NXT UK HITS & MISSES 7/29: A squash for Jordan Devlin, Symbiosis vs. Moustache Mountain, more


(Photo credit Andrew Pollard)


Jordan Devlin vs Tristan Archer – HIT

This was a squash match for Devlin. Devlin started this match at a slow pace, but he dictated the match as a whole. Commentary was used to talk about Devlin and build the story of Devlin vs A-Kid. Archer held his own in this and he made a little come back. After that, Devlin got the win. After the match, Devlin cut an in-ring promo about A-Kid, who came out and fought Devlin. A good lead into the match next week.

Aoife Valkyrie vs Jinny – HIT

Today’s match has been building up for weeks now. The match started slowly with a lot of lockups. Valkyrie took early control of things. After Valkyrie took early control, Jinny took over with help from Joseph Conners. The match was wrestled very well. This was more of a ground match than strong style or high flying. As the two went back and forth, Jinny had more help from Conners to get the win.

Aleah James vs Stevie Turner – HIT

The first match on the show for both women and they showed their wrestling skills in this match. Stevie took over the match with a hard-hitting style. James showed heart and made a nice comeback, but Stevie turned around and got the pinfall for the win.

Symbiosis vs Moustache Mountain – HIT

A fast pace match with both teams and a hard-hitting match where both teams laid it in on each other. Seven started the match and took most of the work put in by Symbiosis. He was able to get Bate in the ring, who took the match to a new level. Seven came back into the match and got the win.

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