10 YRS AGO: WWE RAW RESULTS (2-4-2013): Keller’s report on Bryan vs. Mysterio, Cody vs. Alberto, Heyman promo, Punk promo, Henry returns, The Shield, more

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

Full analysis and results of this week's episode of WWE Raw


The following report was originally published ten years ago this week on PWTorch.com…

FEBRUARY 4, 2013


-The show opened with a video package on The Shield attacking John Cena last week and then highlights of the Performance Review by Vince McMahon of Paul Heyman ending with Brock Lesnar giving McMahon the F5.

-Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler introduced the show as C.M. Punk made his ring entrance. Punk dragged ring announcer Justin Roberts into the ring and forced him to introduce him as “The People’s Champion.” Punk said if fans think he overreacted last week with his tantrum, they are someone who has never lost something as precious as the WWE Championship. He said not one of the fans in the building have likely been great at anything in their lives. He said with a week to ponder his actions, he has decided he didn’t overreact, but acted like a normal person would react. He said he was screwed. He said the WWE Championship “in its physical form” was stolen from him and is now held by someone who doesn’t pay the price or understand what it takes to be a champion.

He said all week people have been asking him questions about this supposed video that Vince McMahon has and showed the world that proves he and Heyman acted in collusion with Brad Maddox and The Shield. He said he has questions for the fans because he’s tired of people asking him questions. He asked a few fans if they saw him in that video on the TitanTron last week. “No, you did not see me,” he said. He walked over to Cole and asked him. Cole said, “You were not in the video.” Punk: “Well, there you have it.” He walked back into the ring.

Punk then said if Heyman says that wasn’t him on that video on the TitanTron, then it wasn’t him, it was someone else. He said while it may sound ridiculous, the fans have bought into a fraudulent video Vince McMahon put on his TV show and TitanTron as the gospel truth. He asked if they really believe McMahon.

(Quotebook – C.M. Punk: “Like he’s not cut-throat enough to hire an actor. That wasn’t Paul Heyman, that was Paul Giamatti. That wasn’t Paul Heyman, that was CGI. Believe me, Vince has the cash and he’s vindictive enough to do it. If Vince wants to screw me out of the WWE Championship, he’ll do it.”)

Punk said McMahon doctored the video and the “mindless, no good, lowdown, fat, stupid, lazy people are going to eat it up.” Punk said McMahon got what he deserved last week. He said McMahon had hip surgery just today because Lesnar broke his hip. He said it was karma. He said people get what they deserve, which is why the fans will never amount to anything in life. He said they don’t deserve anything good. He said get in his face and he’ll knock them backwards. He said you get out of life what you put into it, and the fans get nothing because that’s what they deserve. He said he, on the other hand, deserves the physical belt, the strap. He said he remains the World Champion, though, and he will grant Rock a championship rematch. He declared it the 442 day of his title reign.

Booker T’s music interrupted Punk. Cole said he never thought he’d be so happy to see Smackdown General Manager Booker T. Booker began to talk, but Punk stopped him and said it’s not his show so hit the bricks. Booker tripped over trying to state Vickie Guerrero’s title and then chuckled about it. He said Vickie gave him permission to deal with Punk’s fate, but he decided to leave it in the hands of the fans. Punk said, “Are you drunk?” Booker said Punk will face one of his former WrestleMania opponent’s tonight – Rey Mysterio from WM26, Randy Orton from WM27 (bigger pop than Rey), or Chris Jericho from WM28 (pop was in between Rey and Orton, followed by a small “Y2J” chant). Booker encouraged fans to download the WWE app to see whom Punk will face tonight. Punk said those fans don’t even have smart phones. Booker said he knows the fans can dig that, sucka!

-They went to Cole and Lawler at ringside who hyped the fan voting on the WWE app. Cole said 3.8 million people have downloaded the app so far. He then threw to a tutorial for how to download the app. “Even my fat fingers are able to do it,” Cole said. Then he launched the app and showed people where to go to vote – the WWE Active section. Cole said later tonight they’ll tell viewers when they can begin voting. Lawler said those are three great choices. Cole then hyped an epic announcement regarding the latest Hall of Fame induction, calling it a long-time coming and said ESPN broke the story earlier.

