4/12 NXT 2.0 REPORT: Hazelwood’s live alt-perspective on three title matches including Tag Team Championship gauntlet match, continuation of Breakker-Gacy angle, more




APRIL 12, 2022

NXT Commentators: Vic Joseph, Wade Barrett

Ring Announcer: Alicia Taylor

Backstage Correspondent(s): McKenzie Mitchell

Tonight after the show, join the PWT Talks NXT self-proclaimed “gang of idiots” to break down the show with calls and emails.

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(Well, I think last Wednesday, Nash Carter was released from WWE after the allegations by Kimber Lee. Even before all of this and S&D, we had discussed how MSK should NOT win the titles, and given this hindsight, the decision looks even more questionable. It’s amazing they actually have five legit teams for a gauntlet after the dissolution of MSK and Imperium, though Grayson Waller and Sanga are a very new team; have they even teamed in a match yet? I assume the gauntlet match will take the entire second hour and I see two scenarios: either a face teams runs the gauntlet or a heel team comes in last – Waller and Sanga, maybe – and defeats the battered and tired face team after they pull The New Day playbook.)


-The show began with a recap video of Bron Breakker defeating Gunther last week and the ensuing Joe Gacy-Harland angle where they kidnapped Rick Steiner. Is he still in that cage?

-They cut to the ring for in-ring introductions from Alicia Taylor.

(1) CAMERON GRIMES (c) vs. SOLO SIKOA – North American Championship match

An “Uso!” chant started as Vic Joseph mentioned Grimes was impressed with Sikoa’s confidence last week; Wade Barrett put over the “gentlemanly” Sikoa. Grimes hit an O’Connor Roll for two, then Sikoa with a schoolboy for a two-count. Grimes went for a German, but Sikoa fought out only to eat an arm drag, then another. Grimes clearly called a spot in the ring where Sikoa pushed out of the arm drag, but ate another one. Sikoa went for a bodyslam, but Grimes maintained pressure on the arm to counter.

After another 30 seconds or so, Sikoa pushed off Grimes and hit a big soulder tackle, then another. He hit a senton as a counter to a Grimes dropdown. Grimes went for the Cave In, but Sikoa dodged and they stared at each other. Grimes extended his hand for a shake as the crowd chanted “Solo!” Sikoa shook and Grimes said, “I respect you, but your bloodline can kiss my grits.” Grimes slammed Sikoa’s head into two turnbuckles, but Sikoa no-sold and went on the attack, ultimately clotheslining Grimes over the top rope and to the outside. Sikoa followed, then tossed Grimes back in. As he hit the apron, Grimes hit an enziguri, then hit the apron for a PK. Grimes then hit a flipping senton off of the apron as they cut to break. [c]

Sikoa had Grimes in an arm lock after an arm drag as they returned from break in a bit of turnabout-is-fair-play. They traded forearms in the middle of the ring before Sikoa hit a rising headbutt. He then hit a charging hip attack in the corner, then went for another on a seated Grimes like the late Umaga, but Grimes moved and hit a nasty rana where Sikoa landed awkwardly on his neck. Grimes hit a deadlift bridging German for a two-count.

Grimes charged at Sikoa, but Sikoa hit a hip toss into the corner and then the running hip attack for a two-count. Grimes countered a Samoan drop with elbows, but ate a superkick. Grimes countered and climbed to the top rope, but Sikoa went underneath. They ran at each other as Grimes hit Collision Course (moonsault fallaway slam) for a two-count. Grimes set for the Cave In with his “To the moon!” taunt, but Sikoa countered with a Samoan drop for a two-count. He immediately went to the top rope for the big splash, but Grimes climbed to meet him. Sikoa shoved away Grimes and Trick Williams came to interfere behind the ref’s back. Sikoa took him out, but reentered the ring to a Cave In.

WINNER: Cameron Grimes at 13:11 (Cave In) to retain the North American Championship

-After the match, Carmelo Hayes was in the ring attacking Grimes. Sikoa rose to his feet and clocked Hayes, but Williams hit a chop block to take out Sikoa. He then shoved Sikoa into the ring post and attacked Williams. Hayes mounted and punched away at Grimes. Williams took off Hayes to say calm down, then got on himself and beat away. He set up Grimes for Hayes to hit a springboard lariat. Hayes grabbed the belt (“A belt holds up your pants”) and dropped it on Grimes as he and Williams posed.

