8/2 RING OF HONOR TV REPORT: ROH women’s division in action, Gracia vs. Alize, Rok-C vs. Sakai, more



AUGUST 2, 2021

Host: Quinn McKay

Commentators: Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman

Ring Announcer: Bobby Cruise

– The opening theme aired. The show begins with a recap from Best in the World of Maria Kanellis-Bennett introducing Lenny Leonard as a commentator for the ROH Women’s Title Tournament and the championship the competitors will be fighting for. Chelsea Green comes out and announces she is in Ring of Honor.

– Quinn McKay welcomes fans to the episode to announce that an exciting new era is coming to Ring of Honor. The tournament will be featured on television with the finals taking place at the next ROH pay per view, Death Before Dishonor on September 12. Quinn announces that she is into the tournament due to a Facebook vote and she will be facing Mandy Leon in the first round. She acknowledges that she has had many opportunities but she is going to try her best to not let the fans down. Quinn goes over the history of women wrestling in ROH and the card for today’s episode. The main event is Sumie Sakai vs Rok-C, the second match will be Mazzerati vs Nicole Savoy and the opening match will be Miranda Alize vs Alex Gracia.

-A pre-match interview airs for Miranda Alize vs Alex Gracia. Miranda Alize introduces herself as the Lucha Baddie from Houston, Texas. Alex Gracia introduces herself as the Pink Dream. She says she fights for what she wants while Alize says she is quick. Gracia counters that she can be fast but also wrestle slowly as well. Alize says that Gracia is one of her best friends but she doesn’t know Alize’s weaknesses and she is very confident. Both intimate that they are fighting for so much heading into this match.

(Maitland’s Thoughts: The ROH television show finally shows highlights from a pay per view that took place three weeks ago. I am happy to see pre-match promos that interview the competitors so we learn about them. Setting up Alize and Gracia as friends will give that match an added component.)


Ian welcomes everyone to the tournament. On commentary for this match, he is joined by Lenny Leonard and Chelsea Green. Gracia comes out first. It is noted that she is 2-0 against Alize outside of ROH. Alize comes out next. They show the brackets for the tournament.

Code of honor is adhered to. Alize takes down Gracia and does some playful head slaps. They do some train wrestling and when Gracia gains the advantage, she returns the favor and messes with Alize’s hair. More chain wrestling which included running the ropes and escaping hip tosses until Gracia chops Alize in the chest. Gracia remains control and they trade Lucha moves using the middle rope. Alize gains control and extends her hand to a fallen Gracia. They shake hands but Gracia gains control with a head lock, shoulder tackles Alize and drop kicks her out of the ring. Gracia attempts to dive onto Alize but Alize moves out of the way. Alize gains control throwing Gracia into the barricade twice. (c)

Gracia and Alize are trading forearms. Gracia chops Alize who responds with a headbutt. Alize puts Gracia on her back but gets and his a lumbar check. Both competitors are down and try to regroup. Gracia hits a Thesz Press, some mounted punches, and an elbow. She yells Pink Dreams and kicks Alize in the face for a two count. Gracia climbs the top rope and knocks Alize down for another two count. Alize reverses with an inside cradle and hits Gracia with a knee for a near fall. Gracia misses a kick, Alize hits her with a cutter and a Drive By for the victory.

-The competitors hug after the match. Alize talks trash and says she is ready. A graphic is shown for the next match Mazzerati vs Nicole Savoy and that Allysin Kay vs Willow will be on Women’s Division Wednesday on Youtube on August 4. (c)

WINNER: Miranda Alize at 8:43

(Maitland’s Thoughts: This match was clunky at times when they tried to do too much but I enjoyed the storyline of two friends trying to one up each other to advance in the tournament. Hope to see more of Alize and Gracia in the future. I am surprised that there is a tournament match that is not taking place on television — especially one that has one of the most well-known wrestlers in it.)

-A pre-match interview airs for Mazzerati vs Nicole Savoy. Mazzerati says she is all about her attitude. She says she is going to build the women’s division from the ground up in her name. Nicole Savoy says she is known as the Queen of Suplexes or the Sacramento Suplex Machine. She says if she catches Mazerrati in her half Nelson suplex, she will win. Mazzerati counters that she is quicker and smarter and will win by any means necessary. Savoy wants to show she can stand on her own. Mazzerati says that some people in the shadows should stay there.

(Maitland’s Thoughts: Mazzerati was the star of this promo setting up her heel persona. Savoy looks to be going for the silent but deadly role.)


Caprice Coleman replaces Chelsea Green on commentary. Mazzerati comes out first. Nicole Savoy comes out next where it is noted that she is the longest reigning champion in SHIMMER history.

