11/22 NXT REPORT: Wells’s live report on Wes Lee vs. Carmelo Hayes, Wendy Choo vs. Cora Jade, Zoey Stark vs. Sol Ruca, more

by Kelly Wells (@spookymilk), PWTorch Contributor

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NOVEMBER 22, 2022

NXT Commentators: Vic Joseph, Booker T

Ring Announcer: Alicia Taylor

Backstage Correspondent(s): McKenzie Mitchell

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-Recaps from last week focused on Bron Breakker vs. Von Wagner, JD McDonagh vs. Apollo Crews, the Wes Lee-Carmelo Hayes contract signing, and Mandy Rose defending her championship against Alba Fyre as Isla Dawn showed up to cost Fyre the match.

-Toxic Attraction entered to a crowd who sounded relatively indifferent, but maybe the music is too loud. Mandy Rose said another one bites the dust, but there’s only one Queen in the NXT ring. She said she was the Last Woman Standing even without her friends there. She said NXT created the Iron Survivor Challenge just to figure out who her next opponent is. She said she was looking forward to Deadl1ne just to see who wanted to go to war with her. Jacy Jayne said now that “Firebat” is out of her hair, Mandy can sit on her throne while she and Gigi focus on becoming the first ever three-time NXT Women’s Champions. Gigi Dolin said the wait to become the champions again has been intolerable.

Kayden Carter & Katana Chance hit the ramp and called out Toxic Attraction as phony. Chance said Mandy was only champion because of Isla Dawn. Carter said “that’s not the only thing about Mandy that’s phony” and Mandy yelled out “Heeeeey!” Chance tried to sew dissension between TA but saying Mandy would drop the others when she no longer needed them. Jayne said it was disgusting watching them with the belts, and once they take the titles, the champs will go right back to being irrelevant. Chance and Carter hit the ring, but the numbers weren’t in their favor and TA laid them out, then posed over their broken bodies.

-Earlier today, Wes Lee arrived outside. Tony D’Angelo and Stacks drove past him and D’Angelo said he hadn’t forgotten what Lee did to him. Lee started explaining it was an accident, but D wasn’t having it. Lee said when it was time, D would know where to find him.

-Cora Jade entered for the opening match. [c]

-Out by the lockers, Grayson Waller congratulated Duke Hudson on pulling off the fake Chase U act. Hudson tried a few times to convince Waller it was real, and Waller just laughed and took off, yelling “CHASE UUUUU!”


Headlock by Choo. Rope run and a block by Choo. Choo beat Jade from one turnbuckle, to the next, and the next. Rope run and Choo took down Jade with an ax-handle. Choo wrung the left arm and took Jade down. Jade ran the ropes and blocked Choo to the mat, but Choo came back with a hip toss. Jade begged off in the ropes, baiting in Choo, and Jade threw a big kick. Jade rained down rights on Choo, who rolled up Jade for two. Corner boot by Choo, who tried her sleepy splash but missed. Choo yanked Jade to the outside and managed an arm drag on the floor. The match went to split-screen. [c]

Jade, who dominated during the break, missed something at the ropes. Rope run and a release belly-to-belly suplex by Choo. This time, the sleepy splash hit for two. A dueling chant was pro-Choo, but not by much. Trap pin by Jade got two. Vertical drop brainbuster by Choo. Choo went up but Jade slunk away and Choo came down. Jade swung with her stick and missed. Choo thought about using it while Jade snuck Choo’s drink and threw it in Choo’s eyes while the ref tossed away the stick. Jade hit her finishing DDT.

Choo was crying after the loss and the announcers said something deeper was going on in the mind of Wendy Choo.

WINNER: Cora Jade at 9:09.

(Wells’s Analysis: Decent enough match. Jade rolls on while it would seem Wendy Choo is in for a character tweak. It seems like whatever momentum she had after pivoting from the stupid constantly-sleeping character has stalled considerably, so it’ll be interesting to see if they can finally get a strong character that matches the strong work of the performer)

-Apollo Crews segment. He said he had visualized a match for the NXT Championship with Bron Breakker, and now it’s coming. He said these three weeks of waiting would be the longest of his life. He said he wakes up in the middle of the night thinking about this match. He said he came back to make history, and he said when you look into his eyes, the vision – the ending – is clear.

-McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Kiana James and asked about the sale of Fallon Henley’s bar falling through. She said it fell through due to stupidity. Javier Bernal entered the frame after James left. He was toting a list of 1347 people he wanted to fight. There was Axiom, Elon Musk and “somebody that didn’t even wrestle anymore,” but Bernal said everyone comes back for just one…more…match. There was a strong attempt at comedy here that didn’t really land. [c]

-Duke Hudson, Thea Hail and four unnamed members of Chase U hung out together. Pretty Deadly showed up in ridiculous floral sweaters and invited them to a poker game. Hudson declined, citing the anti-gambling stance of the university. It devolved into Hudson fighting both members of Pretty Deadly while Hail freaked out and tried to get involved.

(2) IVY NILE (w/Tatum Paxley) vs. KIANA JAMES

Early domination by Nile. She transitioned from a headlock to a wristlock. James reversed and took Nile down, but there was a reset soon after. Full nelson by James, but Nile quickly powered out and rolled up James for two. James reversed a front chancery into a knee lift to the back of the head. James put Nile over her shoulder and hit an inverted backbreaker. Cover for two. James put Nile in the corner, then hit a backbreaker for two. James hit some knees to the back and covered for another two count. James worked a tiger lock and Nile snapped on a headlock to break. Belly-to-back suplex by James got two. Nile worked a leg full nelson, then rolled up James for two. Combo kicks and a rana by Nile. Gut-wrench suplex by Nile, followed by a running boot. James bailed. She tried to leave and Fallon Henley showed up, forcing James to head inside, right into a submission by Nile.

Henley and James fought to the back. The Creed Brothers and Paxley entered the ring. Julius Creed said people think they’re going to make their names at the expense of Diamond Mine, and it’s not going to happen. Brutus said if Indus Sher thinks they’re going to take it to them, they’d better be ready. Julius told Indus Sher to come and get it. Ivy Nile took issue with what the Creeds were saying, but she didn’t grab a mic.

WINNER: Ivy Nile at 4:42.

(Wells’s Analysis: Not too bad here. Transitions were smoother than I expected and James is somewhat getting there with her offense.)

-Isla Dawn segment. She’s out there. The dark, goth segment had her playing with a Ouija board. She said she and Alba Fyre were going to have “so much fun together.”

-Up next, Scrypts makes his debut. [c]

-Duke Hudson ran to Andre Chase. He explained he got into a scrap with Pretty Deadly. He said they were talking bad about them. Chase asked if there were repercussions. He got them a tag team championship match tonight. The crowd popped. A student stepped into the frame, clapped, and said “That’s great, Mr. Chase!” Chase said “Mario, what the f*&k are you still doing in my office?”


Scrypts is a Black man in a mask. He walked across the barricade before his entrance, and jumped over the top rope from the floor without grabbing a rope. Scrypts dominated with early high-flying offense and repeatedly mimicked writing with his hand. Scrypts hit a 450 press from the top to win. It was shown several times on replay. Scrypts left a card with his name on it on the fallen body of Raaj. Once I got a good look, it was clear Scrypts is the former Reginald.

WINNER: Scrypts at 1:22. [c]

(Wells’s Analysis: Well, I didn’t know he could move like that. There’s something in this act, so it’ll be interesting to see how he comes off once he’s in a real feud)


-Schism all sat in chairs in the ring. There was a fifth chair splitting two groups of two. Joe Gacy said he had shed the transgressions of those against them. He said this week, we recognize a day of giving thanks, and it’s time to reinforce the meaning. Ava Raine said dysfunction remains the norm and blood relatives don’t make family, but the Schism can be counted on. Rip Fowler said it’s a day to be thankful has become a day for gluttony and has left the holiday a far cry from its intent. Raine went out and got a “fan” from the crowd. Jagger Reid said Black Friday had supplanted Thanksgiving as the season’s most important element. The planted fan, who was wearing a Vengeance Day shirt, sat in the chair. Joe Gacy said this person’s inclusion would be the centerpiece of Schism’s Thanksgiving. The fans chanted “Sacrifice.” Gacy said on this day of Schism Invictus, they were no longer inclusive, but divisive. Raine hugged the fan and looked menacingly into the camera. Joe Gacy thanked him for his sacrifice to a pop. He went in for a hug, then hit a uranage through the table. Schism put up their peace signs. It took entirely too much time for them to get to the inevitable, but whatever. Grace is an early work in progress on the mic.