(WK Reax: At that point everyone stopped download the WWE App and went looking for ESPN’s story on the Hall of Fame.)


-Ryback’s ring introduction took place. [c]

-Cole and Lawler boasted about the Raw ratings last week beating every other show on cable.

-A clip aired of WWE Active on the App with Matt Striker interviewing Orton who made his case for facing Punk later. He said the solution to Punk running his mouth is a perfectly executed RKO.

(1) Ryback pinned Antonio Cesaro in 9:00. Cole said he Ryback eats eight to ten large meals a day. Lawler said he frequent Las Vegas buffets. Cole said Cesaro told him he hasn’t tasted desert in three years. There were a few scattered “Goldberg” chants early on. After some back and forth action, they cut to a break at 2:00. [c]

Ryback was in control after the break. Cesaro tried to walk out on the match, but Ryback caught up to him and threw him back into the ring. Ryback landed the Meat Hook clothesline at 8:00.


Cesaro tried to leave through the crowd, but Ryback retrieved him again. Ryback caught Cesaro in the air and powerbombed him to the mat. Then he delivered another Meat Hook Clothesline followed by a Shellshock for the win. Lawler talked up the fight that Cesaro put forth against Ryback, even saying he dominated early and almost won by countout earlier after ramming Ryback into the ring steps.

(WK Reax: They need to fill TV time, but it does seem like this was a match worth a little more hype ahead of time. I could have easily seen this being billed as one of the big main events of the show – the long-running U.S. Champ against Ryback. It was just thrown out there as the opener instead, which tends to make Cesaro seem to be a mid-carder there to boost Ryback, not really be seen as a rising threat. It’s one of the prices WWE pays for having to fill three hours, although they could have billed this as a bigger deal and it would made it seem like a bigger win for Ryback while not defining Ryback down as someone who’s not worthy of any special hype when facing Ryback. In other words, if they’re going to do this, they should get more out of it and protect Cesaro a little more, although at least they did at the end tout the effort that Cesaro put up.)

-Cole narrated clips of The Shield attacking Sheamus last week. [c]

-They showed the skyline of Atlanta with the arena in the foreground. Cole threw to a clip of Rey Mysterio’s promo on the WWE App. Rey told Striker that he took Punk down at WM26 and took his hair. He said there’s one person who knows his weakness and he can take care of business against him.

(WK Reax: These backstage interviews are throwback interviews, where the interviewer holds the mic for a wrestler who cuts a relatively short promo about their opponent. TV wrestling used to be just that – a squash, then an interview, then a squash, then another interview, then a squash, etc. and maybe every few weeks a special “main event.”)

-A video aired featuring The Shield talking about their latest attacks.

-They cut to Cena backstage with Vickie Guerrero. She told Cena she heard a rumor that Cena is going to call out the Shield. She asked if he has a death wish doing that all alone.

(WK Reax: She sounded so artificial and scripted there, referencing “Death Wish” as “a long time ago there was a movie called ‘Death Wish.’ Is that what you have, John?” If she were given talking points and spoke naturally instead of that overwritten drivel, the whole thing would ring true and be more effective.)

Cena said he won the Royal Rumble and is going to WrestleMania and will again become WWE Champion. He said right now he believes the Shield needs to be stopped tonight.

-Cole and Lawler reacted to Cena’s promo. Cole said The Shield were trending worldwide on Twitter. He then threw to the induction video for Trish Stratus that aired last week. Cole then announced that perhaps the Greatest of All-Time will get a spot among the other greats in the Hall of Fame.

(WK Reax: It’s going to be very interesting watching Bruno Sammartino get reintroduced to the WWE Universe and the whole ecosystem of promoting DVDs and participating in panel discussions and wherever else this alliance takes WWE and Bruno. It’s good to see. Although I would have never held it against Bruno if he chose not to, I understand totally his decision to come back under certain conditions he felt comfortable with. WWE has a good track record treating the top-tier Hall of Famers well and giving prestige to the honor.)

