11/18 IMPACT WRESTLING TV REPORT: Josh Alexander vs. Minoru Suzuki, Laredo Kid vs. Steve Maclin, The IInspiration in action, more


Full results and analysis of this week's Impact Wrestling



Commentators: Matt Striker, D’Lo Brown

-Recap video of last week’s show.

-Show intro.


Maclin took Kid to the mat at the start. Kid fought back and put Maclin in a submission. Kid and Maclin had an exchange ending with Maclin diving on Kid on the outside. Back in the ring, both wrestlers exchanged punches. Kid did a flip dive from the top rope to the floor on Maclin, which got a rise out of the crowd. Kid followed up with two moonsaults.

Kid missed a moonsault and Maclin returned with a running knee. Kid DDT’d Maclin, but Maclin came right back with a clothesline. Kid took Maclin to the mat with a reverser rana. Maclin knocked Kid off the top rope and charged him. Maclin gave Kid his finisher for the win.

WINNER: Steve Maclin in 6:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Because of the win, Maclin gets added to the X Division match with Trey Miguel and Kid at Turning Point. Solid match and Maclin has really impressed recently.)

-Striker and D’Lo previewed the rest of the matches for the show.

-The ending of Brian Myers beating Sam Beale on Before The Impact was shown. After Myers’ win, Rich Swann and Willie Mack ran down for the save.

-Backstage a doctor, Swann, and Mack checked on Beale. Rich Swann addressed Myers and said that’s not what leaders do. He challenged Myers to a match. [c]

-Turning Point promo.

-Trey Miguel gave a promo from backstage. He said that Steve Maclin couldn’t beat him at Bound For Glory and talked about Maclin being added to the match with him and Laredo Kid at Turning Point. He said he would make it a point to win and remain champion.

-Gia Miller approached Ace Austin and Madman Fulton. Ace said he wouldn’t accept Chris Sabin’s challenge. Ace showed off his “I Beat Chris Sabin” shirt. Sabin approached and said that Ace’s shirt was ridiculous. Sabin asked if Ace could beat him without cheating. Ace accepted. Ace tried to attack Sabin, but Sabin got the best of him. Sabin fought off Ace and Fulton. Sabin locked Fulton in a freezer and walked off.

(2) THE IINSPIRATION (Cassie Lee & Jessie McKay) vs. THE UNDEAD BRIDESMAIDS (Kimber Lee & Brandi Lauren)

The Bridesmaids were already in the ring, then the IInspiration made their ring entrance. The fans chanted for the IInspiration. Jessie and Brandi started the match. The fans clapped when Jessie did her pose. Lee took Cassie down with a kick. Lee cackled and chased Cassie around the ring. Cassie leveled Lee with a kick. [c]

Cassie had Lee in an armlock. Brandi tagged in and clotheslined Cassie. The IInspiration hit a double team move and Jessie pinned Brandi.

WINNERS: The IInspiration in 7:00.

-After the match, the lights went out. All four members of Decay walked to the ring. They surrounded the IInspiration in the ring. Fans chanted for Decay. Decay taunted them, then crawled out. The IInspiration looked scared.

(D.L.’s Take: The IInspiration are really fun and their act stands out in Impact. The commercial break took a big chunk out of the action, so the match itself wasn’t much. The IInspiration had a lot of fan support.)

-Impact Plus Flashback Moment of the Week: Heath and Rhino vs. Reno Scum from Victory Road 2020.

-Clip of Chelsea Green beating Alisha Edwards from “earlier this week” in a Digital Media division match.

-Gia Miller interviewed Chelsea Green and Matt Cardona. Chelsea said she was going to get the Digital Media Championship. Cardona talked about Eddie Edwards winning the number one contender’s match last week. Cardona said he was close to beating Moose. He said he was here in Impact to get a World Title shot because he’s always ready.

W. Morrissey approached. He said that he was in the way of Cardona getting a title shot. Cardona challenged him to a match at Turning Point. [c]

-Hard To Kill promo.

-Gia Miller interviewed Eddie Edwards. Eddie talked about challenging Moose at Turning Point. Moose attacked Eddie from behind and they brawled. They fought out to the arena and to the stage. Moose rolled down the ramp. Moose choke slammed Eddie on the ring apron. Moose powerbombed Eddie on the ring apron. Moose pulled out a table.

Moose put Eddie’s head in a chair and ran him into the ring post. Moose swung a chair and missed. Eddie fought back with a chair. In the ring, Eddie hit Moose with a chair. Eddie powerbombed Moose. Eddie gave Moose a running knee. Eddie pulled out a ladder and the fans roared. Eddie threw a chair on Moose. Eddie set up the ladder and climbed up. Moose got off the table and crawled up the ramp.

Moose walked backstage and said if you think he’s evil now, wait until Turning Point. Scott D’Amore approached. He declared that the match will be Full Metal Mayhem. [c]

-Mercedes Martinez backstage promo. She said that mutual respect with her and Mickie James is out the window. She said at Turning Point she is going to take out Mickie James.

(3) HIKULEO (w/Chris Bey & El Phantasmo) vs. DOC GALLOWS (w/Karl Anderson)

Doc got the early advantage with punches. The action quickly spilled to ringside. Back in the ring, both wrestlers clotheslined each other. Hikuleo kicked Doc low. Hikuleo pounced on Doc and punched him. They squared off and exchanged chops. Hikuleo splashed Doc in the corner, then chopped him. Hikuleo choked Doc over the middle rope. Chris Bey punched Doc.

Hikuleo had Doc in a chin lock. Hikuleo twisted Doc’s neck. Both wrestlers clotheslined each other. Doc knocked Hikuleo down with big boots. Fans chanted for Hikuleo. Doc clotheslined Hikuleo. Hikuleo power slammed Doc. Doc gave Hikuleo a sky-high slam for the win.