-McKenzie Mitchell talked to Trick Williams while Carmelo Hayes was in his room getting ready. He put over Hayes and Wes Lee stepped into the frame. He confirmed with Trick that Melo was in no trouble tonight, so Williams doesn’t have to be out there tonight. Williams said Melo doesn’t need him, and Lee said he agreed and left. Williams freaked out.

-Zoey Stark entered ahead of the next match. [c]

-Bron Breakker hung out on his boat. He said after a big match, this is where he goes. He doesn’t have to be Bron Breakker there – he’s just a guy. He said being Champion is a lot of responsibility. He said in the beginning he felt like Superman, but as time goes on there’s more weight and more pressure. He said the fish start slowing down during winter and he has to raise his game to get a response from the fish. He said he’s getting challenges from all the heavy hitters, and Apollo Crews is next. He said the weight will be back on. He said after he retains his title, you know where you can find him: out there.


Earlier today on TikTok, Sol Ruca battled through a promo on Stark. Stark took down Ruca with a headlock and Ruca went vertical to break. Stark tossed Ruca but she landed on her feet. Ruca hit a dropkick, then walked into a superkick. Ruca hit a kick also, but Stark hit another for two. Stark went to the outside and bailed a sliding Ruca into the apron. Stark dropkicked Ruca from the ring. Back inside, Stark covered for one. Stark clubbed Ruca and snapped on a headlock. Stark whipped Ruca, who schoolboyed Stark for two. Running knife-edge and a dropkick by Ruca. Back bodydrop by Ruca, and Stark landed awkwardly on her leg. Ruca went up and Stark threw up a kick. Ruca rolled up Stark on the mat for two. Ruca hit a cartwheel splash in the corner for two. Ruca went up and missed a missile dropkick. Stark struck with a knee to finish.

Stark went to attack Ruca some more, but Nikkita Lyons returned to a lukewarm reaction (the crowd has seemed little more than lukewarm all night) to clear her out. Thankfully, Lyons had some new gear with little in common with the weird panel stuff she’s been using.

WINNER: Zoey Stark at 4:17.

(Wells’s Analysis: Ruca is looking a bit better, but still doesn’t have a first win on NXT TV and doesn’t feel any closer to a real feud or angle. I was under the impression that Lyons’s injury was worse than this, but apparently they’re expecting her to be cleared quickly.)

-Edris Enofe and Malik Blade ran into Von Wagner and Mr. Stone outside. Wagner facetiously complimented Blade’s sweater and before long, he was laying out Enofe, then Blade. He tore apart the sweater to the biggest heel heat of the night. Odyssey Jones showed up to chase off Wagner. [c]

-Charlie Dempsey promoted himself as an old soul in the generation of social media. He ran down some of the flashier characters on the brand, face and heel alike. He said professional wrestling is a serious business.

(5) ANDRE CHASE & DUKE HUDSON (w/Thea Hail) vs. PRETTY DEADLY (Elton Prince & Kit Wilson) (c) – NXT Tag Team Championship match

Hudson opened up with Prince, saving Chase from an attack. Wilson tagged in and Hudson hit a big sidewalk slam for a one count. Chase tagged in and the faces hit a tandem move for two. Blind tag and and O’Connor roll by Prince for two. Quick rollups and reversals. Chase put on a headlock, then ran the ropes and blocked Prince. Prince hit a beautiful high dropkick on the next run. Wilson tagged in and the team did a taunt, then hit stereo spots on a downed Chase. Chase took over on offense and rolled up Wilson for two. Chase put on a headlock and fought off both members of PD as Prince interfered. All four guys got involved. The illegal men cleared out and Chase did his CHASEU stomps on Prince and the match went to commercial. [c]

Prince hit a back elbow on Chase. Hudson and Wilson tried to get into it on the floor and Thea Hail emphatically kept them apart to keep the match honest. Hudson missed a tag by being on the floor. Prince got a couple of near-falls in the ring. Chase tossed Prince from the ring and he collided with Hail. Again the faces missed a tag because Hudson was checking on her. Finally Hudson got the hot tag and Hudson destroyed both guys. He got a near-fall on Wilson, broken up by Prince. Hudson tagged Chase, who clearly wasn’t ready for double-team moves. After some miscommunication, Hudson accidentally laid out Chase. Hudson got dumped and the champs hit Spilled Milk on Chase.

WINNERS: Pretty Deadly at 11:49.

Afterward. Chase U walked dejectedly. Chase, bringing up the rear, had his eyes fixed on Hudson.

