5/6 NXT UK HITS & MISSES: Another miss with Supernova Sessions, Kenny Williams vs. Amir Jordan in a loser leaves NXT UK match, more


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Noam Dar & Sha Samuels Supernova Sessions with Nathan Frazer – MISS

Another talking segment with Dar. Samuels started with Dar talking about how fans don’t like the segment and he heeled on them. At that point, Nathan Frazer walked out and discussed his name change. After that, Samuels spoke and said how he hates people like Frazer and how he isn’t really a British wrestler. This led to Samuels getting Dar to speak up on a challenge which Frazer accepted. Overall, just another bad talking segment.

Sit Down Segment with Tyler Bate and A-Kid – HIT

A nice backstage segment with the two guys who will be facing each other for the Heritage Cup. They allowed both guys to break down the film from their first two matches in NXT UK. Their first match was A-Kid’s first match ever on the show. Each guy told what they were feeling and what they took from their previous matches. Excellent stuff, as this segment help built this match and rivalry.

Saxon Huxley vs Trent Seven – HIT

Trent Seven was still looking good after losing the weight for the match against Jordan Devlin. This match felt like another squash match to help build Seven up. Overall, the match was pretty good and brought up a new story in how losing weight hurt Seven. Huxley lead most of the match and looked to win. Seven picked up the win even with a lame distraction.

Kenny Williams vs Amir Jordan – HIT

The main event this week was a loser leaves NXT UK match. When Jordan came out you could see the concern he had about this match with the look on his face. Once the match started you could tell it was a big match for each competitor with how they laid in each move, toss, punch, and hold. Williams took control of the match early and from the start looked like he didn’t feel any pressure from Jordan. They tried to do a little in-ring character work by having Williams talk most of the match. Kenny used every trick and unhanded tactic he could win this match. Amir tried his best to fight back from the bottom and they both fought all over the place. Kenny Williams ended up pulling out the win and sent his one-time friend out of NXT UK. A good match and culmination of a small feud.

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