8/1 WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW RESULTS: Keller’s report on Lashley vs. Ciampa for U.S. Title, Seth vs. Dawkins, Mysterio vs. Balor

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

Full analysis and results of this week's episode of WWE Raw


AUGUST 8, 2022

Commentators: Jimmy Smith, Byron Saxton, Corey Graves

Ring Announcer: Mike Rome


-A video package aired on last week’s developments with Bayley & Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky squaring off with Bianca Belair & Asuka & Alexa Bliss.

-Jimmy Smith introduced the show and hyped Bobby Lashley’s scheduled U.S. Title defense against Ciampa (who doesn’t have his first name back in the on-screen graphic). Corey Graves hyped the start of the Women’s Tag Team Tournament featuring Tamina & Dana Brooke vs. Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky. They showed the tournament brackets:

  • Left Bracket: Tamina & Dana Brooke vs. Iyo Sky & Dakota Kai, Alexa & Asuka vs. Nikki A.S.H. & Doudrop
  • Right Bracket: Raquel Rodriguez & Aliya vs. Xia Li & Shotzi, Nikkita Lyons & Zoey Stark vs. Natalya & Sonya Deville

They went to the announcers on camera who threw to Bayley’s entrance theme. Bayley walked out with Kai and Sky.

-Bayley entered the ring and said they’re all happy to see their “dumb smiley little faces.” Fans booed and laughed a little. She said she doesn’t want to be there, either, but she knows they need her. She said they’re there to salvage this uninspired division. “Your role model had to do something,” she said. Kai said they showed up at Summerslam and shook everyone up. Bayley said the fans can’t seriously say they enjoyed Becky Lynch play dress-up every week or enjoy cheering for Bianca Belair. Bayley yelled that Becky would be nothing without her. She said that’s why they took action. She said they went after Becky’s shoulder and brought out the fighting spirit in Belair. She said the fans deserve a women’s division that is starving and hungry for more. She said the fans have been lost without her.

She asked how she is the only person who recognized what a lethal weapon Iyo Sky is or the benefits of bringing in someone like “Dakota Sky.” Fans reacted. Bayley said, “Dakota Kai; I know I said it wrong, you dummies. You people need to shut up so I can think.” (She butchered the word “salvage” earlier too.) She began to melt down so Sky told her to calm down. Sky told Bayley to breath and said she doesn’t owe them anything else. She was then interrupted by Bliss’s music.

Bliss marched out. She was joined by Asuka and finally Bianca Belair. Bliss said they’re not winning the tournament because if they win tonight, they’ll have to face them. Belair said she’s hungry to get back into the ring and the three of them would be happy to face the three of them right now. Bayley said she knew she’d get all worked up, but they’re calling the shots. Bayley suggested they wrestle each other somewhere other than Cleveland, such as at Clash at the Castle. Belair, Bliss, and Asuka chatted. Belair said, “Challenge accepted.” Belair said while Bayley wants to keep control, tonight she feels like losing it. She initiated a brawl. All six brawled at ringside. Graves said the brawl spilled out into “the WWE Universe.” Graves called for somebody to get control. They cut to a break.

(Keller’s Analysis: Bayley seems a little rusty. She certainly had strengths on display on the mic and as a bold established personality she’s good at insulting the fans, but she’s not in her groove yet in terms of her delivery. For those looking for Paul Levesque changing some WWE-speak and McMahon-isms, the crowd is still being called “WWE Universe” and it seems Ciampa still doesn’t have a first name. Doudrop is still listed as Doudrop, too. There continues to be no mention of who the former tag champs were or why the belts are vacant.) [c]


Graves observed that Dawkins has been getting in better shape and is putting on some lean muscle mass. He said he’s finally firing on all cylinders and seems to be getting better week after week. When Seth bailed out to ringside after an early flurry by Dawkins, Ford approached him and began gyrating like a mad man being electrocuted. That distracted Seth, leaving him open to be knocked hard over the announce desk. They cut to a break. [c]

