to the back. [c]

Myers had the advantage when the action returned. Rosemary and Myers argued outside. Myers returned to the ring and suplexed Steve. Myers cut off a Steve comeback, then rolled him up with his feet on the ropes for the win. As Myers celebrated, he turned around into a spear from Taurus. Rosemary put a tarot card on Myers’ chest. D’Lo said it was the card of death.

WINNER: Brian Myers in 6:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Basic match, mostly there to forward the Myers vs. Decay storyline, wherever it’s headed.)

-Gia Miller approached Don Callis backstage. Callis said this is what happens when inmates run the asylum. Scott D’Amore approached and said it might help if Callis pitched in and helped. Callis said he doesn’t interact with talent. Scott pointed out that Callis was playing head games with Moose last week and now James Storm is out. Scott told Callis not to play carny games. He told Callis to choose if he was with Omega or if he was an Impact executive. Callis said they should spend more time together to get on the same page. Scott said it would be good if they were in the same book and walked off. Callis asked Gia if she was okay and hoped she wasn’t upset by that.

-D’Lo and Striker ran down the matches for Under Siege.

-Moose made his ring entrance. [c]


Sami and Sabin squared off at the start. Cardona and Bey were in next. A corner of the screen (picture in a picture?) showed the Good Brothers and Don Callis watching the match on a monitor backstage. Trey tagged in and had an exchange with Chris Bey. Trey put Bey in a surfboard submission. Moose attacked Trey from the outside. The Good Brothers and Callis were shown watching again. Bey took over on Trey with punches. [c]

Moose threw Trey into the corner and chopped him. Moose pulled at Trey’s nose. Sami tagged in and continued the attack on Trey. The announcers speculated on how the competitors would match up against Kenny Omega in a title match. Bey tagged in and hit a series of punches on Trey. Bey cut off a Trey comeback. Sami tagged in and kept Trey from making a tag. Trey and Sami clotheslined each other and fell to the mat.

Trey and Sami both made tags. Bey and Cardona tagged in and went at it, with Cardona getting the best of it. Cardona connected with a boot to the corner. Sabin tagged in and hit a dropkick on Bey. Moose tagged in but got sent to the outside. Trey tried to dive on Moose to the outside but Moose caught him. Trey turned it into a rana and sent Moose to the ring post. Sami battled with Sabin in the ring. Bey hit a spinebuster on Sabin. Cardona hit Radio Silence on Bey. Moose took Cardona out with a kick. Trey dropkicked Moose. Sami hit a Death Valley Driver on Trey. Sami hit a piledriver on Sabin for the win.

WINNERS: Moose & Chris Bey & Sami Callihan in 17:00.

Moose and Sami squared off after the match. The Good Brothers and Callis were shown watching again. The Good Brothers left the dressing room, but Callis kept watching as Sami celebrated.

(D.L.’s Take: Good match and a nice tease for the number one contenders match at Under Siege.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: Solid go-home show for Under Siege, which looks to be loaded. None of the in-ring action was must-see, but it was an entertaining program. The hype was effective in making fans anticipate the show on Saturday. Impact continues to be a fun watch.

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