-Joseph and Barrett were ringside as they hyped the gauntlet match; Barrett said the division is “stacked,” but it’s not. Waller interrupted from the back and said they should have been handed the titles (Waller still has a sling). He said Sanga is pissed and that Sanga is going to shred the other four teams. Sanga nodded along as Waller basically said Sanga will do all the work while he stands on the apron.

-They showed Breakker making his way to the ring. Did he find his dad?! [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: You knew either Grimes was going over clean or there would be interference. It does make Sikoa look strong going against the new champion so evenly and possibly only losing because of interference, but I wonder the message it sends about Grimes, the new champ, needing interference that he didn’t know about, sure, to win the match. After Hayes’ absence last week, it’s nice to see him back and while I would have liked to have seen him off TV a little longer to come back for the NXT Championship, to him, he MADE the North American Championship the “A Championship” and without that, he’s not the A Superstar, so it makes complete sense that he would want to reestablish himself as the North American Champion. How long Grimes holds the title, or if Hayes even wins it back, will be worth watching.)

-They returned with a vignette from Malcolm Bivens and The Creed Brothers. He called Pretty Deadly “Pretty Stupid” and that this isn’t NXT UK, “We’ll beat your ass!” Brutus was much more composed yet intense as he said this gauntlet match is right in their wheelhouse. Julius said they proved their the best team not just now, but of all time. They showed them picking out a ball from a rolling machine with their entry number, but they didn’t show the camera. Julius said they wouldn’t want it any other way (I’m guessing #1 and they’re getting The New Day run).


Breakker made his way to the ring. He barked, but he still looked a bit concerned. Breakker said Gacy wanted to send him a message and get his attention and he’s got it. He said his dad’s home now, but Gacy has some nerve pulling that crap last week because no one messes with his family. He said his father gave 20 years to the business, a WWE Hall of Famer and legend in the business. He called out Gacy to the ring.

Gacy appeared on the Tron with a fire in front of him I’m guessing in a barrel. He was obviously outside. He said he knows more about Breakker now after spending time with his father. He said he knows Breakker is so tough because his father took the beating like a man. He said Rick left one memento behind and pulled out the WWE Hall of Fame ring. He said this ring is Breakker’s family’s life work, but a family can only be tested by fire. He tossed it into the fire (it wasn’t a barrel), but they missed the toss as they cut to Breakker! Gacy laughed; Harland was nowhere in sight.

-They replayed Toxic Attraction regaining the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship last week. McKenzie Mitchell was in their locker room for an interview with the three. Mandy Rose said how good does it feel to be sitting with the women who hold all the gold in NXT? Rose said Dakota Kai has a lot of voices in her hand, but none are whispering to her that she can take the title tonight. Rose said she’s going to go out there and prove they are the measuring stick of NXT.

-They showed Jacket Time in the back as Ikemen Jiro was hyping up Kushida for his match with Von Wagner. Suddenly, Wagner attacked both and took them out. He powerbombed Kushida over some crates. Robert Stone appeared and said looks like there’s no match tonight. Wagner still has no charisma. [c]

-They returned with a video from “Moments Ago” as Breakker angrily left the arena. A camera followed and he said, “GET THIS CAMER OUT OF MY FACE! I GOT NOTHING FOR YA!” He drove off in his Dodge Challenger.

-They showed Mitchell in the back sitting in prep for an interview with Nikkita Lyons.

(2) VON WAGNER (w/Robert Stone) vs. IKEMEN JIRO – Singles match

Stone said it looks like Jacket Time has ran (he means run) out of time). The USA player froze and buffered for a bit, but then he said what Wagner just did, they’ll never see them again. He said this is Von Wagner’s world, and we’re just living in it. Jiro came out, limping, and used his quickness to hit an enziguri. Stone fled the ring to hold back Wagner. Ikemen took a mic and said, “Ikemen is pissed, so Ikemen is going to kick your ass right now! The ref rung the bell.