(Wells’s Analysis: Decent tag action with the next story beat from the Duke Hudson-Chase U saga. I imagine Bodhi Hayward was meant to be in Chase’s position for this storyline)

-Earlier today on TikTok, Roxanne Perez told Indi Hartwell she’d watch her match, but Hartwell caught Perez watching a TikTok with Nikkita Lyons instead. Off in a corner, Elektra Lopez laughed. Thrilling stuff. [c]

-Kayden Carter and Katana Chance walked through the back and bemoaned that they were beaten down 3-on-2. They met up with Nikkita Lyons in her third segment of the night. Carter said she knows Lyons is a badass. She should bring that to the act. The implication was that these three will face Toxic Attraction down the road.

-Next week, Shawn Michaels will reveal the five men and five women that will participate in the Iron Survivor Challenge. I’m surprised they didn’t quickly run down the rules again this week for those who missed it last week.

(6) WES LEE (c) vs. CARMELO HAYES – NXT North American Championship match

Booker T talked himself hoarse putting over Hayes trying to become the best of all time like Muhammad Ali. Staredown before contact. Action spilled outside early and both guys battled over the barricade and back. Hayes put Lee into the apron and the two reentered. Big rights were exchanged. Mean big boot by Melo, followed by a head scissor takedown by Lee. Waistlock by Lee, transitioned into a suplex attempt. Quick misses and rollups for two by both guys. Both guys hit pump kicks and sold on the mat to big cheers as the match went to split-screen. [c]

Hayes worked a chinlock as Lee faded. Melo threw a knee. Rope run and Melo hung up Lee on the rope, then hit a springboard lariat for two. Melo pounded a grounded Lee with rights. An inset graphic promoted Lyons/Carter/Chance vs. Toxic Attraction for next week, along with Fallon Henley vs. Kiana James.


Melo did his jump shot taunt. “Air ball” chant. Lee put Hayes headfirst into the corner, then hit a belly-to-back suplex. Both guys sold on the mat. They got to their feet and started a slow forearm exchange that grew in intensity and speed. Snap mare and a dropkick by Lee. Lee ran circuit to circuit with a running forearm. Uppercut by Lee. Float-over neckbreaker by Lee. Cover for two.

Lee went for a 450. He didn’t land it and Hayes rolled him up for two. Hayes followed up with a rana into a bulldog for two. Melo went for a jawbreaker and Lee fought it off, but the second effort connected. Melo missed from the top and Lee hit double knees for two. Lee hit a bicycle kick that sent Melo out. Trick Williams ran the the ring to check on Melo, and Lee laid him out with a plancha. Action went back inside and the two jockeyed for position. Overhead kick by Lee and he hit a Michinoku Driver.

WINNER: Wes Lee at 13:00.

After the defense, Lee looked out at the screen, where a set of cage bars on the screen closed. Lee looked on, confused. From the blind side, Dijak (he was simply called Dijak by the announcers) attacked and laid Lee out to end the show. He wore a leather jacket and sunglasses.

(Wells’s Analysis: Excellent match between Lee and Hayes that could be even bigger in the right setting. I assume Dijak will run through Lee to become North American Champion again in his second NXT stop, or perhaps will look strong in a screwy defeat and will move on to Bron Breakker)

FINAL THOUGHTS: Somehow, the episode felt pretty flat on the whole. The writing at times seemed like it was trying too hard and came off a little desperate, to the point it genuinely felt like someone new was at the head of the writing table. There were some hooks, though, beyond any matches announced, with Wendy Choo’s tearful reaction to her loss, another step forward for whatever’s happening with Chase U, Odyssey Jones looking to lock horns with Von Wagner, and the new threat of Dijak to Wes Lee. Also, Bron Breakker likes fishing.

Tonight it’s a two-man booth as I battle uvulitis and try to keep it together enough to cobble together a show with Bruce Hazelwood. Check us out live or stream tomorrow. Cheers.

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  1. I feel you! I HAVE HAD UVULITIS! My uvula is larger than the norm!
    I was thinking Boa would return and transform Wendy back to Mei Ling. Too much? Lots of good action tonight. It took me a minute to identify Reggie. His moves were smooth but the ring gear was hideous! Glad to get Dijak back but wish he was a badass face instead.

  2. Man, those who haven’t had uvulitis don’t know how lucky they are.

    I considered Mei Ying as well, but I’m afraid that ship has sailed.

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