[Q4] [c]

-Cole and Lawler threw to a WWE Active interview with Jericho who told Striker that if you are the best in the world, you don’t have to say it, others say it. He said now that he’s back, fans have a chance to see who the best in the world is. He told fans to download the app and vote for him.

(2) Jack Swagger pinned Santino in 3:00. Booker T joined Cole on commentary and Cole asked him about which six Superstars will be in the Elimination Chamber to earn a shot at the World Title. Booker said he and Teddy Long have been impressed with Orton lately and deserves that position. He said Rey has a country behind him – “that’s a butyrate right there, that’s ratings right there, so Rey Mysterio definitely will be in that Chamber match.”

(WK Reax: By that stupid logic, Santino has a country behind him so he should be in it, to. Where is Funaki? Throw him in for Japan. Kofi, too, of course. And Natalya!)

Swagger won with the ankle lock, which Cole said he is now calling the Patriot Act. The announcers noted that this is a new, more intense and aggressive Swagger. Booker said that’s the Jack Swagger he’s been looking for since Day One.

(WK Reax: Good name “Patriot Act.” Swagger’s new appearance with beard and longer hair and different posture and body language minus the dopey smile and hopping in place when he enters the ring is just different enough to give people a reason to give him a fresh look.) [c]

-The WrestleMania “Coming Home” video aired. Then they went to Cole and Lawler at ringside who apologized to the WWE Universe that the WWE App was having trouble tabulating votes because so many people were trying at once.

-Alberto Del Rio’s ring entrance took place, without Ricardo Rodrigues, who was recovering from being KO punched by Big Show at the end of Smackdown last week.


-A clip aired of Ricardo taking the KO punch last week on Smackdown.

(3) Alberto Del Rio submitted Cody Rhodes in 3:00. Del Rio dominated most of the match. He scored a near fall after a round kick to the head, then Cody came back with a Disaster Kick a minute later which was good for a near fall. Del Rio countered right away into a Cross Armbreaker for the immediate tap out win.

-Afterward, Del Rio addressed the crowd. He said he is now a different person. He said he used to look down on others, but he knows now he was wrong. He said Big Show bullied him and he was not going to let that happen. He said he really, really, really appreciates all of the support of the fans. He said all of them made him open his eyes and now he is the World Hvt. Champion not just for him, but for the people – the people who struggle, who fight, who work every single day to put food on the table, people being bullied by monsters like The Big Show. He said Show is going to pay for what he did to his brother and his best friend, Ricardo. He said if Show thinks what he did to him last Friday was big, wait until he sees what’s next.

Show interrupted on the big screen. He said he was at a secure location, a hotel away from the arena. Del Rio called him a coward. Show laughed at the notion that he’s a coward and that’s why he’s not there. Show said it’s difficult for him to control the rage he feels and how easy it would be to snap him in half. He laughed at the notion that ADR scared him. Show said he left in order to keep himself from tearing Del Rio apart limb from limb. He said he did him a favor and the whole issue is about how he has stolen his World Hvt. Championship. He said getting angry and finishing him in a parking lot or tonight in the ring in Atlanta doesn’t get him what he wants. He said he wants a rematch for the World Title at the Elimination Chamber PPV.

Show said Booker T knows where he’s staying, so if ADR signs the contract, he will have the contract sent to him and he’ll sign it, too. He told ADR to not even think of trying to find him at his hotel. He said if he were to find him, what happened to Ricardo would be nothing compared to what he does to him. “Send the contract,” he said.

-Cole and Lawler hyped the WWE App voting. Lawler stood up and said earlier they gave the WWE Universe the chance to vote to decide who Punk would face. He said they voted and caused a power outrage in their voting poll. He revealed the winner – Jericho got 57 percent, followed by Orton at 30 percent, and Rey at 17 percent.

-Cole said on Miz TV tonight, Heyman will be his guest. Lawler hyped Cena’s plans to call out The Shield later. [c]


-Daniel Bryan told Kane that he isn’t doing his part as his partner. Kane said he thought Bryan could take care of himself, but apparently he was wrong. Bryan said he doesn’t want his chances to get into the EC ruined by him, so no matter what happens, he wants him to stay in the back.

