11/25 IMPACT WRESTLING TV REPORT: Wrestle House 2 begins, Chris Sabin vs. Kaleb with A K, Hernandez vs. Black Taurus, more


Full results and analysis of this week's Impact Wrestling



Commentators: Matt Striker, D’Lo Brown

-James Mitchell narrated an intro package showing clips of the wrestlers in Wrestle House, followed by a recap of last year’s “season”, the history of Swinger’s Palace, and the end of last week’s show that showed the new cast teleporting into the house.

The cast stood at the entrance of the house. Johnny Swinger complained about this being the worst year of his life. Rosemary said that anyone who tried to leave Wrestle House would encounter their worst nightmare. Madison Rayne and Kaleb complained that they didn’t want to be there. Rosemary said they were here as long as it takes for Swinger to be happy and thankful.

Crazzy Steve explained that they were selected because they were Swinger’s best friends. Chris Sabin walked into the room in slow motion wearing a towel. Havok was excited. Sabin said he arrived early to claim a room. Everyone left to claim a room. Rosemary urged John E. Bravo to keep his mouth shut about why they were really there. [c]

The next segment took place six days before Thanksgiving. The wrestlers traded stories about Swinger telling tall tales. Kaleb flirted with a Swingerella (Riley) and told her she should model. A shirtless Sabin walked down the hall in slow motion. Sabin and Kaleb had a confrontation. Sabin didn’t know he was walking in slow motion in fog. Sabin said “I love this match” and the crew was transported to the ring.


The match looked like it took place in a small empty arena or warehouse. Father James Mitchell, Dr. Ross, and Sinn Bodhi were the commentary team. The wrestlers surrounded ringside. Sabin dominated most of the action. He won with the Cradle Shock, which was shown in slow motion. [c]

WINNER: Chris Sabin in 2:00.

The next segment was five days before Thanksgiving. There was an awful smell in the house. Madison was still mad at being there. Rosemary and Havok said they were leaving the house tonight for their match at Turning Point. Sabin (still shirtless and in slow motion) was leaving for his match too. Kaleb urged him to put on a shirt. Bravo wore a Loca Wear shirt (Taya Valkyrie’s company).

Madison and Alisha Edwards plotted ways to make Swinger happy. They showed an “IPWF” match featuring “Downtown” Daddy Brown (Willie Mack) vs. Karate Man (Ethan Page). They planned to get Brown to appear in the house to cheer up Swinger. Bravo brought Swinger into the room wearing a blindfold. The Swingerellas brought Brown in wearing a blindfold.

Swinger and Brown argued when they saw each other. They were separated. Brown was mad because Swinger had slept with his daughter Cinnamon. Brown said he would come out of retirement to face Swinger. Sabin declared “I love this match”. Brown said they would do it in the morning. [c]


Bravo was the referee for this match. Brown chopped and punched Swinger. Swinger tried to jump off the ropes, but Brown punched him and ran his head into the turnbuckle. Swinger threw Brown into Bravo. Swinger hit Brown with a cane. Brown kicked out of the pin attempt at two. Brown gave Swinger an elbow drop for the pin. After the match one of the Swingerellas checked on Swinger.

WINNER: “Downtown” Daddy Brown in 4:00.

Four days to Thanksgiving. Alisha revealed to Swinger that they are here until he is happy. Swinger vowed to never cheer up or be thankful. Mitchell’s voiceover said this was How Swinger Stole Thanksgiving. [c]

Sabin played the piano. Madison blamed Rosemary for being there. Alisha wanted to know why they had to keep the plan away from Swinger. The group separated into those who wanted to stay and those who wanted to go. Sabin chose the side that wanted to stay. He said he enjoyed Swinger’s Palace so he decided to stay. Bravo chose to stay too.

Hernandez said he was suspicious. They decided to do a match. Alisha said she wanted Eddie to be on their team. Eddie showed up and Sabin declared the match.


Riley was the referee for the match. The match was mostly comedy with people tagging in and out rapidly. Taurus made the hot tag and ran wild on Kaleb. It built to a big spot where Decay’s team bit the faces of their opponents. Rosemary pinned Alisha for the win.

WINNERS: Decay & Chris Sabin in 4:00.

Back in the house, Madison was still mad about being there. Kaleb mulled over getting a spin-off show. Hernandez was still suspicious. Eddie asked why the place smelled so bad. Rosemary asked Swingerella #1 if she had feelings for Swinger. Rosemary said that Swingerella #1 should make Swinger feel jealous to fall in love. [c]

Three days to Thanksgiving. Rosemary and Swingerella #1 entered a room. The rest of the wrestlers debated about Daddy Brown being transported to Perkins or Perky’s. Swingerella #1 announced that her new boyfriend had stopped by. It was Lawrence D (Larry D). Larry sprayed his cologne, which repulsed everyone. Swinger walked in and took a big belch, then walked off. He didn’t get jealous about the new romance. Rosemary said it was Larry’s house. The official Wrestle House theme played.

