3/22 NXT 2.0 REPORT: Hazelwood’s live alt-perspective on women’s Dusty Classic finals, Breakker vs. Roode, qualifiers, more




MARCH 22, 2022

NXT Commentators: Vic Joseph, Wade Barrett

Ring Announcer: Alicia Taylor

Backstage Correspondent(s): McKenzie Mitchell

Tonight after the show, join the PWT Talks NXT self-proclaimed “gang of idiots” to break down the show with calls and emails.

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-The show began with a video of Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams arriving in a Bentley. He said there were two more “Melo-fication” matches for the ladder match. Williams then hyped the remaining wrestlers as Hayes says they’re fighting for a spot in his ladder match.

(1) RODERICK STRONG (w/Malcolm Bivens) vs. SOLO SIKOA – North American Championship Ladder Match qualifying match

They cut to the ring where both men were already in at the end of Strong’s entrance. Strong used his grappling to gain the advantage, toying with Sikoa and working the left arm. Hayes and Williams joined Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett on commentary. Sikoa landed a big right to Strong then a big shoulder tackle. Sikoa hit a series of ground strikes before catching a kick and landing a clothesline. Strong tried fighting back, but ate a big open-hand strike to the face.

Sikoa hit a bodyslam-diving headbutt combo off of the ropes for a two-count. Strong, on the apron, dodged an attack as Sikoa’s throat hit the ropes. Strong reentered and stomped away. Sikoa’s trunks say “STREET CHAMP” on the back. Strong then locked in a modified Camel Clutch. Sikoa fought to his feet, but Strong kneed out Sikoa’s knee and landed a Shining Wizard for a one-count. Strong yelled out, “Come on, uce!” Sikoa obliged with strikes, but The Messiah of the Backbreaker landed a belly-to-back variation for a two-count.

Strong pointed at Hayes before landing a chop that was LOUD. Sikoa blocked a suplex, so Strong stomped on the exposed foot and hit a knee to the gut. Hayes called Sikoa “Uno” haha. Strong landed a big chest kick for a two-count. He locked in a modified armlock, but Siko fought back with headbutts to the gut. Strong responded with a big Olympic Slam, delayed, for a two-count. Santos Escobar then strutted to ringside having qualified last week.

Hayes said his named is spelled with one l because he’s never lost twice to anyone as Joseph brought up losing to Escobar. Sikoa regained the momentum with big strikes and then a Samoan Drop for a two-count. Sikoa climbed as Escobar taunted Hayes, but Strong landed an enziguri to seat Sikoa. Strong climbed, but Sikoa blocked a superplex. He knocked off Strong and hit a big splash as Bivens yelled, “Roddy!” to win the match. Bivens glared at Sikoa.

WINNER: Solo Sikoa at 9:17 to advance to North American Championship ladder match

-They cut to a video earlier today where Indi Hartwell and Persia Pirotta were arguing over who was getting more hype on TMZ. Pirotta said Hartwell is jealous of the 6.4 million views their kissing session did last week. It was…juvenile?

-Tony D’Angelo made his entrance for his match against Dexter Lumis. [c]

(Hazelwood’ Take: A good match that did have some moments of miscommunication. I didn’t think Strong would go over, so it’s nice to see Sikoa getting more of a push even if he won’t win the ladder match. Bivens yelling out at the end was a nice touch that really emphasized how invested he is in Diamond Mine and their success. It looks like our hopes for Diamond Mine success – and more Bivens – is through The Creed Brothers and Ivy Nile.)

-They returned with Lumis making his entrance.

(2) TONY D’ANGELO vs. DEXTER LUMIS (w/Indi Hartwell & Persia Pirotta & Duke Hudson) – Singles match

Joseph put over how many views the two couples received on TikTok as Barrett put over Hudson’s “tongue” skills. Cool. D’Angelo picked a leg, but Lumis went for Silence right away. D’Angelo elbowed out and hit a belly-to-belly suplex. Lumis countered an Irish whip and hit a Thesz Press. He worked D’Angelo in the corner, then another corner, then another. He whipped D’Angelo across to the final corner, then hit a Fallaway Slam and a kip up as Hartwell gave a thumbs up.