(WK Reax: Kane should keep in mind what happened to Ricardo when Alberto Del Rio made him stay backstage.)

-Cole said he thinks he knows what they are talking about and he’d explain in a moment.

(4) Daniel Bryan submitted Rey Mysterio in 10:00. Lawler said Bryan was in a Super Bowl commercial, the Doritos one with all of the goats. They cut to a break at 3:00. [c]

Bryan focused on Rey’s arms after the break.

(Quotebook – Jerry Lawler on Daniel Bryan: “I wonder if he uses that new product on that beard of his – ‘Just for Goats.'”)

Rey came back with a kick. When he went for a top rope headbutt, Bryan moved and Rey crashed. Bryan then applied the No Lock and got the quick tap out.

-As Bryan began to celebrate, Mark Henry made his return. Cole exclaimed, “You’ve got to be kidding me! The World’s Strongest Man, Mark Henry, is back!” Bryan charged at Henry, but Henry swatted him away. Henry the walked past him and entered the ring. Henry gave Rey a running powerslam. Then he dragged him to the corner and set up a corner splash.

Sin Cara ran out and springboard dove at Henry, totally telegraphing it. Henry caught him and powerslammed him. Then he went back to Rey, but Rey got up and dove at him. Henry powerslammed him out of mid-air also. Henry yelled, “That’s what I do! That’s what I do!” He threw Sin Cara out of the ring, then his music played and grabbed his t-shirt and left.

(WK Reax: This sets up Henry to be entered in the Chamber, win the Chamber, and face Del Rio at WrestleMania. I had forecast Henry as a darkhorse to win the Rumble to set up ADR vs. Henry, as it seemed like the only fresh and realistic WrestleMania-worthy World Title match-up unless Orton turned heel. This is another route to get to the same place.)


-Lawler plugged Punk vs. Jericho was coming up later. [c]

-WWE Fact: WWE has eight of the top ten selling sports DVDs.

-Bryan asked Kane where he was when Henry threw him around ringside. Kane said Bryan insisted he stay in the back. Bryan asked since when does he listen to him. Kane said he was upset with his tone and words hurt and there’s nothing more important to him than their friendship. Bryan asked if he meant it. Kane laughed in his face and said, “Hell no.”

-Cole and Lawler reacted solemnly to the attack by Henry on Rey and Sin Cara. Then they threw to clips of Brock giving McMahon the F5. After the video package, Lawler said McMahon’s hip was shattered and he had hip replacement surgery earlier. Cole asked if Heyman knew Lesnar was coming. He said Miz will ask Heyman those questions on Miz TV later.

-They went to Big Show in his hotel room asking Booker on his phone if the contract had been sent over yet. He said he wasn’t waiting all night. There was a knock on the door. Show went to check and looked through the keyhole. Food arrived. Show said it took way too long to get the food. He signed for the food. He refused to give a tip, though. He told him, “Next time, get a better job,” then saw him out the door.

-Sheamus’s ring entrance took place. [c]


(5) Sheamus pinned Kane. Cole announced that because Bryan beat Mysterio, Booker has entered him into the Chamber, joining Orton. That leaves four open slots.

(Quotebook – Jerry Lawler: “There’s certainly no power shortage in this match.”)

At 3:00 Bryan ran out and again complained to Kane about not saving him from Henry earlier, Kane turned and shoved him and said it’s none of his business. Sheamus then nailed Kane with a Brogue Kick and got the three count. Sheamus looked relieved afterward.

-Cole plugged Miz TV with Heyman and the Cena segment for the third hour. [c]

-A clip aired of Lesnar giving McMahon the F5.

-Miz introduced Miz TV from mid-ring. As he began recapping what happened, Heyman interrupted and said over and over and over, “Stop! Stop!…” He called him Mr. Mizanin and told him not to say another word. He said he agreed to be on Miz TV to clear his name and he didn’t want Miz to soil his good name and reputation. Miz said, “Right, because your reputation wasn’t soiled before I came.” Heyman said, “Okay, now you’re crossing over into a territory called slander.”