Madison was angry and said they were never leaving. Havok said they had to find someone to get through to Swinger. Bravo said he knew just the person. [c]

Locker Room Talk segment. Madison sat with Swinger. Madison introduced Gene Simmons of KISS as the guest and Swinger cheered up. The Demon entered and sat on the couch. Swinger bragged that he sent the Gene Simmons imposter packing. Madison let Swinger ask Demon some questions. The Demon encouraged him to find a good woman. Swinger said it meant a lot coming from Gene Simmons. Swinger left and Madison thanked Demon.

Two days until Thanksgiving. Swinger announced to everyone that Gene Simmons convinced him to find a good woman. He said maybe it’s time for Swingerella #1 to become his one and only. Larry D objected. Rosemary tried to interfere. Swinger said he would fight Larry to prove his love. Sabin came in to say “I love this match!”


Bravo was the referee. Larry wrestled in a suit. He punched Swinger and took off his jacket. Swinger made a comeback. Larry gave Swinger a backbreaker. Swinger caught Larry with a boot. Swinger fought back with punches. Larry went for a pin, but Bravo stopped counting. Bravo said he smelled cologne and thought Larry sprayed it. Swinger threw powder in Larry’s face and got the pin.

WINNER: Johnny Swinger in 3:00.

Swingerella #1 got in the ring after the match. Swinger got on his knee and proposed. She accepted and the wrestlers at ringside cheered. Madison reluctantly said it was cute. Rosemary got in the ring and said that no one was going anywhere until the ceremony. [c]

One day until Thanksgiving. Eddie and Alisha argued in the kitchen. Swinger asked Hernandez to be his best man. Swinger said he was a changed man and he didn’t need a bachelor party. Hernandez said he had a bad feeling and he was suspicious. The Swingerellas discussed the wedding. Hernandez overheard Rosemary and Bravo saying that a ritual had to be performed.

Hernandez walked in and said this was all about Rosemary trying to steal Bravo’s soul and he wouldn’t let it happen.


Bravo was the referee. Taurus attacked Hernandez from behind. Hernandez made a comeback. Hernandez got a senton on Taurus. Taurus dropkicked Hernandez. Taurus clipped Hernandez’s knee. Taurus rolled up Hernandez for the win.

WINNER: Black Taurus in 3:00.

Rosemary put Hernandez in a trance to make him forget what just happened. Hernandez said he thought Team 3D was up to something and he was going to find Konnan and Homicide.

Back in the house, Alisha was confused about Hernandez. Alisha talked with Bravo. Bravo said this was all happening because of him. [c]

Thanksgiving Day. Rosemary reminded Bravo that he promised his virgin blood in exchange for making Swinger happy. Rosemary said as soon as Swinger and Swingerella’s lips were sealed, so was Bravo’s fate. Eddie found out about their plan and called them on it. Rosemary put him in a trance too. Kaleb rejected Riley. Sabin walked in and offered to go to the wedding with Riley as friends.

Father James Mitchell appeared for the ceremony. Hernandez was in a turkey suit. Sabin played the piano. Bravo showed up in an American flag outfit. Swinger said his vows, followed by Swingerella #1. She wanted to confess mistakes she had made. Eddie stumbled into the ceremony. Rosemary offered to get Eddie out of there.

Hernandez and Eddie said that Rosemary is trying to kill Bravo. He said if the wedding goes through, then Bravo dies. Rosemary said “Oops, we did it again”. Kaleb said “Free Britney”. Sabin said she never needed a conservatorship. Bravo announced that he was no longer a virgin. Bravo bragged that he tricked Rosemary.

Swingerella #1 announced that Bravo was no longer a virgin because they had been sleeping together. Bravo apologized to Swinger, but Swinger said he wasn’t mad. He laughed and walked off. Bravo said maybe he could make a future with Swingerella #1. He proposed and she accepted by saying “I love this match”. Mitchell pronounced them married. They kissed. Everyone congratulated them.

Everyone was eating at a table at the reception. Madison asked if they were ever going home. Swinger made a toast to the new couple. He said he was thankful for Bravo saving him from his past. Bravo and Swingerella #1 said they were thankful. Decay said they would leave Wrestle House when everyone was done eating. Brown walked in wearing a Santa Claus outfit. Everyone celebrated at the table.

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