Another enziguri landed as Jiro held his ribs. He went for the ten punches, but Wagner dropped him on the turnbuckle and landed a huge lariat. He landed some slow elbow drops, then a big fallaway slam. He then caught Jiro in a bearhug which, for someone having trouble connecting with the crowd, probably isn’t a smart move. Jiro fought out, then hit a few leg kicks and right hands. He hit a rising pump knee to floor Wagner, then a superkick to the face. He climbed to the top rope and hit the Swanton, but Wagner kicked out emphatically at two. Stone distracted Jiro, allowing Wagner to hit a big boot and the Roode Bomb for the victory.

After the match, Wagner was distracted and Stone noticed Sofia Cromwell in the ring, pointing at Wagner. He listed to her instead of Stone and tossed Jiro into the front row of obvious plants who were standing almost the entire match.

WINNER: Von Wagner at 2:56 (Roode Bomb)

-Mitchell asked Lyons about Lash Legend and asked what point she proved with her win. Lyons said she doesn’t need to prove anything to Legend, just the WWE Universe. She called out Rose, but stopped talking as Legend appeared and hit a pump kick. Norman Smiley(!) made an appearance to tell her off. She told Mitchell the next time she wants an interview, it better be with Lash Legend.

-Kai made her entrance for her NXT Women’s Championship match with Rose. If they don’t have Kai win it tonight, then she never will, honestly, and that’s sad. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: It almost seems like Cromwell is actually going to take over as Wagner’s manager since he listened to her and didn’t pay no mind to Stone once he saw her in the crowd. Her nods of approval after he tossed Jiro into the crowd seems to indicate she’s working to turn Wagner into a loyal disciple.)

-They returned with a replay wide shot and low shot of Jiro being tossed.

-They showed a video recap of Pretty Deadly making their debuts. The blonde is Elton Prince while the brunette is Kit Wilson, so I think I did hear them right last week. They said they wanted to make a statement and what better way than to attack the winners of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. The USA player is having issues tonight buffering. and it actually froze. I missed the entire promo. Please refer to Kelly Wells’ report.

-By the time I got it back, it was intros for the title match, but not in-ring

(3) MANDY ROSE (c) (w/Toxic Attraction) vs. DAKOTA KAI – NXT Women’s Championship match

They locked up, then Rose drew Kai in by retreating to the ropes. She landed a big kick and a bodyslam. Kai slipped out of a bodyslam and hit a sloppy crucifix as Rose didn’t seem sure of the spot. Kai then hit her rollup from out of the corner for a two-count, then landed a few arm drags and a dropkick. Jacy Jayne grabbed at Kai’s foot, but Kai countered Rose and kicked Rose outside. She climbed to the top rope and hit a big crossbody to all three women as they cut to break. [c]

They returned with Rose holding Kai in a body scissors. The laptop I usually use to stream the show froze, so I’m using my less-than-stellar laptop I use for my reports to stream as well; sorry about that. Kai tried hitting head scissors, but Rose caught her and planted her almost like a Glam Slam.


Rose put on a rear naked choke, but Rose transitioned again to the body scissors and wrenched on the head. Rose turned her over for a two-count. Kai rolled away from a corner charge, then began striking Rose and hit a scorpion kick. She hit a standing double stomp to the gut then hit a jumping snap mare and a running boot wash to a seated Rose in the corner. Kai hit a weird modified leg sweep or something for a two-count.

Rose then tried a leverage pin for a two-count, then hit a spinebuster for a two-count. Rose grabbed her right hamstring, not sure if it’s storyline, but then Barrett mentioned it so it must be. Kai hit an inside cradle for a two-count, then a headbutt. She then hit a sloppy Kairopractor and rolled over to set for the running boot.

Gigi Dolan climbed to distract the ref, but Kai then kicked away Jane, who tried to interfere. When Kai grabbed the Women’s Tag Team Championship title, she turned right into the pump knee from Rose for the victory. Rose kept selling the hamstring.

WINNER: Mandy Rose at 10:51 (pump knee) to retain the NXT Women’s Championship

-As they celebrated after the match, Wendy Choo hit the apron behind them and shot super soakers akimbo at all three women, who flopped around cartoonishly.