Lumis locked in a Camel Clutch only to land a right across the face. He hit D’Angelo with a big running back elbow for a two-count, then a bodyslam and leaping leg drop for a two-count. D’Angelo hit a jawbreaker to break away and rolled outside, but Lumis followed. He tried directing D’Angelo up the steps, but D’Angelo took out Lumis’ leg, causing him to land face-first on the steps. He grabbed his hat, donned it, and patted his back like Ciampa as they cut to break. [c]

D’Angelo slammed Lumis to the mat and cinched in another rear chinlock as they returned. Lumis fought out with elbows, but ate a kick to the gut. Lumis flipped out of a belly-to-back and landed strikes, then a corner clothesline-bulldog combo. A belly-to-back suplex and leg drop later drew a two-count as D’Angelo moved a bit, probably not realizing what was coming. Lumis went for Silence again, but D’Angelo fought out, then a double clothesline floored both men.

Hudson took off his shirt at ringside and taunted Lumis as D’Angelo went for the crowbar. Hartwell took it, then Pirotta took it. D’Angelo grabbed it and jostled with Pirotta for control. They fought over it for a few seconds, but D’Angelo wrenched it away. As he wrenched it, the force took him into the ring. The ref ducked, but didn’t see it hit Lumis. D’Angelo then hit a spinning fisherman’s suplex for the victory.

WINNER: Tony D’Angelo at 10:33 (spinning fisherman’s suplex)

-D’Angelo took a mic and said Ciampa took the bait and when he was on his knees, he knew he was finished. D’Angelo said the new don of NXT arrives at Stand & Deliver. Ciampa’s music hit and it was the good old fashioned attack from behind as they’re distracted by the music. He hit Fairytale Ending and grabbed a mic. He slithered to D’Angelo and said D’Angelo doesn’t get to tell him when he’s done. He said if Stand & Deliver is his last in NXT, then he’s going to write his own fairytale ending.

-McKenzie Mitchell was in the back commenting on Ciampa as Robert Roode asked why they’re talking about Ciampa. He said he’s a former NXT Champion who dominated for 12 months and paved the way for NXT to become what it became, and certainly no path for Breakker. Dolph Ziggler just asked Roode to leave some scraps for him and that Breakker doesn’t measure up to the former or current NXT Champion.

-Legado del Fantasma’s music hit as Elektra Lopez entered, accompanied by Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: The match was what it was, mostly there to serve as an angle to further the Hartwell-Pirotta feud. I’m higher on D’Angelo than most, but beyond dropping the heavy stereotype, he’s not going to receive a big push unless he upgrades his gear. He just looks like your uncle trying to play basketball at the Y or on the streets and let me say, that’s not a good look.)

-They returned with a Stand & Deliver promo from Grayson Waller (w/Sanga). He said it won’t be anything without him. He put over beating Knight two weeks ago and said he’ll be the only man standing on top of the ladder as the new North American Champion. He said A-Kid, “The Spanish Sensation,” is standing in his way. He put him over, but said, “He ain’t me,” and called him a stepping stone.

(3) ELEKTRA LOPEZ (w/Legado del Fantasma) vs. FALLON HENLEY (w/Brooks Jensen & Joshua Briggs) – Singles match

Henley was in the ring as they cut back with Jensen saying about Lopez, “She’s a beautiful woman.” Briggs admonished him and encouraged Henley. Lopez used her power to gain the advantage. She ate a dropkick, but hung up Henley on the top rope and then stomped on her repeatedly. Henley went for a wheelbarrow, but Lopez just slammed her down for a two-count. A “Legado!” chant began. Lopez used the hair to wrench on Henley’s head, then locked in a sub. Henley rolled her back for a two-count, but Lopez kicked out so hard Henley hit the ropes. The two men’s teams then fought at ringside and were tossed, but they were fighting to the back anyway.

Lopez taunted Henley, but the latter fought back with forearms and a running uppercut. She landed a running bulldog for a two-count. Lopez tossed her off the ropes, then hit a belly-to-back sit-down bomb for the victory.

WINNER: Elektra Lopez at 3:33 (belly-to-back bomb)

-They showed Draco Anthony in the back, ignoring a few calls as Xyon Quinn came in. It was Gacy calling him as Anthony said Gacy’s been blowing him up all week. He played a video message from Gacy that they showed where Gacy kept recruiting him. Quinn said you know what you have to do. Anthony said, “Handle my business like a man?” How about just handling your business? Quinn said he had his back.

