Backstage fight after AEW media Q&A between Punk and Bucks and Kenny has intensified locker room issues sharply

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

Details emerge on CM Punk altercation with The Elite at All Out
C.M. Punk and Tony Khan (image Denise Salcedo YouTube Channel)


After C.M. Punk’s harsh comments about the Young Bucks and Hangman Page during last night’s media Q&A following AEW All Out, the Bucks confronted Punk backstage. Multiple sources indicate a fight broke out and punches were thrown involving a number of people including Ace Steele. Today, the mood among those familiar with the likely fallout from that incident is grim in the sense that there might be no patching things up or even coexisting after last night.

Punk lashed out at the start of the media Q&A, while sitting next to Tony Khan, over Hangman Page accusing him of messing with Colt Cabana’s AEW roster spot and being instrumental in him being sent to ROH exclusively. Punk vented about his history of legal issues with Cabana before shifting his ire toward Hangman and the Bucks.

He accused Hangman of jeopardizing the big business they could do together by making unauthorized accusations against him, “the top babyface in the company.” He alleged Hangman and the Bucks were sources of leaks to wrestling media at his expense. He described them as openly resistant to receiving advice and compared them rebuffing his advice to wrestlers of a prior generation turning down advice from Terry Funk. He called them “empty-headed idiots” and said they (the Bucks) are “stupid guys” who think they’re in Receda, Calif. (their home town).

After Punk left the media scrum, he was met by some of the targets of his rant. A fight broke out. We are hearing multiple similar versions of what happened, including indications that injuries were suffered. Sources in AEW are being tight-lipped in anticipation of legal action possibly resulting from the incident.

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