WINNER: Doc Gallows in 7:00.

(D.L.’s Take: A fun “big man” match with plenty of big moves and chops. This was better than I anticipated.)

-Gia Miller had a sit down interview with Deonna Purrazzo and Matthew Rehwoldt. Gia asked Deonna where she has been. Deonna answers were short and evasive. She said she didn’t know when she would be back. Deonna said she was only there because she was contractual obligated. She said the fans didn’t deserve an explanation from her.

Deonna said she has the ability to correct her mistakes and move forward. Deonna said we would all have to wait and see what her next move will be. She and Rehwoldt walked off.

-Josh Alexander was shown warming up backstage. [c]

-Hard To Kill promo.

-Finjuice backstage promo. David Finlay talked about their recent loses. Juice Robinson said they are back at the bottom. Scott D’Amore approached. He said he knows Finjuice is having a rough streak. He said they just lost their focus. He gave them a match against Decay.

-Violent By Design vignette. Eric Young talked about freedom. He said that Rhino was part of something special, but he made a mistake. He said there would be ramifications. He said their match will be a turning point. He said he would give Rhino permanent freedom. Young said that Rhino made the wrong choice and at Turning Point, this would be all over.


Swinger held out a red bandana. Taurus charged and missed. Taurus head butted Swinger and knocked him down. Decay double teamed Swinger. Hernandez overpowered Steve. Fans chanted “Super Mex”. Bahh dropped an elbow on Steve. Fans chanted for Bahh too. Steve bit Swinger. The Demon made the hot tag. Demon clotheslined Hernandez over the top rope.

Decay took out Bahh and Hernandez on the outside. The Demon gave Swinger the Million Dollar Dream for the submission,.

WINNERS: The Demon & Black Taurus & Crazzy Steve in 4:00.

(D.L.’s Take: All comedy, but the fans enjoyed it.)

Backstage, John E. Bravo approached Swinger. Swinger said he was at rock bottom and walked off. Rosemary & Havok appeared out of nowhere. Bravo explained that he just wanted to see Swinger happy like when he was at Wrestle House. Rosemary said they might be able to arrange that. She said all they ever wanted from Bravo was sweet virgin blood. [c]

-Turning Point promo.

-Jordynne Grace and Rachael Ellering promo. Grace talked about defending the Digital Media Title against Chelsea Green. Ellering said Green lost in their initial match for the belt. Grace said Green couldn’t get it done then and she won’t get it done now.

-Mickie James talked about her title defense against Mercedes Martinez. She said Martinez would get an old school ass whipping.

-Striker and D’Lo talked about the matches for Turning Point:

  • Moose vs. Eddie Edwards
  • Mickie James vs. Mercedes Martinez
  • The IInspiration vs. Decay
  • The Good Brothers vs. Bullet Club
  • Trey Miguel vs. Laredo Kid vs. Steve Maclin
  • Violent By Design vs. Heath & Rhino

Countdown to Turning Point matches:

  • Jordynne Grace vs. Chelsea Green
  • Finjuice vs. Decay

-Minoru Suzuki and Josh Alexander had their ring entrances. [c]


Fans chanted “This Is Awesome” shortly after the bell rang. Suzuki had Alexander in an armlock, but Alexander turned it into an ankle lock. Suzuki reached the ropes to break the hold. The audience had a dual chant. Alexander knocked Suzuki down with a shoulder tackle. Alexander knocked Suzuki to the floor. Suzuki put Alexander in an armlock in the ropes.

The action spilled to the floor. Security took a chair away from Suzuki and Suzuki decked him. Suzuki and Alexander exchanged punches. [c]

Both wrestlers were brawling on the ramp. Suzuki caught Alexander with a boot and Alexander sailed down the ramp. Fans chanted for Suzuki. Suzuki ran Alexander into the ring apron. A dual chant broke out. The action returned to the ring. Suzuki stomped Alexander in the corner. Alexander caught Suzuki with elbows.

Alexander rallied with punches. Suzuki came back with a boot and kicks. Alexander and Suzuki exchanged hard chops. They exchanged forearms next. Suzuki dropped Alexander and the fans cheered. Alexander caught Suzuki with a boot. Suzuki put Alexander in a sleeper hold. Suzuki tried to go for the Gotch piledriver but Alexander backdropped him.

Alexander got a rolling slam on Suzuki, followed by a knee drop. Alexander put Suzuki in an ankle lock, but Suzuki got out and put Alexander in a sleeper hold on the mat. Alexander applied the ankle lock again. Fans chanted “This is awesome”. Suzuki had Alexander in a sleeper. Alexander hit Suzuki with two forearms, followed by a C-4 Spike for the win.

WINNER: Josh Alexander in 15:00.

-They showed Alexander’s wife in the crowd cheering. D’Lo called it the biggest win in Alexander’s career. Striker said that Alexander was the best wrestler in the world.

(D.L.’s Take: An excellent match with big-time crowd heat. Alexander’s road back to the title has started.)

-John E. Bravo led Johnny Swinger outside. Decay, the Swingerellas, Madison Rayne, Kaleb, and Hernandez were waiting. They all teleported into a house. Crazzy Steve said they were in Wrestle House 2 and a graphic came on the screen confirming just that.

FINAL THOUGHTS: A very good go-home edition of Impact. The matches were given a decent amount of time. The promo segments were short and effective. Turning Point is shaping up to be a good show. The in-ring action was highlighted by Doc vs. Hikuleo and Alexander vs. Suzuki. It was quite the contrast to go from the seriousness of the Alexander vs. Suzuki match to the wackiness of Wrestle House. I know there will be plenty of complaints about the silliness of Wrestle House, but it could be fun in small doses.

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