-Roode’s music hit as he made his “glorious” entrance with Ziggler accompanying him. Ziggler waited until Roode stepped off of his platform to enter (what a pal!). [c]

-They returned with Mitchell in the back with Wendy Choo and Dakota Kai. Choo said last year Kai won with her best friend and this year, Kai will win with her new best friend (her). Choo said they’re on the same level except Kai kicked Raquel Gonzalez in the face, then she ate a Chingona Bomb, then Kai jumped in and said Choo’s had a little too much orange soda today. She said she’ll be the only person to have her name twice on the Dusty Classic trophy.

-Breakker made his entrance as they cut back to the ring.

(4) ROBERT ROODE (w/Dolph Ziggler) vs. BRON BREAKKER – Singles match

A “This is Glorious!” chant started right away as Roode hit a shoulder tackle and then taunted with jumping jacks. Breakker responded with one o fhis own and barked at Roode, then got into a wrestling stance. After some punches in the corner, Breakker fought out and hit a leap frog and then caught Roode on his own with a slam. Roode rolled outside, Breakker followed. They fought near the entrance as Ziggler told Breakker to pay attention to the match (good advice!).

Breakker rolled Roode back in at eight, but Roode stomped him as he reentered. Roode set and hit a picture-perfect vertical suplex and posed for the crowd. Roode went for another, but Breakker blocked only to get hit with another. However, Breakker kipped up right away and landed a clothesline. Breakker went for a corner spear, but Ziggler pulled Roode away. The ref saw and kicked out Ziggler, the NXT Champion. Ziggler said you can’t throw him out because, “This is my show!” [c]


Braekker was fighting back as they returned with strikes in the corner, but ate a boot and then a second rope blockbuster from Roode for a two-count. Roode recovered a bit, then went back on the attack. Roode dropped Breakker and then did some pushups with perfect form. Breakker fought back, but Roode hit a neckbreaker for a two-count as Barrett mentioned the continuous neck attacks are the key to defeating Breakker.

Roode climbed to the top rope, but Breakker met him. Breakker climbed to the second rope and the two traded blows. Breakker brought in Roode’s legs and hit the Frankensteiner. Breakker rose holding the right side of his neck. He hit a big overhead belly-to-belly, but then turned into a spinebuster after missing a clothesline. Roode scored a two-count. Roode called for the Glorious DDT, but Breakker countered and hit a clothesline that caused Roode to spit.

Breakker then set in the corner for a spear, but Roode hit a knee. Breakker responded with a spear, but took a while to get over into the cover, only draping an arm, allowing Roode to kick out just before three. Breakker worked out his right arm as he set for his military press slam. Roode slipped out and hit the Glorious DDT, but couldn’t make the cover immediately as he was writhing in pain at the midsection. Breakker kicked out at two as the fans chided the ref.

The two started trading blow, first on their knees and then on their feet. Roode hit a throat chop to stop the back-and-forth, but Breakker hit a series of punches. Roode went for another blockbuster, but Breakker caught him and turned it into an Oklahoma Slam immediately for the victory.

After the match as Breakker posed on the ramp, he turned into a superkick from Ziggler. Ziggler said Breakker will never be on his level and that Breakker “turned his back” on the wrong man.

WINNER: Bron Breakker at 15:16 (Oklahoma Slam counter)

-They showed Hartwell and Lumis in the locker room with ice to Lumis’ head. He glared as Pirotta and Lumis entered. Pirotta said Hudson doesn’t need excuses and can beat anyone on the roster. Hartwell said he’s not John Cena, and Pirotta said he could beat him, too. Lumis started to draw, and it was Gunther. Hartwell asked if Hudson could beat him and Pirotta said yes; Hudson asked, “How’d you draw that so fast?”

-They showed Kay Lee Ray and Io Shirai warming up in the back.

-Waller’s music hit to the biggest reaction of the night. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: This match had more levels to it in terms of pace than the other three, but it may have gone too slow in spots. Those two near falls toward the end just weren’t believable to me – I wasn’t even readying to stop the timer – based on the layout of the match and how each move was executed. It does make sense that Breakker would beat the former champion on his way to the former champion’s best friend, the current champion, almost as a way to signal the transitionary level of NXT Champion acts.)