-The cut to Gacy, still outside, who said we live through social media and emotion and is run by the court of public opinion, not the rule of law. He said truth is what people believe, not what they know to be fact. He said Breakker can’t carry the weight of the brand on his back, but he’s the only one who can guide NXT. He said Breakker is too easy to manipulate and in two weeks, he made him angry and helpless. He said he could control every move of Breakker and he will tear down everything in his life, but he may hang on to one thing. He grabbed tongs and retrieved the ring, putting it on his left pinkie as it seared into his skin.

-They showed Cora Jade making her way to the ring. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: I feel like Kai might just not be as into things lately. Her matches, granted they’ve been mostly with Toxic Attraction, just seem to be lacking a sense of urgency and energy. I also just don’t know why they’ve NEVER put the title on Kai. I’m just not sure how much more they can ride the Rose train as her improvement seems to have stagnated, tonight’s match being a prime example. Who’s next? Jade? I just don’t buy Jade as the champion, so I’m not sold on her as the next challenger…again.)

-They came back with Legado del Fantasma in the back. Tony D’Angelo interrupted and said they might have had a little misunderstanding last week. He said if things don’t go their way this week, here’s a peace offering. He took out a solid envelope of cash, but Santos Escobar put it back in D’Angelo’s pocket and said the respect of the familia is worth more than that. Good for him, too!


She said WrestleMania week was the most important weekend of her life (yup, the week was the weekend). She said the best part is that her parents got to sit in the second row and watch her (“Working on front row”). She said she held her own in the ring with three incredibly talented women, but she came up short. She said life doesn’t always work out how you want, and it sucks. She said she thought she wanted to be Women’s Champion, but after coming so close, she needs to become Women’s Champion (good pop from the crowd). She said this isn’t just another promo about refocusing her efforts because the efforts remain the same as she wrote in her notebook at eight-years-old that she would become a champion in WWE. She said she wants to make sure her name is with those she idolized as she named off a bunch of wrestlers. Natalya’s music hit to a HUGE pop.

Jade looked shocked with a hand on her face, looking like she was about to cry. Natalya went around the crowd as a lot of little girls just looked excited to see her. She hugged a girl at ringside as well; she’s a heel, right? Cora gave a nervous wave to Natalya as the latter soaked up the chants and appreciation from the crowd.

Natalya took a mic as a “Holy shit!” chant started. Natalya even wiped away tears from her eyes and said she loved the crowd with emotion in her voice. The crowd kept chanting. She said this building brings back so many memories. She approached Jade as a “Welcome back!” chant rang out. She said it was good to finally meet Jade and introduced herself.

Jade, hypernervously, called her the “BOAT” and discussed Natalya being the first wrestler she idolized, the first action figure she had. Jade said she DMd Natalya at ten-years-old after a show. Natalya said after Jade’s debut, she went to send her a DM and saw that 2010 DM for the first time. Natalya put over Jade, and said more than anything, Jade has passion for this and she loves that. Jade said she can pass out and die now. Natalya put her hand on her shoulder and said she’s mentored, trained, and competed against some of the greatest in WWE history (she was getting sniffly). Natalya said Jade is the future of the NXT women’s division, but the future is bleak. She slapped the shit out of Jade and locked in the Sharpshooter. Jade tapped furiously and immediately, but secretly was probably smiling so much for taking her favorite wrestler’s finisher like when Xavier Woods was ecstatic to take a 3D through a table.

-They showed Joshua Briggs and Brooks Jensen in the back hyping each other up as Fallon Henley said let’s kick some ass to an awkward silence, but they yelled out in agreement.

-They hyped Draco Anthony vs. Xyon Quinn. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: OK, so at least Jade isn’t going for the title right away. It looks like Natalya is back to help put over another generation of women’s wrestlers like when she lost to Charlotte Flair after Paige had to relinquish the title after defeating A.J. Lee the night after WrestleMania. I think both women played their roles well even if you could see Natalya’s turn coming. Jade is going to LEARN in her feud with Natalya, and I’m guessing Natalya requested to work with Jade as someone she sees as the future since I don’t think that line was just kayfabe from her.)

-A Nathan Frazer vignette aired with his highlights from NXT UK. He said he’s coming to NXT.

-Anthony was in the ring to no reaction as they cut back. Quinn made his entrance.


