11/11 IMPACT WRESTLING TV REPORT: Rocky Romero vs. Rohit Raju, triple threat main event, Minoru Suzuki in action, more


Full results and analysis of this week's Impact Wrestling



Commentators: Matt Striker, D’Lo Brown

-Recap video of last week’s events.

-Intro video.

(1) BULLET CLUB (Chris Bey & El Phantasmo w/Hikuelo) vs. FINJUICE (David Finlay & Juice Robinson)

This match was to decide the number one contender for the Impact Tag Team Titles. Bey and Finlay started the action. Finlay got the upper hand with a knee drop. Juice tagged in and slammed Bey, followed by a senton. Finjuice tagged in and out to keep the advantage on Bey. Hikuleo dropped Juice throat-first on the ringside rails.

Back in the ring, Bey tagged to ELP. Bey and ELP kicked Juice down. ELP landed a Lionsault for a two count. Bey jumped off the top and scratched Juice’s back when he landed. ELP did the same. ELP and Juice traded a series of punches and knocked each other to the floor. Finlay made the tag and ran wild on Bey.

Finlay dove on ELP on the outside. Finlay back suplexed Bey in the ring. Finjuice double teamed Bey. Finlay dropped an elbow from the top rope and got a two count. Finjuice continued to double team Bey. Finlay kicked ELP off the apron and dove onto Hikuleo on the outside. Bey rolled up Juice for a two count. ELP super kicked Juice and Bey got the pin.

WINNERS: Chris Bey & El Phantasmo in 9:00.

-After the match, The Good Brothers walked to the ring and threw everyone out. Doc Gallows and Hikuleo squared off. They traded punches. Bullet Club ran Anderson and Gallows out of the ring and up the ramp.

(D.L.’s Take: Decent tag team match to get the show started. The three-way tag team feud continues.)

-Striker and D’Lo sat at ringside and introduced the matches for the show and for Turning Point.

-Gia Miller interviewed Scott D’Amore. She asked why Josh Alexander wasn’t involved in tonight’s #1 contender’s match. Scott said there were a lot of issues at play. Alexander entered and said that Scott wasn’t answering his calls. Scott talked about his background with Alexander and said he hopes Alexander trusts him.

Scott said that Alexander is in the World Title hunt but Suzuki is in his head and he wants Alexander to be laser focused. He said that Suzuki would take on Alexander next week and it would set the internet abuzz. Scott said that after that match, Alexander would be able to focus on the World Title. [c]

-Clip from last week of Sam Beale pinning Brian Myers on Before The Impact.

-How To Be A Professional segment: Part 47 “Learning by Example”. Myers was chewing out Zicky Dice and VSK. Myers called it the most embarrassing moment of his life. Dice said he made a lot of money off that match. The footage cut to Dice rubbing his face like he had been slapped. Myers said that someone had to pay for this. Myers called for a one-on-one match with Sam Beale. Dice was happy about having the week off.


The fans sang along to Suzuki’s song. D’Lo said this was not Kaleb’s day. A split screen showed Josh Alexander watching the match backstage. Suzuki took Kaleb down, but he made the ropes. Suzuki put Kaleb in a heel hook, but Kaleb made the ropes again. Fans chanted for Suzuki. Kaleb slapped Suzuki and punched him.

Kaleb chopped Suzuki. Suzuki put Kaleb in a sleeper and switched it to a piledriver for the win. [c]

WINNER: Minoru Suzuki in 1:00.

-Gia Miller interviewed Moose about tonight’s contender’s match. Moose talked about why each of the wrestlers had a score to settle with him. He said they were all dangerous. He said he was the most dangerous man in the locker room and the winner had to face the greatest champion in all of wrestling, the Wrestling God, Moose.

(3) DECAY (Rosemary & Havok) vs. UNDEAD BRIDESMAIDS (Brandi Lauren & Kimber Lee)

All four wrestlers fought in the ring. Decay drove the Bridesmaids out of the ring. The IInspiration’s music played and they walked to the stage and sat on stools. [c]

The bell rang and the Bridesmaids attacked Decay from behind. Lee put Rosemary in a chin lock, then kicked her. The IInspiration (wearing matching outfits) were shown watching from the stage. Rosemary made a comeback on Brandi. Havok tossed Brandi around and splashed her in the corner. Rosemary speared Brandi and Havok got the pin.