-They returned with a Chase U segment. Bodhi Heyward presented on what fortitude means to him. He said since he has joined Chase U, Von Wagner as continuously challenged Chase U and his own fortitude. A classmate raised his hand and Heyward cussed out the kid for rising his hand while he spoke. Andre Chase asked Heyward where he learned to speak that way. Heyward said honestly, it was Mr. Chase. Chase said that’s the best thing he’s ever heard. They called the student a dumbass.

-A-Kid was in the ring as they cut back.

(5) GRAYSON WALLER (w/Sanga) vs. A-KID – North American Championship Ladder Match qualifying match

The two traded holds before Waller dodged an attack into the ropes. He tried his best to out-technical A-Kid, but that was a losing effort. Waller turned the tables by pulling A-Kid into the ropes as they showed Sikoa watching the match from the entrance area. A-Kid hit a series of leverage pins before being floored with a running boot from Waller for a two-count. a-Kid hit a rana counter and a pop-up dropkick, then a quick tornillo outside. He countered Waller’s rolling stunner from the outside into a rear naked choke, then chained it into a guillotine. He went for a springboard, but Waller jumped with him and hit a Russian leg sweep off the second rope. He then hit his rolling stunner for the victory.

WINNER: Grayson Waller at 2:51 (rolling stunner)

-After the match, Hayes and Williams hit the ring and said they just realized they need one more person in the match. They made a triple threat match with the losers: Cameron Grimes, Roderick Strong, and A-Kid. Hayes said he may be A-Kid, but he’ll never be a champion. Williams said tonight, he gets the “A-Momma” and ate an enziguri as A-Kid escaped.

-In the back, Robert Stone showed video of Jacket Time interrupting them. Wagner said one thing at a time, Heyward first. Sofia Cromwell approached about finishing their conversation.

-The Creed Brothers made their entrance with Bivens and Nile. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: After all that with his debut, they just had A-Kid lose clean to Waller in less than three minutes. Maybe he wins next week, but it would have been better to keep him out of this scenario entirely and just build him as a challenger to Hayes in the summer with an undefeated streak.)

-They returned with Zack Gibson beginning his promo asking why they’re so angry thinking that GYV attacked them when they didn’t. Gibson said if they were going to jump them, then they did.

(6) THE CREED BROTHERS (Brutus & Julius w/Malcolm Bivens & Ivy Nile) vs. GRIZZLED YOUNG VETERANS (James Drake & Zack Gibson) – Tag team match

Brutus yelled for the bell to ring and caught James Drake with a gutwrench. He hit another as he yelled at Gibson. Julius tagged in and methodically worked Drake as a “Gibson sucks!” chant began. Gibson taunted Julius long enough for Drake to lock ina  hold and Gibson to make the tag. Gibson began to break down Julius, but Julius caught him with an overhead suplex. Julius then locked in a standing Stretch Muffler, but Gibson grabbed the ropes immediately.

Gibson then took out Brutus and tagged in Drake, who hit a step-up enziguri to Julius, then an assisted dropkick to Brutus, knocking him off of the apron as Bivens seethed. Julius dropped the straps and took on both men, but ate a big forearm from Drake. Drake tagged in Gibson and continued the part-taunt/part-assault on Julius. Drake tagged in as Gibson put Julius in the electric chair, but Julius shoved Gibson into the post. Drake leaped over and tweaked the knee. Julius took out the knee and tagged in Brutus, who hit a big slam and his big sliding clothesline for the victory.

WINNER: The Creed Brothers at 4:14 (sliding clothesline)

-After the match, they showed a hooded and masked group spray painting Diamond Mine’s locker room and sending DMs that were on the screen. They knocked the camera over and walked off.

-Imperium were in the back and making their way to the ring. [c]

-They returned with an ad for Showcase mode on WWE 2K22 which was actually pretty fun. The archival footage was great, especially of Eddie Guerrero.

-Imperium were clearly waiting for the cue to march to the ring as they returned from commercial. Hudson was already in the ring.

