11/11 MLW FUSION TV REPORT: Jacob Fatu vs. Real1, Middleweight Championship match, more


Full results and analysis of this week's MLW Fusion



MLW Fusion Commentators: Rich Bocchini and Joe Dombrowski

-The Samoan Swat Team tried to enter the building but were stopped by one of Cesar Duran’s masked henchmen. The trio began to hassle the goon, who quickly fell to the ground after a low blow from Microman. Microman joined in on mocking the henchman as he walked inside with the SST.

(1) LINCE DORADO vs. LA ESTRELLA vs. AREZ vs. MYRON REED – MLW World Middleweight Championship

Myron Reed tossed Lince Dorado to the outside as soon as the bell rang and double-teamed La Estrella with Arez. Reed and Arez shot La Estrella into ropes but the Dragon Gate luchador caught both men with a springboard elbow, sending the heels to the floor. La Estrella followed up with suicide dive that took out Reed and Arez but also sent himself into the second row of the crowd.

La Estrella went back into the ring to celebrate but was interrupted by Lince Dorado. Lince used his veteran instincts to stay one step ahead of La Estrella but was caught with a handspring head-scissors takeover. La Estrella quickened the pace, charging into Dorado. Lince was ready for it though, hitting La Estrella with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Dorado nailed La Estrella with a running clothesline, forcing La Estrella to roll to the floor.

Arez reentered the match and traded blows with Lince Dorado, showcasing his unusual style before planting Dorado with a sit-out powerbomb, making a cover. Myron Reed broke the count and chastised Arez before superkicking Dorado in the face. Reed went for a cover of his own but Arez pulled Reed away after a one-count. Arez and Reed began to argue until they both went down after a double dropkick from Lince Dorado. Dorado caught Reed with a handspring stunner. This allowed La Estrella to try for a splash but Reed rolled away. Arez went for a swanton but La Estrella rolled away as well. Dorado missed on a splash after Arez rolled away. Lince moved away from a springboard 450 from Reed and hooked the champ in a Fujiwara armbar. La Estrella joined in, getting an ankle lock on Reed. Arez broke the holds after kicking Lince and La Estrella in the head.

Lince and Arez paired off and began a chop battle. Arez gained momentum as Lince had no answer to the Strange Style strikes. Arez locked in a reverse Texas cloverleaf on Lince and dropped La Estrella with a DDT, whilst keeping the hold on Dorado. Myron Reed broke things up with a slingshot leg-drop. Reed made a cover but Arez kicked out at two. Arez and Lince double-teamed Reed with a double buckle bomb.

La Estrella towards Lince but Dorado was ready with powerslam. Dorado hit Arez with a suicide dive to the floor. Lince ducked a lariat from La Estrella and hit another dive, this time colliding with Reed. Dorado targeted La Estrella and landed a diving cross-body. La Estrella rolled through, getting a near fall. La Estrella followed up with a spike-hurricanrana, getting another near fall. Myron Reed was in the corner waiting to strike, hitting his springboard cutter on both men, and got the win after pinning La Estrella.

WINNER: Myron Reed in 6:54

-After the match, Myron Reed celebrated with the rest of the Bomaye Fight Club, and said that it didn’t matter where his challengers came from, he’d send them right back.

(Analysis: Not only was this a great way to start the show, but it was also a great way to start off the new season of MLW Fusion. There was so much going on in this seven-minute opener and somehow, everyone kept the lightning-fast pace of this match the entire time. I will say that the “dive and roll away” segment was a little too cute for my taste but it was a minor flaw in an otherwise great match. Reed’s new character direction really stood out for me here and his newly found confidence since joining the BFC is refreshing.)

– A vignette for Willie Mack was shown.

-Cesar Duran was shown speaking on the phone, seemingly setting up a match. He was interrupted by Richard Holliday and Alicia Atout. Atout demanded that Cesar give them an apology but Duran said that Atout and Holliday were disrupting his zen. Richard Holliday asked for some gratitude after saving Cesar from Hammerstone and beating down the champ. Duran said that Richard had a point and granted a rematch in two weeks. Cesar added that the match will be “Falls Count Anywhere”. Duran and the Clout Couple sang “New York, New York”. As Holliday and Atout walked off, Duran turned to one of his henchmen. Cesar handed the masked man a chain and told him to take out Microman.


The start of the match was cut off by a break. After the break, KC Navarro was shown with the advantage, after sending Mini Abismo Negro into the corner with a head-scissors takeover. Navarro sent Negro to the floor after a series of rapid-fire moves. KC landed a suicide dive that sent Mini Abismo into the guardrail.

