6/24 IMPACT WRESTLING TV REPORT: Impact tag team championship match, Rosemary vs. Hogan, build for Slammiversary, more


Full results and analysis of this week's Impact Wrestling


JUNE 24, 2021 (RECORDED)

Commentators: Matt Striker, D-Lo Brown

-Recap of last week’s events where Don Callis was fired by Tommy Dreamer.

-Kenny Omega and Don Callis were shown entering the building. A security guard stopped them and said that Callis wasn’t on the list to get in. Callis proceeded to get angry and run down his accomplishments. Callis told the guard he could go wherever he wants, then he and Omega entered the building.

(1) ROSEMARY vs. KIERA HOGAN (w/Tasha Steelz)

Rosemary got the best of the initial exchange. Kiera was frustrated and regrouped on the floor. Rosemary followed her out. They both got back in the ring. Rosemary caught Kiera with a side suplex and punches, followed by an exploder suplex. Rosemary tied Kiera in the ropes. Tasha Steelz grabbed Rosemary’s ankle and pulled her off the apron. Kiera took advantage and went on offense. Kiera interfered from the outside and mocked Rosemary.

Havok came to ringside to counter Tasha. Kiera hit Rosemary with a sliding dropkick. Kiera continued on offense. Rosemary caught Kiera with a flapjack. They traded the advantage until Rosemary caught Kiera with another suplex and an offensive flurry. Kiera got out of a submission by reaching the ropes. Rosemary hit a reverse DDT for a two count. Kiera battled back and took Rosemary down with a bulldog. Kiera landed two kicks and got a two count. Rosemary came back with her sit out powerbomb for the win. Havok and Rosemary celebrated after.

WINNER: Rosemary in 8:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Good opener. Kiera got in some solid offense and keeps improving. Good tease for the upcoming tag team title match.)

-Gia Miller interviewed Chris Bey. Bey talked about the benefits of minding his own business and not taking sides. Trey Miguel and Petey Williams approached. Trey asked Bey what side did he want to be on. Petey said that Bey needed to choose a side before a side chooses him. [c]

-Gia Miller interviewed Tommy Dreamer in a hallway. Dreamer talked about Don Callis and said that he hated to see anyone lose their job but it needed to be done. Scott D’Amore approached. Scott said he wasn’t taking care of things as he should have, so he thanked Dreamer for having the best interest of the company in mind. Scott said he didn’t need Dreamer to oversee things and that he had it under control now. Dreamer said that the board asked him to stay on as a consultant. Scott was upset at the news.

-D’Lo and Josh appeared on camera and talked about the management shakeup. They noted that Callis is no longer an EVP but would still appear as Kenny Omega’s manager. They ran down the matches for the rest of the show.

(2) DEONNA PURRAZZO vs. SUSAN (w/Kimber Lee)

This was a non-title match. Deonna pie faced Susan. Deonna backed Susan into the corner. Deonna knocked Susan to the mat then missed a knee drop. Susan backed Deonna into the corner. Deonna worked on Susan’s arm. The announcers said that Deonna was toying with Susan. Deonna hit a Russian Leg Sweep then put on an armbar. Deonna stomped Susan in the corner. Susan fell to the outside and Kimber Lee tended to her.

Deonna yelled “get her ass in the ring”. Susan made it back in the ring as Deonna laughed and said she made the biggest mistake of her life. Deonna put Susan in another submission. Deonna hit a codebreaker. She went for the pin but she pulled Susan up at two. Deonna kicked at Susan. Susan came back with punches. Susan gave Deonna a superplex. Deonna floated out of it and put Susan in an armbar for the submission win.

WINNER: Deonna Purrazzo in 7:00.

Deonna put Susan in the Venus De Milo until Lee came in and broke it up. Deonna yelled at her and said she was done with them.

(D.L.’s Take: A great showcase match for Deonna. Companies should do this more to show the dominance of their world champions. The Susan character is entertaining, but I’m not sure where the character goes from here.)