(7) GUNTHER (w/Imperium) vs. DUKE HUDSON (w/Persia Pirotta) – Singles match

Hudson dodged a chop, but was put right into a side headlock and ate a big shoulder tackle. Gunther then hit a big bodyslam. Hudson tried a chop, but Gunther hit one that floored him instead. Gunther then wrenched on the nostrils before dropping an elbow and landing a big forearm across the chest. Hudson did fight back, but one shot is all Gunther needed. Hell, one chop was so loud the entire crowd recoiled and grabbed their chests.

Gunther went for the rear naked choke, but Hudson elbowed out. Hudson landed a big boot to the face to turn the tables of the match in his favor. He slapped Gunther’s chest, but Gunther hit another chop. He then sent Hudson to the apron, but Hudson used that to hit a German suplex for a two-count. Hudson then went for a powerbomb, but Gunther spun out and hit a lariat. He landed another huge chop, then another, then a kick. Powerbomb, pin, over.

WINNER: Gunther at 3:51 (powerbomb)

-He took a mic after and said he is the most dominant competitor in NXT, but still he is overlooked. He said it’s an absolute disgrace that L.A. Knight can talk himself- the music hit. Knight marched to the ring as if he could actually do anything to Gunther. He took a mic and entered the ring. Gunther told him to shut up as he said his catchphrase (THANK YOU GUNTHER!). Gunther said Knight represents everything that is wrong with the business today: all talk, no skill. He said Knight’s mouth talks him into matches he can’t win.

Knight said if Gunther interrupts him one more time, he’s going to knock his block head off of his dad bod. Knight said he was going to use his words to set a match at Stand & Deliver, but attacked Gunther. Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner attacked immediately. MSK made the save, using quick strikes to stun Gunther. Knight hit a powerslam and then clotheslined Gunther over the top rope. Knight and MSK stood tall in the ring. MSK lost their title match already, so yeah.

-They showed a video on Grimes losing to Escobar. Grimes said he wears his heart on his sleeve and last week he was emotional. He then discussed his father as they showed photos, including of his father as a former champion. He then discussed how his father passed just after he signed to NXT, never being able to see him in NXT. He said that’s why next week is the biggest match of his career with his final shot for the final spot in the ladder match. He said next week, he does whatever it takes.

-Choo’s music hit as she made her entrance for the women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic finals. Kai then made her entrance as Choo revealed she’s wearing a Kai shirt underneath. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: If anything, just find video of that one chop from Gunther that made the entire crowd recoil. The SOUND is ridiculous. Gunther was never touted as a great promo, but when his promos are so full of accurate observations that are also further strengthened by the coherency to his character, they work just fine for me. I also just like watching him wrestle, every hesitation regarding his and Imperium’s gimmick aside.)

-They returned with the official announcement of Knight vs. Gunther.

-Shirai and Kay made their entrance as they cut back, already at the trophy, with eight minutes until the top of the hour. They showed Toxic Attraction in the Toxic Lounge. Alicia Taylor gave formal ring introductions from ringside, which I’m fine with since it isn’t a title match. Ref D.A. Brewer drew the main event match.

(8) WENDY CHOO & DAKOTA KAI vs. KAY LEE RAY & IO SHIRAI – Women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic finals

Choo and Shirai began the match with Shirai in purple and gold. Shirai landed on her feet on a head scissors, then turned confused as she saw Choo laying down in a nap pose. She tagged in Ray as they landed a double team for a two-count. Choo fought out and tagged in Kai as they hit their double team in the corner with running boots for a two-count. Kai hit a leverage rollup for a two-count, but Kay tagged in Shirai. As Shirai went for the Tiger Feint Kick, Choo put up her body pillow to block the impact. Shirai then kicked her and threw Kai over and outside with a strong Irish whip. Ray then used Shirai for some momentum to hit a lope on Choo. Shirai hit a tope into Kai, who hit the back of her head on the announce desk. [c]

They returned with Choo taking over with a furious flurry, including her Naptime Elbow drop for a two-count. Ray went for the KLR Bomb, but Choo tossed her into Shirai and rolled her up for a two-count. Kai tagged in as Choo put Ray on the top rope. Shirai ran in, but Choo took her out. Kai then hit a pump kick to Ray on the top rope, then Choo ran up with a belly-to-belly avalanche (Ray landed dangerously close to her head) for a Kai two-count.


