7/10 WWE TALKING SMACK REPORT: Carmella talks her championship opportunity, Edge addresses MITB, more



JULY 10, 2021

Hosts: Kayla Braxton and Paul Heyman

This week’s guests: King Nakamura w/Boogs, Carmella, and Edge

– Kayla welcomed us to the final Talking Smack in the Thunderdome before introducing Pat McAfee who again is co-hosting. The story they are giving us is that Paul Heyman is busy taking care of business with Roman and company. I am okay with McAfee though we really didn’t need a recap of McAfee soaking his feet with Big E at ringside.

– Kayla and McAfee recapped the whole Edge and Mysterios taking on Roman and Jimmy and Jay angle during this recap. Kayla “broke” the news that there would be a six-man tag between Edge and the Mysterios and Roman and the Usos. They quickly pivoted to the appearance of Shotzi and Nox and their surprise victory over Natalya and Tamina. Of course, we also got a recap of the angle between Nakamura and Corbin, teasing Nakamura’s appearance after the break.

– This break we got the Summerslam promo and the “Back on the Road” spot featuring the announced card at MSG in September.

– Back from break, Kayla welcomed King Nakamura and Boogs on the electric guitar.

(Morgan’s Analysis: I will say, I’m surprised that Nakamura spoke about how good the Money in the Bank opportunity felt and at prompting from McAfee talked about getting the crown off Corbin. In true WWE fashion they also talked about the how they bought Corbin’s Mercedes for pennies on the dollar and ended up finding a lot of gross stuff in it. From this appearance, it seems that they are trying to keep Nakamura a babyface.)

– In going to break, Boogs played Nakamura’s theme and McAfee again went way over the top. I was hopeful after last week that he would tune it down, but not in this segment.

– For this break, we got the Vaccine PSA and a Money in the Bank promo.

– Coming out of the break, Kayla mentioned Bayley’s injury while a tweet was shown on the screen, all to introduce her replacement versus Bianca Belair, Carmella. Carmella said she was exhausted from being so beautiful all the time, but thankfully switched things up noting that she was more than just a pretty face. Noting that she had beaten everyone, she said that she would beat Belair and become champion. After this, she again said how beautiful she is.

– Carmella spoke about how good friends she was with Bayley and how she is very upset that Bayley is hurt, but of course, her good friend, Bayley, has filled her in on Belair and that that information will definitely help her beat Belair. Interestingly, in a throw away line, Carmella said of Belair, “stop dancing.”

(Morgan’s Analysis: Now, that is some shade. While I don’t like the whole “I am beautiful” bit, the WWE is lucky to have her to throw in against Belair as she can talk and build up some heat for this match in a quick turnaround situation.)

– Another break with Summerslam and a Raw promo and we are back with Kayla touting a fatal four-way match for next Friday between, Big E, Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins, and Nakamura.

– Onto the final guest of the night: Edge.

(Morgan’s Analysis: Color me unexcited. Fair warning, I am not a huge Edge fan.)

– Edge started the segment happy and jovial. McAfee asked Edge about how he is so different than he is right now to when he is dealing with Roman Reigns. Edge noted that when he faces certain talent (Undertaker, John Cena, and Roman Reigns), he needs to go to a different place that might not be the best for himself or others, but that it is necessary.

– Edge noted that he has won a total of 31 championships in the WWE — more than anyone else, throwing the 24/7 title under the bus by saying he doesn’t consider that title. The rest of the interview was all about how Edge had to find “that guy” who slapped John Cena’s dad and took on the Undertaker in Hell in the Cell, He said it is that guy who will beat Roman Reigns at MITB. Kayla brought up the upcoming six-man match on next Friday’s Smackdown as a possible final message to Roman Reigns. Edge took the opportunity to note that he had Roman at WrestleMania, but he was saved by Daniel Bryan and that now, he (Edge) will beat him this time.

– They ended the segment and the show by having Edge talk directly into the camera giving a controlled and intense promo. He said did not go through all the adversity and injuries he has suffered, just to be a happy-go-lucky, happy-to-be-here guy. He said he came back to claim the championship he never lost and that he will do so at Money in the Bank.

(Morgan’s Analysis: This was very good and so much better than the “mad-man, bug-eyed, crazy” Edge we have been getting lately. Even though, as I said earlier, I’m not a huge fan of Edge, this was a very good segment, appearance, and promo by a wrestler, and I enjoyed and appreciated the effort.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: Again, a nice quick 26-27 minutes that moved quickly. The opening segment was too “WWE,” but the Carmella and Edge segments were very good, and both dealt more with wrestling than with extraneous horse hockey. Both were a good watch. I continue to miss Paul Heyman and while they are doing what they can to keep McAfee in check and not give me a headache, I am worried that this will become the norm, with rare appearances by Paul. I really hope not, but we will see.

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