10 YRS AGO: Full WWE Live Event Report on Cena vs. Ziggler in a street fight in Pensacola, plus Bryan, Kane, The Shield, Swagger, Cesaro, Miz, Ryback

Santino (art credit Travis Beaven © PWTorch)


The following report was originally published ten years ago this week on PWTorch.com.

WWE Raw house show results
January 4, 2013
Pensacola, Fla. at Pensacola Civic Center
Report by Kyle Niblett, PWTorch correspondent

In the 10,000-seat arena, the floor and lower levels were full. About 5,500-6,000 people there. Hot crowd for known names.

(1) Brodus Clay & Zack Ryder defeated Jack Swagger & Leo Kruger with a Clay splash.

(2) Alex Riley defeated JTG.

(3) Divas champion Eve defeated Kaitlyn to retain the Divas Title.

(4) Ryback & WWE tag champions Daniel Bryan & Kane defeated The Shield (Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns) via DQ when Reigns hit Ryback with a chair shot to the back as Ryback was about to hit his finisher on Ambrose. Great match.


(5) Santino defeated Tensai with the Cobra. Comedy match. Tensai yelled “Don’t call me Albert!” which naturally led to “Albert” chants. The match included wet willies, titty twisters, and a fake snake on a hand.

(6) U.S. champion Antonio Cesaro defeated The Miz to retain the U.S. Title. Cesaro won with his finisher. The match started slowly, but built to a good match.

(7) John Cena defeated Dolph Ziggler in a Street Fight. It was a fan’s choice and Street Fight beat out Two-out-of-Three falls. Vickie banned Big E. Langston and A.J. Lee from ringside, but after Pensacola native Scott Armstrong took a bump, they attacked. Langston hit the finisher, but Cena kicked out of Ziggler’s cover. A.J. then kissed Cena, but Cena returned it with a kiss. Langston then came in and held Cena, Dolph went to hit Cena with the MITB briefcase, but Cena ducked, Langston went flying, and Ziggler took the AA from Cena for the win.

Biggest Pops:

(1) Cena
(2) Ryback
(3) Daniel Bryan

Biggest Heat:

(1) Ziggler
(2) Vickie Guerrero
(3) The Shield

[Torch art credit Travis Beaven (c) PWTorch.com]

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