12/7 WOMEN’S WRESTLING ARMY REPORT: Trish Adora vs. Laynie Luck, Queen Aminata vs. a debuting Ashley Vox

By Harley R. Pageot, PWTorch contributor


DECEMBER 7, 2022

Commentary: Alyssa Marino, Sam Leterna

Gabby LaSpisa was backstage with Ashley Vox. Vox was returning from a shoulder injury that kept her out of action for almost a year. She’s always ready.

-Queen Aminata had a pre-taped rebuttal. Vox is a grappler, a technician, a hooker… Wait, not like that. Vox might be hoping to hook some juice today but it’s not happening.

-Opening theme.

-A chair sat on stage with Aminata’s crown on it. A woman placed on it her head as she walked through the curtain.


Vox had kinesio tape on her shoulder, which Aminata immediately went after. Vox controlled the opening minutes, though. A suicide dive took out Aminata at ringside. Aminata gained the advantage at 4:00 and began working over the shoulder. With Vox’s arm stretched across the apron, Aminata slapped the injured area. She then pulled Vox’s arm through the turnbuckle pad in the corner and charged, kicking it free. Vox caught Aminata with an enziguiri and tilt-a-whirl DDT at 9:00. They traded forearms. Vox with a headscissors. Ripcord lariat but Aminata kicked out. Hip check in the corner and face wash from Aminata for two. Flatliner into the Juicy Lock on Vox’s injured shoulder and she was forced to tap.

WINNER: Queen Aminata in 12:45.

(Pageot’s Perspective: Good match. Aminata picks up a win while Vox has the injury as an out. It appears her last match pre-injury was last December. Vox is a welcome addition to the roster and hopefully her sister, Delmi Exo, follows suit. I believe they are still technically Shimmer Tag Team Champions, though it’s been 13 months since Shimmer’s run an event so I don’t even know if the promotion is still technically active or not.)

-Two weeks ago: Billie Starkz pinned Blair Onyx to win a four-way, despite Max The Impaler’s music playing during the match. Later in the show, Max’s handler, Amy Rose, told Starkz that Max is hungry.

-Gabby LaSpisa was in the ring and introduced Trish Adora. LaSpisa acknowledged that Adora is still chasing a rematch against Deonna Purrazzo since she stole the win during their last match with a rope grab. Adora said she’s here for honest competition.

Laynie Luck interrupted. She said Purrazzo is scared but she’s not. If she wants an honest opponent, she’s it.


Even back and forth in the opening minutes. Adora got the first near-fall at 7:40. She hit a couple forearms to Luck in the corner and followed with chops. Body slam onto her knee. German suplex from Luck. Enziguiri. Knee to Adora draped over the middle rope. Death valley driver for Luck’s first pin attempt of the match but Adora kicked out. They traded pin attempts. Swinging neckbreaker from Luck. Sit-out slam from Adora into a backslide.

WINNER: Trish Adora in 13:34.

-Adora waited for the honorable handshake, which Luck fulfilled.

-Backstage Queen Aminata said she keeps killing opponent after opponent and asked who’s next.

(Pageot’s Perspective: Not much to the pre-match segment, though I appreciate them trying something different. The crowd was muted to Luck’s appearance, understandably not sure why she was coming out in what would usually be designated as a heel spot.

Luck and Adora become the first women to wrestle five matches for WWA, while Luck becomes the first woman to appear on six episodes. She is ostensibly the face of WWA at this point, as evidenced by the November 23 episode and her being the one chosen to kick off the Chicago tapings by welcoming us to the Berwyn Eagles Club.

Nothing was announced for next week but we know we’re heading to Max vs. Starkz at some point and presumably Aminata vs. Adora. Commentary still references the ROH women’s division too often. I know it was Maria’s pet project and WWA is ostensibly just a continuation of what she planned to do there but the entire Maria-led era of ROH’s women’s division lasted less than eight months. At this point WWA has been around nearly as long. Move on from that albatross and focus on the present and future.)

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