WINNERS: Decay in 3:00.

The IInspiration walked to ringside. Decay celebrated with the fans and walked up the stage.

(D.L’s Take: Not much of a match, but the Decay vs. IInspiration feud was forwarded. A disappointment of a match because all four wrestlers are capable of so much more.)

-Heath and Rhino backstage promo. Heath said the last year was rough. He talked about them taking out Violent By Design. Heath said he was still hurting. He was glad to have Rhino back. Rhino said the last year of his life seemed like it happened to someone else. He said Heath would help him purge the poison from his body. He said he would purge the poison at Turning Point.

-Eddie Edwards was shown pacing backstage. [c]

-IInspiration backstage promo. They complained that the Undead Bridesmaids didn’t take care of Decay. They said they would take the Bridesmaids out of the Knockouts Tag Team division next week.

-Chris Sabin backstage promo. He said that Ace Austin looked ridiculous wearing an “I beat Chris Sabin” shirt. Sabin said that Ace needed to cheat to win. He challenged Ace to a match at Turning Point and said he would wipe his ass with the shirt.

-Clip from last week of Madison Rayne complaining about losing to Mickie James. Madison was mad that Mercedes Martinez had walked by her like she was a nobody. Scott D’Amore approached and said that he was making a match for Madison to take on Mercedes Martinez.


The announcers said that Kaleb wasn’t with Madison because he was recovering from his match with Minoru Suzuki. Fans chanted for Mercedes. They traded blows, then Mercedes gave Madison a delayed suplex. Madison got the upper hand with a lung blower. Madison choked Mercedes over the middle rope. Madison worked on Mercedes in the corner.

Madison worked on Mercedes’ neck. Mercedes gave Madison a tiger driver. Mercedes punched Madison and DDT her. Madison rolled up Mercedes for a two count. Madison gave Mercedes a blockbuster. Mercedes gave Madison a running knee. Madison went for a cutter, but Mercedes managed to get out of it roll her up for the pin.

WINNER: Mercedes Martinez in 6:00.

They brawled after the match and Madison dropped Mercedes with a cutter. Madison went under the ring and brought a chair into the ring. Madison hit Mercedes with the chair. Mickie James ran to the ring for the save. Mickie got Madison out of the ring and checked on Mercedes. Mercedes picked up Mickie and drove her to the mat. Mercedes stood over Mickie and gloated.

(D.L.’s Take: The match did a good job to further establish Mercedes as a credible contender. The fans were solidly behind Mercedes during the match. The post-match angle added heat to the title match at Turning Point.)

-Steve Maclin promo. He talked about losing again last week. He said that he still hasn’t been pinned or submitted. He said he deserved to be in the X Division Title match. Trey Miguel approached and they went toe to toe. Trey said all he had to do was ask for a match. Scott D’Amore approached. Trey asked Scott to make the match a three-way at Turning Point.

Scott said that’s not the way it works. Scott said that if Maclin beats Laredo Kid next week, then the match will be a three-way. Scott said if Maclin loses, he needs to keep his ass it home because he’s tired of him interfering. Maclin agreed.

-W. Morrissey was shown pacing backstage. [c]

-Sam Beale cut a promo with Rich Swann and Willie Mack by his side. Beale talked about being the first student of Brian Myers. He talked about his win last week over Myers. He said he would be by himself next week to face Myers. He said everything that he brings was taught by Myers. He said maybe next week he would be teaching the lesson.

-Clip from last week of Rohit Raju getting in Rocky Romero’s face. Rohit said that Rocky doesn’t belong here and he challenged Rocky to a match to prove he was better.

(5) ROCKY ROMERO vs. ROHIT RAJU (w/Raj Singh)

Rohit took Rocky down. Rohit put Rocky in a headlock. Rohit and Rocky traded shoulder blocks. Rocky poked Rohit in the eyes. Rocky did a rana on Rohit. Rocky splashed Rohit on the outside. [c]

Rohit had the advantage when the action returned. Rohit chopped Rocky. Rocky came back with chops. Rohit suplexed Rocky. Rohit choked Rocky over the ropes. Singh interfered from the outside and choked Rocky. Rohit did the Divorce Court move on Rocky and worked on his arm. Rocky came back with a chop.