-Clip of the BTI pre-show match where TJP and Fallah Bahh beat Decay.

-Swinger’s Palace. TJP and Bahh were playing at the table. Rich Swann and Willie Mack approached. Swinger said that Hernandez was his partner now. Swann and Mack sat at the table. Hernandez told them to take their feet off the table. Johnny Bravo showed off his new shoes. The two teams caught up on what they’ve been doing recently. They both wanted to go after the tag team titles. They challenged each other to a match next week. [c]

-Don Callis approached Tommy Dreamer backstage. Callis said there were no hard feelings about Dreamer firing him. He said it was great that Anthem finally recognized Dreamer as the heart and soul of Impact. Callis said that this was a great role for Dreamer since he was broken down. He challenged Dreamer to find partners to go against Kenny Omega and the Good Brothers. They shook hands. Callis said it would be a great way for him to end Dreamer’s career.


Petey and Rohit squared off to start. Petey leg dropped Rohit into the ropes and dropkicked him in the back. Petey put Rohit in the Tree of Woe and kicked him. Trey tagged in and went at it with Rohit. Trey and Petey double teamed Rohit. Shera tagged in and battled Petey. Shera hit a big slam on Petey. [c]

Rohit had the advantage over Petey until Rohit missed a charge into the corner. Trey got the hot tag and hit a flurry of moves on Rohit. Rohit hit a jumping flatliner for a two count. Petey tagged back in and got a Russian Leg Sweep on Rohit. Ace Austin and Madman Fulton walked down the ramp. Petey was setting up Rohit for the Canadian Destroyer but got distracted by Ace and Fulton. Rohit hit a drive by to get the win.

WINNERS: Rohit Raju & Shera in 11:00.

Rohit, Shera, Ace, and Fulton attacked Trey and Petey. Josh Alexander ran in for the save. He was soon overwhelmed by the heels. Chris Bey walked down the ramp. He took out his phone and started recording. Alexander, Trey, and Petey were left laying. [c]

(D.L.’s Take: This served as this week’s dose of fun X Division action. They are building a good story for the Ultimate X match at Slammiversary.)

-Sami Callihan and Tommy Dreamer were having a discussion backstage. Gia Miller approached and asked if Sami would be on Dreamer’s team next week. Sami said if he it means getting in the ring with Omega, he would take the match. Moose approached. He said “I’m in”. Then he walked off. Dreamer asked if he should tell Moose who his partner will be. Sami said “nah” and asked why Dreamer always has to play be the rules.

-Rachael Ellering was in the ring and somberly said that she should have seen the red flags in her partnership with Jordynne Grace. She asked Grace to come out. Grace’s music played and she walked to the ring. Rachael addressed her and said winning the tag team titles with her was one of her proudest moments. Rachael fought back tears and said that last year at this time she was at the lowest point of her life and it was hard to get through the next day.

Rachael said people kept encouraging her but she hated being pushed into the pool of positivity. She said she regretted doing the same thing to Grace. She said she wanted to be a good friend and partner to Grace. Rachael talked about Grace’s issues with Fire N Flava and Tenille Dashwood. Grace interrupted and said she didn’t give a damn about Tenille. Grace ran down her accomplishments and said that she can do things herself.

Rachael said don’t let Tenille get in her head. Grace said that if Rachael mentioned Tenille one more time, she would drop her on her head. Jazz’s music played and she walked to the ring. Jazz said she loves both of them and that together they would do nothing but great things. Jazz said this was just a hurdle. Jazz said they could get over this. Jazz said that Grace’s ego was getting in the way and she needed to shake off whatever was bothering her.

Rachael said the problem was on both of them. She said it was the start of their journey, not the end. Rachael said she still wants to team with Grace but didn’t know if Grace wanted the same thing. Grace said she needs some time and walked out of the ring and to the back. Tenille Dashwood’s music hit. Tenille and Kaleb walked out. Tenille said she hates to say it but Rachael was just embarrassing herself and that things weren’t working out with Rachael and Grace.