Code of honor adhered to though Mazzerati pulls Savoy in for the handshake. Match starts with trash talking where Savoy makes fun of Mazzerati’s muscles. Mazzerati steps on Savoy’s shoes. They start with chain wrestling with Savoy getting control through a wrist lock. Mazzerati is able to get to the ropes for a break. They lock up again but Mazzerati gets on top. There are several pinning attempts with Savoy bridging out to stop the pins. Savoy tries to put on a submission hold but Mazzerati fights out and heads to the ropes. (c)

Both competitors lock and Savoy gets control through a double wrist lock. Savoy bends Mazzerati’s fingers. Mazzerati stands up to fight out of it and counters into a hammerlock. Savoy regains control but Mazzerati rolls out of it and slaps Savoy. Savoy and Mazzerati exchange blows until Mazzerati gains control through a thrust kick and an arm breaker over the top rope. Savoy recovers hits a few strikes and a fall away slam for a two count. Savory tries to go for a half Nelson but Mazzerati grabs her and backs into the ropes. Mazzerati follows up with some forearms and a running knee. She tries again but Savoy catches her and hits a suplex for a two count. Mazzerati hits a Northern Lights suplex for a two count. Mazzerati hits Savoy with a punch to the face and a DDT for a two count. Mazzerati berates Joe Mandak the referee for counting slowly. Savoy catches Mazzerati off the ropes and hits an F5 for a two count. Savoy foes for the half Nelson suplex again but Mazzerati fights out. She misses a kick and Savoy hits the half Nelson suplex on the third attempt for the victory. She will face Miranda Alize. Code of honor adhered to, reluctantly by Mazzerati. (c)

WINNER: Nicole Savoy at 8:45

(Maitland’s Thoughts: This match was good due to the heel vs face dynamic. I assumed Savoy was going to win but Mazzerati’s trash talking was a highlight for me.)

-A pre-match interview airs for Sumie Sakai vs Rok-C. Rok-C introduces herself as the Prodigy and says the fans gave her that nickname because they believe in her sometimes more than she believes in herself. She believes that winning the ROH Women’s title will make her 10 year old self proud. Sumie Sakai she has won tournaments before and she can win it again. Rok-C says she will do everything she can to become champion.

(Maitland’s Thoughts: This was the weakest of the pre-match interviews on today’s episode.)


Rok-C comes out first. Sumie Sakai, noted as the first ever ROH Women’s champion comes out next high fiving fans in an empty arena.

Sakai begins by clapping for the non-existent crowd. They lock up with Sakai gaining the advantage, mounting Rok-C but rolling off in a taunting manner. They lock up and Sakai gets control until Rok-C gets to the ropes. Rok-C gains control and hits Sakai with knees to the stomach for a two count followed by a taunt of her own. Rok-C gains control, hits a Lucha armdrag, a forerm, and knees to the face for a two count. (c)

Sakai puts Rok-C in a half crab. Rok-C tries to grab the ropes, Sakai hooks her arm, and Rok-C grabs the ropes with her other arm. Sakai tried another grab but Rok-C cradles for a two count. They trade forearms. Sakai hits Rok-C with a knee for a two count. Sakai kicks Rok-C in the corner and knees Rok-C in the back from a Texas cloverleaf. Sakai put Rok-C in another crab. Rok-C fights out and reaches the ropes. Sakai continues to work on the back. Another crab attempt is ended by a slap to the face. Sakai charges Rok-C in the corner, gets hit with an elbow, and Rok-C hits a Thesz press off the top rope followed by punches. Rok-C hits Saki with a knee and reverses a tilt a whirl into a side Russian leg sweep for a two count. Rok-C hits a neckbreaker, attempts another one but Sakai hits her with a side suplex. Sakai puts Rok-C on the top turnbuckle but Rok-C fights out. Sakai climbs onto the top turnbuckle and Rok-C hits her with two kicks and a hurricanrana for a two count. Sakai counters for a two and hits a back elbow. Sakai hits a Fisherwomen’s suplex for a two count. Rok-C blocks another suplex but Sakai falls on top of her for a two count. Rok-C goes for a kick. Sakai grabs her leg but Rok-C gets her legs around Sakai and rolls through for the three count. The competitors shake hands and hug.

WINNER: Rok-C at 9:36

-The show ends with a graphic for next week’s episode. Bandido and Rey Horus vs Brody King and Chris Dickinson of Vlnce Unltd, Marti Belle vs Trish Adora, and Mandy Leon vs Quinn McKay.

(Maitland’s Thoughts: The last match was the best match of the three. It told a good story of the cocky veteran getting caught by the up and coming rookie. The commentary team noted Rok-C cradling Sakai on the finish to showcase this was different than the other pinning attempts. A solid debut on TV for ROH’s new women’s division.)

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