Heyman wished McMahon luck in his recovery. Miz interrupted and asked if they are to believe Heyman cares about McMahon’s well being after what happened last week. Heyman said it’s just more allegations. He said he didn’t know Lesnar was in Las Vegas, nor did he know Lesnar would attack McMahon, nor did he order Lesnar to attack McMahon. He told Miz to stop being so obsessed with Miz TV and maybe opens his eyes and ears and see that he tried to back Brock Lesnar down. Miz said he saw the tape where Heyman hired people to help Punk retain his WWE Title.

(Quotebook – Miz to Paul Heyman: “I have to admit, Paul, I admire you. You might be the most committed liar I’ve seen in my entire life.” Heyman: “How dare you!”)

He blamed Miz for trying to make himself look good at his expense. He said he has questions, too. He said Punk was clearly screwed out of the WWE Championship and that Punk, not The Rock, should be WWE Champion. He said in 13 days, Punk is going to mop the floor and beat The Rock and continue celebrating 455 days “as your reigning, defending WWE Champion.” Miz said Heyman was changing the subject. Heyman said he’d answer every one of his questions just as soon as he answers his.

(WK Reax: I feel my real life grilling of Heyman on the phone over the decades helped prepare Heyman for this segment. Just sayin’.)

Vickie walked out and insisted this segment end. She said Heyman is telling the truth because he had no idea Brock was returning last week. She took the credit/blame. She said she had been negotiating with him for a while, but kept it quiet because he is so controversial. She recognized Brock as an elite free agent. She re-signed Brock to impress McMahon so he would promote her to be permanent G.M. of Raw. She said last week at Raw Roulette, she finalized the deal with Lesnar.

She said she feels terrible and awful over what happened. She began to break down and cry. She leaned in and weeped on Heyman’s shoulder. Heyman told Vickie that if it means anything to her, he believes her. He asked the crowd to have a moment of silence for Vincent Kennedy McMahon. Vickie sprung to life and suggested they all pray for Mr. McMahon’s well-being. Heyman assumed a prayer pose. Miz then asked, “Really? Really? Really? Really?” He accused them of lying through their teeth.

Miz said he thinks they’re popping the champaign bottle and dancing on the grave of the chairman. Heyman said he’s had it with him and now Miz is offending him. Miz called him a bottom-feeder who lives off the success of others. Vickie reminded Miz that she’s his boss. Miz said once McMahon recuperates, it’s only a matter of time before he fires both of them. He called Heyman “thirty-chinned” and “walrus faced.” Suddenly Lesnar’s music played.

Lesnar walked onto the stage and paced. Cole said he has every right to be there because Vickie signed him to a contract. Heyman looked worried. Miz held his ground. Cole called him a “ravenous human being” and a “loose cannon.” Lesnar slowly made his way toward Miz. Miz stared him down. Heyman begged Miz to back down. Instead, Miz shoved Lesnar. Lesnar clotheslined Miz and threw him out of the ring.

Lesnar threw chairs onto Miz at ringside. Then the love seat and then he lifted the couch. Miz attacked Lesnar from behind as he lifted the couch. Lesnar kneed him in the gut and then gave him an F5. Heyman begged Lesnar to stop. “No more! No more! He’s sorry. He’s sorry. No more!” said Heyman while kneeling by Miz. Lesnar gathered himself and stared down at Miz. Heyman asked, “What did you do?!” Lesnar left. Cole called him a “merciless assassin.”

(WK Reax: In all due respect to Cole’s assessment, Lesnar was just defending himself both times when Miz made contact with him first. Just trying to be fair, here.) [c]

-A clip aired from the previous segment.


-As Barrett made his entrance, they aired an inset clip of Bo Dallas. He said, “Yes, I’m an underdog, but this underdog has a bite.”

(WK Reax: He smiled and blinked in a weird way during that, like he was nervous or really happy or maybe being threatened to be hit with a baseball bat if he didn’t smile the whole time.)

Barrett laughed as a clip aired of his attack on Bo on Smackdown.

(6) Randy Orton pinned Wade Barrett in 6:00. Orton dominated early. Barrett attempted to clothesline Orton over the top rope at 2:00, but Orton didn’t have the right leverage. Barrett did a couple more moves than repeated the clothesline and this time Orton ended up on the floor. Barrett scored a two count back in the ring at 3:00.