Draco hit an immediate dropkick and then taunted Quinn with Quinn’s pose. Quinn hit a shoulder tackle and then did his pose over Anthony. Quinn grabbed the left arm, but Anthony shoved him into the corner. He slapped the chest instead of breaking, so Quinn just gave him a big biel across the ring, but Anthony leaped out of the corner, causing Quinn to run into the turnbuckle, then Anthony landed a huge lariat.

Anthony rammed Quinn shoulder-first into the corner, then hit a suplex and mocked Quinn with a sloppy Samoan war dance that I didn’t catch the name of, which just infuriated Quinn. Quinn hit a rolling Death Valley Driver, almost a Piper’s Pit, then landed a running forearm out of the corner. He lifted Anthony, then dropped him with a forearm. Anthony looked limp. Quinn came off of the ropes and hit another running forearm for the victory.

WINNER: Xyon Quinn at 2:58

-Natalya made her way through the back as the women’s locker room watched her. Tatum Paxley approached and challenged Natalya, who agreed. Natalya then told them she’s basically staying in NXT.

-The Creed Brothers made their entrance as the number one entry. [c]

-They returned with In-Dex and Dusia in the back. The player was screwing up again, but it sounded like we’re getting a Dexter Lumis-Duke Hudson tag team.

-They hyped next week’s matches with Sarray vs. Tiffany Stratton and Natalya vs. Tatum Paxley.

-LDF came out second

(5) THE CREED BROTHERS (w/Malcolm Bivens) vs. LEGADO DEL FANTASMA (Joquin Wilde & Raul Mendoza w/Elektra Lopez) vs. PRETTY DEADLY (Kit Wilson and Elton Prince) vs. JOSHUA BRIGGS & BROOKS JENSEN (w/Fallon Henley) vs. GRAYSON WALLER & SANGA – NXT Tag Team Championship gauntlet match

Note the order listed is not the order of entry unless I get lucky. Brutus and Mendoza started the match, but Mendoza kicked off Julius, then Brutus. He tagged in Wilde, who hit an assisted splash to both men on the outside. He rolled Brutus back inside for a one-count. Veteran referee D.A. Brewer rightfully drew this assignment. Brutus floored Wilde, then tagged in Julius, who got distracted and allowed LDF to engage in their corner work.

Mendoza hit a spinning brainbuster before Wilde hit a big springboard flipping seated senton for a two-count. Mendoza tagged in and hit a move for two, then tagged in Wilde. Julius caught a kick and rolled into an ankle lock. Brutus then met Mendoza and locked in his own to Menodza. LDF grabbed each other’s hand and used the momentum to break the holds.

Brutus tagged in and just tossed Wilde into the air. He knocked off Mendoza into the ringside barricade. He hit a deadlift powerbomb for a two-count. Brutus then hit a knee to the side and tagged in his brother, but Wilde flipped out of a suplex and landed a jawbreaker.

Mendoza tagged in and used his speed to take it to Julius. Wilde tagged in and hit a 450 splash clean, but Brutus shoved Wilde off of the pin. Mendoza kicked Brutus out, but Brutus prevented the double team by taking out Mendoza. They hit their sliding clothesline to advance at 4:31

LDF eliminated at 4:31

Briggs and Jensen entered next, but Lopez shoved Henley in the face. The  men held her off and entered the ring. They fist bumped The Creed Brothers and then went at it. [c]

Brutus scored a two-count on Briggs as they returned. Brutus stalked, btu Briggs sent him over. He dodged Julius and hit a big lariat. He went outside as he and Jensen sandwiched Brutus. They took Brutus to the announce table and hit a chokeslam-powerbomb combo through the table to Brutus. Malcolm Bivens’ expression was priceless.

Julius dodged an attack from Briggs, but had no partner to tag. Briggs then went for a slam, but Julius slipped and hit a dropkick. Jensen made the sneaky tag and came in to hit a double shoulder tackle. The crowd started booing a bit as they slid outside and hit double right hands to both men. Barrett said Jensen must have so much pent up aggression because he can’t get laid.

Briggs tagged in and they hit a bad double team. Jensen went for the cover, but Briggs was legal. They hit their chokeslam-powerbomb combo for only a two-count as Julius kicked out. Briggs tagged in and lifted Julius into a Dominator position. Jensen leaped from the top and hit a knee into the Dominator, but Brutus shoved Jensen into the pin to break it up.