Back from the break, Seth took over. Ford pounded the ring apron. Seth got irritated and kicked him. Ford pulled a chair out from under the ring and charged in. The ref blocked him. He put the chair down, but didn’t relent. The ref then kicked him to the back. (They continue to portray Ford as a hot-head, which might be indications he’s going to be turning on Dawkins, but it could just be part of a new edgier babyface singles character.) Dawkins flip-dove onto Seth, then landed a fallaway suplex and corner splash followed by his Silencer (leaping neckbreaker) for a near fall. Seth rolled up Dawkins for a two count a minute later. He went for a Stomp, but Dawkins moved and then delivered a sitout powerbomb for a near fall. When Dawkins went after Seth at ringside, Seth threw him into the ringside steps. Back in the ring, Seth went for another Stomp, but Dawkins avoided it. Seth then delivered a Pedigree for the win.

WINNER: Rollins in 9:00.

-Seth gave a Stomp to Dawkins after the match. Ford ran out and made the save.

(Keller’s Analysis: Graves continue to really push the idea that Dawkins has taken things to a new level. Dawkins is looking better and more motivated. It seems like a precursor to wanting him to seem relevant after the Street Profits break up.)

-Smith threw to a video recap of the interactions between The Judgment Day and Edge and the Mysterios last week.

-Edge approached Dominik and Rey Mysterio chatting backstage. Edge said things went haywire last week, but he assured them he had their backs. Rey said he knows he does, but Dominik shot him an evil eye the whole time. Edge said last week’s spear was an accident. He asked if they’re cool. Dominik broke into a grin and said, “We’re cool.” Then he shoved Edge. Rey pushed him away and said he’s known Edge for 20 years and he’s family. Dom said he’s known him for 25 and he can’t believe he’s taking Edge’s side over him. Rey told Edge he’ll go talk to his son.

-A Smackdown ad showed clips Karrion Kross’s attack on Drew McIntyre last week plus hyped Gunther vs. Shinsuke Nakamura for the Intercontinental Title. [c]

-A sponsored vignette aired on Ciampa.

-Kevin Patrick interviewed The Miz and Ciampa backstage. Patrick asked Ciampa about his “championship opportunity” tonight. (WWE Speak endures in the Levesque era.) Miz cut off Ciampa like Wayne Bloom used to cut off Mike Enos in The Destruction Crew days in the AWA 30 years ago. Miz said his performance was phenomenal. Ciampa didn’t seem overly irritated by Miz’s interruption. Miz did throw back to him. Ciampa said, “When you want something to believe in, believe in Ciampa.” He said the first-ever U.S. Champion Harley Race believed in him and trained him and made him the man he is today. He said he Race died three years ago almost to the day. He said he is dedicating his win later to “The King” Harley Race. He said with Harley looking down at him and Miz at ringside, this will be his moment. Ciampa said when Lashley looks into his eyes, he will feel his sacrifice and realize he has already lost.

(Keller’s Analysis: That backstage interview felt different. It was longer and more reminiscent of the interview format of the 1970s and 1980s that virtually every territorial promotion used where wrestlers sold themselves and sold matches through their words.)


Ezekiel was already in the ring. KO made his entrance to his music, then jumped Ezekiel at the bell aggressively. He threw him to the floor and the into the ringpost. The ref called for EMTs to help Ezekiel. Byron Saxton said something got into Owens tonight. Graves said Ezekiel’s been under his skin for weeks and KO has finally snapped. Smith said there’s no sense of regret in KO’s expression. Adam Pearce oversaw a frantic attempt to get Ezekiel on a back brace. Pearce put himself in charge of holding Ezekiel’s neck until two EMT’s arrived. Smith said KO was laughing and smiling as he watched Ezekiel being tended to. They faded to a break.

WINNER: Apparent no contest in about 1:00. [c]

-They replayed the KO powerbomb on Ezekiel and then showed him being stretchered out after the break.

