Ric Flair to appear at Donald Trump event


Ric Flair announces injury ahead of last match


Ric Flair is set to appear as an honorary host for an upcoming Donald Trump fundraising event.

The event will take place on December 1 at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida and will serve as a fundraiser for Republican candidate, Herschel Walker. The news was reported by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The report indicates that other hosts of the event include former MLB pitcher Tom Glavine, NFL quarterback Doug Flutie, and others.

Flair was granted his release from the WWE this summer. Since then, he’s made appearances for AAA alongside Andrade El Idolo, but was also the subject of heavy scrutiny due to a Dark Side of the Ring episode that detailed the Plane Ride From Hell.

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4 Comments on Ric Flair to appear at Donald Trump event

  1. Ugh, I just lost all respect I had for Flair. I’m sure he is just doing it for the money, but he still shouldn’t associate himself with a rapist who ordered his un-American followers to launch an insurrection at the Capitol.

  2. This doesn’t really surprise me because Don and Ric have several things in common. First, they have been married multiple times and have cheated on all their wives. Two, Trump has been bankrupt three times and never paid his taxes and Flair cannot retire because he never paid his taxes and owes his ex-wives alimony.

    Ric Flair endorsed Jesse Helms and Mike Huckabee so that is all you need to know about his politics.

    Flair should listen to Jesse Ventura, he might learn something.

  3. Come on, Naitch. You should know better than this. Sad. Though I guess the dirtiest player in the game would be drawn to the biggest crybaby in history and who had his thugs attack our Capitol when he lost.

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