(WK Reax: Barrett’s standing elbow doesn’t look good. He straightens his arm so soon it doesn’t even look like any part of his arm touches Orton except maybe his armpits.)

Barrett settled into a chinlock briefly. Orton elbowed out and ended up hitting his second rope DDT. Barrett rolled to the floor as Orton played to the crowd. Orton threw him back into the ring, but when he charged at Barrett, Barrett turned it into a sideslam for a two count. Barrett went for a Wasteland, but Orton powered out of it and went for the RKO. Barrett blocked it, but Orton fired back with another attempt and hit the RKO for the win.

(WK Reax: So the U.S. Champion and now the IC Champion both fall to wrestlers above them on the depth chart in one show, both in six minutes or less. Doesn’t do a lot to protect those titles.) [c]

-A Fandango vignette aired with a camera panning from his feet up to his feet, then with a close-up of his ass and then his crotch. He then said, “Fan-dang-go.” Lawler was left virtually speechless.

(WK Reax: That wasn’t that far off from how Bill Watts promoted his son Erik in vignettes where the camera panned him up and down. Also, if things don’t work out for Fandango in WWE, he can become a TNA ring announcer since that’s how TNA films Christy Hemme.)


(7) C.M. Punk pinned Chris Jericho in 15:00. Cole said Justin Roberts would be in trouble for not announcing Punk as “The People’s Champion.”

(WK Reax: This was billed as a WWE Active match, rather than Raw Active. They sacrificed a pun! How dare they. Now it has no chance to catch on.)

There were battle chants for “Y2J!” and “C.M. Punk.” Cole then said fans were firmly in the corner of Jericho. Jericho knocked Punk to the floor at 3:00. When Punk stepped onto the ring apron, Jericho dove at him. Punk dropped him neck-first over the top rope. They cut to a break. [c]

Punk was in control after the break with some matwork. At 8:00 Jericho made a comeback when he ducked a flying clothesline by Punk. Jericho gave Punk a bulldog and then went for the Lionsault, but Punk lifted his knees. Punk blocked a Walls of Jericho attempt, then avoided a running knee by Punk. Jericho gave Punk a huracanrana off the ropes. Jericho was slow to make the cover, so Punk kicked out at two.

A Go To Sleep attempt was countered into a Walls attempt which Punk turned into a small package which Jericho reversed for a two count. Punk then gave Jericho a neck breaker for a two count. Punk slowly climbed to the top rope and went for a flying elbow, but Jericho moved. Jericho landed the moonsault, but sold a forearm injury and was slow to make the over. Punk kicked out at two. Punk got up and surprised Jericho with a round kick to the side of his head for a convincing near fall. Punk mounted Jericho and applied a key lock and then shifted into the Anaconda Vice. Jericho reached for the bottom rope and crawled over to it to force the break. Punk refused to let go until the ref counted to four.

The crowd chanted “This is awesome!” Punk yelled something to the fans and called them marks. Lawler questioned how he had time to badger with the fans. Punk knocked Jericho off the top rope and then lifted him for a Go To Sleep. Jericho countered it and applied the Walls. Jericho was able to sit into it because Punk is so flexible. Punk lunged to the bottom rope to force a break.

Jericho went for the Walls again, but Punk twisted Jericho head-first into the corner turnbuckle. He then hit the Go To Sleep for the win. Cole: “What a match!”

(WK Reax: Very good TV match. It felt fresh with Jericho being away for six months, but with Punk set to face Rock and maybe Undertaker, putting this on TV didn’t cost them a money match on PPV. It also gave Punk a big win over a legacy star in front of a huge Raw audience.)


-Lawler and Cole reacted at ringside to Punk’s win. Then they threw to the Hall of Fame announcement that Bruno Sammartino was being inducted. The video package included Vince McMahon Sr., Mike Tyson, Rocky Johnson, Gene Okerlund, J.J. Dillon, John Cena, William Regal, and George Steele touting Bruno. It noted that Bruno headlined 187 MSG sellouts.