-Finn Balor and Damian Priest made their way to the ring. (No sign of Rhea Ripley.) Balor mocked that Rey thinks they fear him, yet he and his son can’t get on the same page. He said The Judgment Day isn’t afraid of anyone because fear isn’t real, but rather it’s a product of the imagination. He said danger is real, though, and Rey is going to find out that he is danger. Priest said he could lay him out tonight if he wanted to, but in two weeks they’re in Toronto, and Edge hasn’t wrestled on Raw in Toronto in 12 years. He officially challenged him to a one-on-one match then. He said, “If you still have a set, let’s end this.” He said Edge might have started Judgment Day, but in two weeks in front of his family and “whatever friends you have left,” he will end him.

(Keller’s Analysis: Priest’s delivery and demeanor was rock solid there.)

-They cut backstage to Rey making his way to the ring. It was suspicious since they usually don’t show wrestlers backstage heading to the entrypoint, and sure enough, Edge cut him off and asked if he has seen Dominik. Rey said he can’t find him and he’s not answering his cell. Edge said his offer from earlier stands and he’ll happily accompany him at ringside. Rey said he knows his son and he’ll come to his senses. He said if Edge comes out instead, it’ll just make things worse.

(Keller’s Analysis: Why not show Dawkins also backstage on his way to the ring earlier without being cut off to make the shot of Rey backstage later in the show seem less contrived and suspicious? This is a really small thing, but attention to this kind of detail, if applied across the entire product in as many ways as possible, can raise the credibility of the way the show comes across to viewers or at least subtracts a sense that things are planned and contrived rather than just “filmed as they happen” extemporaneously. It’s the inverse of the phrase “death by a thousand cuts.”) [c]

-A graphic touted 1.3 billion video videos across all social media platforms during Summerslam week.


(3) FINN BALOR (w/Damian Priest) vs. REY MYSTERIO

Rey’s ring entrance took place after the break. No sign of Dominik. Fast-paced back and forth action for several minutes at the start. Rey fought back at 5:00 with kicks and then a dropkick for a two count. Rey set up a 619 a minute later, but Priest moved in to knock Balor out of position, so Rey kicked Priest instead. Balor then rammed Rey into the ringpost. Graves said he wasn’t sure if Rey would be getting up. Then they cut to a break. [c]

Back from the break, Balor was in control of Rey. Rey made a comeback, so Balor rolled to ringside. Rey then landed a diving sunset bomb of Balor into the ringside barricade. Priest approached Rey. Rey threw Balor back into the ring, then turned and had some words for Priest, who backed away and pleaded innocence. Priest, though, swept Rey’s leg off the ring apron the first chance he had when the ref wasn’t looking. Edge then charged out and went after Priest, kicking him into the front row. Smith said, “They are brawling into the stands.” Graves stammered a bit as he broke free from McMahon Speak and said, “The Rated-R Superstar and Damien Priest battling out in the fans here in Cleveland.”

Back in the ring, Rey delivered a Code Red for a near fall. Rey set up a 619, but Balor recovered and clotheslined him as he charged. He followed with a shotgun dropkick followed by a Coup de Gras attempt. Rey moved and then head scissored Balor into position for another 619. He was distracted suddenly by Ripley showing up with a limp-bodied Dominik over her shoulder. She dropped him on the floor. Balor then then gave Rey a 1916 followed by the Coup de Gras for the win.

WINNER: Balor in 14:00.

-Balor and Priest joined Ripley in standing over Dominik’s bruised face and battered body.

(Keller’s Analysis: Obvious to some, not to others, there’s a distinct possibility that Ripley didn’t beat up Dominik, but rather he’s pretended he was beat up when in actuality he has joined The Judgement Day.)

-Graves talked about the Women’s Tag Team Tournament brackets. He brought up Lyons & Stark as a lesser known factor from NXT in the tournament.