Tenille said she was the solution to their problem. Rachael cut her off and said she would not team with Tenille. Rachael challenged Tenille to a rematch. Tenille tried to sneak attack Rachael, but Rachael got the advantage and decked Tenille. Kaleb carried Tenille to the back.

(D.L.’s Take: Really good segment. Rachael came off as very sincere, Grace played her part well, Tenille was a great annoying heel, and it was a cool surprise to see Jazz.)

-Brian Myers was giving Sam Beale tips backstage. [c]

(4) SAM BEALE (w/Brian Myers) vs. JAKE SOMETHING

Jake took Beale down early. Beale stomped Jake’s foot and applied a headlock. Jake got the upper hand and steamrolled Beale. Beale regrouped on the outside and took advice from Myers. Jake went to the outside but Beale threw him into the post. Back in the ring, Jake caught Beale coming off the top rope and slammed him for a two count. Myers got on the apron. Beale raked Jake’s eyes while the referee was distracted. A chair was thrown in the ring but Jake threw it out. Jake hit a Black Hole Slam and got the pin.

WINNER: Jake Something in 3:00.

Myers got on the mic and told Beale not to blame himself for the loss. He said to blame Jake for bringing a chair into the ring and being unprofessional. He instructed Beale that whatever Jake did, to do the opposite.

(D.L.’s Take: Fun squash win. I enjoy the pairing of Myers and Beale.)

-Eddie Edwards and Kojima were warming up backstage. Rich Swann and Willie Mack approached and wished them luck. [c]

-D’Lo and Josh appeared on camera and ran down the matches for next week:

  • TJP & Fallah Bahh vs. Rich Swann & Willie Mack
  • Chris Bey vs. Petey Williams
  • Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers vs. Sami Callihan & Moose &Chris Sabin

(5) JOE DOERING & DEANER (c) w/Eric Young & Rhino) vs. EDDIE EDWARDS & SATOSHI KOJIMA – Impact Wrestling Tag Team Title Match

Doering started it off by getting the best of Eddie. Kojima and Deaner squared off. Kojima got the upper hand over Deaner. [c]

Kojima and Doering battled it out in the ring. Deaner had the advantage over Kojima. Doering worked on Kojima’s neck. Kojima suplexed Doering. Eddie made the hot tag and took over on Deaner. Eddie hit a Blue Thunder Bomb on Deaner. Kojima clotheslined Doering over the top rope. Eddie and Kojima did a double dive on Deaner and Doering to the outside. [c]

Eddie chopped Deaner in the corner and followed with a running elbow. Deaner hit a powerbomb on Eddie and stomped him. Doering and Deaner took over on Eddie. Eddie gave Deaner a back suplex. Kojima made the hot tag and ran wild on Deaner. Kojima hit Deaner with a series of chops in the corner. Doering ran in and got chopped repeatedly as well. All four wrestlers fought in the ring. Eddie hit a top rope rana on Deaner. Kojima hit a flying elbow on Deaner for a two count.

Deaner and Kojima battled. Eddie tagged back in. Eddie kicked Deaner then Doering hit him with a flying crossbody block. Deaner hit a headbutt of the top on Eddie for a two count. Doering slammed Eddie. Kojima ran in and brawled with Doering. Eddie rolled up Doering for a two count. Doering clotheslined Eddie and Kojima. Eddie hit a rana on Doering. Kojima hit a cutter on Doering. Doering caught Eddie with a Revolution Bomb for the pin.

WINNERS: Joe Doering & Deaner in 24:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Good hard-hitting match. The action was thrilling throughout and really picked up for an exciting end.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: Solid in-ring action, including two effective squash wins featuring Deonna Purrazzo and Jake Something. The Rachael Ellering/Jordynne Grace segment was the highlight of the show for me and the tag team title match was really good as well. An enjoyable show on the road to Slammiversary.

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