New details emerge on backstage altercation after CM Punk All Out media scrum appearance


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C.M. Punk (image Denise Salcedo YouTube Channel)


Specific details have emerged regarding the reported altercation between CM Punk and The Elite after Punk’s appearance at the All Out post-PPV media scrum on Sunday night.

Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks confronted Punk in his locker room after his barrage of allegations and insults aimed at “the EVPs” in general and Hangman Page by name. He accused them of leaking stories to the wrestling media accusing him of being instrument in Colt Cabana being moved from the AEW roster to the ROH roster. He criticized Hangman Page for turning away advice and making comments about him that he said undercut a money match they were building.

A PWInsider report said that the altercation was mainly between Punk and The Bucks. A The Wrestling Observer report said that Punk was the one to throw the first punch at Matt Jackson. Ace Steel, who had been featured at All Out as Punk’s longtime friend and indy wrestling cohort, was involved in the incident. Ace reportedly threw a chair, which hit Nick Jackson, and bit Kenny Omega. Steel was working as a backstage agent for AEW.

AEW security and staff broke up the fight. AEW has not made an official company statement about the incident or Punk’s comments at the All Out media presser.

PWTorch first reported yesterday that one of the reasons AEW officials are not commenting is because there could be legal ramifications from the fight. People in the company tell PWTorch that people are shaken up over what happened and believe the fallout could be significant in terms of suspensions, firings, and new edicts on public comments wrestler make.

CM Punk won the AEW World Championship from Jon Moxley in the main event of the All Out PPV. After the match, MJF made his return to the company, his first appearance since the post-Double or Nothing episode of Dynamite. Earlier in the show, Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks became the first ever AEW World Trios Champions, defeating Dark Order in the finals of the Trios Championship Tournament.

NOTE: Yesterday’s “Wade Keller Hotline” podcast, exclusively part of our VIP member benefits, PWTorch editor Wade Keller spoke for 30 minutes giving more insights and details on his sourcing of this story, how speculation that it was a work could certainly be ruled out, what people outside of AEW are thinking of how Tony Khan is handling this situation, and his conclusions on what is really happening and who is on whose side.

Then Wade was joined by PWTorch columnist Rich Fann on the VIP podcast, “Everything with Rich & Wade,” to discuss even more emerging details at length including Rich’s analysis of the situation and potential fallout, plus Twitter feedback on a PWTorch poll regarding whose side fans were on – Punk’s or the Bucks & Hangman’s.

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3 Comments on New details emerge on backstage altercation after CM Punk All Out media scrum appearance

  1. Maybe don’t give the one person in wrestling that loves to hear himself a live mic with no script when he’s coming down from an adrenaline high.

    As kiddie table as this whole thing is, this is the stuff that needs to happen for Tony Khan to grow up as a promoter. He can run his talent or they can run him. So far, they’re winning.

  2. Everything Chad K said is on the money.
    But instead, Tony Khan sat there right next to Punk too afraid to step in and put Punk in his place.
    It’s obvious he is almost putting his entire company on Punk bringing him the ratings, but that’s stupid. He’s not THAT big of a draw and it’s not worth completely destroying the environment and your own credibility. We’re not talking about Hulk Hogan here.
    What does Tony Khan think will happen if this keeps up and talent contracts are about to expire? They’ll all run for the hills because they know Khan runs an outfit that is doomed to failure.

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