3/10 MLW SUPERFIGHT TV REPORT: Hammerstone vs. Davey Richards, ACH vs. Tankman vs. Kane, Javaro vs. NZO

By Marcus Arias, PWTorch contributor



Commentators: Rich Bocchini, Joe Dombrowski

-Before the show started, MLW SuperFight opened with a video package highlighting tonight’s main event between Alexander Hammerstone and Davey Richards.

-Emilio Sparks chased down Richard Holliday and Alicia Atout and asked Richard if he had plans to interfere in the MLW championship match. Alicia cut Emilio off said that he wasn’t needed since she was the “Interview Queen.” Alicia repeated the question and Holliday responded in a very coy manner with, “Who wouldn’t want to be ringside for such a spectacle tonight?” He did mention that he had business to take care of with Cesar Duran first.

-Rich Bocchini and Joe Dombrowski go through the card.

(1) ACH vs. CALVIN TANKMAN vs. ALEX KANE – MLW National Openweight Championship

Kane and Tankman immediately started clubbing each other with forearm shots as ACH tried to separate the two. ACH got punched in the head by Calvin for his trouble. Tankman and Kane went at it again. Kane tried to build some momentum by running the ropes but Tankman connected with a pounce and sent the champ flying across the ring. Kane rolled to the outside to collect himself and Calvin started to prepare for a dive but was cut off by a dropkick from ACH. ACH targeted Kane for a dive but Kane’s manager, Mr. Thomas was able to grab ACH’s foot, halting ACH. Alex got back into the ring and landed a huge spear on ACH. Kane decided to go back to the outside and started to brawl with Calvin, eventually driving Tankman’s shoulder into the ring post.

Kane turned his attention back to ACH but was outmaneuvered by the quicker competitor. ACH was able to land a series of quick stick-and-move strikes but was inevitably caught by Kane, who answered back with an overhead-release suplex. Kane followed up with a German-release suplex and a near fall. Kane tried to catch ACH with an avalanche in the corner but ACH was able to dodge out of the way. ACH tried to get Kane up for a suplex of his own but Alex was simply too big. Kane went for another German suplex but ACH broke free with a series of elbows. ACH took Kane to the mat after a leg sweep and was somehow able to get Kane up for a bridging deadlift German suplex, getting a two count. Tankman tried to get back into the ring but ACH cut him off and sent him back to the outside. ACH went for a diving crossbody on Tankman. Calvin simply sidestepped out of the way and blasted ACH with a spinning back fist.

Tankman did get back into the ring and hit Kane with a spinning back fist as well. Calvin followed up with a pop-up spine buster. Calvin tried to connect with an elbow shot to the back of Kane’s head but Alex was ready for it and avoided the strike. Kane muscled Tankman up with a Saito suplex. ACH dove back into the ring but was caught by Tankman. Tankman used ACH as a human battering ram and swung ACH into Kane, sending Kane into the corner. Tankman powerbombed ACH into Kane. Kane rolled to the outside after a backbreaker from Calvin. ACH charged at Tankman. Tankman went for a clothesline but ACH ducked and went for a suicide dive onto Alex. ACH quickly got back into the ring and went to the top rope but was quickly cut off by Tankman. Calvin got up to the second rope and went for a superplex. ACH was able to wiggle free and tried to take Calvin down with a sunset bomb but failed. ACH decided to attack Calvin’s knee and tried to roll Tankman over with a Texas clover-leaf. Kane kicked ACH in the face as ACH was just about to lock in the hold. Kane tossed ACH away with a leg-trap suplex and got the three count.

WINNER: Kane in 8:00.

(Marcus’s Analysis: This was a great match to highlight what it means to be openweight. Having a middleweight, a heavyweight, and a super heavyweight all in the same match led to some interesting moments. MLW does a great job of using the openweight concept to create fresh matches. ACH taking the pin made sense as this kept Tankman in the hunt to eventually take the title from Kane.)

-Emilio Sparks spoke with EJ Nduka and asked what EJ was doing at the show since he wasn’t booked. The Judge said that he had his eyes set on the two championship matches tonight. Emilio asked if EJ had a preference between the two. EJ did not give a clear answer.

-The Von Erichs were walking backstage and were jumped by 5150. Rivera attacked Marshall Von Erich’s leg with a chair.

-A video package announced that MLW Azteca would be returning during Wrestlemania weekend on April 1st.

-A vignette for Gangrel was shown.

-Emilio Sparks met up with 5150 to try and get more information about the earlier attack on the Von Erichs. Rivera said that he’s tired of wrestlers getting opportunities because of their last names. He said that 5150 only wants the best tag teams. Slice Boogie said that they should go take out the biggest guys in the locker room.

-TJP cut a promo talking about the state of the MLW middleweight division and goes over his accolades from other promotions. He said that he has his sights set on Myron Reed to prove that he is the greatest wrestler in the division, regardless of the company.

