9/17 AEW RAMPAGE TV REPORT: Lucha Bros. vs. Butcher & Blade, Bunny vs. Anna Jay, Miro defends against El Fuego del Sol

By Patrick Moynahan, PWTorch contributor

Full AEW Rampage results and analysis


SEPTEMBER 17, 2021

Announcers: Excalibur, Taz, Chris Jericho, Ricky Starks

Ring announcer: Justin Roberts

– The opening of Rampage aired. Excalibur welcomed us with, “It’s Friday night, and you know what that means!” Excalibur was joined by his fellow announcers, Taz, Chris Jericho, and Ricky Starks.

(1) LUCHA BROS. (Rey Fenix & Penta El Zero Miedo w/Alex Abrahantes) (c) vs. THE BUTCHER & THE BLADE (w/H.F.O.) — AEW Tag Team Championship

Blade and Penta started things off. The two went back-and-forth, and ended in a stalemate until the Butcher tagged in. Penta came in to assist Fenix, and the two took out both Blade and Butcher. Fenix got a two count after an assisted splash onto Butcher with the help from Penta. Penta tagged in. Fenix climbed to the top but was pushed off by the Blade who came around the corner.

Blade and Butcher took the offensive advantage for a bit until Fenix was able to fight them both off, then tagged in Penta. Penta hit a sling blade on both opponents, who rolled to the outside. Fenix climbed to the top and as he came down onto Butcher, Penta flew over the top onto Blade. [c]

Back from the commercial break, Blade had the advantage on Penta. Blade and Butcher made quick tags as they cut the ring off from Penta. Penta fought back and flipped Blade onto Butcher who was caught in the corner. Fenix made the hot tag and again was able to fend off both opponents by himself. Fenix hit a German suplex on Butcher, then hit a moonsault into a German suplex on Blade.

Penta tagged in and set up the Blade as Fenix came off the top with the double stomp Fear Factor. Butcher made the save before the pin attempt. He dragged Blade to the corner to make the legal tag. Butcher went to work on Penta. Blade tagged back in and caught Penta with a quick powerslam for a close two count. Butcher was back in and helped Blade with a double team backdrop on Penta for another two.

Penta tagged Fenix, but then Blade tied Penta’s mask to the ropes, which left Fenix to fend the two off on his own. He wasn’t able to this time. Butcher and Blade were about to go for their finish, but Penta took his mask off, which allowed him to make the save. Fenix got a roll up for the win.

WINNERS: Lucha Bros. in 10:00

– After the match, H.F.O hit the ring to take out Lucha Bros. Santana and Ortiz hit the ring to make the save.

(Moynahan’s Take: A solid opening match with a clever finish. I’m still not sure how Blade and Butcher became number one contender’s but let’s let that slide for now, okay? Looks like we’ll be getting a match down the road between Lucha Bros/Ortiz & Santana vs. H.F.O. I’m okay with this as long as it leads to Lucha Bros. vs. Ortiz Santana from there.)

– A pre-tape aired with Kenny Omega and Bryan Danielson discussing their match at this week’s Dynamite Grand Slam. Omega questioned why Danielson was even getting a match with him since he wasn’t ranked. Danielson said he was here to show the true Bryan Danielson, which would be fun for the fans but scary for the other AEW wrestlers.

(2) THE BUNNY (w/H.F.O.) vs ANNA JAY (w/Tay Conti)

Before the bell, Bunny met Jay on the ramp and the two went at it on the outside. Jay got the upper hand, then threw Bunny into the ring as the match officially began.

Jay hit a running back elbow in the corner, then another. Jay maintained control until the Bunny bailed from the ring to collect her composure. Jay followed and the two traded blows until Bunny nailed Jay with a thrust kick to the face. Bunny then rammed Jay’s injured shoulder into the ring post. Bunny kept Jay on the outside and focused on her arm in the process. Bunny threw Jay into the guardrail as they went to break. [c]

Jay and Bunny were shown getting up from the mat. Bunny again focused on Jay’s arm until Jay reversed and kicked out Bunny’s knee. Jay went for a cover but only managed a two count. Jay locked in the Queen Slayer submission, but the Bunny reversed. Jay hit a back kick until Penelope Ford distracted Jay from the apron. Tay Conti took her out which allowed Jay to roll up Bunny for the win.

WINNER: Anna Jay in 7:00

– After the match, Bunny and Ford attacked Conti and Jay. Ford took out the brass knuckles and knocked out Conti as she was being held by Bunny. Ford then turned her attention to Jay and knocked her out as well.

(Moynahan’s Take: A fine match which was hampered by a long commercial break smack dab in the middle. The post-match beatdown on Conti and Jay was nicely done.)

– A recap aired from the C.M. Punk beatdown by Powerhouse Hobbs. Hobbs was shown backstage after the encounter saying Punk should have stayed home for another seven years, and added “he’ll see him” next week.

