WWE SMACKDOWN HITS & MISSES 4/21: IC title match between Gunther and Woods carries the night


WWE Raw analysis


LWO vs. The Judgement Day – HIT

The match overall is fine. I will never remember it or go back and watch it. The crowd is still super into the LWO stuff, so objectively, the segment was a success. The Judgement Day going over was the correct booking decision as WWE continues to build towards the Backlash PLE.

Zelina Vega backstage segment – MISS

The script provided to Zelina Vega and the way she delivered it was fine, but for a segment that barely went a minute, I had several problems with this. First, why is a babyface asking for a title match without earning it? In addition, WWE has 5 hours of programming to fill; you’re telling me Zelina couldn’t have won a contenders match to earn a title match against Ripley at Backlash. Finally, whether Vince is there full-time or not, Triple H needs to be held accountable for how awful the booking has been for the women’s division.

Braun Strowman and Ricochet vs. The Viking Raiders – MISS

The finish to this match was fun, but oof this match was sloppy as hell.

I don’t know who the agent for this match was, but if I could offer some advice, never let the bigger guy start a tag match. Always let the smaller wrestler start the match so that the big guy can get the hot tag and run wild. Braun was gassed and nearly killed Ricochet on that toss. Braun and Ricochet winning the match builds momentum for a future tag team title match.

Liv Morgan & Raquel Rodriguez vs. Chelsea Green & Sonya Deville – MISS

Good lord, this was something worse than the cat threw up. Liv Morgan has turn the channel heat, and whomever is telling her to keep doing this, my guess would be (Road Dog) needs to stop. The work during the match at points over delivered only for the babyface team to throw water into a heels face and still cheat to win. I can’t stress that the women’s division deserves better booking than this.

Xavier Woods vs. Gunther IC title match – HIT

The match was everything it should have been. Gunther is excellent in what he does and should be acknowledged more for what he can do in a WWE ring. Woods got a few hope spots and looked great in defeat. Gunther going over without the help of Imperium was a great decision.

Riddle vs. Solo Sikoa – MISS

Plunder matches done right are an easy cheat code for me; however, this match was soulless. I can’t stress this enough; this bloodline trope finish needs to stop; it’s so lazy and drab. Riddle getting his ass kicked by the heel team without help makes him look like a huge geek, and why should the fans invest in Riddle? In addition, you make Kevin and Sami look like complete assholes for not helping Riddle.

FINAL THOUGHTS: The I.C. title match was the lone bright spot throughout this entire episode. The Tag team title main event should deliver on the night next week, but this was an awful go-home draft show.

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