7/27 NWA POWER TV REPORT: First round of Championship Series begins, Rosser vs. Murdoch, more



JULY 27, 2021

Announcers: Tim Storm and Joe Galli

-The show opened with an overview of the first round in the Champions Series. The camera cut to the announcers who hyped up the upcoming tournament matches. Galli threw to the ring where the first match was ready to begin.

(1) THOM LATIMER (Team Kamille & Austin Idol) vs. MARSHE ROCKETT (Team Aron Stevens & Taryn Terrell)

The bell rang and Rockett avoided several rushes from Latimer. Rockett hit a back-body drop but missed a hip toss attempt. The pace quickened until Rockett hit an arm drag. Latimer responded by landing a series of blows. Latimer charged at Rockett in the corner, but Rockett dodged him and hit a drop kick. Latimer regrouped on the outside and hit a summersault spear upon returning to the ring for a two count. After, Latimer cinched in a chin lock. Rockett broke free, but Latimer hit a neck breaker for a two count. With Rockett on the mat, Latimer returned to a chin lock. Rockett broke free, but Latimer hit a power slam for a two count. Latimer scaled the second rope and dove at Rockett, but Rockett countered with a super kick. Rockett rallied and hit a power slam for a two count. From there, Rockett lifted Latimer on his shoulders, but Latimer distracted the ref by throwing his elbow pad to the mat. As the referee tried to clear the ring of the debris, Latimer raked Rockett’s eyes and hit the Stunner for the win. After the match, a voice-over explained that Latimer’s win earned his team 5 points. [c]

WINNER: Thom Latimer in 10:00 via pinfall

-The show returned with Velvet Sky at the announce table. Sky explained why she picked Jennacide for her team as she threw to the ring for the next match.

(2) SKYE BLUE (Team Nick Aldis & Melina) vs. JENNACIDE (Team Pope & Velvet Sky)

They locked up until Jennacide threw Blue to the mat. Blue avoided an elbow drop and hit an enziguri. Jennacide avoided a dive from Blue and followed up with a flurry of strikes. Jennacide hit a modified suplex for a two count. Blue tried to create separation, but Jennacide cinched in an arm bar. Blue made it to the ropes and hit a running dropkick. The pace quickened until Blue hit a cross-body from the top for a two count. Blue scaled the top rope again, but Jennacide maneuvered Blue onto her shoulders. From there, Jennaicde hit a power bomb for the win. A voice over announced that Jennaicde won her team five points with her victory. [c]

WINNER: Jennacide via pinfall in 7:00

-The show returned with Aron Stevens at the announce table. He threw to the next match and the camera cut to the ring.

(3) MIMS (Team Kamille & Austin Idol) vs. JTG (Team Aron Stevens & Taryn Terrell)

They locked up and both wrestlers tried to get the advantage with their strength. JTG broke free and hit a running knee. Both wrestlers dodged each other’s offense until JTG hit a drop kick. After, JTG hit a lariat for a two count. JTG mounted Mims and hit a series of strikes. JTG then dropped several knee strikes onto Mims’ arm. Mims created separation and hit a spine buster for a two count. From there, JTG took back control of the match and punished Mims in the corner with strikes. JTG scaled the ropes and hit a diving shoulder block followed by a running bulldog for a two count. Both wrestlers stood and Mims tried to rally with strikes. Mims hit a modified slam and scaled the top rope. JTG avoided a backwards splash and hit the Brooklyn Edge for the win. With that victory, JTG earned his team 5 points.

WINNER: JTG via pinfall in 10:00

-Back in the arena, Nick Aldis joined the announce table. Galli threw to the ring where the main event was waiting to begin.

(4) FRED ROSSER (Team Aldis & Melina ) vs. TREVOR MURDOCH (Team Pope & Velvet Sky)

Murdoch taunted Aldis on his way to the ring. The bell rang and they locked up. Murdoch slapped Rosser and they traded strikes. Rosser wrestled Murdoch to the mat and cinched in a headlock. Murdoch created separation and they traded strikes again. Murdoch whipped Rosser into the corner and taunted Aldis from the ring. After, Murdoch hit a spine buster for a two count. Rosser stood and hit a series of strikes and punished Murdoch in the corner. Rosser threw Murdoch to the outside, but Murdoch quickly reentered the ring and hit a clothesline. From there, Murdoch hit a top-rope bulldog and cinched in a cross face for the win. With that victory, Murdoch earned his team 5 points.

WINNER: Trevor Murdoch via submission in 6:00

-After the match, Aldis threw his headset and stormed the back as the show ended.

(Taylor’s Analysis: While none of the matches were spectacular, this was another week of solid wrestling sans comedic skits and pointless promos. It’s essential that the NWA clarify the stakes of this tournament more than they have thus far. As far as the commentary team goes: Galli and Storm are a joy to listen to. They make the matches feel important and sell the idea that the NWA is the place for traditional pro-wrestling. Their chemistry will only continue to develop if they continue working with each other.)

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