Rohit missed a splash and Rocky came back with a clothesline. Both wrestlers ran into each other. Rocky made a comeback and DDT’d Rohit. Rohit took Rocky down and got a two count. Fans chanted for Rocky. Rohit missed a splash off the top. Rocky got a rana on Rohit and turned it into an arm lock. The referee argued with Singh on the ring apron.

Rocky hit a dive on Singh on the outside. Rocky got a running sliced bread for a two count. Rohit got a jumping knee on Rocky and put him away after a kick. Rohit and Singh celebrated in the ring after the match.

WINNER: Rohit Raju in 13:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Excellent match and these two worked really well together. The fans were solidly behind Rocky. A really big win for Rohit.)

-Swinger and Hernandez backstage promo. Hernandez said that if Swinger has a problem, then he has a problem. Hernandez said he had a match for next week with him and Swinger against The Demon and Decay. John E. Bravo showed up and brought in Fallah Bahh as their tag team partner for next week. Bahh agreed to team with them and said that he wants Swinger to owe him for once.

-Matt Cardona was shown warming up backstage. [c]

-Chelsea Green promo. She said that she wanted the Digital Media Title. She said that John Skyler cheated to beat her, but Skyler lost and they need a new number one contender. She said that Scott D’Amore set up a match with her against Alisha Edwards, Jake Something, and Matthew Rehwoldt for next week to decide the new number one contender. She warned Jordynne Grace that she would walk away with the Digital Media Title.

-Striker and D’Lo plugged for next week:

  • IInspiration vs. Undead Bridesmaids
  • Steve Maclin vs. Laredo Kid
  • Deonna Purrazzo interview
  • Josh Alexander vs. Minoru Suzuki

-W. Morrissey, Matt Cardona, and Eddie Edwards did their ring entrances.


This match determined the number one contender for Moose’s Impact World Title. Morrissey booted Edwards early and knocked down Cardona. Fans chanted for Morrissey. Eddie chopped Morrissey. Morrissey threw Eddie over the top rope. Cardona punched Morrissey but Morrisey fought back. Cardona made a comeback but missed a dropkick.

Cardona and Eddie double teamed Morrissey. Morrissey double choke slammed Eddie and Cardona. Fans cheered. [c]

Morrisey was still on the attack when the action came back. Moose was shown looking on from the skybox. Fans chanted for Moose. Morrissey threw Cardona into the corner. Morrissey punched Cardona. Morrissey twisted Cardona’s neck. Cardona made a comeback, but Morrissey caught him and slammed him to the mat.

Morrissey booted Cardona to the rail on the outside. Eddie rolled up Morrissey for a two count. Eddie accidentally speared Cardona to the floor. Morrissey suplexed Eddie. Fans chanted for Morrissey. Morrissey mounted Eddie and punched him. Morrissey booted Cardona to the floor. Morrissey choked Eddie in the corner with his boot.

Morrissey and Eddie traded punches. Morrissey choked Eddie in the corner. Fans chanted for Morrissey again. The announcers acknowledged it. Morrissey booted Eddie to the mat. All three wrestlers traded punches. Eddie and Cardona double teamed Morrissey as the fans booed. Morrissey double suplexed Eddie and Cardona.

Cardona powerbombed Morrissey, who suplexed Eddie. Morrissey got a two count on Cardona after a Black Hole Slam. Eddie and Cardona double suplexed Morrissey and drove him out of the ring. Cardona and Eddie faced off and traded punches. Eddie and Cardona teamed up on Morrissey on the floor. In the ring, Eddie hit the running knees to the back of the head on Cardona to get the pin.

WINNER: Eddie Edwards in 18:00.

(D.L.’s Take: An action packed main event. The big surprise was the fans cheering for Morrissey. We’ve seen Eddie vs. Moose before, but it should be a solid match.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: Another strong in-ring week for Impact. The main event and Rohit vs. Rocky were really good. Mercedes Martinez had another solid win to build up her credibility for her upcoming title match. Minoru Suzuki’s appearance was brief but fun. There were a lot of short but effective promo segments as the build to Turning Point continued.

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