WWE Live Event – 20 Yrs Ago (12-6-2002): Results including RVD, Triple H, Booker T, Christian, Batista, Raven, Trish, Kane

Batista (photo credit © PWTorch)


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WWE Raw brand house show report
December 6, 2002
Richmond, Va. at the Richmond Coliseum
Report by Anson “Spoonman” Kessinger, PWTorch.com correspondent

Turnout for this show was dismal if not pathetic. A few friends of mine that waited last second to get tickets ended up with 10th row on the floor. There couldn’t have been more than a few thousand people there. Before matches started The Fink called out Dave Hebner. Dave thanked god and all of his surgeons that did a great job. He was accompanied by what looked to be his granddaughter perhaps. Anyhow, on to the results.

(1) The Hurricane defeated Raven. Pretty standard match. Both wrestlers taunted each other for a good bit. Hurricane takes an easy win.

(2) Tommy Dreamer defeated Sean O’Haire. The match consisted mostly of offense from O’Haire. Dreamer wins with a DDT.

(3) Rico & Rosie defeated D-Lo & Spike Dudley. D-Lo started the match and then handed it over to Spike which resulted in a lengthy beatdown. Spike hits the Dudley Dog and goes to tag D-Lo, D-Lo drops from the apron and walks to the back. Rico pins Spike after a kick to the head.

(4) Victoria & Molly Holly defeated Trish Stratus & Jacqueline. Jacqueline attempts a sunset flip from the outside on Victoria. Victoria reverses it by dropping to her knees gets the pin when she uses the ropes/Molly for leverage.

(5) Batista defeated Kane. An ok match, sloppy at times. Batista takes the pin after a spinebuster.

(6) The Dudley Boyz defeated Lance Storm & William Regal in a tag team table match. The Dudleyz were over with the crowd. A fan pitched a sign in that said “Regal’s a Fag”. Bubba then paraded it around the ring. As Regal was about to powerbomb D-Von through the table, Spike interfered and allowed Storm to receive a 3D through the table.

The Fink tries to sell us Hulk Hogan’s new book

(7) Test defeated Steven Richards. Stacy is called out to the ring, she introduces Test and then proceeds to basically give him a lap dance in the corner until Richards’ music hits. Big Boot, Stevie loses.

(8) Christopher Nowinski defeated Maven. Nowinski starts reading a poem he wrote about Maven’s mother. Good match for the two, plenty of “Harvard Sucks” chants. Nowinski gets the pin after a DDT on to a book he had brought ringside.

(9) Booker T defeated Christian. Christian claims he is not a Sucka!! Then hands the mic over to Booker who then calls him a Sucka!! Spinaroonie, Axe Kick, pin.

(10) Rob Van Dam defeated Triple H (w/Ric Flair) in a no disqualification match. All of the standard spots were hit. 2 referees were taken out, Batista interfered and then Kane came in to clean house. RVD hits the 5 Star 1-2-3.

Biggest Pops:

5. Kane
4. Triple H
3. The Dudleyz
2. Booker T
1. RVD

Biggest Heat:

I can’t really rank this because the crowd, while almost non-existent, didn’t really react to any of the heels. “Harvard Sucks” was about the extent of any real heat given by the crowd. I have to give credit to one kid though. He was sitting across the aisle from me and couldn’t have been any older than 7 or 8. This kid was a heel magnet. If a match was going on, he had a frown on his face and was yelling feverishly at the current heel in the ring. Once Triple H arrived the kid actually got out of his seat to run to the barricade and tell Triple H how much he sucked and how badly he should lose. I have to say that kid was more entertaining than some of the matches.

One thing is for sure, Richmond only cares about televised shows. If you had tripled the attendance even quadrupled the attendance, we still wouldn’t have filled that arena… not by a long shot.

I hope when they come back to Richmond, if they come back to Richmond. They should bring a camera crew and some pyro. Apparently that’s the only way to sell tickets here.

One more side note, Tough Enough 3’s Scott was in attendance. Just hanging out, talking to fans and having pictures taken. He also likes to eat Subway… Just thought I’d throw that in. Really nice guy though.


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