WWE SMACKDOWN HITS & MISSES 8/5: Gauntlet match hits, Karrion Kross a mixed bag, more


WWE Smackdown hits and misses


Shinsuke Nakamura Resurgence – Hit

Shinsuke’s wrestling aura for a long time seemed as if he was just happy to be there. To be fair when creative didn’t believe in Shinsuke can you blame the guy? Given proper time I believe Shinsuke vs Gunther should be really good.

Liv’s post-Summer-slam reaction – Major Miss

The repetitive botch ref finish angle did not help Liv’s reaction from the crowd but the presentation of the video recap clearly shows that Rhonda got screwed. Hopefully, HHH can turn this around.

Gauntlet Match – Outstanding Hit

Three things of note on this one. One, they gave this match plenty of time. Two, the babyface gets over in defeat. Raquel selling her knee throughout was great. I thought this was Raquel’s best match since the black and gold area. Three, the right person won. Dating back to WrestleMania 36 fans have been asking when is Shayna Baszler going to have a chance in the main event again. If the tide continues to turn on Liv I think Shayna vs Rhonda is the money match the fans need.

New Vicious Viking Raiders name is gone? – Minor Hit

Initially, during their video package, Michael Cole did refer to the heel tag team as the New Vicious Viking Raiders but during the match, Cole and Pat called the tag team the Viking Raiders. Hopefully, we can just enjoy the regular Viking Raiders now.

Hit- Jobber squash match – Hit

It’s the easiest thing in wrestling to do and giving the Viking Raiders to showcase their strengths on random hometown goobers was really fun to watch.

Karrion Kross return – Hit and Miss

Ok, I do give Triple H credit for adding a new threat in the main event scene. However, I’ve never been a fan of Karrion Kross as a wrestler. Triple H will go out of his way to make the Kross presentation like it was in NXT. It just seems it would be disappointing if the two-year plus run of Roman Reigns was ended by Karrion Kross. I guess time will only tell. Tick-tock.

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