(2) KC JAVARRO vs. NZO (formerly Enzo Amore)

NZO immediately jumped Navarro from behind before the bell. NZO threw KC into the guardrails, dragging him around the outside of the ring. Eventually, NZO got Navarro into position for a Razor’s Edge, tossing KC into the ring post. NZO finally got Navarro into the ring and called for a mic. He told the ref to ask KC if he still wanted to have a match. Navarro said that he still wanted to go. The bell finally rang and NZO went straight to working Navarro’s arm. Navarro was placed on to the top turnbuckle and NZO took him down with a super-backstabber for a near fall. NZO continued his beatdown, driving Navarro to the outside with a draping-reverse DDT from the ring apron. After being rolled back into the ring, KC was able to avoid a three-count by getting his foot on the bottom rope. NZO followed up with a stump-puller that Joe called the “Done-Zo”, finally getting the three count.

After the match, NZO cut a promo where he tried to rationalize his actions. He explained that he was trying to teach KC a lesson, that the world was a cold and ugly place. NZO talked about the importance of using one’s gifts to do something about it. He told KC that at the end of the day, it isn’t about wrestling, it’s about how hard you get hit and how you respond. NZO said that KC has heart…and you can’t teach heart. NZO extended his hand but attacked KC as he went in for the handshake.

WINNER: NZO in 7:00

(Marcus’s Analysis: This was more of an extended squash match than anything. KC Navarro didn’t get in any offense here. I will say that NZO’s post-match promo almost got me. For a brief second, I thought that NZO was trying to build up KC. I’m sure this will lead to another match and I hope that Navarro gets a chance to shine.)

-Commentary said that the MLW tag-team championship match has been postponed due to the Von Erichs being sent to the hospital.

– It was announced that MLW Battle Riot will return on June 23rd from the Melrose Ballroom in New York.

-During a break, Rivera and Slice Boogie attacked EJ Nduka while EJ was at a fan event.


Prior to the match, Richard Holliday and Alicia Atout made their entrance, bribing fans for their seats.

The champion and challenger immediately locked up. Richards tripped up Hammerstone and went straight for the ankle-lock but Hammerstone was able to roll through. Hammerstone used his power advantage to drive Richards into the corner and followed up with a series of strikes and shoulder tackles, going around the ring, and into all four corners. Hammerstone caught Richards with a big overhead suplex, causing Richards to roll to the outside. Hammerstone met Davey outside and the two brawled. Richard Holliday distracted Hammerstone long enough for Davey to avoid a running knee. Davey broke up the count and started to work over Hammerstone’s leg.

Davey rolled Hammerstone back into the ring and continued to damage the champion’s leg, draping it on the second rope and stomping away at it. Richards went for a figure-four but Hammerstone was able to block the attempt. Richards did manage to successfully hit a figure-four leg screw. Hammerstone tried for a suplex but the injured leg gave out, allowing Davey to finally lock in the figure-four. The champion tried to reverse the pressure but Richards decided to drop the hold and lock in a trailer hitch instead. Hammerstone struggled through the pain for some time before barely reaching the bottom rope.

During a break, Richards went right back to the leg, sending Hammerstone down to the mat after some well-placed kicks. Hammerstone blocked a brainbuster attempt but took a flurry of kicks to the face. This psyched up Hammerstone, who was able to withstand another series of strikes…at least for a while before getting dropped with another kick. Richards followed up with a PK kick but Hammerstone rose, as Richards, Holliday, and Atout all looked shocked. Hammerstone and Richards traded blows until the champ got an advantage. This advantage was short-lived as Richards attacked the leg again. Richards went for the diving stomp but Hammerstone was able to roll away from it.

As Davey charged at Hammerstone, he got caught by the champ and thrown into the corner after an exploder suplex. Hammerstone made a pin attempt and got a near fall. The two men brawled on the ring apron and Richards caught Hammerstone’s leg with a dragon screw. As Hammerstone had his leg trapped on the second rope, Richards lands the diving stomp right onto the limb. Richards went for the diving stomp again with Hammerstone dead center in the ring. Hammerstone kicked out at two and Richards went right into the ankle lock. Hammerstone was able to roll through but Davey connected with another PK kick. Richards picked Hammerstone up for a suplex. Somehow, Hammerstone was able to counter this into a Nightmare Pendulum. Davey rolled to the outside as Hammerstone tried for a cover.

Hammerstone followed Richards to the floor, limping around. Hammerstone got Richards back into the ring. Alexander went for another Nightmare Pendulum and Richards was able to turn it into a roll-up for a very close near fall. Richards fired up and connected with a flurry of kicks until he was laid out by a clothesline from Hammerstone. Hammerstone got Davey up into a torture rack and dropped him with a Stone Breaker for a near fall. Hammerstone followed up with a Nightmare Pendulum, getting the win.

WINNER: Alexander Hammerstone at 19:14

After the match, Richard Holliday smugly clapped for his former partner. They exchanged words until Alicia Atout pepper-sprayed Hammerstone. Holliday busted open Hammerstone and maintained the assault until MLW security was able to pull him away. Holliday was able to get a few more shots in before the show went off the air.

(Marcus’s Analysis: This was fantastic. This had a lot of what I love in a wrestling match. There was solid limb work, a contrast in styles, and story development. Richards looked great here and I wouldn’t mind seeing him with the MLW title down the road. The Hammerstone/Holliday rivalry is setting up to something great. The closing moments of the show with Holliday wearing a white suit stained with Hammerstone’s blood as Alicia stood by approvingly looked like something out Sid and Nancy and I dug it.)

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