Ray tagged in Shirai, who hit a flapjack on Kai. This time, her Tiger Feint Kick landed clean across the face. Ray tagged in and hit a rolling senton from the middle rope to a standing Kai for a two-count that was broken up by Choo. Choo whipped Shirai into the post. Kai dodged a KLR Bomb and hit Kairopractor. She went to the top, Choo tagged in, Kai hit the double stomp from the top, then Choo with her backward splash. Suddenly, Shirai hit a missile dropkick to Kai, pushing her into Choo to break up the pin. How Kai and Choo were standing there signaled the breakup coming.

All four women took their time getting to their feet. First were Kai and Shirai. Shirai hit a butterfly backbreaker, but Choo hit a full nelson slam that Joseph called Orange Soda I think. Ray hit the KLR Bomb, then tagged in Shirai. Shirai hit Over the Moonsault for the clean victory and to win the women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. They’re now in line to face Toxic Attraction for the Women’s Tag Team Championship, who were not happy with the outcome of the match.

WINNER: Kay Lee Ray & Io Shirai at 10:23 (Over the Moonsault) to win the women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

-After the match, they posed with the tall trophy in the ring as confetti rained down. Mandy Rose said to cut the stupid music as she and Toxic Attraction entered. She said the champ has something to say. She congratulated them – sarcastically – for their victory, saying Choo and Kai blew the match. Rose said if they think they’re actually going to beat Gigi Dolan and Jacy Jayne, they’re sadly mistaken.

Ray took a mic and said they had one thing in mind: destroy Toxic Attraction. She said the best way is to go after the leader and take what’s most important to her. Shirai said Rose said she would fight any woman for the title. Ray said they’re going to cash in their Tag Team Championship for a fatal four-way NXT Women’s Championship match instead. Dolan threw champagne into their face as they attacked, but Dolan left the ring. The other two ate attacks as Cora Jade came to help. Barrett lamented the injustice of making it a fatal four-way as they went off of the air.

(Hazelwood’s Take: The expected outcome of the tournament and it works well here, although I’m not quite sure about turning their title opportunity into a women’s title shot. It seems like unless there’s some ambiguous language in the contract of the tournament that this shouldn’t happen – kayfabe of course. Still, that was probably the most fun match of the night with each team getting a lot of offense in on the other. I’m not sure if Choo and Kai will continue as a team or if this is the impetus for them to have a singles feud. I’m also now wondering who Toxic Attraction will face at Stand & Deliver for the titles, which now that I think about it as I’m writing this, will probably by Choo and Kai. I just think there are some steps missing in the execution of these stories.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: That was probably one of the better episodes of NXT with a good balance of matches, story building, and character building, even if some of it is cringeworthy. I’m not a fan of how often the show is using matches as the vehicles for angles, but it’s become so common that I just have to get with the program I guess. I also think it would be nice to have more entrances rather than just cutting to the ring so viewers have a little more time to digest what’s happened and ready themselves for what’s coming. Starting the show with a match immediately gives little time to settle in, and the show has been faster-paced the past few weeks.

What NXT has been doing well is setting up things for after Stand & Deliver, such as Chase U vs. Wagner, Cromwell and her association with Stone, and potentially The Creed Brothers attackers, though that seems likely to culminate at the event. I think the Hartwell-Pirotta feud may also culminate there. There’s still Sarry vs. Stratton, which wasn’t mentioned tonight yet seems far from over, which could be a great mid-card feud coming out of next weekend. Even if I’m not their biggest fan, I have to admit, I’m actually curious to see where the Jensen/Briggs stuff goes. Maybe it’s being involved with LDF, adding Henley, and then adding in the dynamic with Lopez, but I do want to see what the endgame is between these groups.

All that to say I think NXT is setting themselves up well after the hard reset that, let’s face it, was done with as much grace, dignity, and deft as a Bron Breakker promo. Now, after months and months to find their footing and show ethos, they’re on the right track. They might not find al those viewers who left, but they should be able to maintain their current viewership for a bit.

CATCH-UP: NXT Women’s Championship match announced for Stand and Deliver

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