-Sarah Schreiber interviewed Tamina and Dana Brooke. She introduced Brooke as the 24/7 Champion (so it hasn’t been retired). She said she wants to become a two-time title holder. She bragged she’s been defending her title a lot. (Bless her heart.) Bayley & Co. walked in and said the Women’s Tag Team Titles suit them because she was the first to hold them. Tamina stepped up and told Bayley to keep yapping and she’d be happy to take her and her two friends out of the tournament right now. Kai had a few words for Tamina. Sky told Tamina she doesn’t like her, then smiled and left. [c]

-A Superstar Fact noted that Dana Brooke has a degree in Fashion from Kent State University and has competed multiple times in the Arnold Classic for Bodybuilding.

(1) DAKOTA KAI & IYO SKY (w/Bayley) vs. TAMINA & DANA BROOKE – Women’s Tag Team Tournament – Round One

Bayley’s music played first. Then Sky’s. And then Kai’s. So they each got to establish their entrance themes to the Raw audience. At 2:00, Brooke leaped off the top rope onto both Sky and Kai. They cut to a break as Brooke celebrated. [c]

Bayley pulled Sky out of the path of a charging Dana, who then crashed into the ringside barricade. Tamina leaped off the top rope, but Sky lifted her boots. Kai then attacked Tamina with two kicks. Sky landed a top rope moonsault on Tamina for the win.

WINNERS: Sky & Kai in 10:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: I doubt this match would have gotten ten minutes under Vince McMahon. It gave Sky and Kai a chance to show off a little more of their moves and in-ring personalities to a new national audience.)

-They showed Lashley warming up backstage.

-A commercial hyped the WrestleMania Launch Party on Thursday on YouTube including Snoop Dog and other celebrities. [c]

-A replay aired of Ezekiel being stretchered earlier.

-Patrick caught up to KO backstage and asked for a comment. KO threatened to drop Patrick even harder than Ezekiel if he ever sneaks up on him again. KO said he knows who he is. He said he’s been gone for a while, but there are more eyes on this show than in a long time so he decided to show up and remind people this is still The Kevin Owens show. He turned and left.

-They went to the announcers at ringside who commented on a highlights of the Balor vs. Mysterio match earlier and the apparent beating Dominik took off camera. They cut backstage to Rey and a trainer tending to Dominik who was clutching his arm and still bad some blood on above his eye.

-A video aired on the history of the U.S. Title featuring audio clips of Bret Hart, Ricky Steamboat, Booker T, Kofi Kingston, Dusty Rhodes, and Bobby Lashley among others speaking about how proud they were to be the U.S. Champion.

-Ciampa made his entrance with Miz. Ciampa wore a Harley Race robe that he pointed out earlier. They showed Instagram pics Ciampa posted of himself with Race over the years. [c]

(2) BOBBY LASHLEY vs. CIAMPA (w/The Miz) – U.S. Title match

Lashley’s ring entrance aired after the break. Graves touted Ciampa’s experience and ring intelligence given his pedigree with Race. (A Vince McMahon-run angle would not include this level of reverence for Race, whose primary accomplishments took place in the NWA, not the WWF.) Lashley landed a spinning back elbow a few minutes in to slow Ciampa’s momentum. Lashley went after Ciampa at ringside and lifted him onto his shoulders. Miz intervened, so Lashley threw Ciampa onto Miz. They cut to a break. [c]


They showed a clip of Ciampa hitting Lashley with a running knee to the head as Lashley was trying to re-enter the ring. Ciampa had Lashley in a side headlock. Lashley eventually speared Ciampa, but when he made the cover, Miz put Ciampa’s leg on the bottom rope. Lashley stood and yelled at Miz. A.J. Styles showed up and attacking Miz at ringside. The announcers wondered where he came from. As Lashley turned back around toward Ciampa, Ciampa scored a two count on him with a quick inside cradle. Styles chased Miz into the ring and out the other side. Lashley watched them too long, then when he went for a Hurt Lock, Ciampa avoided it and rammed Lashley’s head into an exposed turmbuckle twice. He followed with a running knee to the forehead and scored a near fall.