Navarro tossed Negro back into the ring and readied for a top rope maneuver. KC took time to gloat, giving his opponent time to recover. Mini Abismo sent Navarro clear across the ring with a top-rope hurricanrana and got a near fall. Mini Abismo muscled Navarro over with a suplex, getting another two-count. KC spiked Abismo with a satellite DDT, getting a two-count of his own.

After a strike exchange, Abismo planted KC down with a fireman’s carry-falcon arrow. Negro chose not to make the cover, deciding to try for the toreno splash. Abismo missed, giving KC a chance to connect with the Jesus Piece for the win.

WINNER: KC Navarro in 4:00

(Analysis: There wasn’t a whole lot to this one. KC showed a more aggressive side than usual as the commentary team thought it could be the teachings of Real1 taking root. If that’s the case, that could lead to something cool as KC needed an extra dimension to his character.)

-Sam Laterna caught up with Mance Warner and asked Warner where he’s been for the last two years or so. Ol’ Mancer mentioned adventures in Canada and Mexico. Warner said that he was officially back in MLW and called out Mads Krugger.

-Savio Vega was backstage with Lince Dorado. As they were walking, they found an unconscious Budd Heavy in a supply closet. Heavy was covered in a pile of calling cards that had an unknown symbol on them. Vega and Lince ran to get help.

-Jacob Fatu was shown eating with Microman. Fatu said that he was ready to invest in a project with Microman before walking away. The chain-wielding henchman from earlier appeared and was ready to attack Microman but Fatu came back into the room. Jacob confronted the thug and the henchman dropped the chain and ran away.


Scarlett didn’t wait for the bell and got a cheap shot early on, forcing Clara into the corner. Carrereas ducked a forearm from Bordeaux and turned the tables with a snapmare. Clara followed up with a cartwheel dropkick, barely getting a one-count. An enraged Scarlett shot Clara back into the corner and hit an avalanche followed by a running-hip attack. Scarlett kept the pressure on with a DDT and punctuated the match with the Scarlett Letter, pinning Carreras for the win.

WINNER: Scarlett Bordeaux in 1:45

(Analysis: This was a straight-up squash match that tried to establish Scarlett as a major threat in MLW. The problem here is the issue with MLW’s taping schedule. These episodes were taped so long in advance and a lot has changed in the wrestling world. With Scarlett currently in the WWE, it seems that there’s no point to get behind her as a character since we all know where she’ll wind up.)

-Sam Leterna interviewed Taya Valkyrie on the entrance ramp. Taya said that Scarlett was exactly the kind of competitor the Featherweight division needs to grow and that Taya was ready for any challenger. The champ was blinded-sided by Brittany Blake and Blake began to choke out Taya with her belt until security intervened.

-The Bomaye Fight Club was backstage. Alex Kane called out Davey Richards, saying that Richards was someone that Alex used to look up to until Richards quit the business. Kane challenged Davey to a match next week and said that will make Davey quit again.


Real1 attacked Fatu from behind as Jacob made his entrance, taking out the Samoan Werewolf’s leg with a pipe. Real1 entered the ring as Fatu struggled to get to his feet. As Fatu tried to claw his way up, Real1 grabbed a mic and said that Jacob needed to step up and fight to prove that he wasn’t “soft”. Fatu finally stood up but was being held back by security. Jacob fought them off with ease and limped into the ring.

Fatu made the ref start the match and Real1 went straight to the bad leg. Jacob was able to shove Real1 away but got caught with a chop block, halting any momentum Fatu might have built. Real1 continued to attack the leg, wrapping it up around the ring post in a figure-four. Real1 climbed to the top rope and jumped off but got caught in mid-air by a dropkick from Fatu. As both men stood up, Real1 went right for a low blow in front of the ref. The ref called for the bell, disqualifying Real1 from the match. Real1 low-blowed the ref and began to beat down Fatu. Fatu fought back until security broke them up. Real1 rolled to the outside with security as Fatu dove from the top with a big splash, taking security out as Real1 snuck through at the last second.

WINNER: Jacob Fatu in 2:02

(Analysis: Watching the clock, I wondered how this was going to go as the end of the broadcast was approaching. It was apparent that this was not going to be an actual match. I’m not a fan of doing this type of “main event” but I get it. This builds up the excitement until Fatu can finally get his hands on Real1, and that will be something to see.)

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