– Tony Schiavone was in the ring interviewing Matt Hardy. He said Hardy’s team was 0-2 tonight. Hardy said he was pissed and said Jay, Conti, and Proud and Powerful would all pay next week. Hardy then called out a fan at ringside who was dressed as Orange Cassidy. Hardy left the ring, exchanged words with the fan, then pulled him from his seat and pulled him into the ring. Jack Evans was there to assist Hardy in a beatdown. Evans held the fan as Hardy pulled out a pair of scissors and cut the fan’s hair. Evans then pulled a pair of sheers out and shaved the fans hair off. Orange Cassidy’s music hit and he made his way to the ring. Hardy and Evans bailed from the ring as Cassidy entered.

(Moynahan’s Take: So it does seem more obvious now that we’ll be getting a hair vs. hair match between Hardy and Cassidy some time soon. I can’t say I’m excited for that one. Is anyone else?)

– Britt Baker made her way to the ring as Tony Schiavone waited to speak with her and Ruby Soho. Ruby Soho was introduced next. Schiavone was again useless here since Soho and Baker had their own mics and went back-and-forth. Soho said she knew exactly who she was and up until now she “just didn’t have the freedom to prove it.” The crowd chanted her name. Soho said Baker looked like every other “broad” she’s wrestled, and even slammed her by mentioning the man she’s “seeing” in the back. Baker wanted to know why Soho was lying to everyone, since she has the audacity to call herself the runaway.

Baker said Soho didn’t run away from anything, she got fired. Soho lamented, but said it was the “best damn thing to ever happen” to her since it brought her to AEW. Sogo told Baker to look at her but added it may be difficult since her “head was so far up Tony Kahn’s ass.” Soho said after next week, Baker won’t be able to call herself AEW Women’s Champion.

Baker tried to cheap shot Soho, but Soho took her down as Baker bailed from the ring.

(Moynahan’s Take: This was a very solid and effective segment. The crowd seemed into both women, especially popping big for Soho’s multiple takedown comments about Baker. I’m very much looking forward to this one next week on Dynamite.)

– Mark Henry was on a split-screen with Fuego Del Sol and Miro. Henry questioned Del Sol putting up his car in tonight’s match. Del Sol said he would slay the giant with his tornado DDT tonight. Miro said Del Sol’s offer meant nothing to him since Del Sol meant nothing to him. He only took tonight’s match because he loves to celebrate “with my God up high and my wife down low.”

– Next week’s Dynamite and Rampage Grand Slam cards were announced.

(3) MIRO vs. FUEGO DEL SOL — TNT Championship

Del Sol went behind Miro then kicked him in the back of the leg, which seemed to tick Miro off. Del Sol used his quickness early in order to evade Miro. Del Sol then pulled down the top rope as Miro charged toward him, which drove Miro to the outside. Del Sol flew over the rope, but Miro caught him. Miro went to throw Del Sol against the post, but Del Sol reversed it. Del Sol continued to evade and reverse Miro’s offensive attempts, even getting assistance from fans in the first row. Miro still was able to catch Del Sol and throw him across the floor. [c]

Back from break, Miro had Del Sol in a bear hug. Del Sol was able to fight his way out of it. Miro charged toward Del Sol but ran right into the turnbuckle. Del Sol was mounting some offense until he went to springboard off the ropes. Miro met him with a double sledgehammer that swatted Del Sol to the mat.

Del Sol was somehow not finished by that, as he hit Miro with two double stomps; one to the chest and one to the back. Del Sol nailed Miro with a kick to the face, then a short DDT. Del Sol called for his tornado DDT, but Miro caught him. Miro nailed Del Sol with a kick to the face then nailed him with a series of right hands. Miro hit a big thrust kick. He could have pinned Del Sol, but Miro picked him up again and hit another thrust kick, this time to the back of the head. Miro covered for the win.

WINNER: Miro in 9:30

– After the match, Miro took Del Sol’s car keys and jammed them down his throat, then locked in the Game Over finish. Sammy Guevara hit the ring and took Miro out with a leaping knee strike. Miro bailed from the ring as the fans chanted for Sammy. Guevara picked up the TNT title as if to challenge Miro.

(Moynahan’s Take: Well, Del Sol lasted longer this time around, and showed some solid offense, but it was to no avail. A good main event, with Miro continuing to look vicious, but I was more excited for the Guevara run-in at the end, which looks to be leading to a Miro/Guevara TNT Title match sooner than later.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: Another solid hour of AEW Rampage, with a good mix of in-ring work and continuation of storylines. I think the highlight of the night for me was a tie between the Soho-Baker segment and the post-main event scuffle between Guevarra and Miro. Although the latter was short, I’ve been waiting to see Guevara in a more prominent role, and I think this will do just that. I already can’t wait for next week’s two-hour show. Until then, stay safe everyone!

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  1. It’s time to dump the loads. With all the new talent we don’t need Butcher and Blade taking up screen time. Send them to Impact or Raw.
    The girls looked amazing. Penelope Ford’s splitz are always welcome. Girls with knucks!
    Ruby Soho and Britt Baker was a money segment. Taz didn’t need to tell me. Great promos come from telling the truth.

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