-Cole said Bruno was his hero. Lawler said no one deserved to be in the Hall of Fame more than Bruno. [c]

-Striker approached Punk backstage. Punk asked Striker if he’s sorry to bother him, why did he bother him in the first place. Striker asked where his head is at. Punk said he’s not mad because Rock shoots commercials and movies, but because he stole the belt from him. He said the title belongs to him, even if Rock has the physical belt.

-They went to Cole and Lawler again who talked about Rock beating Punk to become champion. A highlight package aired of Rock’s win.

-Mathews asked Cena why he’d call out The Shield alone. Cena said there’s a time to laugh, smile, and play, but that time is over. “Last week The Shield pushed, tonight I push back,” he said.

(WK Reax: Cena is good at that type of straight forward “on a mission” promo and it’s the best type of promo he cuts. When he drops the cornball humor, he’s really effective.) [c]


-WWE Fact: Last year, WWE had an astounding 1.5 billion video views on YouTube.

-They went to Show who was finishing his dinner in his hotel room and asked Booker on the phone if the contract was on the way or not. There was a knock on the door. He hung up the phone and opened the door. A delivery guy brought him an envelope. He tried to tell Show something, but Show wouldn’t let him talk. Show glanced at the contract and signed it and put it back in the envelope. Show said he doesn’t do Birthday Tweets, autographs, or pictures. He told the guy to leave.

Show opened the door. Del Rio was waiting for him and he attacked him. Show knocked Del Rio down and beat him up in the hallway. He said he warned him not to show up.

(WK Reax: I was half expecting A.J. and Cena to walk out of one of those hotel room doors in a strange time warp.)

Show broke the leg off a table in the hallway, but Del Rio sprayed him with a fire extinguisher. Show went down. The elevator opened and two men nervously walked by. Del Rio told them Show had some bad Mexican food. He told them he was going for help and to keep walking. Del Rio got in the elevator and gave him some parting words in Spanish, then left via the elevator.

-Back live in the ring Brad Maddox was standing there. He said last week McMahon exposed the truth that he was manipulated by Heyman into helping him at Hell in a Cell. He said Heyman preyed on him because he knew he was a hard-working, up-and-coming Superstar just trying to make a name for himself. He said now the fans all know the truth. He said he’s glad it’s all out there. He said he’s an innocent victim.

He said he gave Vince the footage that proved Heyman was lying about the Shield’s involvement with Punk. He said in a very, very real way, he is the hero of this story. “As your hero, it’s going to be me and not John Cena who’s going to teach The Shield about justice.” He called Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns to the ring. “Justice awaits you,” he said. “Come on down, boys.”

The Shield made their way to the ring through the bleachers. Dean Ambrose said Maddox isn’t a hero, he’s a rat running under the floorboards looking for scraps. Rollins asked if Maddox understands the concept of justice. He said they are about to put “a fame-hunting stupid-looking weasel in his place.”

(WK Reax: Rollins channeled Kaz there.)

Roman said they’re going to enjoy this. Ambrose said they get a feeling Maddox doesn’t believe in The Shield. Maddox went after Ambrose, but he was then swarmed. Lawler wondered what he was thinking. They triple power bombed him.

Cena’s music played and he made his way through the crowd. Ryback’s music played next as Ryback made his way through the crowd. Sheamus’s music played next and he, too, made his way to the ring through the crowd. They gathered at ringside and watched The Shield retreat up the ramp. But then out walked Orton flanked by a dozen other wrestlers. The Shield entered the ring and looked around at Cena, Sheamus, and Ryback. The faces stepped onto the ring apron, then darted into the ring and beat up the Shield three-on-three. After a minute the heel were able to slide out of the ring and scurry away through the crowd. The show ended with the three babyfaces standing tall in the ring.

(WK Reax: A lot happened in that show. A lot to digest. Interesting to see a show with WWE Champion who won the title just eight days ago absent. I think, big picture, they should have done more with that – as in putting it into historical perspective, touting his life’s journey from WWE to movie stardom back to WWE. To keep Rock a draw, and to get a rub from Rock being their champion, they need to turn his busy schedule into a reason to be amazed he has accomplished yet another WWE Title run, not try to hide the fact that he’s already missing a week.)

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