8/5 WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Keller’s report on Reigns addressing McIntyre challenge at Clash, Gauntlet for title shot at Liv, Nakamura vs. Ludwig

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


AUGUST 5, 2022

Commentators: Michael Cole, Pat McAfee

Ring Announcer: Samantha Irvin


-A lengthy video package aired on Smackdown.

-Roman Reigns and The Usos were shown arriving in separate SUVs.

-They went to ringside to Michael Cole and Pat McAfee. McAfee excitedly stood and recapped clips of his match against Corbin. He celebrated kicking Corbin in the balls, getting back at him doing that to him days earlier. He used a telestrator to point at Corbin’s crotch. He said the circle was intentionally small to reflect the target size. He called it a magical ending and a storybook ending that will go in the documentary of his life. They cut backstage to Corbin watching the monitor. He wasn’t pleased. Then he heard laughter. Behind him was a gathering of wrestlers watching and laughing. Ricochet said karma is a beautiful thing and laughed. Corbin said he could wipe that smile off his face. Ricochet challenged him to give it a try. He said he’s heading to the ring and the smile will be waiting for him. Cole said Ricochet is calling him Pouty Corbin now.


Ricochet made his entrance. As Corbin came out next, McAfee said he thinks it’s possible Corbin can learn a lesson from all this. He said they’re all hoping for that. Corbin took Ricochet down with a clothesline early. Ricochet flip-bumped. Corbin looked over at McAfee. Ricochet made a comeback and kicked Corbin at ringside near his forehead. It showed a lot of light. He kicked him again and then went for a back flip off the ring apron. Corbin moved and then threw Ricochet into the ringpost. They cut to a break. [c]

Back from the break, Corbin gave Ricochet a high backdrop. Cole made a big deal out of the height and they replayed it in slo-mo. McAfee said he’s never seen a bored crowd when Ricochet wrestles. Cole said Ricochet loves what he’s doing, too. Corbin scored a near fall. Fans chanted “Bum Ass Corbin.” Ricochet landed a Deep Six for a near fall next. Corbin knocked Ricochet off the top rope, then stared over at McAfee when McAfee stood and yelled at him. Ricochet recovered and shoved Corbin off balance. Corbin landed crotch-first. Ricochet then landed the 450 splash for the win.

WINNER: Ricochet in 12:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: The backstage scene of wrestlers gathered and laughing at Corbin felt orchestrated and cheesy, like they have nothing better to do. The Ricochet win could be seen as another statement by Paul Levesque regarding who he’s going to push better. That said, McAfee was instrumental in the outcome, so it didn’t do a lot for Ricochet. But a month ago you’d expected Ricochet to lose clean.)

-Cole commented on a clip of Liv Morgan tapping before the ref counted Ronda Rousey’s shoulders down. He said they’d address the controversy later. He plugged the Gauntlet Match coming up to determine Liv’s next challenger.

-They showed Sami Zayn backstage kissing the sign indicating it was Roman Reigns’s locker room. [c]

-Sami knocked on the door. Out came the Usos. Sammy was thrilled. Jimmy was happier to see him than Jey. Sami asked how Paul Heyman is doing. Jimmy said he needed some time at home after the table thing at Summerslam. He said he wanted to talk to Reigns. He was going to walk into the locker room, but Jey blocked him. Jimmy said he’d shoot him a text when it was a better time. Sami looked frustrated and a little hurt.

-McAfee said Sami is nowhere near on the Tribal Chief’s schedule, and that’s tough for Sami to take. Cole then threw to a video recap of the Morgan-Rousey match. Cole noted that Rousey was suspended for her post-match shove of the referee in frustration.

-Shinsuke Nakamura made his entrance. McAfee, predictably, went bonkers. [c]

-A flashback aired from the Ar. 27, 2000 Smackdown featuring DX and Shane McMahon and Steve Austin and then Austin destroying their tour bus. McAfee said that was 22 years ago.


Cole talked about the pressure Kaiser must be feeling to win and not feel the wrath of Gunther again. Nakamura knocked Kaiser to the floor, but Kaiser returned quickly and gave Nakamura a gut-wrench suplex. They cut to a break. [c]

Nakamura took a few seconds to get in the face of Gunther at ringside, which gave Kaiser a chance to blindside Nakamura. Nakamura made a comeback quickly, though, and set up his Kinshasa, but Kaiser landed an uppercut to stop him in his tracks for a two count. Nakamura eventually landed a spin wheel kick followed by a Kinshasa for the clean win. McAfee said Nakamura earned himself an Intercontinental Title match against Gunther next week.

WINNER: Nakamura in 9:00.

-Afterward, Gunther entered the ring. Nakamura let out a celebratory yell and indicated he was ready. They had a staredown.