Ciampa set up the Fairy Tale Ending, but Lashley powered out. Ciampa countered a Hurt Lock and applied a crossface. Lashley powered up and went for a powerslam. Ciampa again slipped out and shoved a charging Lashley through the ropes. When Lashley returned, Ciampa landed Widow’s Bell for a dramatic near fall. (The crowd didn’t seem to be buying that Ciampa could beat Lashley.) Lashley avoided a charging Ciampa and chokeslamed him and then applied the Hurt Lock for the win.

WINNER: Lashley in 14:00 to retain the U.S. Title.

(Keller’s Analysis: Those two were motivated and put forth the effort to put together an effective, dramatic match. The crowd didn’t seem ready to believe that Ciampa was going to actually win, and that’s understandable considering all circumstances, but Ciampa and Lashley did all they could to pull them in and make the match feel competitive. Ciampa is in a better place even having lost.)

-They showed Omos and MVP backstage.

(Keller’s Analysis: The 24/7 Title was referenced and Omos is back, so some things missing last week are being reincorporated this week.) [c]

-They showed an aerial view of the arena in Cleveland.

-The announcers commented on a brawl filmed backstage during the break between Styles and Miz. Officials separated them. Saxton said they’d be wrestling each other later in a no-DQ match. (What would the main event have been if not for that brawl?)


Graves said there was no point learning the names of Omos’s opponents because they’d forget them by the end of the match. As Omos beat up the jobbers, Graves said following your dreams isn’t always a good idea because sometimes you can wake up and Omos is beating you up.

WINNER: Omos in 2:00.

(Keller’s Analysyis: I really curious to see what the end game is for Omos’s push under the Paul Levesque’s booking compared to whatever Vince McMahon was building toward. Is it essentially the same or will it take a twist that seems un-Vince-like?)

-The announcers hyped an exclusive interview with Riddle next week on Raw.

-Patrick interviewed Seth Rollins backstage. Rollins cackled as Patrick congratulated him on his win over Dawkins earlier. He asked Seth what he thinks Riddle is going to say next week. Seth didn’t like that he was asking him about Riddle because he said last week he is done with Riddle. Seth said he won’t have an earth-shattering announcement. He’ll just say “bro” and “dude” and “cool.”

He said he is the gate keeper of the industry. He said anything good has to go through him. He said Riddle is good at flushing his own potential down the toilet. “Don’t believe me?” Seth said. “Ask Dana White.” He cackled. He said if Riddle has two working brain cells left, he will tell the world that he’s hanging up the flip-flips and retiring for good. He said if he doesn’t want to do that, he’ll “Cody Rhodes his ass out the door.” He said any way you slice it, if Riddle has anything to say next week, so does he.

(Keller’s Analysis: Again, a more substantial backstage interview than usual. I like it.)

-Alpha Academy made their ring entrance. [c]


Gable took control a couple minutes in and worked over Ziggler’s leg. Ziggler made a comeback and went for a Fameasser. Gable avoided it and applied a standing anklelock. Ziggler eventually escaped and landed a superkick for the win. Otis chased after Ziggler as he began to celebrate, but Ziggler bailed out. Ziggler sold a sore ankle at ringside as his music played. Otis stayed in the ring, but kept eyeing Ziggler.

WINNER: Ziggler in 5:00.

-They hyped next week tag tournament match with Nikki & Doudrop vs. Bliss & Asuka. Soundbites aired with both teams. Bayley & Co. interrupted Bliss & Asuka. Bayley asked Bliss where her doll was. “Or is Asuka your new toy?” she asked. Several police officers ran past them, apparently in relation to a car hitting a pillar in the parking garage. Hmmm. They showed Styles walking past them heading to the ring next.

