7/1 IMPACT WRESTLING TV REPORT: Kenny Omega in the main event, Bey vs. Williams, Dashwood vs. Ellering, more


Full results and analysis of this week's Impact Wrestling



Commentators: Matt Striker, D-Lo Brown

-A video recapping the Sami Callihan/Kenny Omega/Don Callis issue and clips of last week’s match with Violent by Design beating Eddie Edwards and Satoshi Kojima aired. A new clip aired where W. Morrissey approached Eddie and Kojima after their match and said they weren’t really friends.

-The weekly intro video played.

-Satoshi Kojima came to the ring for his scheduled match against Eddie Edwards. W. Morrissey appeared on the screen and said it doesn’t look like Eddie Edwards is going to show up. He said that no one was watching Eddie’s back when he jumped him in the parking lot. The entrance music of Brian Myers played. Myers and Sam Beale walked to the stage. Myers said Kojima didn’t have a match tonight. He called Beale his young boy and entered the ring. Myers and Beale jumped Kojima. Jake Something ran in for the save. Myers and Beale fled the ring. The referee met them on the stage and said that management was making a tag team match.


Kojima got the early advantage over Beale. Jake tagged in and threw Beale across the ring. Myers faced off with Jake. Myers got the advantage over Jake and stomped him. Myers kept the advantage over Jake. Beale tagged in and clotheslined Jake. Beale got a two count on Jake. Myers suplexed Jake. Beale punched Jake and kept him from tagging. Myers threw Jake hard into the corner. Jake clotheslined Myers and Beale, then made the tag to Kojima.

Kojima made the hot tag. He chopped Beale repeatedly in the corner, then hit a running forearm and an elbow drop. Kojima DDT’d Beale. Myers ran in and hit the flatliner on Kojima. Myers ran into a Black Hole Slam from Jake. Kojima hit a cutter and clothesline on Beale and got the pin. [c]

WINNERS: Jake Something & Satoshi Kojima in 10:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Fun match. Myers and Beale worked well as a team. I liked Kojima’s finishing sequence.)

-Gia Miller approached Scott D’Amore backstage and asked his reaction to Anthem sending Tommy Dreamer to watch over him. A tarot card appeared in his hand and Rosemary and Havok appeared out of nowhere. Rosemary said they would make great tag team champions and asked for a title shot. Scott said he would think about it and he fled to his office.

-D’Lo and Josh appeared on camera. They ran down the matches for the rest of the show.


Tenille attacked Rachael aggressively at the bell. Rachael battled back and took Tenille down. They traded the advantage until Rachael got the advantage with a series of moves. Rachael landed a senton and Tenille regrouped. Tenille used a distraction by Kaleb to get the upper hand. [c]

Tenille was stomping Rachael coming out of the break. Tenille choked Rachael over the second rope. Tenille got a two count after a suplex. Tenille taunted Rachael. Rachael rolled up Tenille for a two count, but Tenille came right back with a clothesline. Tenille continued to stomp and punch Rachael. Tenille and Rachael took selfies. Tenille caught Rachael with an underhook suplex and a crossbody block.

Rachael made a comeback after a sling blade. Tenille attacked Rachael on the apron. Rachael took Tenille down. Kaleb jumped up on the apron with a ring light. Tenille tried to take advantage of the distraction, but Rachael rolled her up for a pin.

WINNER: Rachael Ellering in 12:00.

Jazz and Rachael brawled with Kaleb and Tenille afterwards. Jordynne Grace ran down for the save. Grace and Rachael got rid of the heels. They walked towards each other. Rachael extended a hand. Grace slapped her hand then went in for a hug. All three hugged. Jazz raised their hands. Grace was smiling. Rachael and Grace hugged again.

(D.L.’s Take: Good match and I really like the aggressive version of Tenille. I like Rachael’s style as an earnest babyface. It was a bit of a swerve to have Grace and Rachael get along, but I feel like we haven’t seen the end of this story just yet.)

-Clip of Chris Bey from last week taking a selfie during the X Division tag team match.

-Gia Miller interviewed Chris Bey. Bey talked about his actions last week. Ace Austin, Madman Fulton, Rohit Raju, and Shera approached. Bey said he was going to stay neutral. Ace and Rohit said they weren’t there to recruit him. Ace said Slammiversary wasn’t going to be Bey’s night anyway, but as long as he doesn’t get in their way he won’t get hurt. The heels walked away. Bey told Gia she is always instigating. [c]


Swann and TJP squared off. All four wrestlers fought in the ring. Mack battled with Bahh. Mack gave a Samoan Drop to Bahh. TJP, Bahh, and Mack were on the floor and Swann dove from the top rope onto the pile. Violent by Design ran to ringside and attacked everyone. Deaner, Rhino, Joe Doering, and Eric Young attacked everyone in the ring and left them laying.

WINNER: No contest in 3:00.

(D.L.’s Take: It was shaping up to be a good match, but was just a setup for the Violent by Design angle.)

-Fire N Flava cut a promo backstage. Kiera and Tasha complained that Rosemary and Havok needed to work to earn a title shot. They said they were going to talk to Scott D’Amore. They caught him as he was walking into his office. They complained that they had to earn their title shot and wanted to know how Rosemary and Havok could just ask for a shot. Scott said that next week Rosemary and Havok would have a match to be evaluated. Fire N Flava walked off frustrated. [c]

-Gia Miller interviewed Tommy Dreamer and his team of Moose, Sami Callihan, and Chris Sabin. Dreamer said even though they don’t like each other and don’t trust each other, they could still be an effective team. Dreamer said that Sabin was the only one on the team he liked. Sabin said he would put his differences aside to win. Moose said all he cared about was winning. Sami said this was all about beating their opponent’s ass.