(Keller’s Analysis: Solid action in this match. Nothing too memorable in terms of setting up the IC Title match but I’m looking forward to the match. I hope Levesque makes sure it’s presented as a big deal next week.)

-They went to Cole and McAfee who threw a sponsored video package on The New Vicious Viking Raiders focused on their win over New Day last week and their post-match attack on Xavier’s leg.

-Megan Morant interviewed Kofi Kingston backstage. He exuberantly noted that his outfit matches hers. He said Xavier is holding up well and recuperating but it’ll be a while before he’s back on Smackdown. He said it’s been so long since it was just himself representing New Day. He said it’s time for him to make The New Vicious Viking Raiders pay. He sang, “Do you know whyyyy? Because New Day Rocks!”

(Keller’s Analysis: The tone of Kofi’s interview is so frustrating to watch because the angle against his friend and partner Xavier called for a more somber, serious, sinister tone promising revenge. Instead, he was joshing around about matching outfits and singing catch phrases. If Paul Levesque is going to be known for eliminating irritants from Vince McMahon’s approach to presenting pro wrestling and pro wrestlers, he missed this one. Let Kofi be an actual relatable human who reacts to situations with something other than cartoonish singing and exaggerated catch phrases. Please.) [c]

-Cole and McAfee touted media headlines about Summerslam’s biggest happenings.

-Sami knocked on the Reigns locker room door again. The Usos stepped out. Sami said his cell reception is terrible, so he wanted to be sure he didn’t try texting him. The Usos said Reigns wants to be sure the graphics and power and presentation is going to be perfect. The Usos asked Sami if he’d do that. He said that’s not his job. The Usos said it’d make Reigns happy. Sami said he’d do it, but he wasn’t thrilled.

-McAfee hyped Reigns would address Drew McIntyre later.

-Kayla Braxton stood mid-ring and introduced Morgan. McAfee said there is some controversy about her win, but who cares because she walked in and walked out with the belt. He said she’s an American success story. Liv smiled and had her belt over her shoulder. She received some boos. Braxton asked about the vengeful, viscous Rousey. Braxton said her arm in a brace now. She asked what’s going through her mind since Summerslam. Liv said she’s feeling so many emotions. Fans were heckling her at that point. She said that’s okay because that’s why she wanted to come out there. She said she wanted to address the elephant in the room. Fans chanted “You tapped out.” She said she appreciates the fans calling her out on her shit. She was bleeped. She said the championship means everything to her, which is why she was able to withstand armbar after armbar. Fans booed her. She paused, then said she survived three of Rousey’s armbars. She said she tapped only after she thought the referee had counted three. She was interrupted as she talked about what she’ll do when Rousey comes back.

Sonya Deville walked out and said this is sad to see. She said she can give her innocent, noble Liv Morgan act to the people, and some will buy it because they’re dumb, but they both know she shouldn’t be the champion right now. She said it disgusts her. She said what made her happy is seeing Rousey get her hands on her after she screwed her over. She said it shows how much Adam Pearce sucks at his job. Deville entered the ring and said she loves seeing her hurt. She said she’s going to win the Gauntlet Match tonight and then see her at Clash at the Castle and break her heart by taking her Smackdown Championship from her.

(Keller’s Analysis: I’m not sure if they were going for Morgan to be heckled or not, but she sure was. It’s a miscalculation by WWE to do that finish if that’s how fans are going to react. It’s difficult to imagine they wanted Rousey to be the sympathetic person given her post-match shove of the referee and attack on Morgan. Morgan was thrown off by the crowd response and Sonya was certainly meant to be the heel opposite of her, so there’s some repair work to be done for Morgan, it appears. Having her claim she tapped after she thought the ref counted to three did not help.)

(3a) ALIYAH vs. SONYA DEVILLE – Gauntlet Match for Smackdown Title match at Clash at the Castle

Aliyah knocked Sonya down and then blew a kiss at her that came across heelish. Sonya took over with a wrenching side headlock. Aliyah came back with a schoolboy for a two count. Sonya ducked a clothesline and landed a spinebuster for a two count at 1:00. Aliyah came back with a Thesz Press. The crowd was silent throughout this. She landed a springboard bodypress for a two count. Some fans started a “Ronda Rousey” chant. Cole acknowledged it. Deville finished Aliyah with her “Deville’s Advocate” finisher.

WINNER: Deville in 2:00.


Early in this match, a “Liv Morgan” chant started. Cole acknowledged that, too. Sonya took control early. Rodriguez made a comeback and landed a spinning elbow and her Tahana Bomb for the win.

WINNER: Rodriguez in under 2:00.

