NXT UK HITS & MISSES 7/22: Sub Culture vs. Pretty Deadly shines in main event, Archer vs. Conners, more


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Laura Di Matted vs Nina Samuels – MISS

This was Nina Samuels’ first match since losing the match where she had to carry around Xia Brookside’s gear. They spent the match trying to build up Samuels again since they need heel women to take on the Final Boss. A decently wrestled match by both women. Di Matted got a few hope spots in where you saw her get a couple of visual two counts on Samuels. Samuels introduced a new finisher and picked up the win.

Sprnva 11 Sessions w/Jinny & Joseph Conners – MISS

Norm Dar talk show segment gets worse every week. This was about Jinny & Conners’s relationship. Jinny said it didn’t matter what they have going on and that they were there to make everyone see they are on top. Jinny cut a promo on Aoife Valkyrie calling her out and saying she will show her where her place is on this brand. This segment was a waste of time and they could get more done by having an announcer come out and lead the segment.

Tristan Archer vs Joseph Conners – HIT

A good squash match. Since Conners has been with Jinny he has been more interesting. He controlled most of this match and didn’t allow Archer to get on a roll. They said Archer was from the wXw promotion, which was nice to hear. The announcers also linked the Sprnva Sessions theme into this match which helps with the story. Archer tried to fight back and make a comeback, but Conners shut it down.

Sub Culture (Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster) vs Pretty Deadly – HIT

I like how they started the match by dimming the lights to make the match feel more important. When the match started it was at a slower pace. Pretty Deadly took early control in the match. When Mark Andrew came in, the match started to pick up a little bit. Deadly took over again and showed off a more impressive tag style. I love how Deadly wrestles in tag team matches. It’s like an old-school heel Mid-South style, but with a nice modern feel. They are a good base for teams like Sub Culture because they seem to always be in the right place. Their double teamwork comes from out of nowhere and they find new ways to get those spots in matches. At one point in the match, you saw Deadly looking like they were going to get a three count, but you saw Webster come in to make the save by knocking off one of Deadly completely off the cover. That’s so nice to see in a tag match. This match was amazing from start to finish. For the finish, you see the heels do something heelish to get the win. A great match and the main event for this show.

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