Briggs took out Brutus with a big boot. Julius went through the ropes, but Brutus made the tag. Julius grabbed Briggs and Brutus dodged Jensen, then landed his clothesline to eliminate them around 13:30

Briggs & Jensen eliminated at 13:30

Waller and Sanga made their entrance next as Sanga hit a big boot to Julius, posed, then finally pinned for only a two-count. Sanga’s gear looks like Braun Strowman’s. He shoved Julius outside and tagged in Waller, who sneakily took his arm out of the sling and clobbered Brutus, then went and hit Julius. He danced a bit as they hit break. [c]

Waller was in control of Brutus as they returned. They showed some replays of Sanga landing power moves. Brutus lifted Waller into a belly-to-back and landed. A depleted Brutus slowly crawled to his corner and made the tag to Julius. Julius cut off Waller’s path, but Sanga dodged a dropkick. Julius instead went and hit a block on Waller.

Brutus tagged in, but so did Sanga. Brutus lifted and slammed Sanga with a teardrop suplex! That got the crowd going a little. Julius then lifted Sanga onto his shoulder and hit a rolling slam, then the lariat for the victory at 19:50

Waller & Sanga eliminated at 19:50

Pretty Deadly made their entrance as the final team.


Prince and Wilson immediately went at The Creed Brothers. Prince went right at Julius in the ring, hitting a back elbow for a two-count. Prince tagged in Wilson, and they methodically worked Julius with precision strikes. Prince tagged in and hit a knee to the gut. A “Let’s go Creed!” chant rang out, but Prince worked Julius into their corner. Prince tried for a suplex, but Julius fought it off. Still, Prince tagged in Wilson while grabbing a leg.

Wilson hit a running knee to the side and tagged in Prince. They went for a double suplex, but Julius blocked by dropping his weight and yet they were still able to hit it for a two-count as Joseph marveled at Julius somehow kicking out. Prince worked the left arm, but Julius fought to his feet and hit a jawbreaker. Prince responded and tagged in Wilson. Wilson hit a huge European uppercut, then a running uppercut in the corner.

Julius dodged an attack from Prince who tagged in, but had no energy to follow up. Suddenly, the two men began trading strikes, then Brutus tagged in. He barely made it through the ropes, then ate a double team. Wilson hit an assisted gutbuster, then Prince tossed Julius into the steel steps, but Wilson only scored a two-count on Brutus.

Brutus suddenly hit an inside cradle for a near fall, but Wilson kicked out and tagged in Prince. They hit a nifty assisted codebreaker for a two-count as Pretty Deadly started to get frustrated. Brutus sidestepped Prince, but not Wilson. Julius took out Prince as Brutus hit a headbutt to Wilson. Creed set for the lariat, but ate a kick from Prince, who was illegal, behind the ref’s back. Wilson tagged in Prince and they hit their finisher (spinebuster-neckbreaker combo) to win the NXT Tag Team Championship.

WINNER: Pretty Deadly at 27:09 (Spilled Milk, I think?)

(Hazelwood’s Take: Sometimes, predictable is fine. I started out saying The Creed Brothers will get The New Day treatment and a heel team would enter fifth to steal the victory, though they gave The Creed Brothers a lot of resilient spots during the match. I think it’s undoubted that The Creed Brothers are the cream of the crop of the tag team division and have the crowd’s backing, especially after that gritty performance. I just wonder if the NXT Tag Team Championship, both men’s and women’s, HAVE to be held by heel teams. MSK aside, it seems like it’s been all about heels. This at least gives The Creed Brothers even more of a reason to pursue Pretty Deadly and make their eventual crowning that much sweeter.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: After last week’s atrocious episode, this was pretty much back to standard. Almost every, if not all, non-match segments set up or extended angles. The return of Natalya was a nice jolt after Dolph Ziggler’s run, and now I wonder if we’re going to have one “main roster” wrestler on the show at a time, or maybe a singles and tag team act across both divisions? Either way, Natalya is the perfect person for this group of NXT women’s talent, particularly those with less experience like Jade, Lyons, and Legend. All in all, I’m intrigued to see what happens moving forward, which was more than I could say after last week’s episode.

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