-Shotzi made her ring entrance. They cut to a break. [c]


Shotzi had Rodriguez in an abdominal stretch as they returned from the break with the match in progress. Rodriguez finished her with a lift-and-drop powerbomb.

WINNER: Rodriguez in around 4:00.


Xia went after Rodriguez’s leg at the start. Cole complimented the strategy. She applied a half crab mid-ring. Rodriguez came back with her spinning elbow and Tahana Bomb for another win.

WINNER: Rodriguez in 2:00.


Natalya went after Rodriguez’s legs right away. Natalya locked on a sharpshooter at 1:00. Rodriguez crawled to the bottom rope to force a break. Rodriguez came back with a uranage off the top rope for the clean win.

WINNER: Rodriguez in 2:00.

-Shayna Baszler made her entrance. Cole said she was the last obstacle for Rodriguez. [c]


They joined the action in progress with Baszler in control. She landed a knee to the jaw for a two count. Baszler applied a sleeper a minute later. Rodriguez struggled to reach the ropes and finally did as she faded. Baszler rolled her back to center ring and then scored a leverage pin while having her locked in the Kirafuda Clutch. Baszler stood on the second rope and yelled down at Liv, who stood and held up her belt.

WINNER: Baszler in roughly 4:00.

-Sami told the Usos he got into a fight with the pyro guy but everything is fine and will be perfect. Sami wanted to see Reigns. The Usos said it’s not happening tonight. Sami was upset. Sami asked if he’s part of the group or not. Jey said the Bloodline have titles, and Sami has to start pulling his weight around there or he’ll have to take off his Bloodline shirt soon.

-Cole hype the Reigns segment later. [c]

-More highlights aired from Summerslam.


McAfee said Gibson and Mulkey won a scratch-off (lottery ticket) to be there. They totally looked like a jobber tag team from the 1980s. The Raiders finished them quickly and easily with a second rope powerslam by Ivar on Gibson and then they slammed Mulkey onto Gibson with a double powerbomb. Erik pinned both at once. McAfee said they are talented locals, but it wasn’t enough tonight and they might think twice before deciding to wrestle again. He stressed the word “wrestle,” perhaps to send the message they’re allowed to say that now that Vince McMahon is out of power.

WINNERS: The New Vicious Viking Raiders in under 2:00.

-Afterward, Kofi attacked The New Vicious Viking Raiders with a kendo stick. Erik yelled that he is a dead man. [c]


The match was joined in progress with Kofi on offense. Erik cut off his flurry with a kneelift to his jaw. Cole said Kofi’s attack with the kendo stick just made The New Vicious Viking Raiders mad. McAfee made a Bob Ross reference. Cole noted Kofi is a former WWE Champion. Kofi came back with a leap over the ropes onto Erik. Ivar swung a kendo stick at Kofi, so Erik took back control. In the ring, Kofi surprised Erik with a schoolboy for a three count. Cole said Kofi “stole one.” Cole said that has to feel great.

WINNER: Kingston in 5:00.

-Cole said they have breaking news. He said on Raw on Monday, they’ll start a tournament to crown a new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions.

-Reigns and the Usos made their ring entrance. [c]

-Cole hyped Gunther vs. Nakamura for IC Title next week.

-Reigns and the Usos stood mid-ring as Reigns’s music continued to play. Reigns took his time and finally asked to be acknowledged. He said they know the deal. “We defend these titles, we win the big one, and then we come back to Smackdown and we brag about what we accomplished.” He let out a big wide smile. He said there are a few things that need to be addressed before they get into that. He said he wanted to talk about Brock Lesnar. Mixed crowd reaction. He said he wanted to send prayers to the Wise Man for what Lesnar did to him. He said it could be a while. Then Drew McIntyre’s music interrupted.

McIntyre said he had to interrupt him because he’d talk until they went off the air. He said he can’t wait until Clash at the Castle. He asked the fans if they want to see him tear apart The Bloodline right now. Fans cheered. He tore off his shirt. Karrion Kross’s music then played. Scarlett appeared on the stage. Drew turned around. Kross attacked McIntyre and rammed his head against the ringside steps. He made his cartoon mean face and then continued the attack. Cole noted he’s a former NXT Champion.

(Keller’s Analysis: Kross looks better with the head of hair and his overall look. Of course Scarlett adds to the overall act. As limited and mediocre as Kross as in key ways, he’s a solid addition to give some depth to the roster given the choices out there. He focused on Reigns after taking out Drew, so it’s not clear what they have planned for him. Levesque pushed him hard in NXT and probably thought Vince McMahon botched his push, so this isn’t a shocking move by him.)

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  1. NGL I marked big for that ending. I’m hoarse in fact. I agree Kross isn’t the best, but he is VERY good, and so is Scarlett – and I think we all know he got (*^&ed by VKM.

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