Bey took Petey down on the mat, then worked on him in the corner. Petey came back with a head scissors move and a rana. Petey dropkicked Bey in the back. Petey had Bey in the Tree of Woe and stood on him. Bey came back with an elbow drop as Petey was on the ropes. Bey got a neckbreaker on Petey. Petey put Bey in an Oklahoma roll for a two count. Bey fired back with a clothesline. Bey had Petey down on the mat in a submission but Petey got out.

Petey made a comeback. Petey suplexed Bey and hit a running knee. Bey put Petey in a torture rack into a neckbreaker and scored a two count. Bey caught Petey with a kick. Petey came back with a Russian Leg Sweep. Petey got a powerbomb on Bey. Bey got out of a Canadian Destroyer attempt. Petey put Bey in a sharpshoot, but Bey made the ropes. Bey hit Petey with two cutters and got the pin.

WINNER: Chris Bey in 8:00.

Ace Austin, Madman Fulton, Rohit Raju, and Shera walked to the ring. They attacked Petey. Bey questioned the attack but he walked off. Trey Miguel and Josh Alexander ran to the ring and attacked the heels. They eventually got overwhelmed as Bey continued to look on. Bey suddenly ran to the ring and dropkicked Shera. He went after Rohit and Fulton too. Bey hit Rohit with a jumping knee. Ace Austin was caught alone and got attacked by Alexander, Bey, Trey, and Petey. They dumped Ace over the top rope onto his partners. The faces hugged and shook hands afterwards.

(D.L.’s Take: Your weekly dose of X Division action and it was really good. These two worked really well together, as you might expect. A good angle at the end too.)

-A clip from last week of Deonna Purrazzo beating Susan and from earlier tonight on the pre-show where Deonna beat Kimber Lee.

-Susan told Kimber Lee they have hit rock bottom and that nothing is working. Kimber Lee said they could still be a team and win the belts. Lee said if that didn’t work, there is still a backup plan: Su Yung. Susan said “who’s that?” [c]

-Jake Something challenged Brian Myers to a match. If Myers wins, Jake will admit that Myers is the most professional wrestler. If Jake wins, Myers has to call him a professional.


This was Maclin’s second match in Impact. D’Lo said that Maclin still wouldn’t talk to them. Maclin immediately took Smith to the mat. Maclin had Smith in a front face lock. Maclin suplexed Smith, then attacked him in the corner. Maclin taunted Smith. Maclin stomped Smith in the corner. Maclin charged Smith with a spear in the corner. Maclin punched Smith hard in the corner and followed with a German suplex. Maclin landed a series of rapid elbows. Maclin finished Smith with a piledriver. [c]

WINNER: Steve Maclin in 4:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Good squash win to further establish Maclin and his move set. He showed good intensity again.)

-Brian Myers accepted Jake Something’s challenge, as Sam Beale took notes behind him. Myers said everyone knows what a professional he is, but he wants Beale to hear it for himself.

-D’Lo and Josh appeared on camera and ran down the matches for next week:

  • Susan & Kimber Lee vs. Rosemary & Havok
  • Contract signing with Kenny Omega and Sami Callihan

-The Good Brothers walked to the ring for their match. Don Callis gave his extended ring introduction for Kenny Omega and he walked to the stage. Omega wore the Impact belt, Doc wore the TNA belt, Anderson won the AEW belt, and Callis wore the AAA Mega belt as they walked to the ring. [c]

(6) KENNY OMEGA (w/Don Callis) & THE GOOD BROTHERS (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson) vs. SAMI CALLIHAN & MOOSE & CHRIS SABIN (w/Tommy Dreamer)

Anderson and Sabin started it off. Sabin got a two count after a crucifix. Sabin tagged in Moose and they argued. Sami tagged himself in and he threw all three of the heels out of the ring. Omega’s team regrouped on the ramp. [c]

Sami had the upper hand on Anderson after the break. Sabin tagged in, then Moose tagged in. Sabin and Moose argued again. Dreamer got on the apron to get between them. Anderson threw Sabin out of the ring. Doc and Omega attacked Sabin on the floor. Omega tagged in and worked on Sabin. Doc tagged in and kicked Sabin. Doc landed a series of punches on Sabin in the corner. Team Omega splashed Sabin.

Omega punched Sabin and taunted him. Omega and Anderson hit a double elbow on Sabin. Anderson had Sabin in a headlock on the mat. Doc tagged back in and dropped an elbow on Sabin, followed by a series of elbows and a chin lock. Sabin fought his way out of the corner. Moose walked away from a tag. Sami made the hot tag and ran wild on Doc and Anderson. Anderson hit Sami with a low blow while the referee was distracted. Sabin landed a splash on Anderson.

Sabin avoided Doc and Anderson, then DDT’d Omega. Moose made the blind tag as Sabin hit Omega with a knee. Sabin and Moose argued again. Sabin pushed Moose and walked out. Moose threw Sabin into the ring. Callis pushed Dreamer into Moose and Moose went to attack Dreamer. Sabin dove onto Moose. Back in the ring, Omega suplexed Sabin. The Good Brothers hit the Magic Killer on Sabin as Omega hit Sami with a v-trigger. Anderson pinned Sabin.

WINNERS: Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers in 16:00.

Omega’s team celebrated as Moose looked on from the ramp.

(D.L.’s Take: Really good main event that laid the groundwork for matches at Slammiversary.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: A really strong show. The in-ring action was good with the Bey vs. Petey, Ellering vs. Dashwood, and the main event (which brought the star power as well). The angles did a good job of building towards Slammiversary. A good show that flew right by.

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