(Keller’s Analysis: I like seeing next week’s match hyped with promos this week.) [c]

(5) A.J. STYLES vs. THE MIZ – No DQ match

Styles ring entrance aired. Then Miz’s. Styles and Miz went at it aggressively at the bell. Styles got the better of Miz at ringside early. Styles cleared the announce desk. Miz recovered and threw Styles into the ringside steps. Miz wore a t-shirt that said: “Hello: My Balls Are Massive.” Fans began chanting “Tiny Balls!” at Miz. Miz looked under the ring, but Styles kneed him and threw him into the ring. Styles picked up a kendo stick, then a chair, and finally a table. Fans cheered the table. Miz, though, recovered and dropkicked Styles. Styles came back and sat Miz on a chair mid-ring and then hit a flying forearm. Back at ringside, he put Miz on the announce desk. Miz blocked a Styles move and then shoved Styles hard off the table over the ringside barricade. They cut to a break. [c]

Styles took it to Miz with a kendo stick after the break including yanking upward with the stick between Miz’s legs, then landing a neck breaker. Styles eventually signaled for and landed a Phenomenal Forearm. Ciampa yanked the ref out of the ring after he hit the mat twice. The announcers pointed out it’s a no DQ match. Styles went after Ciampa at ringside, then threw him into the ring. Styles set up a Styles Clash, but then paused and looked at a table set up at ringside. He threw Ciampa toward the ring apron for a table spot, but Ciampa blocked it and tried to suplex Styles over the top rope through the table. Styles blocked it and knocked Ciampa off the ring apron through the table. Miz rolled up Styles from behind for a two count.

Styles went for a Phenomenal Forearm, but Miz threw a chair at his head and then landed a Skull Crushing Finale for a believable near fall. Fans chanted “This is awesome!” just before Miz picked up a kendo stick and bashed Styles with it. Styles kicked Miz into a chair wedged in the corner, then finished Miz with a Styles Clash for the win.

WINNER: Styles in 13:00.

-As Styles celebrated, he looked down at ringside where someone was being tended to. He looked concerned. Security lifted the guy, and at first it appeared to be a fan having a health issue, but it turned out to be Dexter Lumis. The announcers muttered Dexter’s name under their breath, but then moved on.

(Keller’s Analysis: Another Levesque favorite getting a chance on the main roster.)

-The announcers hyped the women’s tag tourney match scheduled for next week, plus Riddle’s exclusive interview.

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  1. “Another Levesque favorite”

    Wow. Wade I am IMPRESSED. You may be the only internet wrasslin expert with the nerve to say that. Tamina and Dana might as well stay home now. Piper and Nicky joining them soon. And I forgot how bad Baley speaking really is… there was a reason she was YEARS behind the other 3 coming up.

    34 minutes.. my time of the week. 34 minutes and ONE match. Boy the experts used to scream when HHH and Steph did that every RAW didn’t they, now silence because everyone thinks they might get a Levesque sit down interview. Not gonna happen.

    And was Dunn off tonight? Interviewing people in the middle of the backstage hallway is so weak. Action was decent tonight though once you got the screaming Baley off the screen.

  2. Interesting show. Dolph Ziggler versus Chad Gable was actually a good, tactical match. Too bad Gable is always booked to lose. He has some real skills. And speaking of skills, Dana Brooke and Tamina are superstars bur so, so hard to watch. The right team gets to move on while Tamina and Dana head back to the 24/7 mayhem. Speaking of mayhem, Lashley versus Ciampa was also a good match. I liked that Ciampa was still selling the effects of the Hurt Lock later in the show. Omos is back with absolutely nowhere to go. AJ Styles and Miz have settled into mid-card roles, although AJ Styles deserves at least one more championship push. The Judgment Day looks like they will soon have a new member with Dominick Mysterio, who I believe was faking his beatdown. Just as well, so Rey Mysterio can move on to other things before he retires. As much as I wanted to see a women’s tag-team championship tournament, none of the teams are memorable. Hopefully Asuka and Bliss win, because Asuka has gone from nearly unbeatable to almost never winning a match since she came back. The rest of the show? I hope Owens and Rollins get together again and challenge The Usos. That could be fun!

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